Driving Kids

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How often have you driven down the road and witnessed a mother or father driving a minivan while half of their body is turned in their seat in the opposite direction of where their eyes should be focused? A few weeks ago, I sat at a stoplight and watched as a middle-aged woman almost drove her van full of bouncy children right through a stop sign simply because her attention was just a little too focused on what the children were doing in the back seat.
Naturally, when you are a parent (especially a new parent), you want to make sure that your children are always kept safe. Ironically, however, many parents go against this train of thought when they are overprotective of their children by checking in on them every two seconds while driving. These types of parents have failed to realize that by constantly taking their attention off of the road and refocusing it on their kids, they are putting not only themselves but their children as well into harms way. When you are behind the wheel of a car and you are chauffeuring children around, the kids have to come second. If there is something serious happening with one of your children while you are driving, or if  you really need to discipline your children, wait until it is safe to do so and then pull your vehicle over to the side of the road or off of the roadway completely before addressing the issue.
If your children are old enough, make sure that they understand the rules and regulations for riding around in your vehicle. For example, before we would leave to go anywhere, my  mother would always make sure that everyone in the car had their seat belts on. If we were in her car and were still parked in the driveway, this would be our first clue that someone didn’t have their seat belt on. My mother would sit there without saying a word; she would just give us a look that meant business as we scrambled to match the belt buckles of our safety belts.
A telling example of driving with children was when my brother was younger. He must’ve been five or six years old at the time and we were just coming back from a friend’s house during the summer. As my mom was driving us back to our house, I was sitting in the front seat and could recall seeing my brother fiddling around in the back seat of the car. The next thing I heard was the door opening up. I turned around to see my brother, with his seat belt still on, leaning half way out of the back door. I was going to say something to my mother, but she had already seen it before I did and stopped the car, jumping out to shut my brother’s door. Thankfully, we were driving relatively slowly through our own neighborhood, and additionally, my brother was buckled into his seat- another good reason to wear your seat belt!

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Android Tablets

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The Apple iPad is a popular and useful utility whose millions of units sold worldwide in the first few days. However, Android may bring to you a better option because it is an open source free operating system owned by Google.Here is a lot of useful information about the basics and imagine you don’t know what Android is.


Originally it was planned to be used as a mobile phone OS but it is starting to flex its muscles and expand its horizons. As a mobile OS it is already hugely popular, HTC Sony and many others have adopted it as the system of choice for all their smart phones and here’s why. The fact it’s open source means they don’t have to pay for it, which is obviously a great start but it goes further than that. The fact it’s open source means everyone and anyone can develop apps for it, modify it heck they can do whatever the like with it. A huge subculture has grown around Android of developers, modifiers and programmers, all making killer apps that they can put out onto the market with no licensing costs and either distribute for free or make money from. the amount of apps will very soon overtake Apple’s App Store for the amount available and it will just keep growing and growing. It’s unstoppable.


So what does this have to do with the iPad? well Android is now spreading its wings and many tablet manufacturers are using it on their tablets and most of them can do everything the iPad can and for half the price. Ok they are not as slick (yet) but many of these tablets offer features the iPad can’t because of it’s closed architecture. HDMI ports that output 720p video, meaning they are also portable HD media players, memory card slots so you can easily put data on and take it off, access to the myriad of apps available to Android users and much much more.


At the time of writing this Youtube video shows the very latest tablet, still not released but the demo just shows that these things really are iPad killers check it out here.


Things are developing so quick it’s hard to keep up with the new hardware that’s coming out. Please keep up to date with our blog. it is regularly updated with news, videos and photos of the latest Android tablets out there

All the latest Android tablets can be bought from http://www.androidtabletpcs.co.uk

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Reason Music Software Review – Ultimate Reason 4.0 Tutorial

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The first thing I want to tell you about the Reason recording software is what its not…

I need to go into this now because a lot of newbie producers get confused and then end up not being happy with Reason.

So here we go…

The Reason recording software is NOT an audio recorder!

So you should not think about trying to record your band with Reason because its just not set up that way…

What you will find in Reason 4.0 is a massive range of Synths and samplers. Its a totally self contained unit meaning that you can produce and master a whole track without needing any other equipment at all.

I would recommend it if youre making dance or hip hop music on a laptop and dont want to set up a whole home studio.

If you do want to add vocal to your final track you could use a program like pro tools and use the Reason recording software as a plugin which works great.

But I just wanted to be clear that you cannot import your audio into Reason itself unless you just use snipets in the sampler.


When you pick up Reason you get a whole bunch of award winning synths to work with and tweak till your hearts content.


* Thor – the multi synth that can transform into a whole bunch of classic synths.
* The RPG-8 Arpeggiator – you will love playing with this as it creates some really nice random sounds.
* ReGroove – lets you work with your drum beats and add a lot of randomness so that your stuff wont get boring.

Final thoughts.

Reason is a great option for people on a budget who might not have the best computer. Its runs really light on CPU power and it has never crashed on me!

