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Electroencephalography (EEG) is the measurement of electrical activity of the brain. This technique is used for recording the brain wave patterns for the evaluation of brain disorders. It involves the placement of electrodes under the scalp, which are then linked to an electroencephalograph, which is an amplifier connected to a mechanism that converts electrical impulses into the vertical movement of a pen over a sheet of paper.

Basically, the EEG is performed to detect or diagnose the disorders in the brain. Some of these disorders include coma, tumors, confusion, long-term difficulties with thinking or memory, or weakening of some parts of the body. Mostly it is used for showing the type and location of activity in the brain in case of a seizure. An EEG is also used for determining brain death. For example, it may be used to show that somebody on a life support system has no chance of getting fine!

For detecting the electrical activities in the brain, an electrode or an array of electrodes are attached to the scalp with conductive gel or paste. Each of the electrodes is connected to the input of a differential amplifier that amplifies the voltage between the active electrode and the reference. The amplified signal is then digitalized after passing through an anti-aliasing filter. The output of the EEG signal is seen as the deflection of pens as paper passes underneath. A characteristic adult human EEG signal is 10µV to 100 uV in amplitude when measured from the scalp and about 10-20 mV when measured from subdued electrodes.

The preparation for an EEG is quite simple. You may be asked not to consume caffeine before the test. It is better to avoid hair-styling products such as gels and creams. If you are having a sleep EEG, then you may be asked not to sleep the night before. If the EEG is being conducted to mimic or produce the problem that you are undergoing, then you might be asked to look at a bright flickering light or breathe a certain way. It is necessary that you take someone along with you to the test location, especially if you have been asked to stop your seizure medications!

The test is painless and a routine procedure may take approximately 60 minutes. In case of young children and adults, the time may extend up to 90 minutes. Sleep activation and deprivation techniques also last approximately 90 minutes. There is no risk involved with an EEG and patients do not experience any sort of shocks or pains.

An EEG is an effective method to find out about the brain disorders. So, if you or any of your relative/friend has some sort of brain disorder, then you should get an EEG test as soon as possible. Have a healthy life!

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Lose Your Mind With Iphone Apps

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The sleek iPhone from Apple is designed to ensure a heady and exhilarating mobile telephone experience for users with different needs. These Internet and multimedia-enabled smartphone come with several thousands of applications, all specifically designed for the Apple iPhone, making every iPhone a very unqiue device that is poised to become a be all, end all gadget of this decade.

Apple iPhone Apps are available for a very wide range of needs, from work enabling services to music apps, outdoors apps, news apps, and many more. A lot of these applications are free! Lets take a look at some of the top Apple iPhone Apps.

Apps for Work
The iPhone has a stunning array of Apps for the workaholic. You can now easily access business and client data, say emails with reports and presentations, wherever you are with this Smartphone. If you are waiting for a FedEx package, you can now actually track it and know exactly where it has reached, just like a live soccer game on TV! The iTimeSheet available on the iPhone helps you track the time you spend on every client project.

Apps for Music
Your Apple iPhone now doubles up as a Guitar too! The Guitar Toolkit app lets you learn how to play a guitar. You can also compose new songs, create radio stations, and name your favorite tunes after youve down playing and recording them. The iPhone also has thousands of live concert recordings.

Apps for Gaming
The iPhone has a range of games that provide you with fun factor, wherever you are, whenever you wish! You can go for the Angry Birds game, the Harry Potter: Spells game and many more from the plethora of games available. Moreover, a lot of very popular PC games and console games are now newly designed and available for theApple iPhone.

Apps for Travelling
These Apps let you view detailed maps, which mean you never get lost in a new place. There are Apps to help you easily navigate using the local language narration of routes, detours, etc. The FlightTrack Apps are meant to ensure you reach the gate on time and can track the flight you or your family is about to board in real time.

Apps for Working Out
The apps on Working Out are ideal for the health conscious as well as fitness enthusiasts. These Apps include tried and tested exercise routines that you can view and follow. You can also track your cycling workouts and calories burnt, and share it with your friends on popular social networking sites. The Apps also let you create your own, custom workout regime, and challenge your friends to beat your scores!

Apps for Students
The iPhone is not just meant for office/business work or professionals. It has great value for students too. There are iPhone Apps that help you define a difficult word, prepare for your GRE, and practice your French or Spanish, among a vast array of regional languages. You can also view National Geographic information on your Apple iPhone. If you are an astronomy enthusiast, the Star Walk Apps help you discover new planets, stars, and constellations just like a planet observatory by using the built-in compass It also depicts the planetary positions of all space objects in as if you were looking into space directly!

