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Getting Started with Online Training Courses

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If you’re interested in taking up further study but feel you don’t have the time to attend courses, we have the solution for you. Our online training courses are designed for people who face time restraints or those that simply prefer learning using information technology systems. Online learning has never been so easy, so accessible and so successful.

What makes it easy?
Our Online training courses work from a very simple learning framework that is easy to navigate around, retrieve information, send and receive correspondence and store records.  
It is interactive and very cleverly designed to keep you as motivated as possible.

How is Online Training different from Distance Education?
Distance Education is when we send you the learning material in hard copy. You receive all the course materials by mail. Assessment tasks are completed on paper and returned to us for marking.

The content of the learning material is the same in Online Learning Courses and in the Distance Education Program – the only difference is HOW you learn.  

Trainer Support
For Online Learning Courses and Distance Education, you will be appointed a qualified Trainer who will be responsible for assessing your work and monitoring your progress throughout the course. You will have ongoing access to the Trainer and our Student Services team via email and telephone.

Single Unit or Full Qualification
You can study just one unit, a number of units (‘cluster’) or a full qualification via the Online and Distance Education Programs. Payments can be made per unit as you progress through the course.

Getting Started
Go to the College website and click Online Courses for more information about Online training courses and Distance Education. If you know which course you’d like to study then just email us the course name with your details and we will contact you for enrolment details. If you’re unsure about which course you’d like to do, contact our Student Services Manager for a chat on the options available to you. Once you decide, we will send you an enrolment pack to commence the registration process.

After we register you in the course, you will receive an automated email confirming your enrolment in the Online Learning course and you’re free to commence your studies!

Mark Allen is a vastly experienced writer. He often writes about Online Training Courses like community care and disability cources. He has a great understanding about Distance Education Australia


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Why You Should Be Careful About Using Guitar Tutorials Online

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There’s a real danger with using guitar tutorials online. Don’t get me wrong, there are some fantastic guitar video tutorials available, many of which have been produced by some of the leading guitarists within the music industry. The trouble is that there are also many guitar videos which have been produced by people who would like to become one of the leading guitarists in the industry, but who at the moment are only a few steps up from playing the air guitar.

The other problem is that for those people who are hoping to move on from learning a few basic guitar chords to being able to read and play guitar tabs and guitar sheet music, learning from poorly made guitar tutorials can easily result in bad habits forming. Guitarists can very easily pick up bad habits, and whilst for some people this isn’t really much of a problem, for those people who are more serious about learning to play guitar these bad habits can become real obstacles later on.

If you were wanting to learn to play the piano then you would expect that right from the very first lesson you would be taught not only how to physically play the notes, hold your hands and move your fingers, but also how to read the musical notation correctly. The two would go hand in hand, and you would be expected to apply a certain degree of discipline, practising both the technique and the theory week by week.

The same is true for learning to play almost any instrument, except, that is, for the guitar. Strangely the guitar is an instrument set aside from most other instruments. It’s one of the only popular musical instruments not to feature in a classic orchestra, and it is one of the only instruments which can be picked up and learned by almost anyone very quickly indeed, without any real professional help or training.

There are very few guitarist teachers compared to piano teachers, despite the popularity of the instrument. The reason for this is that demand is very low, because most people who want to learn to play guitar are self taught, or learn with or from their friends.

Today the internet has introduced the opportunity learn to play guitar by watching guitar tutorials, and with many hundreds of thousands of guitar video tutorials getting the information you need is just a matter of a couple of mouse clicks. But just because information is easy to access and readily available doesn’t necessarily mean that it is advised or recommend. Or even right.

Many tutorials are likely to encourage you to apply bad habits or poor techniques, and very few will encourage you to be more disciplined or to learn the theory of playing as well as the physical technique. If you’re happy continuing to just be a casual strummer then this isn’t really a problem, but if you’re hoping to take your guitar playing to a new level in the future, perhaps playing solo or playing in a band, then you will need to understand more about how professional, experienced and accomplished guitarists do what they do.

Even rock guitarists will need to have a sound understanding of how to read guitar tabs, and you can learn a very great deal about how to improve your playing by learning from people like this. Of course if you don’t happen to have an address book stuffed full of rock guitarists then you could head over to one of the specialist guitar video tutorials sites where professional, high quality and recommended tutorials and training is available which will help you to learn the basics in a way that won’t encourage bad habits, and will more easily enable you to move on with your playing when you feel the time is right.


For high quality guitar tutorials by professional and accomplished guitarists visit Allaxess.com where you can browse a growing library of free guitar video tutorials.

