AI and Law – OpenAI CEO Sam Altman’s Testimony at Senate Hearing on AI Oversight


Hey everyone! Tune in right now to witness a groundbreaking moment as OpenAI CEO Sam Altman takes the stand at the Senate Judiciary Committee hearing on artificial intelligence oversight. This is a must-watch event shaping the future of AI!

In the words of U.S. Senator Richard Blumenthal, “Artificial intelligence urgently needs rules and safeguards to address its immense promise and pitfalls.” This hearing marks the beginning of the Subcommittee’s crucial work in overseeing and illuminating AI’s advanced algorithms and powerful technology.

Joining Sam Altman on the witness stand are esteemed individuals such as Gary Marcus, professor emeritus at New York University, and Christina Montgomery, vice president and chief privacy and trust officer at IBM. Together, they’ll shed light on the importance of responsible AI development.

Stay updated with the latest news from CNBC TV, the go-to source for stock market updates and analysis. Don’t miss out on this historic moment that will shape the future of artificial intelligence and its impact on our society.

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Live Now: OpenAI CEO Sam Altman testifies during Senate hearing on AI oversight — 05/16/23

Written by Geoff WIlliams and ChatGPT May 12 Version

Eternal Blue 2

Brad Smith- President of Microsoft

Eternal Blue 2 – A Cure For Cancer In Ten Years. Digital Geneva Convention…

Monday, 8 May 2023

5:51 PM


Brad Smith, “Tools and Weapons” – YouTube

An audio sample of Brad Smith with new Zylascope music preview in the background…


Educating about “Eternal Blue” and Microsoft’s Efforts: Insights from Brad Smith’s “Tools and Weapons”


Hey everyone! Today, I wanted to share some eye-opening insights from Brad Smith’s remarkable book, “Tools and Weapons,” focusing on a critical topic that affects us all: “Eternal Blue.”


“Eternal Blue” refers to a powerful cyber weapon that was originally developed by the United States National Security Agency (NSA). However, it fell into the wrong hands and was ultimately weaponized, causing widespread havoc and disruptions across the globe.


In his book, Brad Smith, the President of Microsoft, sheds light on the urgent need for collective action to address the challenges posed by cyber threats like Eternal Blue. He emphasizes the importance of collaboration between governments, organizations, and individuals to tackle the ever-evolving landscape of cybersecurity.


One of the key takeaways from “Tools and Weapons” is the vital role that technology companies, including Microsoft, play in defending against cyber threats. Brad Smith outlines the immense responsibility Microsoft bears and the proactive steps they are taking to protect users’ privacy and security.

Microsoft recognizes that cybersecurity is a shared responsibility, and they actively engage with governments and organizations worldwide to develop robust defenses against threats like Eternal Blue. They invest heavily in research, technology, and talent to stay one step ahead of adversaries.

Moreover, the book highlights the importance of transparency, ethics, and accountability in shaping the technology landscape. Brad Smith emphasizes the need for a Digital Geneva Convention, which would establish clear rules and norms for cyberspace to safeguard individuals and nations alike.

By raising awareness about Eternal Blue and the broader challenges in cyberspace, we can collectively work towards a safer and more secure digital future. It’s crucial that we educate ourselves, our friends, and our family members about these issues and the efforts being made by organizations like Microsoft.


So, let’s dive into “Tools and Weapons” and equip ourselves with knowledge and insights to navigate the complex world of cybersecurity. Together, we can create a more resilient and protected online environment.


If you’re interested in learning more, I highly recommend grabbing a copy of Brad Smith’s book. Let’s join forces and empower ourselves to address the challenges of the digital age head-on!


Additionally, Brad Smith’s book also highlights his confidence in the potential of AI to help us cure cancer within the next 10 years and tackle numerous other challenges for the betterment of humanity.


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Written by Geoff Williams with assistance of OpenAI chatGPT 

Infinite Chaos Echo Papa New Music by Zylascope 01-04-2023


A rare 2 and a half hour (2.5Hour) special fake news novel announcement from Zylascope AI Music Headquarters.

  • Facebook Concedes Defeat  Accepts Microsoft’s Largest Ever Acquisition In World History, Absorbs Meta Platforms Into Office 365 With OpenAI ChatGPT. Donates $100 USD To Twitter – in Equity and AI Antibot Defender Technology Deal.
  • Frances Haugen Gets Married To Music Producer and Software CTO Geoff R Williams from sustainability matters (#Zylascope)(#THRIVEproject)(#SustainabilityMatters)(#THRIVEAbilityMatters). Geoff, what happened actually?!!!!!

Download now: LIVE

This is fiction. This is not for profit. It is to be donated to Microsoft chatGPT CoPilot AI Research.





Zylascope joins ZAMI alliance (Zylascope, Apple, Amazon, Alphabet, Microsoft and Intel in mysterious move.)


