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Boss SY-1 Synthesiser Pedal

Boss SY-1 Guitar Synthesiser Pedal Review


The new (2019) Boss SY-1 Guitar Synthesiser Pedal turns your guitar into a synthesizer! No need for a special MIDI pickup and no for an external keyboard or sound module. You just plug your guitar in and turn a knob to select a sound from 11 sound banks. Inside each sound bank there are 11 different sounds (voices). So that’s what the two knobs on the right do.

On the far left is a double knob. It allows you to set the volume of your guitar and the volume of the synth. The second knob in from the left allows you to alter the synthesised sound by changing the depth and rate, also on a double concentric knob.

Boss SY-1 Synthesiser Pedal
Boss SY-1 Synthesiser Pedal

As you can see, below the input, there is an input jack for an expression controller. You can add this to alter the effects while you play.

It also has a send and return channel so you can easily connect other effects processing.

There is a switch on the back so that you can use this for bass guitar or 6 string guitar.

The Boss SY-1, like other Roland Boss effects pedals, is made of cast metal and is very robust. It runs on a 9-volt battery and can also run from a 9-volt plug pack.

Boss SY-1 Synthesiser Pedal
Boss SY-1 Synthesiser Pedal

When mine arrived recently I was surprised to discover that it came with a new 9-volt alkaline battery.

Thanks and well done Roland. The SY-1 gets 10 out of 10 from me!

I’ve had so much fun playing guitar with this pedal. If you’re going to be locked-down, be locked-down with this pedal.

Order one today, it’s a load of fun and gives you 121 sounds, plus variations, there are even some rhythm and percussive sounds and some arpeggio sequencer-type sounds to give your performance many more colours.

Article by Geoff Williams

edifier speakers black

Edifier R1280DB 2.0 – Crystal Clear Home Studio HiFi Bluetooth Speakers

I recently purchased a pair of Edifier R1280DB 2.0 speakers for my . I bought them on eBay for around $140 AUD ($91 USD) with free delivery in Australia. They are impressive-sounding speakers and are quite small. The dimensions of the speaker boxes are 5.75in x 9.5in x 7in (WxHxD). They contain a 4-inch bass/woofer and 13mm silk dome tweeter. They have a claimed frequency response of 55Hz-20KHz, to my hear I’d say that’s accurate. The power output is 21 Watts per channel. With an excellent signal to noise ratio. I’m used to hearing hum and noise coming out of speakers when there is no music coming out of them, when they’re turned on, idle. But these speakers are perfectly silent at those times.

The Edifier R1280DB 2.0 speakers are great if you have a home studio or if you are building one.

They have an infrared remote so you can change volume,  switch between inputs conveniently or turn it on or off.

They can accept input from two separate stereo RCA line-in channels, Coax digital, Fibre Optic digital or Bluetooth. They come with a cable to convert from a 3.5-inch plug to RCA line input for smartphones. So they can be used to listen to just about anything from HiFi stereo systems, smartphones, tablets, laptops, desktop computers and many other devices. I’ve been using them with my Microsoft Surface and my Android smartphone and they sound great. Good solid bass and crystal clear top end. And the boxes are decently heavy, in weight, for such a small box. They don’t cause any horrible vibration sounds that I’ve had with plastic PC computer speaker boxes in the past.

I bought them for the purpose of doing the mastering stage of my new album. Because I composed and recorded the album using a pair of PC speakers, that I bought second hand, and a pair of headphones. Neither if those give an accurate idea of how people will listen to it.  You really need good speakers with good frequency response for mastering.

I bought the black ones but they are also available in a wood finish version…

Edifier speakers wooden look
Edifier speakers wooden look

They have controls to adjust EQ. A treble and bass control on the speaker box and can also be adjusted on the remote.

The very best part of the Edifier R1280DB 2.0 speakers is that they connect to your device via Bluetooth. So no cables, except for the mains power cable of course. There’s also the speaker cable that connects the main powered speaker to the passive one. Bluetooth makes it simple to switch the speakers to another input. In the situation when friends gather for a party they can easily connect their phones and play their songs.

Get your own pair of Edifier R1280DB 2.0 bluetooth speakers from Amazon.




Basic Photo Studio Equipment


Are you interested in setting up your own home or office photography studio? If so, you’ve probably found out that it can be pretty tricky to decide which photo studio equipment you really need. The primary components of a good photo studio are the background, lighting, the camera, plus props and film if you won’t be shooting digitally. Here’s a look at some of the basics.

