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How to Create a Mobile Website

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This is the world of Internet and fortunately we are a part of it. We cannot live without Internet today as it has gotten into our lives so much. It has dug deep into our daily routines; it is now a part of our lifestyle and with the facility of Internet on mobile phones, its usage has seen a huge leap in the past few years. The entire idea of designing a Mobile Website came into picture after the usage of mobile phones increased. Businesses and manufacturers found it the best way to reach their target audience, owing to the fact that cell phones are now in every pocket. Hence, the practice of Creating Mobile Sites began there and then.

New Generation phones like iPhone and Blackberry brought a revolution in the mobile industry. Now, one could read and send e-mails with these kinds of Smart Phones. Slowly and steadily, Internet fixed its place in mobile phones and many websites created a version of their website compatible with mobile phones, i.e. a Mobile Website.

And, here we are using the same technology at our comfort as every web page is just a click away. Since the concept of Creating Mobile Sites has started, its popularity and usage has reached new heights. Simultaneously, there has been a considerable increase in local search activity, hence enabling businesses to get maximum visibility and exposure so as to make profit.

The task of Creating Mobile Sites was considered to be tedious earlier, but Mofuse Mobile Website builder has made it extremely easy. This mobile designing software helps in Creating Mobile Sites by mobilizing your feeds. The software is embedded with various features like automatic redirect script, SMS widget, automatic image resizing, and highly compatible .mobi sites. Mofuse gives you the power to customize the logo of you website and numerous other features like adding text, links, RSS feeds, and comments.

Also, Mofuse allows you to change the URL, colors of your text and background. And this is not all as you can also add your logo to make it a default header. So, go for it and create a full customized Mobile Website for your business only with Mofuse mobile designing software.

One of the number one requested features from our tech-savvy fan base was a dynamic Mobile Website that included up-to-date news. To get more information click here: – www.mofuse.com

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How to Save a Mobile Dropped in Water


Have you ever dropped your mobile in the sink or the toilet? Did you run through the washer while leaving it in your pocket? Are you swimming while mobile in your pocket? How can you safe your mobile in water, just follow these simple steps.

1. Take it out of the water as early as possible. Cell phones are covered by strong plastic case, but water can enter the phone in a short period of time, perhaps only 10 seconds or less. Try to catch your mobile as early as possible. If you are not successful in catching it in time, your best bet is to remove the battery while it is still under water. Water can easily damage the phone, so try to remove battery as early as possible.

2. Don’t panic. Nothing has happened to your mobile, if you get your mobile out of water in time. So immediately take your mobile out.

3. Next and most important step is to remove the battery. This is one of the most important steps. Don’t waste your time to think about removing your mobile battery or not, just do it fast. When you cut power supply to your mobile phone, you have done your job.Electricity and water do not mix. Many circuits inside the phone will remain accurate provided they are not attached to a power source when wet.

4. If your mobile set is a GSM carrier, then please remove your SIM card. By doing this you can save your important dat as well as your contact list. To some people contact list could be more worth saving than the phone itself. You don’t need to heat up your sim card. Just keep it dry and leave it aside until you need to connect your phone to your cellular network. This important step of removing sim is not applied to CDMA carrier phones.

5. Next step is to dry your phone. Try to remove as much of the water as early as possible, so you can save it from getting into the phone. Vigorously shake your mobile but don’t drop it on floor while shaking it, then use a towel or paper towel to slowly remove as much of the remaining water as possible. Dry the excess moisture by hand.

6. Remove any covers and external connectors to open up as many grooves, crevices, gaps in the phone as possible. Idea is to remove water from every part of your mobile set.

7. You may use vacuum cleaner to remove excess water and dry your set. Try to avoid hair dryer for this purpose, as this may force moisture further into the small components, deep inside the phone. If moisture is driven deeper inside, deep parts and circuits may show corrosion and oxidation as minerals from liquids are deposited on the circuitry. If you are using a hairdryer it may temporary solve your problem, but this will eventually cause component failure inside the phone. In each accessible area use vacuum cleaner for at least 15 minutes and remove all residual moisture. By adopting this method your mobile can get into working condition within just 30 minutes. Don’t hold the vacuum too close to the phone, as a vacuum can create static electricity, which can cause further damage.

