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Mobile Monopoly Review – How Does This Mobile Phone Marketing System Work?

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Would you like to know how the new mobile phone marketing system called Mobile Monopoly really works? This marketing strategy is developed by Adam Herwitz, one of the most experienced online marketers who has also created many other courses for teaching his clients how to earn an income online. As the owner of Mobile Monopoly, he has been making money from created advertising campaigns to smart phone users, which is a market with huge potential that is growing much bigger every day.

1. What is the BeastMobi Software Included In a Version of Mobile Monopoly All About?

If you read further about the software and various products offered as part of the membership, you might have already come across a piece of software called BeastMobi. This piece of software has been helped me create mobile marketing campaigns automatically within seconds.

2. What Are Some Features and Benefits of Using The BeastMobi Software Included In Mobile Monopoly?

Manually creating the campaigns otherwise would typically take a couple of minutes up to an hour, which makes me feel that this software is a great time saver. Besides having the functions mentioned, it also generates banners, squeeze pages, and other marketing components automatically.

3. What Is It Like To Make Money Using The Mobile Monopoly System?

I must admit that I was initially very skeptical about his system at first, but I knew that there was a lot of potential in the mobile phone advertising market which made me really want to try out this course. There are many ways to implement the strategies in this system. As a smart phone owner, I could actually implement many of the processes through my phone without even having to use my computer to work.

This allows me to profit wherever I am and I am no longer wasting time that I would normally have wasted waiting for something. With the increasing number of mobile smart phone users getting connected to the web, this is a marketing opportunity that I feel all online income seekers should definitely find out more about instead of trying to make money from the over-saturated Internet marketing industry .

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The Stars Twinkle In The Background of This Deeply Sonorous CD — Literally

Oil City, PA (PRWEB) June 20, 2006

You are Star Dust, a newly released CD, lets the stars twinkle in the background of this sonorous CD, literally.

Our physical body is primarily made of carbon, hydrogen, oxygen, and nitrogen. The stars are made of these too. Our bodies and the stars are made out of the same stuff.

A French physicist, Joel Sternheimer, discovered the sounds of the elements in the Periodic Table. Carbon, hydrogen, oxygen and nitrogen give off frequencies, a song if you will. Composer Jill Mattson adds, “The stars vibrate a tune and so do our bodies!”

Sternheimer learned that amino acids in plants produce melodies. We cant hear them, but with his equipment Sternheimer has heard and recorded them. When Joel played each plants amino acids melody to the plant, its growth doubled and the plant increased its resilience to drought and disease. Composer Jill Mattson reports, “This says to me, that if we can bring our frequency back into harmony, we become all that we were meant to be.”

A strong vibration in close proximity with a lessor vibration will cause a lessor vibration to change and mimic the stronger vibration. So when one hears the sounds of the stars, these sounds vibrate that person into harmony with the songs of the heavens.

According to Hans Cousto, one can calculate the pitch of a planet if we know the time it takes a planet to move in its orbit: frequency=1/period. For example, the earth takes 365.24 days for its orbit around the sun, so the earths frequency is 1/365.24 days. By increasing this frequency by octaves, this note can be heard.

Cousto suggests that when you tune into the earths frequency, you tune into a powerful energy force, much like what the Indian and Tibetan monks have done. They are already in harmony die to their regular meditation. Also, an octave of the earth- day frequency is the same frequency of our DNA, so tuning into the earth tone tunes up our DNA, as well.

Cousto says; Meditation music attuned to the sun tone is beyond all imagination and will lead the listener into new dimensions. It is for souls who are full of joy and whose spirits are clear, for those who are prepared to leave everything behind them without regret. Meditation carried out to the sun tone will lead the listener to a state beyond good and bad, shame and guilt, beyond space and time.

Listen to these tones on the You are Stardust CD by Jill Mattson. The planets, earth, moon and sun are played on tuning forks and twinkle in the background. “Tuning you to the tones of the heavens!” adds composer Jill Mattson.

The stars twinkle in the background, but what does the music sound like? Each track evokes swimming and ethereal melodies reminiscent of new age artist, Enya and the haunting vocals of Sarah Brightman reports The Derrick Newspaper.

The following sites provide backup information for this new concept in music; http://www.healingnewagemusic.com







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Forex And Online Traders Want To Trade In The Zone – This Does It!

Forex And Online Traders Want To Trade In The Zone – This Does It!
Not A Robot Or System, This Mental Tune Up Puts Traders Into The Zone By Turning The Subconscious Mind Into A Pattern Recognition Expert. Traders Spend On Tools And They Want And Need This! Easy To Demo – Buyers Listen First Then Want To Buy!
Forex And Online Traders Want To Trade In The Zone – This Does It!

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