What Are Twitter Apps?

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What are Twitter Apps and Tools?

In a nutshell, a Twitter application is a tool or piece of software you can use to access your Twitter account without logging in to it on the Internet. A example of the most common Twitter app is a tool that links your blog to your Twitter account. Whenever you make a blog post, it automatically posts to your Twitter account.

Another example of a Twitter application would be on YouTube, where every time you post a YouTube video you can automatically post a link to that video through your Twitter account. And there are many other Twitter applications, too.

Another example of a good Twitter application would be Tweetdeck. This Twitter tool is basically a Twitter application which sits on a desktop of your computer and allows you to see your Twitter account, allows you to post tweets, allows you to see what other people are doing, and it’s also got a search tool on it.

There are also many other Twitter apps also. I use a Twitter app on my iPhone called Twitterfon which allows me to post tweets to my Twitter account using my iPhone. You also have other Twitter apps which allow you to post to your Twitter account from a cell phone.

Here is a really cool place that you can go to find all kinds of Twitter applications to fit your different needs. It is called twitdom and that’s also a great place to go to see what kinds of other Twitter applications they have, and use them to fit your needs.

Some of the other Twitter apps available are, Twitter applications which allow you to automatically un-follow someone when they un-follow you. They have Twitter applications which allow you to schedule out tweets throughout the day and they’ll go out at specific times instead of just having to log in every time you make a tweet. There are desktop Twitter apps, and Website or blog twitter apps. These are just some small examples of what Twitter applications are and what they can do.

Twitter apps or tools are available to make it easier and faster for us fast-paced people to get our message out there and then move on. The more you can automate your Twitter process the more time you will have to spend with your family.

I discovered Twitter only a short time ago and learned right away how to gain responsive followers by following some simple tips. I have put these Twitter tips into a special report called the Twitters Report. http://www.twittersreport.com With the Twitters Report you will learn the Twitter secrets that will keep your followers interested in what you have to say.

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Learning Parkour

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The extreme sport has been featured in commercials, YouTube videos, and numerous movies and television shows. The sport takes dedication, but anyone can get started in it fairly easily.

The first obstacle to overcome is the mind. You have to adopt a playful attitude to truly enjoy the art of parkour.

The sport emphasizes a sense of fluidity, freedom and fun, unlike the hyper-competitiveness of many other sports. It focuses on overcoming various obstacles in as rapid and efficient a manner as possible.

Accept the basic philosophy of parkour. The overall goal is to move from one point to another as efficiently as possible; with obstacles serving as both challenges to be overcome and tools to further propel you on your way.

Traceurs, or practitioners of the sport, speak of it as much as a lifestyle or an art as a sport, which is part of the appeal to those who wish to participate. The leaps, vaults and tumbles that comprise the art make for an exquisite spectacle.

Practice basic athletic fundamentals. The sport uses general physical fitness as a starting point for its disciplines, specifically sit-ups, squats, push-ups and pull-ups. Practice these activities–emphasizing clean, proper techniques when you do so–until you can perform them easily and without undue stress.

Before you can get started in it, you should take on a friendly and communal mindset, mixed with a liberal amount of child-like wonder. Work on basic calisthenics: push-ups, pull-ups, sit-ups and squats.

These are the basic building blocks for practicing the sport. Experts say you should be capable of performing 25 push-ups, 5 pull-ups and 50 full squats before you formally get started in parkour.

Practice landing moves and rolling moves. The sport entails a lot of vertical movement and high jumps can be painful if you don’t know how to land properly.

Walk before you run, which in the case of parkour means know how to end a move safely. Move on to vaulting, jumping and climbing maneuvers.

With rolling moves under your belt, you can advance your training to more difficult maneuvers designed to get you up and around obstacles in the urban landscape. There are quite a few maneuvers, and as you go along, you will learn which ones you prefer and develop your own unique style for practicing them.
Find a good location to practice the sport. For beginners, this usually means locating a gym with soft pads and places where you can practice without getting hurt.

Public parks and other places work well too, though you should watch out for bystanders who might inadvertently get in the way. Work on rolling and landing maneuvers.

The basics of parkour stress safety, which means knowing how to land before you jump or vault so high that you hurt yourself. As you grow more confident in your ability to land safely, you can move forward to higher and more complicated jumps.