Apps for Cooks
The Apple iPhone comes with special Apps for people who love to cook. You can now download thousands of recipes without logging into your computer or hunting for your cookbook. There are also Apps that help you choose the right wine and cheese. You can also plan your dinner party menus and shopping lists on the iPhone. Lastly, most of these apps also provide nutritional information of all the recipes, for keeping a track of your dietary intake of calories.

Apps for the Outdoors
If you love being outdoors, then the iPhone has the right kind of Apps for you. From checking surfing conditions before you hit the sea to helping you identify animal tracks and birds, the iPhone has Apps for every type of outdoors enthusiast.

Apps for News
If you are the kind who always likes to be up to date with the latest happenings across the world, then the iPhone News Apps is just right for you.

If you are the kind that likes to know of news as they are released, the iPhone News Apps are for you. These Apps let you read the Wall Street Journal and NY Times on the move. You can also listen to the NRR News Public radio, or even keep abreast of any weather changes instantly.

Something for Everyone
The 250,000 odd and counting iPhone Apps ensure that there are multitudes of Apps for everyone. The iPhone is designed to keep you always informed, and never let you get bored. Find the Apps best suited for you.

John is a huge fan of the Apple iPhone and all Apple technology. Here, he talks about the thousands of Apps available on the Apple iPhone.

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Bheka Yoga Supplies For a Healthy Mind, Body and Spirit

(PRWEB) December 8, 2004

Although it is sometimes described as a ‘New Age’ phenomenon, yoga in its various forms has been practiced for thousands of years. Regular yoga practice has innumerable benefits to the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual well being of its participants. Visitors to http://www.all-your-lifestyle-products.com can find out about this form of yoga as well as many other types of exercise.

Newcomers to the practice of yoga often find it difficult to know where to start. Bheka.com offers absolutely everything for beginners to experienced practitioners, and is the preferred yoga and pilates equipment supplier for health clubs, health practitioners, hospitals, teachers and studios, ashrams, and private yoga and pilates practitioners.

Bheka has a huge array of instructional books, CD’s, audio tapes, DVD’s and videotapes for meditation and yoga. There are materials covering the philosophy of yoga and meditation, general practice techniques at a variety of levels, and techniques for practitioners with specific needs, such as runners, people over 50 and pregnant women.

Props and equipment are very useful resources for yoga beginners, and practitioners of some forms of yoga such as the Iyengar method. Bheka has a complete range of mats, blankets, blocks, straps, neck pillows, bolsters, back bridges, fit balls, eye bags, and other accessories like handy tote bags for yoga mats.

Bheka offers a beautiful collection of specialized yoga music, including devotional chants, and eastern and western meditation music.

For those who choose to emphasize the spiritual side of yoga practice, Bheka have altar supplies for meditation, including statues, incense wands, incense sticks and holders, smudging herbs, aromatherapy candles, and authentic hand crafted malas, of bodhi seed, or lotus seed, turquoise and silver.


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Music and Lyric Composition – A Therapeutic Mind and Soul Exercise

Music has accompanied people throughout their lives for different reasons that melodic tunes take on a therapeutic effect in alleviating stress-related concerns or even for just letting loose. As people have their own artistic preference in music and lyrical composition, coming up with your own piece of music can be good psychological and emotional exercise for almost anyone.

Stories and points of view come from experiences, and your own learning is one way to pick up a great topic. Also, keeping in touch with your favorite artists can help you on a style you wish to follow. Building your own music can bring a sense of fulfillment for you get to document a point in your life or idea onto a music sheet you can share with your friends and family.

1. Point in your life: Experiences are one of the most common topics. Choosing a period where emotions were high can be very poetic when put into writing. Just remember to use metaphors; these phrases make crude thoughts less offensive and also hide your identity.

2. Certain person/inspiration: To write about a person you admire or had a good influence on you is another approach. If the idea comes straight from admiration, building the tune and words will somehow jive for positivity usually strikes a happy note in your emotions. Also, to build a song out of admiration can get you to influence others, which is very rewarding for you as a songwriter.

3. Political view: Letting out your oppositional thoughts over a certain topic or person in a community can be better expressed through music. With a more rhythmical approach, you’re your strong points will not come out offensive. Also through lyric writing, the creative flow can pacify your ill-mannered thoughts and somehow change your perception.

Plain melody: There are times when words are not needed to express your thoughts, and pure musical content can be very personal without people really noticing the intensity of the composition. This approach can be a good way for you to reveal your sentiments over something. With technology now, composing is much easier with computer-generated instruments; and setting up a mini gathering of your family and friends would be a good way for you to share a part of you; and to set the mood, having poster prints of your theme would add in entertaining your guests.

