What Are Top iPhone & iPad Apps in the Year?

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With more than 300,000 applications for iOS devices, Apple’s iTunes App Store is a marketplace of enormous proportion. Apple has released its annual iTunes Rewind feature and named its apps of the year, which makes this the perfect time to reflect on the apps that have managed to best the competition and rise to the top of the charts this year. The new styles of Apple accessories include chargers, a stand, Bluetooth keyboard and stylus with integrated ballpoint pen to suit the needs of every iPad user.

That’s great, but what are the final top 9 apps really like? Below they are:

The first is Doodle Jump. If you used to play simple games, then this is for you. All you’ve got to do in Doodle jump is keeping jumping your little alien thing-me-bob further up the screen. The higher you go the better score you get. There is little to this game to be honest, however like Canabalt and all those flash games that you’ve lost an afternoon in the office too, this can become incredibly addictive. Apple no doubt loved the fact that to control the movement of your little critter you’ve got to tilt the iPhone from side to side. Tilt too far and you’ll miss that all important ledge.

The second one is Financial Times. Before you get too excited about this app being free, it is only currently free until 31 July 2010. However that said the FT shows us what a newspaper app can and will be like when it comes to consuming news on the go. Complete with its trademark pink paper, stories are displayed in traditional newspaper column format with you working your way left to right to read more. Of course its not all about words, there is video and photos too, although some of the FT journo’s are clearly scared by the idea that having been able to hide behind their typewriters now they are having to read off autocue.

For the Brushes for iPhone, you can get both an iPhone and iPad version of this app, and annoyingly unlike some dual apps you’ll have to buy this one twice. What you do get though is an app that lets you paint to your hearts content on your Apple device with a variety of brushes, layers, blend modes, and then the chance to undo or redo if you make a mistake.

While the TabToolkit is a guitar tablature and music notation viewer that lets you see how tracks are played out so you can learn the moves to your favorite’s songs. Off the bat you’ll get a handful of tracks to listen and watch, and although they are pretty basic – Star Bangled Banner anyone? – They do give you an idea of how it all works before you go about importing your own sheet music.

Articles are available for both iPhone and iPad, Articles is basically a way to look at Wikipedia pages from your Apple device rather than head over to the site itself.

Jamie’s 20 Minute Meals is in fact a digital cook book.

Star Walk for iPad for the people who is interested in the stars, but aren’t really sure where Orion is or how many stars make up Cassiopeia. Hoping to give you a helping hand is Star Walk, an iPad and iPhone app that will let you see where the stars are in the sky.

Real Racing is one app that Apple has been touting for ages. And as a popular app so it’s no real surprise that it made it in to their top list for winners of the awards.

Pinball HD, it’s the classic pinball machine re-jigged for the iPad. You’ll get three pinball tables to begin with – Wild West, The Deep, and The Jungle, with the option to buy more tables from the app store when and if you want.

All the above apps, have all been downloaded by us from the App Store, and had a play, in order to give you our hands-on opinion, rather than just regurgitating what the blurb says.

David is a widely respected marketing expert. Now, he works for PICKEGG wholesale electronics


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Flex Tutorial

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Adobe Flex training is probably the hottest commodities in the marketplace in the field of software development education. The explanations for this situation are numerous, including Adobe Flex’s versatility, adaptability, compatibility and nearly limitless potential. With this program becoming more prevalent, quite a few programmers may find themselves wanting to know if this sort of software development training is something they really should pursue. Luckily for them there is a huge Flex tutorial collection on the internet.

Why take Flex training? Adobe Flex provides designers and coders with an efficient model for encoding. Regardless of your background, Flex training is beneficial to the two coding newbies and seasoned users. As soon as Flex is mastered, programmers are able to create and assemble apps very easily. This provides programmers the ability to design and produce customized interfaces for various customers and industries.

How easy is Flex to learn? Like a lot of things, the difficulty of learning Flex depends upon the experience and abilities of the learner. Some individuals find Flex really easy to understand; other folks find that it is a bit tricky. Frequently, programmers and coders find that Flex training is less complicated to comprehend than Flash – a program that can be quite challenging to grasp.

