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Getting Started With Writing Your Book

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I hear this question almost every time I tell someone I am a writing coach:

“I would like to write a book some day. How do I get started?”

Even in my Protege Program we work a lot on the basic problem of beginning to write, finding time to write, getting in the mood to write or  just plain getting around to thinking about it.

Most people I talk to think that if they could just sit down and start, they would write great prose. And the sad thing is, it might be true for some. However, for most people, your first writing will not be good.

That’s not because you aren’t a good writer, it’s because most people are not trained and experienced writers. Sure, we write emails and letters, occasional papers, blog posts, profiles and so forth. We do it based on high school and college English training and think that is good enough.

The truth is, writing is a profession. To write well, you not only have to write often, you have to learn from professionals. Most people skip this step.

The result is that they write a few sentences, think it’s bad, and give up. Or they never start, always finding an excuse to put off writing to another day, when they will feel more “inspired” to write.

What’s the solution?

In this article, I will discuss getting over that first obstacle: putting your words on paper and leaving them there.

Step number one, the most crucial step of all, is the decision to make writing your book or article the most important priority in your business.  You might argue that this takes time away from your marketing, from your clients, and from other aspects of your business that seem more important.

You must realize that building your writing skills, which include writing your book, your marketing materials, your bios, your articles and your internal memos and policies, is the single most important step you can take to make your business grow.

One of my clients, a high level executive coach, finally wrote his book last year and after giving away a few hundred, he got a phone call. The man wanted to meet for lunch. As they sat down, the prospect took my client’s book out of his briefcase and set it on the table.

“I read your book,” he said. “I loved it and I want you to be my coach.”

The job was worth $ 15,000 to my client.

Just remember, writing is the quickest way to communicate your expertise to your market and begin attracting clients.

To learn more about how to write interesting books and articles, get a free copy of my e-book 57 Steps to Better Writing and a free subscription to my Vibrant Communication Tips newsletter at http://www.freewritingbook.com

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ManifestBooks.Com–The Book Shoppe for the Conscious Creator Debuts Online

Westlake Village, CA (PRWEB) June 17, 2008

ManifestBooks.Com–The Book Shoppe for the Conscious Creator Debuts Online, the Only Retailer Dedicated Solely To Enhancing Your Manifesting Skills.

Features More Than 300 Items Including 125 Books, CDs and DVDs from Leaders in Conscious Living, Law of Attraction and Personal Growth

Plus Gifts and Tools for Aiding Conscious Creation

If you are on a path to learn about your ability to transform and Consciously Create your life, then going into a bookstore can be a daunting task thanks to the vast array of general personal growth titles. But your quest just became a whole lot easier. There’s a new bookstore online, Manifestbooks.com (http://www.manifestbooks.com) that is dedicated to assembling all the books, CDs, DVDs and tools that will open up this immense area of knowledge to you. It is a portal to a world of Universal knowledge and wisdom, compiled by some of the world’s leading visionaries. You’ll find great resources on Manifesting What You Desire, Law of Attraction, Conscious Living and Personal Growth.

ManifestBooks.com features more than 300 items, including 125 titles by best-selling authors Dr. Wayne Dyer, Esther and Jerry Hicks, Louise Hay, Carolyn Myss, Shakti Gawain, Dr. Deepak Chopra, Dr. Joe Vitale, Eckhart Tolle, Byron Katie, Lynne McTaggart and more. Here you will also find many of the classics in prosperity living — Earnest Holmes (365 Days to Richer Living), Neville (Neville Reader), Christian Larson (The Pathway of Roses) and Florence Scovel Shinn (The Game of Life). But some of the best nuggets are to be found in books that may not be quite as well known – written by insightful and gifted master manifestors!

Products are easy to find–either by category (books, CDs or DVDs) or by topic: Manifesting –including Law of Attraction, Conscious Living, Creating Global Transformation, Meditation and Intuition, Healing, Conscious Relaxation, Love & Relationships, Abundance and Prosperity, Conscious Business, Science of Conscious Creation, Parents & Children, Spoken Word Recordings (includes Guided Meditations) and Music CDs. The children’s section offers books that enhance children’s understanding of their power to co-create their world, along with books for parents on how to raise a consciously aware child.

The “Gifts and Tools” section of ManifestBooks.com offers Candles and Incense; Jewelry (Silver Chakra Gem and Crystal Pendants); Vibrational Products (Tuning Forks); Wearables (women’s T-shirts with messages such as “Trust,” “Believe” and “Love”); Life Choice Cards (which help people understand their options and determine the path of their highest good); and Words/Notecards/Reminders (which features items that keep people mindful of the ways they are trying to create change in themselves and their consciousness.)