A good background is extremely important as basic photo studio equipment, since it can be a good complement to your subject, or a real problem. Plain backgrounds, such as seamless paper, are usually preferred. Stick with white as a basic choice, though blue, gray and black are also good. Muslin can also work. When you’re going to roll the background paper to the floor, make sure there’s a smooth curve that will eliminate harsh horizontals. Consider putting paper or tape on the bottom of human models shoes to keep the paper clean. Muslin backgrounds are made of light cotton, can be draped, and have more texture than paper.

Lighting is next most important. You’ll need a minimum of two lights – one for direct lighting and a softer light to prevent harshness. A third light is extremely common. This can be used to edge light the subject, preventing it from blending into the background. Most people start with flood lights, also called hot lights (and they are quite hot!) They cost less and work well with just about any camera. The heat can be uncomfortable, however, and basic fire safety needs to be followed. The bulbs are incandescent, so they need to be replaced fairly often.

Another popular type of lighting used as basic photo studio equipment is the strobe. These flash when you take a picture. Digital cameras are usually connected directly to your studio strobes to signal them to work. If this is not possible, choose strobes equipped with a light sensor that will set them off when the camera flashes. Make sure your camera does not use a pre-flash if you’re going to be using this method, however. It can set your strobes off too early.

A simple chair and some other props are appropriate if you’ll be using mostly human models, but aren’t necessary if you’ll be photographing mostly objects. Choose the camera that’s best suited to your subjects. If you’ll mostly need to take photos of small objects, a camera with good macro settings should be part of your basic photo studio equipment. Most professionals use SLR cameras instead of automatics, since this allows for manual adjustment. However, you should work with the tools you feel most comfortable using.

These are just the basics when it comes to photo studio equipment. There are lots of other options out there, and as you take pictures, you’ll find out which ones are best for you. The best thing you can do is to get started!

When shopping for photo studio equipment there are lighting kits available that are all in one’s to help get you started easily. These lighting kits will often come in the form of continuous lighting which means the scene is always lit in cool to the touch fluorescent light kits with all the lights that you need including a muslin backdrop. There are also stroble flash kits available as well if you’re going to be using an SLR camera that can allow you to sync your lens with the flash. The original “hot lights” or halogen lighting kits are continuous photo lighting kits like fluorescent is but produce a lot of heat and are not nearly as economical to operate as the cool running fluorescent kits are. For photographers just starting out, continuous lighting either in the forms of fluorescent or halogen lights are the easiest type of lighting to work with, simply turn them on and you are free to begin shooting.


Becoming A Studio Guitarist

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Respected for their versatility and high professionalism, studio guitarists (also commonly referred to as session guitarists) have always been some of the most demanded musicians in the music industry world. Being a studio guitarist means at first place having a flawless guitar technique that allows you to perform in a wide range of music genres, knowing how to use a wide variety of guitar and recording equipment to achieve the desired guitar sounds in any given situation and last, but not least, constantly working to improve your playing skills. You will also have to be either great at improvisation or at sight reading (prima vista) or ideally at both. We will also give you some useful tips and thus hopefully help you achieve your dream to become a professional studio guitar player.

Still determined to become a studio guitarist? OK then, heres where to start from:

1) Practice, practice, practice you should practice on a daily basis. That involves making different exercises to increase your speed, endurance and coordination, but also playing actual guitar songs, learning advanced guitar techniques, reading guitar books and articles, watching guitar lessons, practicing improvisation and sight reading. However, be extremely careful not to overwork and injure your hands. Doing all of the above-mentioned activities within a single day is way too much for a beginner (in fact even for an intermediate guitar player), as it requires at least 4 hours of playing per day. If youre not used to playing that much, your hands wont be able to handle the sudden change and you will most probably injure yourself. So to avoid injuries you have to gradually increase your playing time instead. Start with 45 minutes of guitar playing and 15 minutes of rest. If your hands feel relaxed after the rest, you can go for another 45 minutes of playing and another 15 minutes of rest. You can keep increasing your series like this, until you reach 8 series per day, which is equal to a total of 6 hours of guitar playing and 2 hours of rest.

2) Play with bands Find some bands to play with. A new band is always a new challenge and you will always learn new things, either from your bandmates, from the songs that you rehearse or from the fact that the place youre rehearsing in is filled with equipment thats completely unknown to you. With time you will not only increase your repertoire, which is always a good thing for a studio guitarist, but you will also get used to shaping your guitar sound with amps, effects, and even guitars that you have never used before and thats a thing that happens way too often in the career of a studio guitarist. One thing thats important to note when playing with different bands, try not to stick with bands that play in the same genre. For example playing in 3 different hard rock bands wont be very useful to you compared to playing in a hard rock band, jazz band and country band. After all, you need to learn to be versatile.