When you are ready, you should advance to vaults, jumps and leaps. There are literally hundreds of variations on parkour moves, which you can experiment with once you have mastered the basics of rolling and landing.

You can even join a parkour club or organization. Others in your area interested in it can provide support and people to practice with.

They also might know good places to go and can demonstrate different maneuvers which you might not be aware of. Expand parkour into other areas of your life; after all it is a philosophy and not just an activity.

Traceurs claim that it helps them frame problems logically and seek innovative solutions to all manner of problems, not just those affecting it specifically. It also stresses community over competitiveness, unlike many other activities.

Like all athletics, parkour requires training to be effective and if you don’t keep working at it, then your skills will drop off. Practice two or three times a week at least, and make sure to maintain your basic skills while moving on to more difficult maneuvers.

Jack R. Landry has been writing about the exercise and health industry for years. He recommends using treadmills to stay healthy and fit.

Contact Info:

Jack R. Landry

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Getting Started With A Beads Jewelry Business

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Many people are into collecting beads and making beautiful accessories from it as a hobby. If you are searching for something that can help you with your finances while staying in home and having fun, then turn your bead jewelry hobby into an income revenue business. This won’t be difficult for you since you already have the knowledge on the basics of your hobby. With the right mind set this could be a good start of a successful business venture. For those who want to venture into this kind of business but do not know where to start here are some tips for you.
Familiarization- Try to familiarize yourself to some types of beads and how you can use them in different jewelries and projects. If you familiarize yourself with the beads it is easier for you to look around and get the beads that you needed. You should also know the tools which you will require in the whole process. Be acquainted on how to use them.
Visiting Craft Shop- When you have difficulties in finding the right beads for your jewelries, visiting a craft shop where you will find a lot of beads will help you. Do not hesitate to ask the personnel in the craft shop some questions which could help you.
Learn How to Make- Some bead store offers some tutorial how to make beaded jewelry, it costs you some money but some offers it free of charge. There are lots of do it yourself video which are available for you to keep an eye on online if you do not have time to go to a craft shop to attend the sessions.
You can also find books which you can buy for you to learn the most convenient way to making some jewelry from beads.
Making Your Own designs – If you are confident enough that you could make some of your original designs then start making some, the basic knowledge that you have will equip you to make some accessories. Do not be afraid to explore, mix match and use different types of beads for a single accessory and let your creativity and imagination work.
Marketing- You can always start by selling some of your work to your friends and family members and let them advertise it for you through word of mouth if selling is your problem. Or you can have your own online shop where you can display your accessories.
Beaded earrings would be a perfect gift to give this yuletide season. Look for the most unique handcrafted beaded earrings and order one today.

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Getting Started With AS/400 Backups

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One of the really nice features of the operating system built into the AS/400, iSeries and IBM i power system platform are the backup and recovery tools that are built right in. If you are used to using the backup programs on a Windows type platform and find that it stinks for recovery purposes, using the backup tools on the IBM will be a very welcomed relief because they work flawlessly.

When it comes to saving your data you have multiple options, many of which can be confusing. In fact on the save menu it lists over twenty different save options. For the less adventurous among us there is no need to actually try out all of those save operations since they are redundant. You will only really need one for your main backup purposes.

For a complete system backup of everything you will use what’s commonly referred to as a “go save 21.” What this does is ends all of the subsystems, so you must be signed onto the console, and backs up the entire system including user objects and the operating system to your tape device or other device. Once finished it then starts up the controlling subsystem and you are up and running once again.

By using the options within this save program you can set it up to use features like the system reply list to answer any inquiry messages that may pop up, so you can virtually set the thing on auto pilot saving you from having to stand around for hours on end watching the screen go by.

Of course this is a point in time backup method, meaning it’s only good for restoring when you last ran it. Now unless you want to be running a full system save each and every day (which would be time consuming and unnecessary) then there are other options available so save specific sets of data objects and or libraries.

Typically your third party software package, ERP, EDI and so forth will come with some sort of utility or set of routines for getting custom data and program libraries and objects backed up onto a tape drive.

If they have no such program then check with the vendors support on what libraries and objects need to be backed up and then craft your very own backup program using CL and a combination of SAVLIB and SAVOBJ commands. You can kick off this program using the job scheduler.