How much time does Adobe Flex training take? Like all software development educational programs, you will find a number of modules offered for anybody looking to master Adobe Flex. While numerous modules can last for several weeks or even months, it’s possible to master Flex in as little as a week or so. Weeklong Adobe Flex training is commonly extensive and hands-on. It is designed to help students understand as much info in the less time possible. It’s ideal for people who need to master Adobe Flex rapidly and for individuals who want to add Flex to their resume. For people who merely would like to enhance their knowledge in Adobe Flex, you can find Adobe Flex tutorial series all over the web.

When to make use of Flex? With so many Flex tutorial series and training courses offered, it seems like you are able to learn and develop in countless quantities of applications. Some software development training is a lot more helpful than others. When it comes to Adobe Flex, this program is excellent to use in projects that involve a lot of data, visuals, and very advanced systems. Flex is really compatible and a great complement to many other programs popular today. Learning Adobe Flex in a week is a great way to open up to some other opportunities and programming possibilities.

Ed Nash is an expert copywriter and blogger who writes about niches like Flex Tutorials & Training, learn more about his work at:http://www.thetechlabs.com/tech-tutorials/flex/

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Top 10 Android Apps

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Android is the latest technology that everyone has been trying to get their hands on. Androids have been available for almost the last two years. In that time frame, there have been hundreds of android applications that have become available.

Many of these android apps have been replicated and are very common, so in this top ten android apps list, you will learn about the best of the best, when it comes to android applications. Not to mention you can download all of these apps for free with an easy internet search. Lets get started:
LAYAR This android app has a lot of potential. This application continues to be approved upon with more technological advancements. You can use this top android app to learn about new things that are going on where you are living, which will make your town a lot more fun.

LISTEN This is the iconic king of all podcast apps that you must have if you are into podcasts. You can find all kinds of excellent audio applications, store your podcasts and retrieve them very easily whenever you want to go back to listen to past episodes.

ANYCUT This android app is synonymous with one click access which makes browsing through your phones setting extremely easy.

SECRETS Keep all of your secrets in one place. Nowadays you have a password for everything and unless you use the same password (which is very unsafe) then remembering all of your passwords can be extremely challenging. Therefore, with Secrets you can put in the website, your username, password and the email that your account is associated with.

TASKILLER FREE Dont let your apps slow up your phone speed or crash with all of your different apps. Apps can be quite difficult to shut down so let the TasKiller take care of quitting the pesky apps that refuse to shut down and continue to give your phone problems.

SLIDE SCREEN You can use this app to help reshape your home screen to show you the information that you want to see. You can have rows of feeds and messages shown along with the time and temperature.

SHOPPER Shop with ease with this top android application. You can search for products through keywords, voice recognition of the product or through images and barcodes. You can also ask the application if you can purchase the product at a lower rate. This is a great app to purchase what you want with the most discounts and at the lowest price.

PDANET – Use this app if you are desperate for internet. No matter where you are, you can receive internet if you have this app on your phone.

WAVESECURE If you want security on your phone, then you need this top android app. You will secure photos, messages, contacts and videos as well as be able to restore them. If your phone is lost, you can wipe out all of your information or simply lock it down to protect you and your information.

ASTRO FILE MANAGER With this app you can navigate through all of your different files, back up your files, send files as attachments and do much more to help organise your phone.

Allphones is an Australian mobile phone retailer with of over 160 stores Australia wide. Allphones offers a wide range of mobile phones including Nokia mobile phones.

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Application Development for Mobile Phones: The Trend is Getting Bigger and Better

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Mobile application development is relatively a new field. But since its inception, it has been able to bring good profits for all those involved in it. In the last few years, we have seen many professional mobile apps development agencies coming up to support and assist mobile phone users with the best possible mobile application development programs.

The launch of the iPhone from Apple has in fact changed the way how mobile application programming and development have been recognized. Today, the iPhone has become one such revolutionary gadget that speaks for the entire mobile apps development culture being successfully tried and tested the world over. With Apple continuously showing better improvements with its new iPhone versions, professional iPhone application development agencies have also been rewarded with better scope to showcase their best in product design and development.

Apart from the independent mobile phone application development agencies, there are also existing software development firms those have shown great inclination towards this profitable iPhone mobile apps development practice. As such, we are now having hundreds of professional mobile apps development services providers for this smart Apple communication cum entertainment gadget called the iPhone.