3) Make contacts Playing with different bands, performing live, visiting different studios and rehearsal rooms will undoubtedly result in meeting many new people related to the music world. As you practice steadily and your skills improve these people will start noticing you and at some point you will get some session recording offers. Every producer needs some fresh blood, so dont think theyre doing it from good heart. The truth is that the market is swarmed with skilled session guitar players, BUT these guys are usually in the business for quite a long time and know their price really well, and if a producer is short on budget, which tends to happen a lot when youre working with less known artists, and you have the skills, he will gladly hire you instead. That put, it doesnt sound too good, but actually it is a great way to gain some real studio recording experience and to build a portfolio of projects that youve worked on. These will later open your doors to working on more serious projects and with more popular artists.

Following these 3 steps you are much closer to becoming a real studio guitarist. To be successful you have to keep repeating them throughout your career, but in such way that:

– Your practice sessions get much more complicated than before.
– The bands you play with consist of much more skilled musicians and sound much more professional than your previous ones.
– Your contacts in the music industry world get much more influential being able to secure you working in better studios with better recording engineers and artists.

And before you begin your journey, here are some final tips that will increase your chance of success:

– Listen to music a lot and in as many different genres as possible. Dont just limit yourself to only one genre.
– Learn to play on as many different guitars, amps, stomp boxes and effect processors as possible. You never know which studio you may get into and what equipment you may have to use, especially in the beginning of your career.
– Learn to use audio recording software. Sometimes you simply need to show the recording engineer what youre trying to tell him.
– Try to find suitable contacts on your own instead of waiting someone to notice you. Ask the owners of the places where you rehearse or the people that you meet on gigs if theres someone that may need your recording services.
– Dont worry if your first studio recording sessions are crap. You cant expect working with world acclaimed artists right from the start.

Last but not least – dont get easily discouraged. Finding the right bands to play with may take you an year or two. Finding your first contacts with people belonging to the music industry may take even more. Just be patient and both of these will happen sooner or later. Good luck!

Harvey Mosley started developing his passion for music at age of 10. He learned to play guitar songs at age of 13 and pursued his love of music since then. He owns now a music studio and inspires many students to learn guitar songs. Visit http://www.bandjammer.com for more guitar song lessons.

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Dell Studio 1737 Battery

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Availablity: In stock now
Battery Type: Li-ion
Capacity: 4400mAh
Voltage: 11.1V

Brand new high quality Li-ion replacement dell studio 1737 battery that are manufactured to meet or exceed the specifications of the original brand manufacturer and provide extended runtime with no ‘memory effect’, so you can charge it anytime. The battery for dell studio 1737 will help you power up your laptop in the office, business trips or vacations. Keep an extra Easy-To-Carry handy battery and enjoy the true portability of your laptop computers. This dell studio 1737 laptop battery replacement is individually tested and full one year manufacturer warranty.
Dell Studio 1737 Battery Usage Tips

1. New dell studio 1737 battery pack must be fully charged before use.

2. New replacement studio 1737 battery pack needs to be fully charged and discharged (cycled) a few times before it can condition to full capacity.

3. Rechargeable dell studio 1737 laptop batteries undergo self-discharging when left unused. Always store a battery pack in a fully charged stage for storage.

4. Fully drain and fully recharge your dell studio 1737 laptop battery pack every few month.

5. Turn down the LCD brightness of your portable device.

6. Use built-in power management on your portable device.

7. Turn off LCD or other unnecessary accessories when not in use.

8. Set screen saver blank to 1 to 2 minutes of your dell studio 1737 notebook.

9. Add more RAM if you have extra RAM expansion slot, it will reduce the usage of hard drive and it is power exhaustive.

10. Close unused software in your notebook.

11. Remove unused PC Cards or USB devices from your notebook.

12. Don’t watch DVD or play graphics intensive video games.

13. Don’t short circuit terminal or store your Dell studio 1737 battery pack with metal parts.

14. Don’t drop or mutilate the dell battery pack.

15. Don’t expose to moisture or water.

16. It is normal to get warm when charging or normal use. If it is getting too hot, there may be a problem with the device and qualified personnel should check it.

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Start your own yoga studio

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So it is in your mind and you are going for it – set up your own yoga studio business that is. Nevertheless it’s a new business for you – you’ve in no way done it before and you need a helping hand, little by little to reach your objective. No worries we will cover all the help you will need.