One thing to note is that these save commands won’t save the data if users are actively using those objects. So at a minimum you need to boot the users off the system to remove any object and record locks preventing a backup from occurring.

Alternatively if getting folks to sign off is problematic then simply ending the QINTER and QSERVER subsystems is a good method of cutting off access entirely. But if you choose to do it this way then it may be a good idea to create your own administrative interactive subsystem to log in and start everything back up should your custom backup routine fail.

Be sure to check out John Andersen’s Power System Jump Start Training and discover how to simplify your AS/400, iSeries and IBM i power system backup routines.

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How To Turn Off Apps And Save Your Iphone Battery

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When I updated to the iPhone OS 4.0 I knew that it would allow me run apps even while I was using other apps. I thought it would be nice for the apps that send me push notifications to keep working all the time. So I updated the software and went on my merry little way. About a month ago I noticed my iPhone was running through battery life at an alarming rate. I knew something had to be up because no one hadnt been using my phone much and thats usually my guaranteed battery drain. I deleted apps, cleared off my camera roll and the battery life did improve. A little.

On Saturday my friend was looking for something on my iPhone and he discovered that I had at least thirty apps running in the background. He said something to the effect of dont you know how to turn off apps when you are done using them? I said yes, you just leave the app, tap the home screen button and be done with it. Well.apparently Ive been delusional because there are many apps that will continue to run even when youve left them. Which is fine if theyre apps that need to run but if you have a bunch that dont then your phone memory and battery life are going to suffer. There was my lightbulb moment of the week.

Perhaps Im the only one out there who didnt realize that I had so many apps working overtime for me. Here are the steps to truly shutting down an app just in case Im not the only one who didnt know how to do it.

* Tap the home button twice.

* At the bottom of the screen youll see a row app icons. These are the apps that are running. Slide your finger to move forward or backward through the apps. Chances are youll have more than the four that first show up.

* Touch one of the app icons and hold your finger on it until they all start wiggling. A small red circle will appear at the top left of the icon.

* Tap on the red circle and the app icon will disappear. The app is now no longer running in the background.

* When youre done shutting things down tap the home button and the apps will stop wiggling.

* Tap the home button again to return to your home screen.

* These steps will work even if you are currently using an app. In other words, you dont have to be on the home screen to bring up the row of running apps.

Now that I know how to manage them I can (hopefully) make better use of this feature. Go ahead, give it a try and see how many apps youve been running in the background!

For more visit iPhone Software Programming

We are a division of A-1 Technology, Inc an ISO certified company that delivers quality iPhone software programming solutions. Our vision is to cater the up surging demands of iPhone application development.

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Start Learning Hindi

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How much do know about Hind? Maybe you will shake your head, meaning you know even nothing about this language. But now that you need to learn this language, you need to learn something about Hindi.

In India nearly all the people can understand Hindi. It is very common if you see they communicate in Hindi. However, 70% of the Indian people cannot write this language, even the college graduates who come not from Hindi speaking communities cannot do that either. It seems that this language form is very hard to touch as an official language of India. But don’t worry about it.

First, you can choose to India to learn this language. Of course this way maybe appears expensive, but probably efficient enough. When you go to India, you need to visit to the Hindi speaking communities if it is possible. Then try to learn from them. But how? You can try to get new friends from there. And when you get friends, you need to practise Hindi with them as much as you can. Yes, the first way for this kind of communication is through words and phrases. Truly you need to learn them step by step first.

Second, you must have a radio, why not use it to pick up the Indian Hindi signal to listen to. But you may say that you cannot even understand a word of it in the beginnig. It is real you cannot. You are not a Indian people after all. Then I think you need to buy a software, like Rosetta Stone Hindi, or go into some training class to learn first. It is the foundation learning. And in a training center, you have your teacher to guide you, then you can learn how to read Hindi, how to write Hindi words and so on.

Third, learning Hindi is not meaning learning its language only, but its culture as well. So many people have mentioned this aspect, but not all the people can really understand its importance and meaning. You can try to read the books about its culture. Or even sometimes you can learn its country’s geography or things like that.

Certainly using a software to learn a foreign language is good. Perhaps you want to learn other languages like Polish and Spanish. Rosetta Stone Polish and Rosetta Stone German can be very useful to you.