Just like iPhone application development, Blackberry application development has also been highly popular among the crowd. Research in Motion’s (RIM) perfect gift to the communicating world, Blackberry now supports hundreds of fun as well as web features those are being offered in the form of Blackberry applications by such a growing number of professional Blackberry application developers. These developers can be found across the globe at the present date with America, Europe and Asia performing the majority of work for application development for the Blackberry programs.

Blackberry as well as iPhone applications are now available for easy download through their official sites respectively. Also, there are web sites which enabler users to directly download their necessary applications with the click of a button. So, whether you need a standard or custom iPhone or Blackberry application, now you have enough of choices to have your application downloaded from the web all for free or for a very budget friendly rate.

This article is written by a technical writer working at SynapseIndia – an expert in mobile application programming from India offering innovative mobile application development to worldwide clients. our commitment to quality has helped us gain reputation in blackberry application development.

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How to uninstall Visual Studio 2005 from your system thoroughly?

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Most of the time, you may need to uninstall Visual Studio 2005 if your subscription has expired or your current installation has gone corrupt. Due to a large number of products installed with MacAfee, sometimes it is difficult to ensure a complete uninstall just by using the normal uninstallation process. In this article, you will learn about the methods that you can use to ensure that all Visual Studio 2005 components are removed from the system when you uninstall them.

Method one: How to manually uninstall Visual Studio 2005?

1. Close the Visual Studio 2005 program running before removing the application. Any running application will not be uninstalled, because active processes cannot be deleted.

2. Browse the ‘Start’ menu. Find and select the ‘Control Panel’ icon.

3. Click on ‘Add or Remove Programs’ icon. This will open the list of programs currently installed on the computer. Scroll down the menu to look for the Visual Studio 2005 application on the list.

4. Clicking on the list item will open the selected program’s ‘add/remove’ options. Click the ‘remove’ button on the Visual Studio 2005 product to uninstall. The process will start and as it performs, it will also show the progress of the uninstallation.

5. when the uninstall process is done, it will prompt the user to restart the computer. This is done so that the system registry may be deleted of the program entry.

Visual Studio 2005 should now be uninstalled from your system after the reboot. If in case the system uninstaller was not able to remove it, proceed the steps below to automatically uninstall Visual Studio 2005 from your computer.

Method Two: How to automatically uninstall Visual Studio 2005?

You must use the automatic removal process only if you are unable to uninstall Visual Studio 2005 products using the normal uninstallation method. This process helps to thoroughly scan your computer and remove all associated entries.

1. To perform automatic Visual Studio 2005 removal you can download the most powerful uninstaller.

2. In the File Download dialog box, select the Save button and save the uninstaller on the Desktop

3. Next, close all Visual Studio 2005 programs running on your PC and double-click the.exe file to install the uninstaller on your computer.

4. Run the uninstaller and then click on “Force Uninstall” tab.

5. Locate the folder of Visual Studio 2005 and then click “Next” to begin the removal.

By following the above several steps, all Visual Studio 2005 components will be removed from the system after the computer restarts.

Do you want to uninstall Visual Studio 2005 but have on idea? If this is the case for you , you should have a try with this perfect uninstaller. It will help you uninstall what you want within clicks and minutes.

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6 Summer Dangers For Kids

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When you think of summer you think of mowing the grass, warm weather, sunny days, swimming, picnics and more. Most people never think about the dangers of summer especially for children until it is too late.
There are 6 major dangers that face children every summer.

Playground accidents

Dehydration is a factor for children because they love to be outside playing and they do not want to stop in the middle of play time to re-hydrate themselves with a glass of water or other liquids.
Sunburns can be an issue if parents do not remind their children to apply their sunscreen before going outside to play. It is best if the parent helps the child apply the sunscreen so they know that all areas exposed to the sun are covered and covered generously. Burns on children can be incredibly painful and unnecessary.
Fireworks can be dangerous around the Fourth of July. All children like seeing the bright colors in the sky and sparklers but parents need to help their children be especially careful during firework season so no one is seriously hurt or killed.
Playgrounds can be dangerous due to the large amounts of children on them during the summertime. It is easy for someone to get kicked by someone on the swing as they run in front, fall off the monkey bars, etc. Make sure to keep an eye on your children while they play and have your first aid kit handy just in case.
Drowning is the scariest danger of the summer. Parents should put their children in swimming classes or teach them how to swim themselves so that their children are comfortable and safe around the water. Never, ever leave a child unoccupied near the water no matter what the age.
Animals can pose a danger to children due to heat. When an animal gets hot and uncomfortable it may become feisty or frisky and snap at a child for no reason. Please make sure that your pets have plenty of water and shade to stop them from being a danger to small children.
Be cognizant of these dangers and help your children have a wonderful, safe and enjoyable summer.  

