IPhone Apps For Business Purposes


One who is an iPhone user can easily go through the iPhone applications list on the Apple Application Store. There are numerous applications in the store available for download or purchase. If you have no the slightest inkling of what these applications are capable of doing, be sure to learn more. The applications are possibly the hugest reason of why iPhone users are addicted and glued completely to their mobile devices. Besides being the branch of entertainment for these people, the applications are now even usable for business purposes. Due to the massive evolution of the significance of internet, the iPhone plays a great role in keeping you connected to the cyber world. Furthermore, you can grab the opportunity to perform online marketing either by yourself or via the iPhone apps for business. A business owner can boost up the brand’s image using these applications for free! Besides it requires no additional fee and you can do it anytime, anywhere. If you are doubtful of how iPhone can ease your hardships and enhance your business sales, watch out corporate employers who are mostly using the iPhone to conduct business deals. Take a brief look on the iPhone applications list and you may bump into plenty which can aid in the business industry. These applications are user-friendly and are capable of doing jobs you find it too complex to complete. For example, they can be consistently alert to the website stat, perform market research, process credit cards, connecting comfortably with clients and many more. One of them is the Salesforce Mobile where you can make calls or set meeting while you are away or log your sales activities. There are two great examples of iPhone apps for business – the Stay in Touch and Analytics Pro. The name of “Stay in Touch” explains it all; it allows all time connection with people around you from your family, business partners, and employees to clients and friends. It portrays an organized contact details, follow ups and list of reminders. The Analytics Pro on the other hand, keeps you connected to your Google Analytics account. From there you can make analytical or statistical reports and search accounts, very likely an astounding assistant for business owners.

Lifeware Solutions offers an iPhone Application to explore moon phases: touch-n-turn the moon to change the date and enjoy precise moon phases for your location, browse moon phase calendar or switch to zodiac calendar view. Visit Lifeware Solutions to get a version for your Android, Windows Mobile and Windows Phone 7 phones.


Five Titles – Books For Midlife Women

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There are lots of books about aging and many are not worth buying. There are books by guys who are now on their second or third wives (ultimate bummer: college tuition and private nursery school applications at the same time!), spiritual tomes by assorted Oprah-fueled nutjobs, or those perky types who claim the best is yet to come, if you’d just put on a red hat and a caftan.

These books are none of those.

Here are five no-nonsense, non-fiction titles you may find useful as you shift to your fifties.

Inventing the Rest of Our Lives: Women in Second Adulthood, by Suzanne Braun Levine. This is the single best book you can read if you’re between the ages of 35 and 60. This book saved my life when I was turning 50 because it made me realize I wasn’t crazy.

Okay, I was, but, as Levine points out, this is normal. The forties and fifties are a time of great physical, material and spiritual changes that require conscious, conscientious, readjustment in every area of your life.

Levine, the first editor of Ms. Magazine, takes you through the physical and metaphysical changes that start in your forties, and into what she calls the “F*** You Fifties.” (Gotta love that.)

This book is a nice mix of reporting and anecdotes. It answers a lot of questions about aging, but it also has a kick-butt attitude. The chapter segments say it all: Getting to What Matters: Letting Go and Saying No, Finding Out What Works, Recalibrating Your Life, and Moving On to What’s Next: Making Peace and Taking Charge.

Going Gray, by Anne Kreamer. The day you notice those gray strands  appearing on your head, you have to decide: do or dye? It’s a biggie. This book is for every woman who’s ever spent half a day and a day’s pay making small talk with a hairdresser, listening to loud and really crappy music, with her head slathered in toxic substances and thought, “Jeez, is haircolor really worth all this?”

Mor of us are asking that question these days, but the answer is not so simple, as Kreamer points out in her exploration of the decision to stop dying her hair after nearly 30 years. (On a recent trip to New York City I was struck by the number of really bad blonde dye jobs I saw among older women. And it’s painful watching fabulously brilliant women newscasters cope with their blonde hair. Ladies, we have to talk. )

In an age of Botox and boob-jobs, Kreamer explores the idea of authenticity in our 21st-century lives and how much of our self-image is colored, literally, by others’ impressions of us.

