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Start your own yoga studio

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So it is in your mind and you are going for it – set up your own yoga studio business that is. Nevertheless it’s a new business for you – you’ve in no way done it before and you need a helping hand, little by little to reach your objective. No worries we will cover all the help you will need.

Accordingly how do you run a new venture? You have always been the one who is told what to do. Right away the shoe is truly on the other foot – you bestow the orders now. However what orders do you give to your staff? What tells do you send out? How do you realize if what you are doing or saying is the appropriate thing for your new yoga studio business? It was stress-free before…the boss spoke…and you carried out what he/she said then you got remunerated at the end of the day. This is a little trickier, if you get things off beam now, not only will you not get remunerated (or get remunerated less), your lack of decisiveness could impact detrimentally upon your staff.

This is finally it; you have made the jump and you are running your own business. This is the moment in time when you need to really focus on what you want for your business and your way of life. Try to keep the two at a distance as much as possible…this can be really challenging for most people in particular if you now work from home. Bear in mind though the main of working for yourself was to better your life in it’s entirety. Do Not let the new business be a heavy burden to carry…it is there to get you the rewards you have always wanted.

Although, of course, the money helps!

For your own self respect; imagine the feeling you have compared to being in an everyday employment or no employment at all. It is a lot more simpler to get out of the sack at daybreak knowing you are constructing a business for yourself and your folks; you’re doing it for your boss – who you might not even get on with.

We live in a big world; their are thousands of yoga studio businesses – but they aren’t all the same; as a new businessman/woman it’s your occupation to run your business the most professional way you see fit via your experiences you have acquired in life so far.

Not many people start their own business – most people do not have the knowledge. The question is do you have it? Are you motivated to be a success in business as well as in life?

Start your yoga studio business now!

Paul Stanton Are you going to set-up your own yoga studio business? You need a yoga studio business plan

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Yoga Books For A Great Workout

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Leslie Kaminoff writes Yoga Anatomy, a book that provides step by step instructions on the various poses that you can take when performing yoga. They have photos as well as tips on how to perfect the pose and more importantly the beneficial effects of doing yoga at all and how it works in relation to the spine, breathing, and your entire body. The principles of yoga are outline and defined in the book so not only will you learn how to do it you will also learn the deeper meaning behind the exercise and see just why and how it is benefiting you. Whether you are a newcomer or someone who has been partaking in yoga for a long time, this book will still provide a valuable and rich experience.

B.K.S Iyengar writes Light on Yoga, a book that seeks to explain and explore the philosophy behind yoga and the various ways that discipline is necessary for body and mind. There are illustrations of all the breathing and positions as well as the descriptions of why these are essential for the body and the mind and the effect that it has on both. For someone seeking to really deepen their view of the subject, this book has great tips and a helpful foreword.

Cyndi Dale writes The Subtle Body, which seeks to argue that all healers use energy in order to help the body achieve a better spiritual, mental, and emotional state of being. This book produces an anatomy for these things, these unseen factors such as our spirit and mind, and shows the ways in which healing can affect these parts of your body. The unseen fields hinge upon the physical condition but can be affected and bettered with various breathing methods and exercises so that you get a really deep kind of therapy in your life.

Ray Long writes The Key Muscles of Yoga, a book that seeks to show the most important muscles that are affected by yoga and the ways in which that helps your body overall. Coming with a science perspective, the book allows you to really get an anatomical sense of how yoga is benefiting you as well as to see it all through color and three-dimensional photos that can help you understand just how it is affecting your overall person. No matter if you are just starting out or if you are an expert, this book will have something for you.

Finally, Martin Kirk writes Hatha Yoga Illustrated, a book t hat seeks to give you a complete intro on the benefits of yoga on certain focal points of your body and how it can affect your emotional wellness, overall. It takes the theories of hatha and anusara yoga and makes it accessible to people so that they can better figure out how to make it a useful thing in their lives. If you seek to get the benefits of yoga, then look no further than this book that will help you figure out all the important aspects of it in a way that will benefit you.

Roberto Sedycias works as an IT consultant for http://www.polomercantil.com.br

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the Benefits of Yoga Meditation

When many people hear the word “meditate,” they think of a man in a loincloth with a serene look on his face sitting cross-legged on top of a mountain. Meditation, however, isn’t nearly as esoteric as people think. It doesn’t require years of study or mystical knowledge from on high; all it takes is practice.

Meditation is a spontaneous flow of consciousness when all the conditions are just right. It’s about listening inwardly with a quiet mind for the wisdom and guidance of a more expansive and unlimited mind.