But remember the more tracks you add the slower things get…PERIOD.

I really think the Propellersheads boys who make Reason are doing great things with the package and look out for audio recording in the near future.

Such a cool program.

More Free Information for You…

To read my other popular FREE guide on Reason click here: Reason Music Software Review

…and to learn how to make professional Techno in 3 easy steps click here: Techno Music Maker

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Which is the Better Choice – Dreamweaver Or Visual Studio?

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When talking about web site creation, the two programs that stand out are Adobe’s Dreamweaver and Microsoft’s Visual Studio and someone eventually will ask which one is the better program for what they need. The obvious issue that comes to mind before even opening the box is that Visual Studio is a Microsoft creation.

Anyone that has any experience with computers and their programs knows that Microsoft hardware and software plays better with other Microsoft toys. This is not to bash on Microsoft but if you are not using any Microsoft applications then this maybe a turning point for you. Many people are using Apple hardware when they have intensive graphic needs, so you might want a program that plays well with any platform, including Microsoft’s.

For any first timers, Visual Studio is easy to use with its many examples and help section. Via drag and drop interface, there is total control over servers and the HTML servers, as well. An easy to read and navigate control panel displays all your server controls. These are some of the highlights of what the Visual Studio can do for you.

Do you need to create and manage console applications, window applications and web applications? Visual Studio is designed to make this easy for you. Many users have noticed that Dreamweaver is better utilized in web design and that Visual studio is better to use for web development.

Adobe’s Dreamweaver is more concentrated on web design than web development. Dreamweaver works with almost all of the computer languages and can interface with java script effortlessly with its built in extensions. Actually there over 1300 extensions available for whatever you may need. Dreamweaver was created with idea of teams of people working on the same project, so teamwork on the same project will be a breeze. Teamwork is possible with Visual Studio when used in tandem with other Microsoft products.

For users of other Abode products, tables and layers are nothing foreign to you and you probably expect to use them with just about any Adobe program. Dreamweaver is no exception. Also there are tools included with the program to manage database connectivity.

You will pay a little less for Visual Studio than you will for Dreamweaver. However do not go too far with the money that you just saved with Dreamweaver because most of the extensions will cost you extra. Both programs can take up the disk space but most know that Adobe tends to always be a heavy hitter, so consider doubling the minimum system requirements to ensure that your computer does not slow to a crawl.

If Visual Studio is more of a web development program and Dreamweaver is more of a web design program, then can they fairly be compared to each other? It comes down to the types of application that you need the most.

John Choo is a web designer Malaysia, he own the web design company offer kind of website develop by dreamweaver and visual studio.

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Best Books For New Aquarium Owners

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“You and Your Aquarium” is a book that is written by author Dick Mills. This interesting book covers various aspects of both saltwater and freshwater fish keeping and also elaborates about how to set up your first tank. A species guide to freshwater and saltwater fish is provided in this book and the species guide covers some of the most popular fish in the aquarium hobby. This book also elaborates on basics of filtration, heating, types of tanks and feeding. 

“The Aquarium Handbook” is a book that is written by author David Goodwin. This helpful book is one of the best books for freshwater fish and has an elaborated guide on which species of fish to keep in your freshwater aquarium. The species guide has clear pictures of various species of fish and the species guide also elaborates on the feeding habits of the fish. Basics of aquatic plants information is also covered in this book. The information included about aquatic plants includes names of plants are their requirement. This book also provides information about general guidelines of fish keeping.  

“Corals of The World” volume one, two and three are indeed the best books for new aquarium owners since these three books have detailed information about corals from all over the world. These books are highly recommended as they cover topics such as technical and non technical information about various corals, pictures of the corals and history about corals.  

Practical Fish Keeping magazine also known as PFK is a series of magazines that are published periodically and are of immense value to new aquarium owners. This magazine covers incidents of what happens around the world in the fish keeping hobby and also provide answers on some of the most common questions asked by new aquarium keepers.  

Tropical Fish Hobbyist is another magazine that is very popular with fish keepers. This magazine provides valuable information on all aspects of fish keeping and also elaborates on which are the best products for your aquarium along with reviews and adverts.

Buy Coral,
Aquarium Chiller,
Aquarium Supplies

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Remove Unwanted Programs by Getting Started with Registry Cleaners

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The Windows Registry is a huge database in the Windows operating system. This registry acts as a hub for storing important information related to hardware and software applications of a computer. The windows registry becomes full with numerous unnecessary registry entries due to temporary data, settings and a reference left behind at the time of installing or uninstalling software packages on a PC, and makes the PC slow over time. The more and more bad information stored in the registry will take longer time for a computer to boot up. After that computer shows errors, freezing, or blue screen and the system even crashes. Therefore, in order to run the PC efficiently and effectively, it is a must to scan the PC for registry errors and repair them at certain intervals of time.