In the process of “going gray,” Kreamer makes other changes in her life, and starts the process of aging gracefully. That, plus, she started a new career as a book author.

Strong Women Stay Young, by Miriam Nelson and Sarah Wernick. What? You’re over 40 and you don’t have free weights? Get yourself to a Dick’s! Right now!

But first read this book, which lays out the whys and wherefores of developing a strength training program. Here’s the thing about midlife: You can walk until Oprah turns 60, but you’ll still be flabby because of muscle loss. Strength training makes a huge difference, by stepping up your metabolism and strengthening muscle, making you a lean machine, and helps with posture, balance and back problems.

Overcoming Underearning, by Barbara Stanny. By now you probably know that women are chronic underearners. The reason you know this is probably because you are one yourself. Stanny gets at some of the reasons why and offers some steps to change it.

One step: Stop talking trash about yourself. You may think it makes you less threatening in the workplace, but it can also make you more dispensible, as in that  memorable New Yorker cartoon–one executive sitting across the desk from another, says “You just self-deprecated yourself out of a job.”

The Success Principles, by Jack Canfield. This is the mother of all self-help books, a compendium of dozens of tips worth coming back to.

This is a good book if you’re making a transition–or if transition is being thrust upon you. It breaks down the steps to making a successful life change.

Caveat: it’s sometimes irritating; it turns out that most success gurus are only successful at….telling other people how to be successful. But it’s a quick read and a great pick-me-up. And if you have a soon-to-be college graduate in the house, buy her a copy. I use this book in my career prep class, and students always report that this book helped them a lot.

By B.J. Roche

Read more at http://www.fiftyshift.com, essays, tips, humor, community for midlife women.

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Earth Day Slogans For Kids

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EARTH DAY IS A SPECIAL DAY – There is a special day each year that was established in 1970 by Gaylord Nelson to raise awareness in individuals, communities, towns, governments and countries about the state of our earth.

We have come to realize that our Blue Marble has finite resources. Once human greed and actions of indiscretion removed or destroyed our land, water, and air it would take thousands of years to repair our fragile planet, if ever.

OUR CHANGING WORLD Many had no concept of the untold repercussions upon all living organisms that would result from thinking only of how to take from the earth and not give back or preserve. We are feeling the effects in our escalating human diseases, loss of rain forests that filter our air, changing climates bringing drought, tornadoes, hurricanes, earthquakes or floods. We are observing the rapid extinction of plants and animals both on land and in our oceans.

INCREASED AWARENESS Due to the heightened awareness from past Earth Day Celebrations many have championed for preservation and replenishing our Earth. This year we hope to far surpass the original 20 million people who were involved with that first Earth Day almost 40 years ago. The need is more pressing and urgent. Our landfills are over-burdened and farm animal waste seeps into our water supplies. We scrape coal from the ground and leave eroded denuded rock. We need to find technological methods to secure nuclear waste, stop air pollution and clean up the invisible acid rain that harms every living thing.

LAWS CAN BE ENACTED Countries around the world have created governmental committees and agencies to spearhead environmental clean up and to oversee improved management of natural resources. We should legislate for better programs and ways to protect our earth. The spirit of the day includes binding people together by simply stating the cause through slogans, posting them on banners in public places and using them as public service announcements.

BUILD COMMUNITY AND AWARENESS WITH MOTTOES Slogans solidify the main theme for each year’s celebration. You may want to emphasize the grand scheme of things or focus on a particular issue. There may be off-shoots from different organizations as they gather support for their favored area. One group may consider the rivers and streams where their people fish and recreate as the top priority. Others may focus on trees, natural preserves, and all aspects of wood and forests. People living in mountain ranges may emphasize the importance of clean air and fight to prevent acid rain. Villages that live on the coasts want to keep their fisheries alive with clean oceans.