ManifestBooks.com was founded by Jackie Lapin, author of The Art of Conscious Creation, How You Can Transform the World (http://www.theartofconsiouscreation.com) and founder of United World Healing (http://www.unitedworldhealing.org), a worldwide nonprofit chartered to unite people and organizations in simultaneous, synchronized visions to heal the world using Conscious Creation and visualization.

“When I was researching Conscious Creation, there were many books, but it was difficult to tell which ones really pertained to the subjects that involved becoming a more evolved and effective manifestor,” Lapin explained. “As people become awakened to their power to Consciously Create, they get hungry for information and I wanted to create one-stop-shopping for the dawning Conscious Creator. I hope that many successful manifestors will also bookmark this site as we intend to continue keeping the inventory fresh with new titles. We encourage people to submit the names of books that they would like to see us carry.”

Customers of the site may also sign up at no cost for the Manifest Messenger, short daily emailed tips taken from the books in the shoppe. The tips are designed to advance their knowledge about Consciously Creating what they desire in life instead of simply allowing life to happen to them.

To get a first hand look at the wide-ranging inventory at ManifestBooks.com, go to http://www.ManifestBooks.com.


Jackie Lapin

888-9-Manifest, (818) 991-5143



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Are you Highly Sensitive? Introducing the New Book “Chopped Liver for the Loving Spirit” by Jim Hallowes and the Fascinating Website HighlySensitivePeople.com

(PRWEB) July 7, 2005

Highly Sensitive People, or “HSP” as they are also known, make up 15% to 20% of the population. That’s about 50 million Americans with this inherited trait!”Chopped Liver for the Loving Spirit” by Jim Hallowes…and Friends, including the chapter “Loving Highly Sensitive People” about the trait of high sensitivity is a collection of stories by Jim Hallowes…and Friends, including chapters by actor Dick Van Patten, Comedian Fred Travalena, and Heisman Trophy winner Les Horvath, among others. Paperback, 272 pages. Published by Best-Seller Books. ISBN 1-881474-47-X

As an introduction to the inherited trait of high sensitivity and the website HighlySensitivePeople.com, see if some of these statements resonate with you, or relate to someone important in your life…

You, your partner, or someone important to you have a heightened awareness of subtleties in your environment, whether it’s sight, sound, touch, taste, or smell?

Become stressed out and upset when overwhelmed and may find it necessary to get away, maybe into a darkened room, to seek solitude, relief and comfort?

Very conscientious, hard working, and meticulous, but become uncomfortable and less efficient and productive when being closely watched or scrutinized?

Feel compiled to file and organize things and thoughts, also enjoys simplicity and may become overwhelmed or even immobilized by chaos, clutter, or stress?

Get a sense of comfort and well being when around a lake, river, stream, the ocean, or even a fountain?

Often feel the need to rearrange or move things around in the house?

Experience mood swings, sometimes occurring almost instantly and can also be affected by other people’s moods, emotions and problems?

Have a deep, rich, inner life, are very spiritual and may also frequently have vivid dreams, including possibly nightmares?

Intuitive and can usually sense if someone isn’t telling the truth or if something else is wrong?

Get concerned and worry about many things, and have been called “too sensitive?”

You or they were considered quiet, introverted, timid, or shy as a child.

Or, can be startled easily? Cautious in new situations? Have trouble sleeping? Extra sensitive to pain? Don’t like crowds? Avoid violent movies and TV shows? Have a deep respect and appreciation of nature, music and art?

Do some, or many, of these statements ring true for you, your partner, or someone important in your life? If so, you or they may be HSP. Whether you already know something about the trait and temperament of highly sensitive people, or if this is your introduction to the subject, welcome! The goal and intent of the website and book is to impart information, provide support and be a resource to individuals with the trait of high sensitivity and the people in their lives. Contact Jim Hallowes for interviews, workshops, and speaking engagements, or to purchase the book or CD, or just to say “hello.”

© 1998-2005, Highly Sensitive People

Highly Sensitive People® is the Registered Trademark owned by James M. Hallowes

Contact information:

Jim Hallowes

Highly Sensitive People®

11260 Regent Street

Los Angeles, CA 90066-3414

Phone: (310) 390-4767

All rights reserved.


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Book Online For Your Electronic Dance Music Events

Would you love to watch Gareth Emery live? Would you love to dance to the tune with people around you loving and dancing as well? Then going to an electronic dance music event is just the answer for your quest. All you need to do is book for tickets online. These types of events can easily be booked online, thanks to the modern technology. Just visit an online booking site and start looking for the right DJ events you would want to watch and book.

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