8. If you still feel that there is some water inside, then you may go for a substance which has a high osmolality for water to help draw out moisture, i.e this substance can absorb water more quickly. You may use uncooked rice overnight. The rice would absorb any remaining moisture. Instead you may use desiccant. Desiccant can remove moisture better than rice.

9. Now keep the mobile set on absorbent towels, napkin, or other paper for at least one day. Idea is the same, remove excess water and humidity from cell phone. Check absorbent towels, napkin, or other paper every hour for 4 to 6 hours. If you note any moisture again, just go for vacuuming step and desiccant steps.

10. Now you have reached the final step. Test your phone. After twenty four hours, first check it with battery and see if it works. If your phone does not work, check it without battery by plugging it into charger., if this works, you need a new battery. If not, take your mobile to an authorized dealer. Sometimes they can remove the problem. Please tell them what actually has happened with your mobile.


How to Turn Your Regular Mobile Phone Into a Mobile Email Tool More Powerful Than a Blackberry

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Having your electronic mailavailablewithin the palm of one’s hand althoughyou happen to becellular is not a dream these days. Together with theintroduction of new know-how like Blackberry, now an individual can go anyplace he likes and nevertheless have accessibilityfor the all crucial emails getting sent to his electronic mailhandle.
Regrettably, a Blackberry service just isn’tinexpensive. And also the handsets on their own are fairlyexpensivein contrast to common mobile phones. These restrictions have manufactured Blackberry a softwarefor all thosemen and womenusing alarge amount ofadditionalmoney to invest on their month to monthtelephoneexpenses, and neverfor thatrelaxationfrom theplanetthat are not so fortunate.
Properly, a minimum oftill now..
These days, most middle-end mobile phones has their very owndeveloped in electronic mailsoftwarewhich you can use to study and deliver your emails to the go.
Even so, you will discover some huge drawbacks in making use of the commoncell phonee mailsoftware that downloads your emails out of youre mail server for yourcell phone, that are:
– Cellularworld wide web connection charge is far morepriceyin contrastfor yourtypical home/office world wide web connection. In case younormallyacquirevariouscountless kilobytes to numerous megabytes value of emails with your inbox everyday, than downloading all of your emails for yourcell phoneindicates emptying your wallet – quick.
– The processing ability and memory ability of mobile phones are restricted. Typicallya localcell phonee-mailprogramswill likely becapable to keep only right up untila hundred or so emails. If the amount ofsaved emails is greater than that, the overall performance will turn out to be irritatingly sluggish and nearlynot possibleto utilize.
Then, how will youattaine mailefficiencythat’sgreater than Blackberry (since the title of this post mentions)? it really isbasically a subject of pickingthe bestno cost (yes, no cost) java e-mailsoftwarefor thecell phone which deliversthe propervariety of totally free service (yes, once again.. free of charge service) to shop and handle your emails.
It isin factveryeffortless to flip your cell phoneright into amobile phonewhich isable toreallyeffectivecellulare-mail functionalities this kind of as:
– Checking your emails and sending them althoughto thetransfer.
– Archiving of gigabytes value of emails. You’ll be able todo that even from an aged cracked cellphone like my Motorola Razr V3.
– Search by way of your gigantic electronic mail database inside of seconds. Searching for an previouse-mailout of youroutdatedpal Sam? Now you’ll be able to do it out of yourcell phoneinside of seconds.
– Getting an innovative spam filter properwithin yourcell phone. Spams will go wherever they belong, within the trash bin, with out you ever needing to type them out manually
– Extremelyeffective bandwidth use. Think about forwarding an electronic mail you get with eight MB attachment to a coleague or buddyutilizing only numerous kilobytes valueof one’scellularinfostrategy. Extremely hard? believeyet again.. you mayreally like it if youattempt it.
Imagine it or not, all these functionsmay beextrafor yourcell phonetotally free, offered that it assist java and by nowpossess acellular data/internet prepareenergetic.
Interested? Here’s fundamentallythe way you can do it:
one. Set up an electronic mail java software for cell phonethat will retrieve POP3 emails out of your mail server. Do a search on google for “java cell phonee mail application” and you will get plenty of programs which willdo thattotally free. Keep in mind the rule I point outoverthesoftware has to supplythe correctvariety of service? From each of the java programs you locateon thisaction, pick only the software that stores all of your emails in its personal server, not inside yourcell phone. This maypermit you to search by way of gigabytes of e-mail archive inside of seconds (now that is what I call cellulare mailenergy!).
two. Setup your e mailconsumerinside your office/home pc to go away messages on mail server right after emails happen to be downloaded
three. Set your electronic mailconsumerwith your office/home pc to delete messages from mail server only right afterfive days
Some be aware: electronic mailconsumerimplies the e-mailplanyou happen to beutilizingin your home/office personal computer to go through and deliver emails. It might be Microsoft Outlook/Outlook Express, Eudora, The Bat, and so on.
Nicely.. Fundamentallythat is it! That is what you need to do to becomeready to learn your home/office e-maileven thoughto the go, in yourcell phone.
Bear in mind, probably the mostessentialissue is actionone. You shoulddecide on a cellular java softwarethat stores the emails in its server.