There are all sorts of things for us to learn. I love learning so much and have learned some fields as well. I like writing and reading, hoping I could share something beneficial here with all the partners.

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Voip For Mobile, Voip Calls From Mobile From istarsip

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istarsip seamlessly integrates with StarView’s Hosted PBX which provides businesses with a secure, state-of-the-art, fully unified communications solution. Many of their customers use istarsip to turn their iPhone into their office phone extension, so they can use iPhone to make/receive phone calls over their company’s phone system. istarsip is the first native SIP/VoIP prepaid application in the Apple Store. All calls are made directly to StarView Solutions, no middle-man customized proxy involved, making the call quality excellent.

istarsip adds a second number to your iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad that works over 3G, WiFi or Cellular networks using the same number. It’s ideal when you want to reduce your mobile charges while traveling or calling overseas. istarsip 3.0 now supports Apple’s push notification service. You can receive the notification message about new incoming calls anywhere and you don’t need to run istarsip to wait for the incoming call. Using a WiFi/3G connection turns your Phone or iPod touch 2nd Gen into a pocket VoIP phone. So you can make cheap or even free phone calls (local or long distance) over the internet anytime, anywhere. istarsip offers Voip calls from Mobile to reduce your mobile charges. If you already have a PBX or other office system, istarsip works with just about any office phone system. Their features include Professional grade, Separate voicemail, Dual-Mode (VoIP/Cellular), Call waiting/call transfer, Low international rates, Quick and easy setup, Support speaker phone, Voice mail notification, Multiple ringtone selection, Mute/hold call capability, Redial from recent call list, Shortcut to make regular calls, Dial directly from iPhone’s address book, Support prefix dialing when calling from address book. Basically, iPad can be used for many things such as watching TV shows, web browsing, watching movies and reading. VoIP has made is possible that iPad can be used as a device for communication. istarsip’ Voip For Mobile is an useful application by which you can make free calls to the US and international calls at cheap rates through your iPad. Using this application you can make free calls to the US and international calls at cheap rates through your iPad. A Team Addition of this service is very popular; it can be used in place of current phone systems especially by small businesses. Their feature of push notifications is available with it, that means it can handle incoming calls even when the application is not running. They can divert calls to other phones of your choice and also iPad can initiate three way calls.

istarsip seamlessly integrates with StarView’s Hosted PBX which provides businesses with a secure, state-of-the-art, fully unified communications solution. istarsip’ Voip For Mobile is an useful application by which you can make free calls to the US and international calls at cheap rates through your iPad.

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The Right Bedding For Kids

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Finding the right bedding for our kids can be quite the challenge. Unlike shopping for an adult, our kids are not interested in things such as the fabric of the bedding and explaining to them about the importance of the thread count. Children likes and dislikes are a lot more simple than our own taste. For children if it looks cool, or pretty, or cute then it is probably something that your children will have an interest in.

Kids are not exactly cut out for shopping for their own bedding because they will pick out the same type of things they do with everything else you try to buy for them. An excellent example of this would be my daughter how absolutely has to have everything with her favorite cartoon character sponge bob on it, she has sponge bob shirts, shoes, pants, make up kit and all the video games featuring sponge bob on them, she even has sponge bob breakfast cereal. Some one who is not a parent would wonder what the big deal is but, anyone who has experienced this knows that these fads that our kids have come about six times a year and once the fad is over the child can not have anything to do with it, if that they do they will face severe humiliation from their peers for being behind the pack. That is why when shopping for your kids it is important that you do not look for the name brands instead look for the more classical kids style bedding one great example of this is Olive kids bedding. All of their bed sets feature classic designs like their Olive kids Out Of This World which features a beautiful space design also they bring several other things like toddlers bedding for the really little ones and also duvet cover sets which is great because children are always somehow making a mess of their bed sets.

p> Want to find your own olive kids out of this world bed set. Or do you just want to know more about duvet covers Then go to Multi Shop Stop and check out there latest line of duvet cover sets

Denzale Montgomery is President and Co-founder of an honest and hard working company called Multi Shop Stop. Denzale provides his customers with the best savings and quality products possible and in his spare time he loves to give people advice on how to make there homes look great.

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