Accordingly how do you run a new venture? You have always been the one who is told what to do. Right away the shoe is truly on the other foot – you bestow the orders now. However what orders do you give to your staff? What tells do you send out? How do you realize if what you are doing or saying is the appropriate thing for your new yoga studio business? It was stress-free before…the boss spoke…and you carried out what he/she said then you got remunerated at the end of the day. This is a little trickier, if you get things off beam now, not only will you not get remunerated (or get remunerated less), your lack of decisiveness could impact detrimentally upon your staff.

This is finally it; you have made the jump and you are running your own business. This is the moment in time when you need to really focus on what you want for your business and your way of life. Try to keep the two at a distance as much as possible…this can be really challenging for most people in particular if you now work from home. Bear in mind though the main of working for yourself was to better your life in it’s entirety. Do Not let the new business be a heavy burden to carry…it is there to get you the rewards you have always wanted.

Although, of course, the money helps!

For your own self respect; imagine the feeling you have compared to being in an everyday employment or no employment at all. It is a lot more simpler to get out of the sack at daybreak knowing you are constructing a business for yourself and your folks; you’re doing it for your boss – who you might not even get on with.

We live in a big world; their are thousands of yoga studio businesses – but they aren’t all the same; as a new businessman/woman it’s your occupation to run your business the most professional way you see fit via your experiences you have acquired in life so far.

Not many people start their own business – most people do not have the knowledge. The question is do you have it? Are you motivated to be a success in business as well as in life?

Start your yoga studio business now!

Paul Stanton Are you going to set-up your own yoga studio business? You need a yoga studio business plan

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Photography Studio Guide

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There are various factors which could help an individual in establishing such heights of photographic excellence. While some of these factors are given their due relevance like the photographers camera to mention one, there are some others which stay in the background of the photographers list of priority but play an extremely vital role in the clicking of high quality pictures. One such integral part, in the process of photography, is a photography studio.


Whether you are a small time photographer or a professional company into the business of clicking memories, it is always important to rationalize the cost that you are incurring. However, one will not want to compromise on the picture either. That is where the concept of studio photography, helps photographers to accomplish both feats at once. A photography studio can provide an illusion of the real presence of various sought after destinations of the world right within the four walls of the studio. The illusion is created by effective 2D or 3D photographs, in front of which the model is required to pose. Its completeness has been proved over times through various snaps which have been clicked through the cameras of some established and high acclaimed camera men. Not only are studios restricting themselves to location photography, also known as location studios, they also provide blank solid coloured backgrounds for the photographers to use for photographs. Such clicks, with solid coloured backgrounds, are used for different purposes all over the world.


The next question that arises is the ways in which you go about hiring a photography studio. More than this question, the question which consumes the mind spaces of various photographers is how to choose from among various available options of a location studio. One could hardly go with the reviews and the past experiences of compatriots when it comes to studio photography. Self experience is the best mode of accumulating information. Photography studio hire can, thus, be done through checking out various studios and finding out those ones which suit ones needs. This can be done through the internet too.


Author Jonathan King: –

This article is written by Jonathan who has deep & practical knowledge to hire location. Shootfactory location agent represents photographic studios, quirky locations in London and more.

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Introduction on Light Studio

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Many professional photographers purchase high quality lights for getting perfect photographs, this is because, light plays an important role in the beauty and quality of photographs. However, if you desire to set up a light studio, make sure that you purchase all the essential equipments necessary for your studio.

Equipments such as background light, fill light and main lights are important for a photo studio. In addition, other basic tools for the studio include cooling fans, reflectors, lamps, generators and beauty dishes. However, light studio is based on the types of cameras and the settings available.

For instance, if you capture single image with two different cameras, then you need to have different lighting systems for each camera. Therefore, make sure that you pay more attention on your cameras while shopping for light studio. There are varieties of cameras available in the market and it depends on you which one you choose that suits your needs and preferences.

However, make sure that you purchase quality cameras to get high quality photographs. The best way to find quality camera is by spending some time on the Internet. Or else, you can also take trial pictures from different cameras available at offline stores. Also, see that you purchase quality lights, so that you can easily set the required light for photographing.

Moreover, make sure that your lights remain in same condition during power fluctuation. Understanding the basic needs essential for Light studio can really help you. Purchasing quality equipments at affordable rates and capturing quality photographs can really uplift your business. Thus, planning before investing can offer huge returns.