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Mobile Sites ? Make your presence felt everywhere

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Do you love playing games on your mobile? Most of us will answer positive. In today’s internet age, mobiles have changes the way a lot people used to live their lives. After waking up in the morning, people used to read latest newspaper on their handheld devices. A reminder on your mobile pops up that you’re late for your meeting. In simple words, we have made mobiles an inherent part of our lives. With large number of people prefer buying items over internet, marketing companies have searched a new platform to market various products and services – mobile phone.

Be it Facebook or eBay, you will find a mobile version of these sites. These sites are popularly known as mobile sites. These sites are designed in such a way to give end users a full fledge viewing experience on his mobile phone. With the help of these mobile sites you can remain in touch with your friends and can do even shopping on your mobile. The pace at which internet has affected our lives has triggered the growth of these mobile sites. Today, internet is found to be a great source of income for companies looking out for newer mediums for their business.

Recent induction of 3G technology in India has enabled mobile users to experience high speed internet on their mobiles. Now people don’t need to rush to the nearest shoe store to find a good pair of shoes. They can just login on any online shopping portal and buy favorite pair of shoes within minutes.

If you’re running your own business and looking for a latest medium to reach your target audience, you can search new success avenues by launching your mobile site. Before choosing a particular mobile site developer, it is important to carry out a detailed research on different mobile sites manufacturers. A good website development company will always help you take full advantage of the current trend by customers t use their mobile phones to access the mobile web. If you love doing your banking transactions online, then why not buy household items over your mobile phone. It allows you save on time and money in terms of travel costs.

In order to remain competitive in this fast-paced world, it is very important to keep yourself abreast of updated technologies. Mobile sites help you create a brand out of your products and services. Customers love latest things and what’s better than having everything on your mobile.

Olive Middle East, a leading mobile sites development company and application development company provides a comprehensive range of web development services at competitive prices.

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Mobile Phone Spy Software: Keep an Eye on what your kids are doing

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Leaving home without a cell phone is almost unthinkable. It seems that we have cultivated a need to be instantly contacted 24/7. In fact, when we don’t remember to take our cell phone, we hurry back to retrieve it and arrive late rather than leave without it.

Not only is the cell phone a way to receive calls, they are now small computers with applications, such as text messaging, media messaging, video and audio recording, social networking, etc. And more and more applications for mobile phones are being produced every day.

The latest one and one that is quickly becoming increasingly popular is cell phone monitoring software. For those of you who don’t know, cell phone monitoring is a software application that allows you to monitor the phone calls and text messages of a smartphone, such as a BlackBerry or an iPhone.

What if you were able to figure out exactly where your teens are at any time? Have you ever wondered what your kids are texting? They don’t want to tell you, but you have a right to know. With mobile phone monitoring software you can monitor their phone calls, GPS location and their text messages. This allows you to uncover potential conflicts before they escalate and to help keep your kids safe. Often, the problem is from an external source, like a bully that intimidates your teen into secrecy. In any case, you definitely want to find out so you can do something about it before it gets out of hand which is usually when parents learn about these issues.