Visit http://www.onestopshopforkids.com for everything you need to babies and kids safe during the summer!

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About Blackberry Application Development

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BlackBerry is a line of mobile e-mail and smartphone devices that are developed and designed by Canadian company Research in Motion. They have been around since 1996. BlackBerry functions as a personal digital assistant that usually features an address book, a calendar, and a to-do list, to name a few. It normally functions as a portable media player as well, capable of supporting music and video playback along with camera picture and video capabilities.

BlackBerry is most famous for its ability to send and receive email wherever there is a mobile network signal around or through a Wi-Fi connection. BlackBerry is mainly a messaging phone that has the largest array of messaging features in a smartphone to date. It holds a 20% share of worldwide smartphone sales, which makes it the second most popular platform after Nokia’s Symbian OS. The very first BlackBerry device was introduced in 1999. It was a two-way pager. It was not until 2002 that the BlackBerry smartphone was released.

The original BlackBerry came with a monochrome display. Today, all BlackBerry models have colour displays. All current models except for the Storm series have a built in QWERTY keyboard that is optimized for thumb typing.

How to make a strong impact in Blackberry application development depends entirely on what sort of applications you are offering to your target audience. There are several companies out there that offer Blackberry app developer services to help people develop or outsource the development of their programs.

The important thing to remember is what your Blackberry application development idea is there for. A smartphone, to some people is as important as a limb to them. Your Blackberry app developer should aim to make apps that are quick, easy to use, and can take full advantage of all the features that are built around it.

One of the first things you should do before considering Blackberry application development is to take a look at all the applications available for the blackberry on the Internet. Study what kind of services are available and see what you can offer. You can either come up with something new or you can focus your Blackberry application development idea on improving something that is already available. Keeping a close eye on the competition is a good idea. Even when you have finished with your Blackberry application development you should still keep an eye out for the competition to see how they react to your app.

Anybody who applies to have their work featured will have to include an icon, so you should consider getting something bold and appealing to get peoples attention and make them take a look at what you have to offer. You need to make a good first impression. Next thing to consider with Blackberry application development is the substance of your app. You wont get far if all you have going for you is looking good. Your blackberry app developer should focus on being user friendly as well. The best kinds of apps are the ones that do not need an instruction manual because they are self explanatory and easy to use. Apps that require people to have to go through a lengthy readme file or to search the Internet to find instructions tend to be unattractive and are likely to be avoided by a lot of people. If people have to do this, they are very likely to get frustrated and it is unlikely that they recommend it to their friends.

A Blackberry app developer should also focus on making apps that are quick and responsive. While presentation is also important, if the app is too slow or may take a while to register, then it will lose popularity and will not be used by many.

One other factor that a Blackberry app developer should consider is the battery life. An app that sucks the life out of the battery quickly is generally avoided. It will also be very helpful if it has an offline capacity so that it can be used in an area with bad reception as well.

One more thing a blackberry app developer should focus on is the size of the app. An acceptable standard would be 2MB for a game and 1.5MB for anything concerning social networking. These are normally two kinds of apps that catch the attention of people quickly and are the types that are most commonly downloaded.

Social networking is also a great way of making your apps more popular. People can be encouraged more easily to take a look at an app and pass it on to their friends through this. One thing to consider is to balance out your approach in promotion. If you do not do it enough, then your app will go unnoticed, but if you do it too much, your app will be considered a nuisance like spam.

Dot Com Infoway is a multi-national information technology company based in India, with offices in Netherlands and the United States. DCI’s spectrum of services includes Custom Software Development, Mobile Application Development , Mobile Application Marketing, iPhone App Development , Web Design and Development, Internet Marketing.

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