All the arts of relaxation — breath control, contemplation, prayer, affirmation, repetition of a mantra, and visualization — are different, but they all direct you toward self-realization and a deep meditative state. Different systems of thought and traditions vary in their meditation techniques, but they all have the same goal: to reach the point of stillness, quiet, and communion with the essence of your being.

With meditation, you discover how to quiet your mind and increase your level of energy and enjoyment of life. You experience the natural joy of being in meditation, and you establish a greater confidence and a higher understanding. Meditation can deliver deep inner peace; increase your mental stamina; improve your memory; enlarge your multitasking abilities; and teach you to organize your internal awareness and concentration.

You can practice different forms of meditation:

Mantra meditation: You focus your attention on a repeated word, thought, or sound.

Metta or loving kindness meditation: You practice acts of generosity or loving kindness toward others.

Stair-step meditation (or modified progressive relaxation): You focus on different areas of your body with the aim of relaxing those areas one at a time.

Mindfulness: You observe whatever goes through your mind without judging or analyzing it.

(Some yoga practitioners don’t consider this a true form of meditation, but rather a practice or deeper step toward meditation.)

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Meditation and Yoga Tips

There are many ways to improve the quality of your life, but one that you may not have thought of is that of meditation.  Some don’t believe it can offer them benefits but there is one thing that meditation and yoga can definitely provide to you:  the ability to relax.

Yoga is a great tool for both exercise and relaxation.  Both meditation and yoga have been shown to provide improvements for those that are in need of stress relief.  And, when you learn how to do them effectively, it takes minutes a day to wash away your stresses.

So, how does this fit into your lifestyle fitness plan?  It’s simple.  You need to spend ten minutes each day, usually before breakfast, quietly meditating or doing yoga.  Ten minutes per day is all that it takes to see significant improvement in your overall well being. 

When you take into account all the things that you are doing in the morning you may not think you have time.  But, again, invest the time for a couple of weeks and you are sure to see the improvements quickly and they will not be such a demanding time taker.

You can learn how to do either meditation or yoga (or both if you like) easily.  Some people are familiar with it enough that they can learn how to do is through at home study.  It’s often a better solution, though to learn with others through a professional. 

Get together with a friend and take a class at your local recreation center or your community college.  You’ll find that once you learn the technique you can do the process on your own, easily.

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Egis Toeb is The owner of www.body-building-guide.com. The site that share a lot of tips and information about how to gain muscle and weight loss

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Bheka Yoga Supplies For a Healthy Mind, Body and Spirit

(PRWEB) December 8, 2004

Although it is sometimes described as a ‘New Age’ phenomenon, yoga in its various forms has been practiced for thousands of years. Regular yoga practice has innumerable benefits to the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual well being of its participants. Visitors to http://www.all-your-lifestyle-products.com can find out about this form of yoga as well as many other types of exercise.

Newcomers to the practice of yoga often find it difficult to know where to start. Bheka.com offers absolutely everything for beginners to experienced practitioners, and is the preferred yoga and pilates equipment supplier for health clubs, health practitioners, hospitals, teachers and studios, ashrams, and private yoga and pilates practitioners.

Bheka has a huge array of instructional books, CD’s, audio tapes, DVD’s and videotapes for meditation and yoga. There are materials covering the philosophy of yoga and meditation, general practice techniques at a variety of levels, and techniques for practitioners with specific needs, such as runners, people over 50 and pregnant women.

Props and equipment are very useful resources for yoga beginners, and practitioners of some forms of yoga such as the Iyengar method. Bheka has a complete range of mats, blankets, blocks, straps, neck pillows, bolsters, back bridges, fit balls, eye bags, and other accessories like handy tote bags for yoga mats.

Bheka offers a beautiful collection of specialized yoga music, including devotional chants, and eastern and western meditation music.

For those who choose to emphasize the spiritual side of yoga practice, Bheka have altar supplies for meditation, including statues, incense wands, incense sticks and holders, smudging herbs, aromatherapy candles, and authentic hand crafted malas, of bodhi seed, or lotus seed, turquoise and silver.


