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Relationships And Recovery From Addiction

Relationships in recovery can be a tricky thing. In fact, most people probably don’t realize it, but relationships are the number one problem when it comes to relapse. Nothing else has the same amount of power to create such turmoil in our lives.
Think about it your life is made up of nothing but relationships. If you were living on a deserted island, with no one else, your life would be very different indeed. At the very least, your level of stress would certainly be lower. This points out the true nature of relationships in our recovery they are both a blessing and a curse. They bring us great joy, but they can also cause us a lot of grief. As such, they must be handled with care and approached in an intelligent way.
There are essentially 3 types of relationships in your life one with yourself, one with your higher power, and one with a significant other. There are also dozens of other relationships in your life, such as with your coworkers or your friends, but those are the 3 big ones. Let’s take a look at them in more detail.
Relationship with yourself – This is the first relationship that you must cultivate and repair in early recovery, because it forms the basis for all other relationships. For most recovering addicts and alcoholics, this means forgiving yourself. What does this mean It means that you have to let go of all of the emotional baggage that you are carrying around with you and give yourself a break. Now that you’re in recovery you’re trying to do something different. You need to forgive yourself and allow yourself to live again.
Relationship with your higher power – Again, most addicts and alcoholics in early recovery need to do some work in this area. When we first get clean and sober, we are usually far removed from our connection with our higher power because we’ve been essentially ignoring God for so long. Getting back in touch with our spiritual side is critical for success in early recovery. There is a hierarchy here with relationship building. Start out by connecting with yourself and with your higher power, and this will lead to better relationships with others. As you get more in tune with your own spiritual side, your ability to connect and empathize with others will increase.
Relationship with your significant other – This can only flourish if you have nailed the other two relationships. In early recovery, there is a danger in rushing out and finding a new relationship with a significant other. The reason this is so dangerous is because a new relationship will create a temporary and false spiritual connection, one that replaces any need to cultivate and nurture the other two relationships (with yourself and with your higher power). Those other two relationships are the ones that will keep you clean and sober, not the relationship with a significant other. But there is a strong tendency to use a new relationship as a recovery strategy without even realizing it, and many newcomers relapse because of this.
Remember that relationships are a double-edged sword. They can bring us great joy, but at the same time, they can be extremely dangerous for the newcomer.

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Enjoying Healthy Relationships Through Yoga Meditation

We all know that the practice of yoga meditation can benefit us in, both the physical and the mental disciplines. And such practices have grown so vast that it has braved the test of time. A classic, so to speak.And healthy relationships through yoga meditation is achievable. And the practice of such does not only limit with meditations or flexibility, it also helps its practitioners in achieving a healthy relationship. As you practice yoga meditation, you learn how to respect your body. You learn the importance of being fit and enjoy its benefits. With this, one learns the importance of Respect, which is very vital in a healthy Relationship.

This word here is an important factor, an important key to the success of a relationship. With yoga meditation, one learns flexibility. First this term would only refer to the physical aspect. But later as the yoga meditation practitioner progresses, he slowly understands the meaning of his activity beyond its physical aspect alone. He learns that he can apply what he has learned not only in its exercise state but also in the life as well. Flexibility now becomes an applied character. So the practitioner now has a broader sense of understanding and is now capable of adjusting well, both in a crowd or in a relationship as well.

In here the yoga practitioner learns RESPECT! During the practice of yoga, one develops Mind Power! A key ingredient, to better equip a person in his/her journey through life. In here one learns how to cope, adjust and even know when to fight back in facing the challenges in life. In the relationships point of view, a yoga practitioner can apply the concept of Mind Power, by showing to his/her partner that he/she knows how to control his/her emotions, as well as the yoga practitioner knows when will be the proper time to react to a certain situation.

In the practice of yoga meditation, one learns the concept of fulfillment or shared happiness as a goal, and this can be learned through shared love and thoughtfulness.

All these are basic elements needed in a relationship. These are basic elements but vitally important as well. Imagine a relationship without thoughtfulness and shared love, it’s like a house built beside a riverbank. A relationship bound to be doomed. But a healthy relationship built on strong and sturdy grounds of shared love, thoughtfulness and respect is like a house built with strong foundations and elevated grounds. In here the yoga practitioner applies the concept of COMMITMENT! Balance is another factor taught in Yoga Meditation, which is very beneficial in a sound and healthy relationship. In here the practitioner knows how to weigh situations and decide wisely as well.

This concept lies in the aspect of “a balanced mind, leads to emotional and physical control as well.” Your level of Awareness also enhances. A yoga practitioner here begins proper control of his well being and his partner. As a result your partner’s level of Trust to you strengthens and thus you gain Respect and later Commitment begins. These three bonded together as one is a powerful foundation needed to build a strong and healthy relationship. These can all be learned in the practice of yoga.

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