  • Facebook Concedes Defeat  Accepts Microsoft’s Largest Ever Acquisition In World History, Absorbs Meta Platforms Into Office 365 With OpenAI ChatGPT. Donates $100 USD To Twitter – in Equity and AI Antibot Defender Technology Deal.
  • Satya appoints Geoff R Williams ( to be the Chairman and CEO of the newly formed Guardian Subsidiary; the new Microsoft app: “Miss-UL-LOVE-IT Foundation” to heal the meta issues and redirect their software science research efforts towards supporting disabled and impaired members of the world and to pledge $20 Billion USD to the Derek Sivers Music Foundation. Revolution time, I’d say. Look out Woodstock!
  • Frances Haugen Gets Married To Music Producer and Software CTO Geoff R Williams from sustainability matters (#Zylascope)(#THRIVEproject)(#SustainabilityMatters)(#THRIVEAbilityMatters). Geoff, what happened actually?!!!!! What the! big time dude! 🙂  Congratulations….. but truthfully man how did that happen?
  • and more coming up but first… In the news today Microsoft to Acquire Facebook and Meta platforms in a world record braking deal that could spell doom for Facebook.

Hear the full event … CLICK HERE.


Hand drawn qr code

Where does a hand drawn QR code take you? Try it!

Hand drawn qr code
Hand drawn qr code

Try it. What I found was definitely not what I was expecting.

I was wondering ‘how could I practice drawing QR codes’, as sometimes I have to scribble one out quickly and I was getting sick of drawing a box with three little boxes in it.

So I grabbed a pencil and scribbled this one down slowly. Then I thought hey I should ask some friends to try drawing one themselves over a beer and smoke one night.

But then it occurred to me that it should contain data, but would it scan?

I showed the mysterious pencil drawn QR code on facebook. I’ll let you know here, what happens next. Soon.

Please have a listen to some music before you hit the back button 🙂

So can you please draw your own and send me some pictures?

By the way, if you’d like to make a donation please just share this page to all your networks instead. Use the social icons above. That could be worth untold fortunes to us. 🙂 Sharing Is Caring. Using the hashtag #zylascope in you posts related to music might also help attract new listeners for us.

Thank you and Happy New Year. Can’t wait to catch up soon.

Geoff Williams.






Meadow Argus – Dancing Through A Slow Apocalypse

New EP: Meadow Argus – Dancing Through A Slow Apocalypse

Jevan Cole’s new EP is here and it’s impressive. Singing, Guitars, A real band, real instruments, drums, plus synths, sampling, effects, modular synths, a plethora of post-apocalyptic sonic celebrations and emotions. If you are still able to enjoy music don’t miss this.

I love this EP and all of their albums. Have a listen with headphones on! The perfect fusion of Rock/band music and electronic/techno/dance/psychedelic.

I loved their last album Silverling, it was staggering. There are not too many artists in the music industry that can make a better follow-up album. But they did it. It makes me think that they may have the rare ability to keep this up for years. I’m hoping so. I’m inspired to do a new album myself now. Thanks, Jevan. Your music has always affected me deeply.

If you are starting to develop an allergy to autotune, this is the treatment your ears have been longing for. The singing on this album sounds so refreshing, nice and human.

Such great songs and soundscapes, so well performed and recorded. Listen very closely to it.

Read this great review about it from An excerpt…

“You almost feel like you’re being transported into some other dimension, a whole other world to sink yourself in and immerse your existence within.”

That’s what I think too. I’m in a beautiful state after listening to it.

Listen to it here…

Meadow Argus – Dancing Through A Slow Apocalypse
Meadow Argus – Dancing Through A Slow Apocalypse

Meadow Argus – Dancing Through A Slow Apocalypse 

TIP: Make sure to click this button and make sure it looks like this for the best listening experience 😉 …

Spotify Album Repeat Button

It helps you to hear the EP a few times without being interrupted by other albums. If you click it again you’ll see a number 1 in the center, that will loop one song. Click it until it lights up green and the 1 is not in the center, that will repeat the EP when the last track completes.

Meadow Argus Dancing Through A Slow Apocalypse Meadow Argus
Jevan Cole from Meadow Argus Playing Accoustic Guitar.

If you love this EP as I do please help them by Liking, Reacting, Loving and Sharing it on Spotify and your social media apps. Sharing is caring 🙂

You could call your local radio station and ask them to play this song ‘House Husband’ which I think so many people in the world would love to hear, coming out of this challenging time…


Please let me know if you do.

An actual work of love and healing. Well done, Jeven and Meadow Argus!

