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Why I Love Mobile Application Development – My Favorite Five Mobile Apps

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The first mobile phone I used was just that: a phone that I could use while on the move. It did have a calculator, snakes (the game) and a calendar, but not much else. When they launched mobile phones that could play he radio and had a built-in camera, I was overjoyed. It seemed to me that there was not much they could do with phones anymore; they could attach a Swiss knife, fit in a torch, or maybe shape it like a boomerang, but what else was left?

I happily realized that I was wrong once the field of mobile application development advanced at a searing pace and more and more innovative mobile applications flooded the market. At first I was not much interested in all these fancy applications; my attitude was: Do I need them? I dont think so.

But once I checked out an app store and was totally hooked. Now I cannot imagine my mobile without Facebook, Pandora, Evernote, Google Maps and YouTube player. The following are my five favorite applications.

Facebook: this application is available on all the smartphones and all Apple devices. Most of us are addicted to Facebook and its a great way to stay connected to friends and pseudo-friends. It also the leading mobile application; 200 million people have it on their phones. The mobile version is as easy to use as the one on the computers, once to get used to it.

Pandora: Are you listening to music while reading this article? Created by the custodians of the Music Genome Project, it is easily available on most of the smartphones. You can create radio stations that play a particular kind of music and you can further customize you station by giving thumbs up or down to the songs Pandora plays. Its simply amazing; only problem is you play it outside USA.

Google Maps: This is one application that makes me bless all those people doing mobile application development work. This application lets you store maps, see live traffic, gives your voice directions, lets you explore an area in 3D, allows you to share you location with your friends (also lets you see yours) and much more.

YouTube Player: Who wants to watch videos on the mobile phone? Thats what I thought too. Well, with YouTube players perfect resolution on almost all the phones everyone might get start watching videos on the phone. This application works very well with the phones and using the default streaming media.

Evernote: The undisputed king of note-taking. An example of really smart mobile application development, this application lets you snap a photo, speak your note, take screenshots, and type your note. It also makes your note searchable on the net. If youve taken a snap of a music DVD cover, Evernote will make the text on the DVD searchable!

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Meditation Retreats – A Viable Alternative Of Love, Peace And Happiness

For the unprepared, life will always deal you a bad card. That is just life. Even so, what we see as “bad cards” are nothing but makings of our own mindsets. What some see as hopeless situations, others will see as an opportunity for growth. If you are of the former, you can begin to change your perspective by involving yourself with the programs at meditation retreats. Meditation retreats are set up by experienced and established meditation teachers. The purpose of meditation retreats is to impart knowledge and skills in the art and practice of meditation to willing and sincere students. Z Meditation is a meditation center who offers meditation retreats several times a year in India, and elsewhere.

The most desirable state of man is to live in love, peace and happiness. This state of being encourages the clear thinking necessary for tackling the issues of life. In addition, a calm mind will also be a catalyst for good physical health and as a resisting factor to common and serious ailments. When you examine yourself, and most others around you, however, you will find people living in a state of extreme restlessness and agitations. These are as a cause of predetermined conditionings, which determine how we react to situations and events. Society, family and friends have given us a script to act out. When the acting does not yield the desired effects, restlessness and agitation occur. Meditation retreats go to the core of these wrong beliefs, seeking to help us free our minds from self-made bondage.

Z Meditation offers meditation retreats where the craft of Deep Deconditioning Inquiry is taught. This inquiry helps us to dig up and root out these societal and other conditionings, leaving a clear mind that is non-expectant and non-demanding. This new state of awareness does not mean you will be living as one in a cave. Rather, the clarity with which you can think, and not dream, will enable you to find solutions quickly and efficiently to the challenges you face.

Meditation retreats are nothing of the obscure. Meditation has been practiced for centuries in most parts of the world, rooted in religious practice. In India, the practice of meditation is mostly related to the ancient Buddhist practices. The meditation retreats organized by Z Meditation, however, have no religious connotation whatsoever, being open to people from any base of faith.

Meditation retreats may also be seen as a form of holiday destination, albeit one with practical advantages. Moreover, meditation retreats as a vacation alternative will cost you a fraction of what you may have to part with at other regular holiday retreats.

For those who wish to return to their center, love, peace, and happiness – meditation retreats provide a viable alternative. The process of learning is simple and merely requires a sincerity and commitment. Remarkable progress has been observed in students within just a few days of the practice.

The peace and joy of the heart open the door for everything else.

Lily Candice is regular article writer for Meditation Retreats at Z Meditation in India

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