However, there are many things to consider before investing on a light studio. Firstly, you need to decide the size of the room and your budget. This will help you in purchasing equipments accordingly.

Next vital thing is to look for quality equipments at cheaper rates. Investing according to your budget can really save much of your amounts. Hence, proper planning before investment in a light studio can really offer you great results.

Nelson Carlin writes informative and unique articles about Photography studio and Portable photo studio. One thing that separates Nelson Carlin from others is the passion he puts into it, knowing full well and respecting the time viewers spend on reading his work.

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The Pilates Home Studio

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Do you live in a rural area where you can only take pilates at a large gym — with a huge membership fee? Do you feel uncomfortable exercising in front of other people? Have you taken pilates in the studio for years and really want to start doing it at home?

Whatever your reason for setting up your home studio, getting the right tools in order is the best way to make sure you can get the same quality workout without the high price or the energy it takes to find the right studio for you.

First – if you can, I would enlist the help of a local pilates instructor or personal trainer. If you can’t find one, go online and look for someone who’s willing to help you set up your pilates equipment via the web. I have many clients who’ve moved away and I ended up helping them set up a really simple space so they can continue the work we did together.

Second – decide if you want to do mat pilates or machine pilates or both. There are tons of resources for doing mat pilates – dvds, books, balls, magic circles, mats…Setting up a mat pilates space is the most simple way to get started with your pilates at home workout. If you want to do a home reformer workout on an aero pilates machine or one of the pilates qvc machines, I definitely suggest finding an instructor who can at least update your workouts. While these machines do come with dvds/videos to follow…you will be better off getting a customized workout with a certified teacher. The pilates reformers for home use are different from the studio.

Even meeting with a teacher once a month on your machine will help you figure out if you’ve been doing anything wrong or if you can progress to the next level! The instructor can also give you very important safety reminders about certain exercises.

Finally – once you’ve decided what type of pilates program you want to create for yourself, start gathering the equipment…

1. Purchase pilates DVDs. If you have a Netflix account this is a great way to get new workouts for little money.

2. Puchase pilates books. There are so many different pilates exercise books that you will not get bored!

3. Download pilates audio books and mp3s. Do a simple search for exactly what you want and you’ll find audio and video online.

4. Pilates yoga mat

5. Comfy clothing

6. Pilates or squishy ball. You can also buy a few small weighted balls too!

7. Pilates exercise machines – ask instructors what they think are the best home machines. Your budget may determine which one you get, but at least having someone more knowledgeable give you advice will go a long way!

If you need help setting up your pilates home gym or pilates workout, feel free to contact me and I’ll gladly assist you in finding the best exercises for you to start doing today.

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Green screen studio London

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Green screen and blue screen technology has been used in the film production industry since approximately 1930. The technique also called chroma key compositing or chroma keying has been widely used in weather forecasting. The technique in short blends two images or frames together. The areas where the screen is blue or green will be replaced by the image that will actually be showed on film. Therefore if the person in front of the screen wears blue or green clothes the clothing will then appear to be the colour of the actual image that will appear on screen. As complicated as it sounds, green screen production has pretty much revolutionised the way film production companies produce films. As it can save money and time, it also gives the director far more room for creativity, as images can be changed and added accordingly.

When the idea of green screen was born, the whole process was a laborious one, and in those days it went by the name of “travelling matte” this technique was introduced by RKO Radio Studios, and it went on to be used in famous productions, such as the 1940 film “The Thief of Baghdad”. The rest is indeed, history.

The green screen method has come on leaps and bounds since its inception, and it is now widely used all over the world. Major television companies and production companies have used green screen studios, in London and abroad to shoot scenes, that you would not believe were shot using green screen. London has some of the best green screen studios with some of the biggest companies such as the BBC, using them to film their projects.

Green screen can also be used in photographic projects, whereby the photographer wishes to use a wide range of backgrounds and create different looks without having to fly all over the world, or travel to different locations, carrying heavy equipment. The photographer can also forget about worrying about the weather, as no matter what the weather, you can still achieve your desired photographic finish.

Most green screen studios, whether they are in London or anywhere else in the UK, have the most up to date modern facilities, that are needed to produce the best quality film or set of photographs. You can pretty much choose any background you want, with green screen, and if done properly, no one will ever know that you have used this technique unless you tell them. This method has come a long way ,however  gone are the days when you could just tell by glancing at the screen that a green screen method had been used. However in modern times you really would be none the wiser.

Livevision.co.uk offers some special events; including green screen studio London . We’re priced for a competitive market; visit us today for more information on corporate video production London


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