Taking care of yourself means clearing your thoughts of negativity, and getting into a new hobby such as composing your own tunes and lyrics is a fun and effective solution. You can also try to be more adventurous that putting up a mini show can be enlightening; and dressing up your venue with poster prints adds a nice touch. Lastly, your prints, if produced through online poster printing services, can help you in the design aspect of your concept or theme.

For more information about Poster Printing and Poster Prints, please feel free to visit OnlinePosterPrinting.com

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Family Dynamics of Addiction and Recovery – How to “Let Go” to Regain Your Own Peace of Mind

What are you afraid of? Fear and anxiety are part and parcel of daily life with familial addiction. Fear is a paintbrush that colors almost all aspects of family life. Some fears are easily recognizable in an addicted family: “What if he gets arrested?” “When am I going to get the call in the middle of the night saying that she has died in a drunk driving wreck?” “I never know when I write a check if there will be any money in the bank to cover it.” “He may decide that he wants to change careers again for the third time this year.”

Family members experience a variety of fears living in an addicted system. All kinds of survival roles and behaviors develop to attempt to minimize the fear, anxiety, and general pain of not knowing what will happen next, and to deal with the dysfunction happening in the present. With so much turmoil going on, it is no surprise that family members feel compelled to establish some kind of control.

The need for control becomes compulsive. The more the persistent attempts to recover or maintain control, the more the emotional discomfort increases, rather than decreases. When family members are instructed to “let go of control”, it usually initially makes no sense to them. If they don’t have control, (or at least try to), who will?

They work extremely hard pursuing an illusion of control. Every time they think that they have figured out something that will work to minimize the drinking or the detrimental consequences of the drinking, it won’t work the next time they attempt it. They keep trying the same things over and over, not being able to believe that letting go, would actually reduce their emotional turmoil rather than increasing it.

Letting go of the drive to manage others is a notion that may initially be incomprehensible. When you think about your previous attempts to stage-manage not only the lives of your family members and the real affect of your efforts, you can identify that your efforts do not work – with predictability and consistency.

Attempts to remain in control of the details and events of one’s life and environment are about trying to manage anxiety and trying to solve problems. It is very difficult to solve the problems that belong to someone other than yourself. You typically will not get much cooperation.

While there seems to be a contradictory relationship between “letting go” and empowerment, if you are compulsively trying to resolve the problems that do not belong to you, you will not have the time and energy to solve the problems that are your responsibility. One of the things learned in the twelve step recovery program for family members of alcoholics is that faith in a “power greater than yourself” helps to abolish the fear, while you are practicing “letting go” of others.

The actual mechanics of how to let go is somewhat more illusive. “Letting go” is not the same thing as detachment with anger or “emotional cutoff.” “Letting go with love” involves accepting the reality that you actually don’t have authority over others’ feelings, decisions, and behavior. It involves giving up responsibility for others’ business. Letting go allows others the dignity to assume responsibility for their own lives. Giving up the illusion of control of others empowers family members to decide how they can genuinely live their lives in the fullest way possible.

For a beginning effort to let go, first identify the ways in the past, that you have tried to assert control over your significant other.  Identify exactly how those attempts have not worked over time, consistently.  Identify the negative consequences of those efforts on your own life. To continue your efforts in letting go, when you feel compelled to step in, ask yourself, “Whose business is this?” If it’s not your business, stay out of it. If you answer yourself, “It is my business because his/her behavior affects me”, then identify where your power and your responsibilities lie. Then, take custody of your own responsibilities in the situation.

How do you know that you are letting go? You don’t spend your day worrying about what someone else is doing or not doing. You don’t step in to solve someone else’s problems, then feel compelled to sell the solution to them. You don’t spend your energy trying to determine out how you can take charge of your own needs after you have used all your resources taking control of someone who should be taking care of themselves. You find that you often have serenity even amidst the presence of life’s ups and downs and problems.

Dr. Peggy L. Ferguson, Ph.D., LADC, LMFT, Marriage/Family Therapist and Alcohol/Drug Counselor. http://www.peggyferguson.com

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Tone Garden Provides Unique Ringtones for Mind, Body & Spirit

Potomac, MD (PRWEB) June 2, 2006

Tone Garden announces the grand opening of its unique website featuring personalized ringtones for mind, body and spirit. The website, http://www.tonegarden.com, features the real music performed by the original artists from Spirit Voyage Music including Snatam Kaur and GuruGanesha Singh.

These unique ringtones give folks the chance to make their cell phone sound truly different and reflect their own perspective on life, said Jeff Bergman, President of Tone Garden. And its simply amazing to watch the reaction when meditative music starts to play. Its such a nice contrast to the usual annoying phone rings. We like to think that 15 seconds of our ringtones can really make a difference.