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Spa Development And Creation. Meditation , Yoga And Relaxation

Spa Development And Creation. Meditation , Yoga And Relaxation
‘spa Knowledge’ Business Creation Is Your 138 Page Manual – Your Personal Spa Consultant Saving You Time And Money For Success. Also Available A Collection Of Balancing Meditations & Relaxations With Original Music For Deep Peace And Healing.
Spa Development And Creation. Meditation , Yoga And Relaxation

Yoga Music Collection
Meditation Music, Studying, Folk, Nature Sounds, Relaxation Music, Great For Spa And Yoga Classes,meditation,creating A Peace Full Atmosphere, New Age Music For Meditation, Relaxation, Stress Relief, Yoga And General Well Being. With Audio Sample
Yoga Music Collection

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Meditation & Yoga 2011

A Program to Relax, Refresh and Rejuvenate with Meditation in the Presence of   H.H. Sri Sri Ravi Shankar

Secaucus, NJ – March 8, 2011- The Art of Living Foundation is hosting Meditation and Yoga 2011 -MY 2011, in the presence of spiritual leader and humanitarian His Holiness Sri Sri Ravi Shankar. This day-long program will feature unique and informative sessions giving participants the life skills to manage their mind and emotions, increase productivity, and bring balance into their lives. Sri Sri Ravi Shankar is the founder of Art of Living, an international non-profit organization engaged in stress-management and service initiatives all over the world.

The event MY2011 will be held on April 9th from 10 AM- 6:00 PM, at the Meadowlands Exposition Center at 355 Plaza Drive in Secaucus, New Jersey.


The negative impact of stress on our lives is vast. Meditation and Yoga 2011 will introduce techniques for de-stressing through a combination of yoga, meditation and breath-work. The techniques rejuvenatethebody and the mind. Participants can experience the peace of meditation in a natural and easy way.


The Art of Living programs, taught to millions of people all over the world, are effective in bringing about overall well-being.

Based on ancient wisdom, the programs are made relevant for modern life.

Art of Living has been active in New Jersey for more than ten years. 6,000 people in New Jersey alone have benefited from the programs. It is a volunteer-based organization with courses held in fourteen cities of New Jersey. There are four main centers in New Jersey: in Metuchen, Jersey City, Mahwah and East Windsor.

Says one local course participant: “Since practicing the techniques taught by The Art of Living, I feel far more at home with myself and the world. The relationship with my inner self has increased immensely. [My world-view] has greater depth and perspective. Now all the dots connect in a cohesive way.” There are also special youth programs in New Jersey and New York area for children and teenagers. Through these community service programs, the youth, at a critical age, learn to manage their stress improving their grades and their relationships.

“Spring is a time for renewal and rejuvenation. Sri Sri will be discussing the techniques to harmonize the mind and body through yoga, breathing and meditation, so that individuals can achieve inner peace and strength to move ahead unshaken by the events of life,” says Vikas Chawla, senior instructor of Art of Living and a resident of Somerset, New Jersey. Although we cannot eliminate all the causes of stress in our lives, we can learn to effectively handle our state of mind and our behavior, thus making ourselves truly resilient.

Join us for an inspiring evening with Sri Sri, and for a day dedicated to self-development and renewal.  

For detailed event schedule and information please contact us @ gayathri.uchila@artofliving.org |732 738 4457.

About the Art of Living Foundation: Founded in 1981, the Art of Living Foundation is a nonprofit 501(c)(3) educational and humanitarian organization working in special consultative status with the United Nations Social and Economic Council on initiatives related to health, meditation, education, sustainable development, conflict resolution and disaster relief. One of the world’s largest volunteer-based organizations, the Foundation works to create a violence-free, stress-free world by strengthening the individual. The Foundation has benefited more than 25 million people across 151 countries.

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Enjoying Healthy Relationships Through Yoga Meditation

We all know that the practice of yoga meditation can benefit us in, both the physical and the mental disciplines. And such practices have grown so vast that it has braved the test of time. A classic, so to speak.And healthy relationships through yoga meditation is achievable. And the practice of such does not only limit with meditations or flexibility, it also helps its practitioners in achieving a healthy relationship. As you practice yoga meditation, you learn how to respect your body. You learn the importance of being fit and enjoy its benefits. With this, one learns the importance of Respect, which is very vital in a healthy Relationship.

This word here is an important factor, an important key to the success of a relationship. With yoga meditation, one learns flexibility. First this term would only refer to the physical aspect. But later as the yoga meditation practitioner progresses, he slowly understands the meaning of his activity beyond its physical aspect alone. He learns that he can apply what he has learned not only in its exercise state but also in the life as well. Flexibility now becomes an applied character. So the practitioner now has a broader sense of understanding and is now capable of adjusting well, both in a crowd or in a relationship as well.

