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Which is the Better Choice – Dreamweaver Or Visual Studio?

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When talking about web site creation, the two programs that stand out are Adobe’s Dreamweaver and Microsoft’s Visual Studio and someone eventually will ask which one is the better program for what they need. The obvious issue that comes to mind before even opening the box is that Visual Studio is a Microsoft creation.

Anyone that has any experience with computers and their programs knows that Microsoft hardware and software plays better with other Microsoft toys. This is not to bash on Microsoft but if you are not using any Microsoft applications then this maybe a turning point for you. Many people are using Apple hardware when they have intensive graphic needs, so you might want a program that plays well with any platform, including Microsoft’s.

For any first timers, Visual Studio is easy to use with its many examples and help section. Via drag and drop interface, there is total control over servers and the HTML servers, as well. An easy to read and navigate control panel displays all your server controls. These are some of the highlights of what the Visual Studio can do for you.

Do you need to create and manage console applications, window applications and web applications? Visual Studio is designed to make this easy for you. Many users have noticed that Dreamweaver is better utilized in web design and that Visual studio is better to use for web development.

Adobe’s Dreamweaver is more concentrated on web design than web development. Dreamweaver works with almost all of the computer languages and can interface with java script effortlessly with its built in extensions. Actually there over 1300 extensions available for whatever you may need. Dreamweaver was created with idea of teams of people working on the same project, so teamwork on the same project will be a breeze. Teamwork is possible with Visual Studio when used in tandem with other Microsoft products.

For users of other Abode products, tables and layers are nothing foreign to you and you probably expect to use them with just about any Adobe program. Dreamweaver is no exception. Also there are tools included with the program to manage database connectivity.

You will pay a little less for Visual Studio than you will for Dreamweaver. However do not go too far with the money that you just saved with Dreamweaver because most of the extensions will cost you extra. Both programs can take up the disk space but most know that Adobe tends to always be a heavy hitter, so consider doubling the minimum system requirements to ensure that your computer does not slow to a crawl.

If Visual Studio is more of a web development program and Dreamweaver is more of a web design program, then can they fairly be compared to each other? It comes down to the types of application that you need the most.

John Choo is a web designer Malaysia, he own the web design company offer kind of website develop by dreamweaver and visual studio.

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