Mobile phone monitoring has its share of controversy. Just like any tool, it too can be abused if not used properly. If you’re tired of wondering where your kids are, then a mobile phone monitoring application will give you peace of mind. It will allow you to make sure your kids are where they are supposed to be.

In order to do this, you connect the mobile phone (and only a mobile phone that you own!) to a computer and log into a website. Then, it’s just a matter of uploading the mobile phone monitoring software onto the phone. The software is commonly referred to as spy software. The term “spy” (which is used for marketing purposes, much like the term “power” in power drinks) refers to the fact that the phone gives no indication that such software has been installed.

Finally, because mobile phone monitoring software is not meant to be illegal, sites that sell it ask you to sign (or click) an agreement that states you’ll only install the application on phones that you legally own. Moreover, despite what some people believe, you can’t use phones that have the software installed on them to spy on other cell phones. When you think about, this software may very well be the lifeline between you and your kids.

 Get the Best Cell Phone Surveillance Software Here.

 Cell Phone Surveillance Software

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How to Buy a Global Mobile Phone

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For many people, existing cell phones are limited when they travel or for the occasional call to family and friends oversees. As a result, they pay an exorbitant per minute rate through their long distance provider. The better choice would be a global mobile phone that offers no roaming charges to over 40 countries worldwide.

This makes the mobile phone a unique creation as it could also be used as a digital camera or a video recorder. They are used for various purposes for taking photos and also for video recordings. This enables them to be the latest and the trendy phones.

Buying cell phones are a difficult task as the price of the cell phones differ each day and thus making trouble for the customer. Global mobile phones seem to be popping up everywhere. That’s great but be sure to select an international calling plan that supports inter-country calling. It could be bought directly or through websites.

There are a lot of websites which are open nowadays for shopping cell phones which is made easy by just clicking it away. This is considered to be an easy step in buying cell phones by sitting at home. Buying a global mobile phone is a strategic decision. Think of the ability to call someone from Japan and connect with your business partner in Germany. This type of international calling with no roaming charges and no swapping in and out of SIM cards could be really helpful.

In many of the websites for shopping the delivery is free of cost and in some there are taxes and shipping charges which should be given along with the payment. Oh, the Internet. Buying cell phones that work globally is not a huge chore any longer. You can research online and at the click of a button have the latest 5G technology powering a global mobile phone delivered right to your door.

Research, research, and more research. Unfortunately, it is the way shopping is done now-a-days. It is better to look around and gather your details before getting stuck in a 3 year contract at #250 a month. Repeat the procedure with other shops also. Thus you get complete information of the cell phone which is available at different prices. Be careful when actually making your global mobile phone purchase. Some online stores might actually list different prices for the same global cell phone.

Buying cell phones has to be thought for and should initiate certain steps that help you to buy the very best. For this the most important thing is to have a complete information about the different cell phone rates and then categorize them into your selections and likings and then ponder over various factors that are needed by you and also the newest techniques that might be of real use for you in the future.

Such categorizing will enable you to buy the best cell phones ever. Doing your homework whenever you buy something is just a good idea. Researching a new global mobile phone is no different. Don’t be fooled or tricked into a new cell phone that will not meet your needs.

Earth-Phone.com offers wireless, cellular, and mobile phone sales and services. We conduct product reviews of emerging mobile phone companies with additional information related to how cellular technology works. For more details visit – http://www.earth-phone.com

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Automotive Brands Making Clever Use Of Mobile

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Automotive brands making clever use of mobile

According to a study done by ChannelNet there are more than 440 000 mobile sites and 500 000 mobile apps available worldwide with the automotive industry leading the pack and the category for auto parts coming in a close second.

Mobile device usage has seen rapid growth over the last few years, especially in the automotive industry. Mobile devices have made the buying and selling of cars easier than ever and this is proven by the statistics – 38% of all vehicle searches are done via mobile phones.