In here the yoga practitioner learns RESPECT! During the practice of yoga, one develops Mind Power! A key ingredient, to better equip a person in his/her journey through life. In here one learns how to cope, adjust and even know when to fight back in facing the challenges in life. In the relationships point of view, a yoga practitioner can apply the concept of Mind Power, by showing to his/her partner that he/she knows how to control his/her emotions, as well as the yoga practitioner knows when will be the proper time to react to a certain situation.

In the practice of yoga meditation, one learns the concept of fulfillment or shared happiness as a goal, and this can be learned through shared love and thoughtfulness.

All these are basic elements needed in a relationship. These are basic elements but vitally important as well. Imagine a relationship without thoughtfulness and shared love, it’s like a house built beside a riverbank. A relationship bound to be doomed. But a healthy relationship built on strong and sturdy grounds of shared love, thoughtfulness and respect is like a house built with strong foundations and elevated grounds. In here the yoga practitioner applies the concept of COMMITMENT! Balance is another factor taught in Yoga Meditation, which is very beneficial in a sound and healthy relationship. In here the practitioner knows how to weigh situations and decide wisely as well.

This concept lies in the aspect of “a balanced mind, leads to emotional and physical control as well.” Your level of Awareness also enhances. A yoga practitioner here begins proper control of his well being and his partner. As a result your partner’s level of Trust to you strengthens and thus you gain Respect and later Commitment begins. These three bonded together as one is a powerful foundation needed to build a strong and healthy relationship. These can all be learned in the practice of yoga.

The author of this article Rose Windale is a Health and Wellness Coach who has been successful with several natural health programs for many years. Rose decided to share her knowledge and tips through her website http://www.healthzine.org. You can sign up for her free newsletter and enjoy a healthy and happy life.

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Meditation music for Kundalini Yoga

Meditation is an important part of Yoga practices. Meditation or Dhyana is the seventh limb of the Patanjali Yoga Sutra. Meditation helps an individual reach a state of tranquility and the practitioner is rejuvenated with ultimate serenity. Through meditation, one can experience a calm and relaxed state of mind. Highest joy is realized as the practitioner experience the oneness with their own center of consciousness, the Atma.

Kundalini Yoga is a powerful yoga form that focuses on awakening of the Kundalini, the energy of consciousness. Kundalini energy is visualized as a snake coiled up in the first chakra found at the base of the spine (Muladhara chakra). Kundalini energy is one’s potential spiritual energy. As an individual starts Kundalini Yoga, the Kundalini energy rises up the Nadi (Kundalini channels) helping the mortal to surpass the external material pleasure and help him/her achieve a consciousness that brings freedom from illusion (Maya).

Music has always been the best communicator of feelings, thoughts and ideas. In the realm of yoga, music is considered to be the concentrator or an accelerator of the mind. The intimate touch of sound and music has the divine charisma of penetrating the whole being and revitalizing every sense of the listener. Music heals the pain and helps to relax the senses from within. Different music has the ability to create different ambiance and in meditation, the best music is one that brings greater harmony. Meditation is only possible when the ambiance is calm and relaxed. Thus, Meditation Music must contain tranquil and soothing sounds that will incite peace and relaxation. Spirit Voyage also offers multiple yoga accessories like yoga mats, malas and jeweleries, yoga books, yoga tea and many more. The collection of CDs and DVDs that Spirit Voyage offers contain sacred music and chants that will take anyone to a spiritual high. Choose from the  collection of World Sacred Music which includes New Age Christian and Jewish music albums, New Age Celtic Music, Buddhist Chants and many others. Enliven your inner self and let it merge with the supreme as you refresh your body, mind and soul with High Energy Yoga Grooves or Instrumental Yoga Music. Spirit Voyage brings collection of Yoga Music CDs for kids.

With the expansion of the practice of meditation, there are music CDs and DVDs available that help an individual to guide their soul to reach a level of unearthly peace and composure. Spirit Voyage brings you a collection of Yoga DVDs and CDs that will help you attain a healthy mind, body and soul. The different CDs will help an individual learn and pronounce different mantras, chanting which will connect him/her to the boundless peace of life and evoke the feeling of ecstasy within them. With Spirit Voyage’s meditation and yoga music, the duality of the mind vanishes and a state is reached when the individual feels great connection with infinity.

Breathing, Sound and Meditation are inseparable parts of Kundalini Yoga. The yoga music for Kundalini Sadhana will help you to improve your concentration and enhance your ability to meditate by obstructing the distant noises. Spirit Voyage’s collection of meditation music for Kundalini yoga shall create an apt atmosphere to bring all the senses of the practitioner into a line that will help for a great yoga workout. Furthermore, the sacred chants and hymns which will help one connect himself/herself to divinity. The meditation music for Kundalini Yoga shall create a tone that will subtly produce a tender and refreshing mood and take the senses to a mystic height. Kundalini Yoga Music will help to awaken prana or the life force.