The lyrics for House Husband…

— House Husband by Meadow Argus —

Could’ve been a fire fighter
Or even an aeroplane pilot
Could’ve been a lab technician
Once I was a rock musician
I was a conspiracy theorist
Then an aspirational careerist
Could’ve been a psychic healer
Cos I was a blackjack dealer
But I’m living here with you
And it’s all I want to do
I’m your
House husband
House husband
House husband
House husband
Wash the dishes, feed the cat
Clean the windows, shake the mat
Make the lunches, sweep the floor
There’s the bus, get out the door!
I’m your
House husband
Could’ve been a field ecologist
Even a leading urologist
Could’ve been an archaeologist
Maybe a celebrity proctologist
Could’ve been an adult entertainer
You’d’ve had me on a retainer
Could’ve been an astrophysicist

Your personal la lalalala lyricist

You can get all the lyrics for free and you can also buy the digital download at…

Worth every cent of the $7!

robbo-camping Mr Normal camping Red Rock, NSW, Australia

Mr Normal Goes Camping In Red Rock NSW Australia


Watch Aussie camping enthusiast, Robbo, singer from Australian band Mr Normal, as he rides like a ‘bat-out-of-hell’ through the bush trails at Red Rock, N.S.W. Australia on a pushbike…

See his amazing campsite setup, including tents, a fridge and a shed…

Check out his secret Gnome garden…

Subscribe to his Youtube channel for more videos on nature, conservation, gardening tips, the Australian bush, original music and more…

Robbo is a friend of mine who was involved in my early high school bands. Please help him by sharing these videos with your friends.

A Safer Way To Make DIY Fractal Wood Burner

I guess you’ve seen this or heard about it by now. In April 2022 a Wisconsin couple was electrocuted attempting a popular but dangerous wood-burning technique ‘fractal burning art’.

Fractal burning DIY videos can be found in abundance online but few of them pay much attention to safety.

Some fractal burning art is crafted by professionals with experience as electricians and access to proper equipment. But a lot of people who attempt the technique take apart microwave ovens for the transformer or car batteries to use as power sources.

The “fractal burning” technique creates lightning-like etchings by using jumper cables and disassembled microwave oven parts to run high-voltage electricity through a piece of wood soaked in a chemical solution, usually saltwater. It yields patterns known as Lichtenberg figures, named after the physicist Georg Lichtenberg, who discovered them in 1777 as he was experimenting with static electricity.

The technique is gaining popularity through viral videos on Instagram, TikTok and YouTube, but woodworking experts caution that it is extremely dangerous and can be deadly.

Tanya Rodriguez, 44, and James Carolfi, 52, were found dead in a house fire on April 6. Their bodies were in the garage of their home in Marathon County, Wisconsin.

The couple had died before the fire started, and the Marathon County Sheriff’s Office initially described the cause of their deaths and the fire as “suspicious.” The mysterious circumstances prompted weeks of arson and homicide investigation, Wisconsin Public Radio reported.

The sheriff’s office, fire marshals and the Wisconsin State Crime Laboratory found that Rodriguez and Carolfi died by accidental electrocution when they attempted the dangerous wood-burning technique. The couple used a disassembled microwave oven for a power supply. Authorities believe the equipment that caused the electrocutions also caused the fire, which started in the garage before it spread, the sheriff’s office said in a statement last week.

“Foul play has been ruled out, and the deaths are found to be accidental in nature and believed to be caused by electrocution from fractal wood burning,” Chief Deputy Chad Billeb said at a news conference Thursday.

At least 33 people have died from fractal burning attempts since 2016, according to the American Association of Woodturners, including an experienced electrician.

If you are considering trying the technique make sure to prepare. Here is a video where Robert Murray-Smith from The World of Thinking and Tinkering (TNT) shows how some simple add-ons can make this art technique a lot safer.

If you know anyone who is curious about this art technique please share this information with them. It could help save lives.





The World of Thinking and Tinkering –

Dynacord Echocord Tape Echo Unit

1960s Dynacord Echocord Super Tape Echo Delay Unit Black S65 Video Demo.

Vintage Dynacord Echocord Super from the 1960s. Great vintage tape echo sounds. Custom DIN to 1/4″ adapter cables included. Due to the age and nature of tape units, it’s being sold as-is. I’ve tested it and it works. See the viedo below.

Comes with a reel of 1/4 inch tape (in good condition). It is provided with a solid wooden box with a carrying handle.

Vintage Dynacord Echocord Super
Vintage Dynacord Echocord Super – It’s made in Germany.
Vintage Dynacord Echocord Super
Vintage Dynacord Echocord Super – A view of the tape loop mechanism, heads and valves.
Vintage Dynacord Echocord Super
Vintage Dynacord Echocord Super – It comes with a power cable and the output cable which is 1/4 inch to DIN plug. The power plug has a chip of plastic missing, but it works fine.
Vintage Dynacord Echocord Super
Vintage Dynacord Echocord Super – The tape echo device comes with plenty of spare tape to make replacement loops.

This device is available for purchase now. Have a look at the video demo I made of it below.

If you want to buy it or know someone that would be interested, you can contact me here:


Geoff Williams

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