Having a mobile-optimised website can increase your business visibility and generate leads. Many consumers are looking for information on the go and having an easy-to-use mobile site for your business can increase your competitive advantage.

According to MobileMarketer.com 90% of shoppers end up at a car dealership after doing online research. This emphasizes the importance of focusing your web resources to attract clients for sales. Your websites usability plays an important role in converting leads to clients. Remember, your website in many cases is clients first point of contact with your brand. Easy access to information regarding your business is critical, especially on your mobile website.

According to Quattro Wireless mobile has the reach and the ability to take someone from consideration to purchase. It sure comes as no surprise that various automotive companies are taking advantage of what mobile has to offer, with great success as a result:

Harley-Davidson extends brand loyalty through mobile, using text messaging to inform customers about sales and promotions.

Volkswagen AG (AdMob Case Study) uses mobile marketing aggressively and smartly.

Land Rover used Admob which drove 73% of the traffic to their mobile site. On the mobile website, Land Rover had over 45,000 video views, 7,400 custom wallpaper downloads, 128,000 gallery views, 5,000 dealer lookups, 800 brochure requests, and 1100 and click-to-calls.

Toyotas motion sensitive iPhone App for Hybrid models: The less water you spill out of the glass, the more economical you are driving

Peugeot 3008 global mobile site: Enhanced touchscreen functionality

BMW Mobile Video Companion Ad (Rhythm NewMedia) achieves branding success.

Mobile case study: Jaguar XF Pre-launch (Yahoo!)

Steering Mazda customers (iCrossing)

Read more about these case studies on MMAGlobal.com.

FormFunction is not just another development agency; we’re a digital consultancy delivering functional websites, web and mobile applications and business solutions.

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Mobile Application Development more amendments and additions to its functions

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Mobile Application Development

The BB platform supports many different methods of Mobile Application Development. Every and each and every methodology has exclusive strengths, but all of them will help you leverage the BB solution’s uncomplicated connection and robust safety.

The single venture clever call synonymous with multimedia, speedily globe large internet researching, e-mailing is BB handheld mobile telephone. Blackberry has provided a whole lot a lot more than desired and satisfied customers while using vast selection of capabilities and amenities that it delivers. BB was released in 1999 staying a pager item that was later released staying a cellular intelligent call in 2002, with each in the characteristics integrated like that of calling, text messaging, e-mailing, web searching, and so on. BB is owned with the Canadian corporation Investigation in Motion (RIM).
BB devices have been major presented with monochrome displays with added amendments and additions to its characteristics; the mobile system now was and is readily available in colour screen. Its Personal Digital Assistant (PDA) application that comes with a quantity of beneficial applications like calendar, address book, to-do list, notes, and thus forth. Was the explanation behind its immense achievements?

Fresher Labs was founded with all the spirit of development and target of excellence, and can also be speedily growing with its progressive “Learning by carrying out approach” which provides emphasis on project function as an alternative to normal theory dependent Mobile Application Development training to provide major excellent skilled engineers, which exemplify our commitment to deliver superb training and consequently our philosophy of excellence.

Headquartered at Electric City, Bangalore, the organization features of employing a number of the brightest Managers and pc Engineers.

We, at Fresher Lab, specialize in training fresh engineers, and giving them with all the competencies necessary as par current industry necessitate, and therefore for doing them employable.

Fresher Lab might be the extremely earliest corporation to commence a specialized training centre for BB Mobile Application Development in South East Asia. We emphasize on minimized cost of Mobile Application Development training without owning any compromise within just the great front with 24×7 availability of methods. Fresher lab is genuinely a exclusive venture started off out by a group of effectively qualified professionals and technologies gurus. BB App World™ storefront is a great spot to bring your BB Mobile phone Mobile Application Development and themes-whether they’re consumer-focused or targeted to venture consumers.

Fresherlab.com is a young organization, based at India’s IT hub, Bangalore.
It’s a dynamic and competitive world with full of ups and downs in IT sector and therefore; the fresh engineers require just more than theoretical knowledge to get them ready for the industry.

