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Garden studios make a fantastic addition to almost any garden. As these are made to measure they can be built in almost any garden. Of course for a luxury garden studio you’ll probably need a large garden space.

Garden studios can be used for any reason, as they make fantastic work and play areas. When it comes to work there are many of us that would love to be able to work from home. Often we have the opportunity to do this but we simply do not have the space at home to take advantage of the chance. Working from home is a fantastic opportunity allowing you to stay at home with your family and get work done.

Having a garden studio installed can be a great compromise because you can have this built into an office. Often when we think about buildings in our garden we assume that something along the lines of a garden shed is our only option. A garden studio is a massive leap up from this and really does just become an extra room in your home.

When we buy a home we don’t always think forward to our family growing or situations changing. Sometimes before we know it we have more children than we planned. Whilst we wouldn’t change this for the world, it can leave us in a home that is cramped and crowded.

This is another circumstance where having a garden studio installed can be an advantage. A play room for the children for example, to give you all a bit of extra space.

Whatever your reason for thinking a garden studio could benefit you, a garden studio company should be able to accommodate. Make sure you look around for the different options, because you want to make sure that the one you are buying is built to last. Some for example offer a 10 year guarantee, which helps give you piece of mind that you are going to get great value for money.

Have a look online at the different styles that are available because you should be able to find something that suits you with no problem at all.

lodgebuilders.com have a wide selection of luxurious Garden Studios they’re priced for a competitive market, visit our site for more information!

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How Can Garden Studios Propel Cosmology?

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Theoretical physics blows my mind and I love it.  Having taught it to both enthused and apathetic teenagers in past times, it’s now just a habit of thought, keeping up with the latest theories.  Garden studios have a role to play, as investment budgets are cut, in discounting the current apathetic acceptance that everything we know suddenly appeared from nothing, one Tuesday morning, 13.7 billion years ago.

Having considered Hubble’s expanding universe and the mainstream multiverse theory pulling us rapidly towards a range of answers, this is a bad time to loose research funding. Such research is a common denominator in the modern peer group of garden room doctors: the ever expanding number of highly qualified scientists who are ordering private research rooms and detached garden studios in which to establish and enhance their theories.  Given the current exponential expansion in cosmological theories, it may be logical to conclude that future truths manifesting from these quiet garden studios could constitute a breakthrough.

The cabin-like character of the space is ideal for deep thought.  Removed from the shadows, disturbance and noise of other buildings, the detachment of garden research rooms allows them a personal study, “My Space”, ambience.  Custom made to order, these buildings allow intensive work of exceptional depth and quality, partly due to their high thermal and sound insulation – distraction barriers.  Those committed to cosmological development have exactly the right temperament and atmosphere within private garden studios to extrapolate their theories.

With funding problematic, venues need not be a problem at all when garden studios of this quality and cost exist.  Rapid-build garden rooms allow the research to continue, unimpeded.  I want to know why and how we came to be, not content with Darwin’s brilliant but vague conclusion, that we are all descended from one cell.  Wonderment and intelligent passion are fast closing on black hole bounces, cyclical like our seasons, bringing religious doctrines together in a genesis meets nirvana moment of truth.


Jewel attained a medical degree with Honours in 2003. She is passionate about
environmental issues and the benefits of home-working, including the health and environmental advantages of flexible working practices – among others.  She currently works from home as a company Director and tends to her growing family.

Jewel has helped form a show-case website of top quality garden rooms involving contemporary designs and best value for money garden buildings so call today on UK 02890 425538;  RoI 0044 2890 425538 for more information.

For free information and advice on all aspects of sustainable timber
structures and home working visit our fresh gallery pictures:

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Tone Garden Provides Unique Ringtones for Mind, Body & Spirit

Potomac, MD (PRWEB) June 2, 2006

Tone Garden announces the grand opening of its unique website featuring personalized ringtones for mind, body and spirit. The website, http://www.tonegarden.com, features the real music performed by the original artists from Spirit Voyage Music including Snatam Kaur and GuruGanesha Singh.

These unique ringtones give folks the chance to make their cell phone sound truly different and reflect their own perspective on life, said Jeff Bergman, President of Tone Garden. And its simply amazing to watch the reaction when meditative music starts to play. Its such a nice contrast to the usual annoying phone rings. We like to think that 15 seconds of our ringtones can really make a difference.

During the Tone Garden grand opening, all ringtones will be discounted by 25% and several ringtones will be free. Tone Garden plans to incorporate a wide range of new age artists to accommodate the preferences of people interested in yoga, meditation, chanting, and the healing arts.

# # #

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