The meditation music from Spirit Voyage is not intrusive rather it is very soothing. The collection of Yoga DVDs and Cds offered by the company include the peaceful voice of Deva Premal, Krishna Das, Deuter, Snatam Kaur, Shakta Kaur Khalsa, Guru Shabad Singh Khalsa, Bachan Kaur, Wah and many such artistes. Bow to the subtle divine wisdom and to the totality of the harmony with the meditation music for Kundalini sadhana from Spirit Voyage and let your senses fill up with eternal joy-the joy of feeling of oneness with divinity.

About The Author:

The author writes for Spirit Voyage which features a collection of yoga music and meditation music and multiple yoga accessories. This site essentially tend to infuse a spirit of harmony and peace of mind and body with its collection of yoga DVDs, yoga clothing and books.

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New York-Based Massage Therapist Karina Yanku Announces Increased Bookings After Being Featured in Edya Kalevs MELT, Yoga and Wellness Newsletter

New York, NY (PRWEB) July 18, 2013

Serendipity is a beautiful thing; especially when one steps back and allows the Universe to work its magic. Take, for example, a chance meeting back in 2008 at a wellness seminar at Matthew Corozine Studio Theatre in Times Square. Karina Yanku, a massage therapist and Edya Kalev, a yoga instructor, have stayed in touch; sharing ideas, inviting each other to networking events, and supporting each others endeavors. Recently, Karina Yanku was featured in the MELT, Yoga and Wellness newsletter, and is amazed at how her client base has doubled since this singular article was published just two months ago. Ms.Kalev was so touched by Yankus story of how she overcame a childhood brain injury and took inspiration from her recovery to create OANAMassage to help with coordination, balance and memory.


As the first-born of three girls, Yankus mother was in labor with her for 18 long hours. When she was born everything appeared normal, but as she was developing, her parents noticed that she was having difficulty with locomotion, eye-hand coordination and severe behavioral issues. Her parents went on a painstaking mission to find a doctor who could help figure out what was going on, and it was discovered that she suffered a brain injury – either in utero or because of a long, traumatic birth.


Although Ms.Yankus parents were told by countless doctors that she’d never develop the coordination to ride a bicycle and would remain remedial for the rest of her life, as fate would have it, their best friends had also a son with a brain injury. It was through them that they learned about the Institutes for the Achievement of Human Potential, a cutting-edge, progressive facility that treats brain-injured patients through a unique process called “Patterning”. This Patterning is designed to train the uninjured part of the brain to overcompensate for the part that is injured, thereby “rewiring” a patient’s neurological connections and improving functions.


Until she received this therapy, the only things that would calm her down were rhythm and music. Her father also had a love for music, as well as her grandparents, who would buy her toy instruments so that she could “jam” with Dad. As the oldest child, she also possessed a strong maternal instinct, and enjoyed helping to care for her two younger sisters. As a kid growing up in the 60s, Yanku had two distinct career ambitions: to be a nurse so she could take care of people, or to be one of the Beatles so she could make music.


Fast-forward past an unhealthy detour into the corporate world, she came to an awakening of sorts during a spiritual retreat in Upstate New York in 1996. Through group meditation and chanting, she became reacquainted with her passion for healing. It was at that point that she enrolled in massage school, and she hasn’t looked back since. Becoming a massage therapist has been the most rewarding decision shes ever made.


Wanting to combine her musical talents into her massage practice, four years ago Yanku embarked on a creative mission to develop OanaMassage, the first-of-its kind rhythmic, choreographed massage with it’s own musical score that matches every single massage stroke. The entire session is performed at 60 beats per minute, which, research has proven, assists with right/left brain synchronization, and also mimics the collective rhythm of the Earths Core, otherwise known as Schumanns Resonance.


So, what happens during an OanaMassage? Essentially, a persons right (creative) brain is enjoying the massage and the music, while the left (logical) brain is recognizing the corresponding patterns of the music and the massage in sync with each other. When a person receives OanaMassage frequently, he/she may start to anticipate the musical rhythm and the sequence of massage strokes, thereby enhancing healing on a much deeper level.


Karina Yanku, LMT is a New York-based massage therapist and musician who specializes in touch, rhythm and sound for the body, mind and soul. For more information, email info(at)karinyanku(dot)com or visit http://www.karinayanku.com.


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