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Computer Books Online tells clearly about all the programmings

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In this modern age, none wanna be backward on the behalf of the computer knowledge and that is why today were find huge number of computer books in the market and Computer Books Online as well.

In order to get the common concept about the computer operation we all need to get the the starting knowledge of the computer and which could be learned easily with the help of MS Office books from which we can know about MS Excel, MS Power Point and MS Word. All these three operations of computer are the most important thing and among these three MS Word is the most rigorous to learn because if your are unaware about its working procedure then it would be very tough and typical for you so to learn other processing of the programming machine which is commonly known as a computer.

With the help of internetwork connection we can know about Vista, CADD, interaction design,UNIX international, XML programming Bible, computer circuit designing, Java and so on. All the above computer related topic tells us that the area of computer is very wide. If we take a dip in the ocean of the computer information then we will be amazed that how widen has become the technology.

The computer books like Jupiner network net screen and firewalls, Mac OS X Leopard, computers in society, Java applications, database a primer, upgrading and repairing personal computers, build your own website-the right way using HTML and CSS, computer forensics etc are fantastic books written by various authors and are capable to let to know a widen areas and computer specialization.

If you too have a desire to be a computer specialist then you need to have a deep study of various kinds of computer books online so that you can learn how to make circuit designing ;how to make your own websites and how to bring out an original software of personally yours.

Jacko Liver is one of many professional writers on this website. He has been writing interesting and thought-provoking articles on Books and Magazines, Medical Books and Romantic Books in th UK with cheap books visit our books shop.

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Goodword Islamic Books: Online English & Urdu Islamic Books Store

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“The Muslim who lives face to face with Allah at all times and will introduce no separation between his life and his religion, his politics and his faith. With its strong emphasis on the brotherhood of people cooperating to fulfill the will of Allah, Islam has become one of the most influential religions in the world today. Islam is much more than a formal religion; it is an integral way of life. In many ways it is a more determining factor in the experience of its followers than any other world religion.” Mr. Saniyasnain Khan has tried only this thing through his Islamic Books which are accepted and famous worldwide.

Saniyasnain Khan is the founder and promoter of Goodword Islamic Books through online Islamic Books Shop i.e. Goodwordbooks.com and specializing in classical and contemporary books in the Islamic and English language, and also offering an extensive selection of Quran Stories for Kids, books translated to or written in English, craft and activity books, gift packs, Islamic games, Islamic audio and video products, and other items.

Our books are primarily written and published in India and then after many of the books become part of a catalogue and recommended to teachers in British schools. Our collections are carefully selected for the discriminating person wishing to expand his or her knowledge of Arabic literature, Arabic regional history, Islam, and the Muslim world culture and history from the dawn of Islam to modern times. There is a lot of negative information about Islam. Goodword Islamic Books give the right picture so that people grow up to be peace-loving individuals. Since 1976, we are located in Delhi, India and welcome the customers from every corner of the world. We offer our Islamic books to major universities, public libraries and institutions, and our product catalog is available only by viewing our website. We have scoured available Arabic resources and listed only the best of the best here. Any of these books is guaranteed to serve you well on your quest to become knowledgeable in Islam Religion.

Our goal is to help both Muslims and those who are not Muslim to learn the Islam religion to spread its purity to the world. We recognize that the objectives of both groups are different but have specifically catered for the general language requirements with some Islamic aspects integrated into the lessons to facilitate Muslims and to help inform those who are not Muslim about Islam which has a close nexus to the Arabic language. Mr. Saniyasnain Khan has goal to give you the largest selection of the Islamic Books and Quran Stories for Kids and related products anywhere.

Mr. Saniyasnain Khan has introduced the Quran Stories for Kids , first time in English through his Goodword Islamic Books and established an online Islamic Books Shop where you can bye and see Islamic Books online.

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Tips on Purchasing Electronic Music Online

There are many people around the world who are constantly trying to get their hands on new and exciting mixes, where electronic music is concerned, and this means that they need to find new ways of purchasing their favorite tracks, since land based stores often provide a rather limited number of new albums. If you do not want to have to wait for all of the latest mixes to arrive at your local music store, you can get your hands on them when you visit online retailers that offer some of the widest selection of electronic music in the industry. Purchasing online when compared to shopping at a local retailer is much simpler and it gives you the opportunity to pick and choose the specific tracks that you want.

A wide selection is imperative when you are picking an online store that sells electronic music, so make sure that you keep this in mind. Scan through a few sites before determining which one will suit your needs best and make sure that you focus your attentions on the genre that interests you most. If you enjoy electronic mixes, it will not help to pick a music store that sells a wide range of RnB music, so keep this in mind when you are making your decision.