During the Tone Garden grand opening, all ringtones will be discounted by 25% and several ringtones will be free. Tone Garden plans to incorporate a wide range of new age artists to accommodate the preferences of people interested in yoga, meditation, chanting, and the healing arts.

# # #

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5 Mind Relaxation Exercises To Feel Calm And Relaxed

In today’s fast-paced world, practicing mind relaxation exercises is a good habit to have. This way, you will be able to manage stress better and you won’t find yourself making rash or impulsive decisions.

When you feel like your head is about to explode, isn’t it comforting to know that there are ways to handle the situation neatly?

Here are 5 effective mind relaxation exercises that you might find helpful.

Exercise 1: Count From One To Ten.

There’s a reason why people keep telling you to count from one to ten before you blow your top. Counting can draw your mind away from the issue at hand. It allows your temper to subside and weakens the object of your negative attention.

Exercise 2: Practice Yoga.

People who attend yoga classes, or do yoga on their own, reap the full benefits of a calm and relaxed mind. Over time, yoga practitioners not only become more flexible, they also become more focused and less prone to bursts of anger.

That’s because yoga isn’t just a physical activity; it’s also about getting in touch with your inner self and obtaining a form of inner peace.

Exercise 3: Perform The Glass Of Water Technique.

If you can’t wait until your yoga class to let out a little steam, try some of the less conventional mind relaxation exercises. One technique in particular involves a glass of water.

Holding the glass of water in your hand, pour forth all of the things that trouble you and direct all that negative energy into the glass. Once you have transferred all your problems into the glass, drain it. Once the glass is empty, you are considered free and at peace.

Exercise 4: Think Happy Thoughts.

Mind relaxation exercises are supposed to calm your mind and ease tension away. If you find yourself agitated or restless, try coming up with positive thoughts.

In fact, you should start thinking happy thoughts and adopt a joyful disposition on a daily basis. Laugh your heart out any chance you get. If you’re happier in general, then you’re less likely to be tensed or anxious.

One way to get a good laugh is to watch some comedy, blooper or gag videos on youtube. My favorite is watching “Just For Laughs” gags.

Exercise 5: Meditate.

Meditation has been around for so long, but has yet to lose its touch. If you want to relax your mind, there’s nothing like a few minutes of serious meditation to get you in a calm state. Plus, it’s easy to do.

Simply find a quiet spot, close your eyes and concentrate on your breathing. Don’t let other external noises distract you. Focus on yourself and observe as your heart rate slows down.

As diverse as these suggestions are, not everyone responds to the same techniques. Some of these mind relaxation exercises might work better for you than for others, or vice-versa. The key is not to force all of them to fit you, but to find the one that you can relate to the most and stick with it.

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Meditation – A State Of Mind

Among the most common questions asked about the art and science of meditation would be “what is it?” Such a question is not always easy to answer. While meditation is a relatively simple process in concept, there are still great complexities which lie under the surface. Granted, the simple process of listening to Osho music while allowing your mind to drift into emptiness can help you gain all the valuable benefits from meditation without having to seriously ponder a roadmap for proper performance. However, you could ponder on the musings of Sri Sri Ravi Shankar as this could greatly help you get the most out of your meditation sessions.

Ultimately, the answer to “What is meditation?” would be that it is a state of mind that ironically uses emptiness in though to help attain a far greater awareness of the self. Often, that which exists deep in the subconscious can be brought to the surface through quiet meditation sessions revolving around listening passively to Osho music.

There are also excellent techniques which have commonly been employed as a way of increasing the potential value gained from taking part in meditation sessions. Among the ways you can improve your sessions would be to perform deep breathing exercises or adding chants to the meditation sessions. Common chants performed by Sri Sri Ravi Shankar could be weaved into the mix to enhance the value of the process such as the album a gift of silence from the sacredmusicguide website.

For those who are interested in learning the basics of effective meditation, the ancient scripture Vigyan Bhairav is a tremendous source which presents 112 techniques which can expand your ability to get a great deal out of your sessions. While the techniques presented in the scripture will not provide the definitive insight into what is meditation but it will certainly provide a great deal of food for thought in terms of what it entails. Adding Osho music to the mix can further enhance your understanding and help you gain value from it.

Ultimately, defining what meditation is would not be as important as getting all the great benefits from it.

The moment you put the mind aside, you have entered into the world of meditation. –  Osho

Be total in everything that you do or do not do. Be total — then your whole life becomes a meditation. – Osho

This is a one-stop source of the very best in devotional song of India. This covers listing of albums of Sanskrit hymns & chanting music as well Yoga and meditation music.

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