Whether we are running Windows 7, Vista, XP, 2000 or even 98 or 95, they all depend on the windows registry for system settings. It has been extremely advocated that registry cleaners can repair registry and improve the performance of computers. It has already been proved before that it will also improve computer’s boot time and overall speed.

Most of the cleaner software is coming with a back up feature. That means if something important is deleted, we can have a back up for this. These are completely automatic and are capable of identifying, backing up and removing unnecessary information from the Windows registry.

If you make a Google search for registry cleaner and repair registry it will show more than 25,000 websites. But there you can not find a single example of an actual performance test even in the next few pages. The currently available software applications in the market which are famous for effective registry cleaners are not efficient and never do their jobs as supposed to. They are not the latest and proficient tools as the commercial registry cleaners programs. For this reason, it is important for each PC user to first take time to gain ideas by going through some reviews and usability reports related to the application that they are evaluating. Then only one should take the decision of actually purchasing the product.

Boris Diana is a computer-savvy person with years of experience and expertise on information technology and other computer-related issues. Through his website, he wants to highlight the growing significance of registry cleaners to speed up ailing systems. Contact him to collect more information on repair registry matters.

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Life long learning

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We live in a rapidly changing environment that is easier to cope with if we cultivate the habit of continual learning to enrich our personal and work lives. Learning is not just confined to classroom training. In everything, there is always a lesson that you can tap on. Learning is like planting. You sow the need seed in your mind, then water and nourish it in the faith that it will sprout and grow. Left on its own without being nurtured, it will slowly fade away. It is up to you to take ownership of your continual learning. How do you learn to learn to ensure that new knowledge, ideas and skills gained are translated into new ways of doing things. This is referred to as a behavioural shift.  How do you engage in active learning to make the journey more meaningful, exciting and illuminating to the mind, spirit and soul? Here are some suggestions:-

( a ) Set learning goals- setting learning goals is a proactive step a learner can take to transfer knowledge and skills to real life. You should :-

( 1 ) Be clear of your learning objective; 

( 2 ) List specific steps or actions that you will take to practize or improve on the new skills. For instance, if you have attended a presentation skills course, you may want to commit to presenting a topic in front of your friends or co-workers, and ask them to give you critical feedback; and 

( 3 ) Set timelines for practising these new skill. 

( b ) Keep a journal – keeping a learning journal helps you reflect and express your thoughts, observations or new perspectives during the learning process. These help you question old assumptions and identify new ways of thinking. 

( c ) Dialogue and questioning- You explore and discover new possibilities in the process of dialogue and questioning. Ask questions when engaging in a dialogue with yourself or with others. 

( d ) Teach it- We are all learners, doers and teachers. We learn by doing, and people learn best and fastest by teaching others. Teaching is giving too. By imparting your knowledge and skills to others, there is a multiplying effect. As you refresh others, you will be refreshed too. 






To observe good practice, exchange ideas and sharing knowledge.

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Getting started with Software Outsourcing to India !

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Cheap labor available in India has completely transformed the face of global business landscape. No wonder India is a world leader in offshore software development. Huge multitudes of “non-core” activities are outsourced by the U.S. businesses to India for faster turnaround time, reduced overhead costs, access to technical expertise, improved service quality etc.

Cities like Bangalore, Hyderabad, Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai, Noida etc. have carved a niche in offshore IT domain by delivering excellent services to the service seekers worldwide. However if you’re a novice in this field and about to get started with outsourcing, you must have your business objective clear in mind and then formulate the strategy accordingly.

You must have your business plan ready with all the minute details in place inclusive of screenshots, flow charts and diagrams of all components in your software system. It’s wise to pre-estimate the fund requirement for your outsourced software project. Also, you must have a crystal clear idea about the project deadlines and other information related to the project so that you can efficiently pass on your specifications to the offshore software development companies in India.

It’s your own prerogative to get your IT project done by your preferred city and offshore software development company in India. Since a large number of good companies are operating in India, finding the right provider is not a Herculean task. You simply need to browse through the Internet and choose the one that fits your requirements in the best possible manner.

We recommend you to focus more on legal aspects of outsourcing before getting started with outsourcing. A legal agreement needs to be prepared in which you’d put down all the specifications, terms & conditions, deadlines, funds, ownership, data security, trademarks, copyrights, payments etc. Both the parties, service provider & you, have to mutually agree on this agreement.

Also, we advise you to get a Request for Information (RIP) and Request for Proposal (RFP) made before you decide to hire a particular offshore software development company in India, and clearly specify the deliverables of the software project and time lines to be met. Then you must go about setting up an effective communication channel with your provider keeping in mind the language barriers & time zone differences. It could be e-mails, instant chatting, web conferencing, phone calls etc.

Once you’ve everything in place, get ready to reap the benefits of software outsourcing india such as reduced operational costs, opportunities to focus on core business objectives, increased flexibility, improved scalability etc.

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Adam George is a well known writer. He has written many articles on various topics including outsourcing, Presently writing on Software services, Software Development , Offshore Software Development India and other Software testing services.

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