One of the biggest benefits of purchasing electronic music online is the fact that you can download it directly to your computer, which means that you will get your hands on it immediately. Waiting for a CD to get shipped to your home can be very annoying, and you will not have to worry about this any longer; you simply need to purchase the tracks that you like most, pay for them, and you can start downloading them directly to your computer; nothing could be simpler than this.

If you do not want to download an entire CD, you can pick and choose the tracks that you want, which makes it easy to get your hands on the music that you enjoy without paying for songs that you do not like. Go through the selection of music on the site and listen to the tracks that you do not know; once you have done this you can determine which ones you are willing to pay for and which ones you would rather leave out. Those that are interested in electronic music won’t find an easier way to get their hands on it, as all it takes is a computer and an internet connection.

To learn more about electronic music, please visit us on our website.

Listen to free previews of Zylascope’s Electronic Music in our music store.

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New online meditation course quickly reaches the world

(PRWEB) April 14, 2004

What gave the wisdom to Einstein, the creativity to Edison and the passion to Mel Gibson? Believe it or not, meditation!

“For over six thousand years humanity has relied on meditation to enlighten thinkers, enthuse the creative and inspire its spiritual seekers,” say Sunirmalya Symons, a practising meditator of over 24 years.

He believes we are uniquely placed in the 21st century living in the most stressful of all societies. But we also have matchless access to a multitude of simple and powerful meditation techniques right at the click of a mouse.

“The FREE online meditation course offered by the Meditation Society of Australia (http://www.meditation.org.au) is brilliant because it features an extremely easy to follow class structure with free guided meditation exercises and meditation music to download.”

Sunirmalya says that hundreds of people all over the globe have taken the course and the results have been outstanding. The classes feature a mixture of meditation methods from a range of spiritual teachings, including mantra, visualization, music, breath and scene-based guided meditation.

Meditation is universally lauded for the obvious physical benefits of relaxation, stress reduction, better sleep and improved health, but Sunirmalya says that most that learn to meditate speak of the real strengths of meditation in the areas that Einstein, Edison and Mel Gibson utilized it. The greater self awareness, wisdom, creativity and enthusiasm for life we develop.

“It’s just common sense that people should meditate. While our world is constantly filling our minds with millions of thoughts, meditation is the perfect method to empty those we do not need while opening a window to the deeper intuitions of the soul”

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ManifestBooks.Com–The Book Shoppe for the Conscious Creator Debuts Online

Westlake Village, CA (PRWEB) June 17, 2008

ManifestBooks.Com–The Book Shoppe for the Conscious Creator Debuts Online, the Only Retailer Dedicated Solely To Enhancing Your Manifesting Skills.

Features More Than 300 Items Including 125 Books, CDs and DVDs from Leaders in Conscious Living, Law of Attraction and Personal Growth

Plus Gifts and Tools for Aiding Conscious Creation

If you are on a path to learn about your ability to transform and Consciously Create your life, then going into a bookstore can be a daunting task thanks to the vast array of general personal growth titles. But your quest just became a whole lot easier. There’s a new bookstore online, Manifestbooks.com (http://www.manifestbooks.com) that is dedicated to assembling all the books, CDs, DVDs and tools that will open up this immense area of knowledge to you. It is a portal to a world of Universal knowledge and wisdom, compiled by some of the world’s leading visionaries. You’ll find great resources on Manifesting What You Desire, Law of Attraction, Conscious Living and Personal Growth.

ManifestBooks.com features more than 300 items, including 125 titles by best-selling authors Dr. Wayne Dyer, Esther and Jerry Hicks, Louise Hay, Carolyn Myss, Shakti Gawain, Dr. Deepak Chopra, Dr. Joe Vitale, Eckhart Tolle, Byron Katie, Lynne McTaggart and more. Here you will also find many of the classics in prosperity living — Earnest Holmes (365 Days to Richer Living), Neville (Neville Reader), Christian Larson (The Pathway of Roses) and Florence Scovel Shinn (The Game of Life). But some of the best nuggets are to be found in books that may not be quite as well known – written by insightful and gifted master manifestors!

Products are easy to find–either by category (books, CDs or DVDs) or by topic: Manifesting –including Law of Attraction, Conscious Living, Creating Global Transformation, Meditation and Intuition, Healing, Conscious Relaxation, Love & Relationships, Abundance and Prosperity, Conscious Business, Science of Conscious Creation, Parents & Children, Spoken Word Recordings (includes Guided Meditations) and Music CDs. The children’s section offers books that enhance children’s understanding of their power to co-create their world, along with books for parents on how to raise a consciously aware child.