Fresherlab.com is a young organization, based at India’s IT hub, Bangalore.
It’s a dynamic and competitive world with full of ups and downs in IT sector and therefore; the fresh engineers require just more than theoretical knowledge to get them ready for the industry.

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Hiring a Mobile DJ

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I’ve just finished reading an item from the BBC News site about the recent demise of the rock guitarist.

By all acounts only two rock or indie acts have succeeded in penetrating the Top 10 this year – Brandon Flowers and the Kings Of Leon. Just two years ago it was more than a dozen by the beginning of November.

Some would simply say that everything that could have been written has been written. Everything that could have been played has already been played. After all there are only so many guitar riffs or word sequences that one can devise and, well, possibly they’ve all been done.

An alternative theory has it that with the advance of technology everything that once required a band can now be produced by a solo musician.

Or as Sean Adams, founder of the Drowned In Sound music website, put it: “If you’re a solo artist, you can create your own drummer without having to deal with drummers.”

Actually in this respect the small-time social and private entertainment industry has been ahead of the game for several years. The local British Legion or Working Men’s Club has long replaced the stereotypical four-piece band with a solitary guy or girl accompanied by a magic box of sounds. Let’s face it, when money is tight and you only have to pay one person it’s rather a no-brainer.

Except of course that when most of the sounds are coming from a box in the corner then the whole raison d’etre of the live act comes into question. At what point does a live act become a disco?

And more to the point, if a live act is three-quarters of the way to being a disco, then why not just call a mobile DJ agency and have a disco?

The irony is that as the live band has declined, so the disco has become a so much more sophisticated operation as new technology has developed. Not only is the available equipment so decidedly superior, but the endless crates of scratchy vinyl that used to accompany every DJ to each gig has been replaced by downloads which enable him to store countless times more tunes, making the transition from teen party one evening to a knees-up at the bingo hall the next virtually seamless.

Thus DJs are also freed up to provide other services. The fun mobile casino is one that is catching on rapidly, where guests at a function can experience all the fun of the roulette or poker table without the fear of returning home broken.

In spite of the recession, mobile disco and DJ hire has a future that the rock band sadly appears does not.

Mark Richards is a professional writer working for both The Middle Man, a web-based business promotion agency, and Simple Statements, which specialises in composing and distributing press releases.

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J2ME- The Star of Mobile Application Development Industry

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With the immensely growing popularity of smart phones, PDAs and cell phones, mobile application developers have crossed the threshold of a golden age soon after the emergence of Java 2 Platform, Micro Edition, which is commonly referred to as J2ME. J2ME application development provides an elastic, full-bodied environment for developing applications that can be run on different consumer devices like PDAs and internet-ready Smartphones.

Java’s new outreach delivers the benefits as well as power of Java technology, which can be effectively used by the consumers and their embedded devices as well. J2ME applications development not only include an enormous networked support but also offers integrated applications that are extremely compatible with a large number of desktop applications.

The best part about J2ME applications is that they are extremely capable of taking into account the entire characteristics and specifications of the devices that are inhabited by them. These applications ensure that each device is being utilized to its maximum potential. In fact J2ME has become a set standard in terms of Blackberry application development. Today J2ME has become top choice of marketers, programmers, consumers and vendors. You can find a large number of companies and firms that are offering great and highly affordable J2ME development packages.

When made to work in conjunction with any one of the most prevailing operating systems, J2ME begins to achieve its maximum potential. There are many powerful players that are using J2ME for the development of mobile applications. Actually mobile application development is based upon two things- an appropriate programming language and a proper environment for the manifestation of that language. There are many development firms that focus on both the parameters to provide their customers with the best outcomes.

Expert J2ME developers make use of features like augmented phone functionality, code efficiency, rich multimedia, usability standards, communications server, telephony, device and base driver development, solid infrastructure, communications and networking, narrow band protocols, messaging, connectivity, security as well as multimedia for mobile applications development.

You can also hire an experienced J2ME developer who can offer you with highly professional services while keeping into consideration your target market. Only after building a good understanding of your target market, he will be able to provide you with customized mobile applications.

This article is written by a writer working at SynapseIndia – a mobile application development company offering Blackberry application development and J2ME application development services to worldwide clients.

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