The “Gifts and Tools” section of ManifestBooks.com offers Candles and Incense; Jewelry (Silver Chakra Gem and Crystal Pendants); Vibrational Products (Tuning Forks); Wearables (women’s T-shirts with messages such as “Trust,” “Believe” and “Love”); Life Choice Cards (which help people understand their options and determine the path of their highest good); and Words/Notecards/Reminders (which features items that keep people mindful of the ways they are trying to create change in themselves and their consciousness.)

ManifestBooks.com was founded by Jackie Lapin, author of The Art of Conscious Creation, How You Can Transform the World (http://www.theartofconsiouscreation.com) and founder of United World Healing (http://www.unitedworldhealing.org), a worldwide nonprofit chartered to unite people and organizations in simultaneous, synchronized visions to heal the world using Conscious Creation and visualization.

“When I was researching Conscious Creation, there were many books, but it was difficult to tell which ones really pertained to the subjects that involved becoming a more evolved and effective manifestor,” Lapin explained. “As people become awakened to their power to Consciously Create, they get hungry for information and I wanted to create one-stop-shopping for the dawning Conscious Creator. I hope that many successful manifestors will also bookmark this site as we intend to continue keeping the inventory fresh with new titles. We encourage people to submit the names of books that they would like to see us carry.”

Customers of the site may also sign up at no cost for the Manifest Messenger, short daily emailed tips taken from the books in the shoppe. The tips are designed to advance their knowledge about Consciously Creating what they desire in life instead of simply allowing life to happen to them.

To get a first hand look at the wide-ranging inventory at ManifestBooks.com, go to http://www.ManifestBooks.com.


Jackie Lapin

888-9-Manifest, (818) 991-5143



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Book Online For Your Electronic Dance Music Events

Would you love to watch Gareth Emery live? Would you love to dance to the tune with people around you loving and dancing as well? Then going to an electronic dance music event is just the answer for your quest. All you need to do is book for tickets online. These types of events can easily be booked online, thanks to the modern technology. Just visit an online booking site and start looking for the right DJ events you would want to watch and book.

Popular DJ names like Gareth Emery, Tiesto, Paul Van Dyk and so much more can be seen live on stage – as they tinker with their DJ consuls – with these electronic dance music events. The fun and excitement is endless when you do join these types of events as people are dancing and having fun until the last DJ song. Indeed, trance parties are exceptional and extraordinary.

Dance music is gaining popularity among younger crowds as this type of music can most definitely generate the much-needed vibe and tempo enough for anyone to dance along. And for those who want to dance along to the groove with live mixing, a DJ can play the tune on stage with these types of events. That is why; electronic dance music events are very popular today as more and more people eager to buy tickets for these affairs.

For you to keep track on the latest events on music, just visit an events site online. You can also buy your event tickets there for the added convenience and benefit for you. Surely, when you visit these event sites online you will never miss another electronic dance music affair. Having these tickets are indeed as easy as going online shopping. So what are you waiting for? Keep updated with these types of events by just going online.

For nearly a decade, Made Event (http://www.madeevent.com) has brought the world’s top quality DJs, and the infamous Sunday School for Degenerates party, to Miami during Winter Music Conference week.

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Safe and Sound With Cackleberries Mom: Mother Develops Cackleberries Safe Online World for 3-7 Year Olds, After Work with At-Risk Kids

Vancouver, British Columbia (PRWEB) September 22, 2011

Picture slip sliding down a tree slide to the river surrounded by fun friends like Cackasaurus, Kluttermonk and Pouleteer. Picture a place of subterranean energy stones, painted skies, and opal oceans. This is a friendly world of childlike blues and greens and yellows. In Oville, where Cackleberries reside; meet up with friends, have fun and also learn. This is a world reminiscent of a more innocent earlier time, a world of childhood wonder. This unique edutainment site where safety comes first has a mission to restore the innocence to childhood and in a real life story twist, it was virtual world producer and creator Eronne Fosters experience with street and addicted youth that made her so determined to create this site.

My attitude to troubled youth was pretty main-stream, says Eronne, I figured they were making bad choices, they deserved what they got, wed be much safer if they were all in jail, no matter how bad their upbringing was by the time youre 18 get over it. But her attitude took a complete about turn when her young son Jordan brought a classroom acquaintance home from school. The very first young man that came to live with us, he stood up in the classroom and said I have no place to go, my son said my mom will take you. I heard his story his Dad lived in a car, his mother was a drug addict and he had nowhere to go. Soon she realized that many kids had the same problem. What became very apparent to me really quickly is that boys are not going to social services, if they are on the street they are on their own. Determined to make a difference in these kids lives Eronne soon opened her doors to many more children. All of them had backgrounds which would bring tears to your eyes; we had a house full of kids. I gave them a bed, I gave them hugs, and a phone number to call. Her attitude also took a 180 degree turn. I realized that in order to have choice you have to know there are other options, and many of these kids have no other options, and even those that do the psychological and physical damage that has been done to them, removes the motivation for them to make the right choice.

This realization that early delivery of choices, both educational and social, could make a world of difference in the lives of children spurred Eronne forward to create a safe environment for child play and learning. When I was a kid there was very little media in our lives, there was no interference in our play time, we knew nothing about sex violence and consumerism. While the internet seemed like the ideal delivery mechanism it too comes fraught with problems in terms of putting youth at risk. It led me to look at how kids were growing up and how much influence they were getting from the outside world and how much of it was negative, and so we developed a way to deliver an online world where the kids do not have wider access to the internet and are not meeting strangers online or being subjected to advertiser messages.

This month’s launch of the Cackleberries web site and the creative play world of Oville is the culmination of Eronne and her teams determination to deliver a safe world where children between the ages of 3 and 7 get the basic skills to develop into healthy happy adults. Visit Oville it is free! Let Mumbee show you around. She has great wisdom and really knows her stuff, mainly, because her mother was one smart duck, Mumbee grew up in Oville with her best friends Duke, Blanche Mange and Kluttermonk, along with Terra, Captain Jack and Miss Honey Bun; these grownups help the young ones grow up healthy, happy and smart. Together they teach about science, nature, music, art, literature, history and most importantly, how to get along. Welcome to a life of fantasy, mystery, adventure, and lots of challenges, subtle education and just a really good place to be. Like the many kids that Eronne has befriended, feel safe and sound too, in the world of the Cackleberries Mom!

About Cackleberries:

Cackleberries is a childrens edutainment (entertainment and education) company offering a website, animation, toys, games, music and more. Most importantly Cackleberries introduces young children, three to seven, to the future of education with a dedication to keeping children safe. Cackleberries protects children from the internet with the latest technology, provides family friendly content, and never advertises to children. The living virtual world of Oville is a place for children to learn and play in a guaranteed safe environment. Club C is a community for grownups to connect and share information covering an array of topics. Young Children can play and learn on the free website now by downloading the safety desktop icon to get started.


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Find Music Composition Software At An Online Music Store

Have you ever tried to write your own song or a piece of music without having any success doing it? After you finish creating your compositions do they sound too much like songs that you have heard performed by other artists? Do you find that your original music doesn’t sound memorable enough or make sense to you for some unknown reason?
Music composition software can be found at an online music store and has assisted many in developing their own music. Writing music is a difficult task for people who don’t have much experience doing it, but now help has arrived with simple downloads that can make your songs shine like never before!
Composing and songwriting are not easy talents that be learned through another musician, however, there are many tools that can greatly assist you in taking your original material to a place that makes it sound fantastic and has you winning over new friends and fans! The web has given you the opportunity to get help with your creations in a manner that was not available to us previously.
Many components of this software have greatly aided several people world wide to become amazing writers. Downloads that can be imported directly to your computer within minutes will allow for you to compose on your computer while the software presents several options to you.
Many popular songs consist of chord changes that will help your songs to have structures that allow listeners to have tunes stuck in their heads after hearing them a few times. The software can provide many rational options regarding which chords to use in specific circumstances. The pattern and flow of the chords will help you to determine what your melody will be and assist in creating your own awesome and memorable music!
If you prefer to write your music notation on your computer then listen to it played back, this software is an invaluable resource and will help you to decide if you are comfortable with how your music sounds. Making changes takes only a matter of seconds before you can easily hear your new music played back to you once again. This method of composing is amazing for people who can’t hear the music that they are composing in their heads and need a suitable way to listen to what they are creating.
Music composition software also gives you the chance to hear what several instruments performing your music simultaneously will sound like. An online music store has many features available in this software that allows you to perform the instruments manually or get the program to do it for you. Many programs also make suggestions regarding the arrangements of the instrumentation providing you with more options to create you masterpieces!
As stated previously, the internet has made composer’s lives easier and more productive by transmitting tools directly to your home that will enable you to become a masterful songwriter. The time is now for you to have a catalogue of material that you can overwhelm your family, friends, and fans with!

Andrer Enaud is a journalist, Billboard and VH1 award winning musician, composer, multi-instrumentalist, and music teacher to thousands, through school boards and privately. TheMusicAssociate.com provides jobs in the music industry, read regularly online music magazines to get updated on music industry.

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