GET INVOLVED BY BRAINSTORMING SLOGANS Suggestions for stimulating discussion, approaching the issue of slogans and having fun at the same time:

1. Meditate on the idea of Earth Day. What does your intuition tell you?
2. Look around and take notice how pollution effects you? What is the most important issue?
3. Read the paper, listen to the radio, or search the latest news online. What current event topic comes up most often?
4. Talk with friends, family, community and congregation members. Get some opinions.
5. Join an environmental group in your region and read their articles.
6. Create a survey.
7. Now that you’ve got the juices flowing, begin writing the main ideas.
8. Use as many words to describe the themes and then see if any phrases or words cover these ideas.
9. Are they catchy like the hook of a song or the repeating stanzas?
10. Would the phrase fit on a button or shirt?
11. Are the words powerful? Would they motivate others to action?
13. Are the words emotional? Do they touch the heart with meaning?

Watch “Earth Day-Give Earth A Hand” Video

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Debby Bruck believes hope and healing can be accomplished through homeopathy. She sees the good in all people and prays that the people of the world will work together to repair the earth. Every little good act makes a better world. Moreover, you can see a list of slogans http://budurl.com/EarthDaySlogan that have been used in the past or have been proposed by others.

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Some Tactics to Get Free Tweet Apps

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The first time I have used Twitter, I was overpowered because of the quantity of apps available, and whereas sometimes I still feel this way, it make me less headaches when I recognized that the main activity of Twitter can be solved with two users. One to handle auto-tweets, auto-DMs, all the automatic operations to raise an account quickly, for this I use Twitter Adder (reviewed on my blog). Another main client of Twitter is used to solve the personal interactions with the community, the answers, the retweets, the non-automated DMs. If you don’t use the free software Tweet Deck for this, may be you are missing the chance to throw out many headaches. In this article, I will give you the explaination about Tweet Decks features refering to the previous customer I used instead, and discussing a couple of strategies I’ve been using efficiently to achieve targeted followers for my E-marketing campaigns.

Tweet Deck vs. my previous client Twirl


I used Twirl before I found Tweet Deck, both are free, both have similar fundamental features, but right from the get-go it was clear that Tweet Deck was a lot better.


Firstly, look at how much better the appearance of Tweet Deck is. You can view multiple columns at once, not just showing the basics, your DMs and mentions, but for the time-line of hashtags, or lists you’ve created.


The biggest weakness of Twirl by comparison is that you can’t select your categories. Two such categories show the time-line for your friends or followers, but this is pretty redundant for most marketers because of how many followers and friends get added. Most of us aren’t going to randomly browse through thousands upon thousands of tweets. This is where Tweet Deck shines, because you can view the time-line of your lists.

‘Worldcup where buy merchandise -www -com -http -https’


Another useful tactic that works for Tweet Deck and not Twirl is loading hashtag groups, and this opens up a whole new level of utility for clients like this. One use of this is to scan trending groups for a particular field relevant to your marketing. So for example, people affiliate marketing #Worldcup merchandise were using this tactic recently to tap into large quantities of potential buyers. The real genius of the client is that you can select combinations of hashtag groups and words. So that marketer could have had a column for ‘#Worldcup where buy merchandise -www -com -http -https’. By removing the posts with links in, a vast proportion of the competition is removed, and that marketer can then @ people individually to suggest where to buy products.


This can be quite time consuming, and I’m told of products like Tweetomatic profiteer that will automate the process of @mentions to potential buyers. I’m also told of a lot of problems with this software.


Following back


Whether or not to follow back is a bit of a grey area, a personal preference. If you do this, you can add ‘I followback’ to your bio, encouraging people to follow you, and adding to the number of searches in Twitter directories such as Twello that find your profile.


If you follow back, you can use Tweet Deck to add groups such as #followback and #ifollowback to. People that follow back offer a great way to build your numbers fast.


Some marketers will frown on this because the users aren’t targeted to a particular niche, and I accept this, which is why wether or not you try this should depend on the type of accounts you use. If the information has general appeal to social media users, you might find some customers this way.


If you’re not happy with Tweet Deck, it’s a lot more configurable than Twirl, special mention has to go to the specific set up options for using your Twitter API. Remember that the more columns you use, the more API you use up, so if like me, you like to leave 7 or 8 columns open, reduce these quantities here at the cost of slightly slower updates.




It really is amazing what you can get for free, Tweet Deck can do everything that Twirl can do and a lot more. The most important feature of all is the ability to combine hashtag group and individual word searches, and if you can harness this properly, you’ll be laughing all the way to the bank.


If you want to read more about Twitter strategies, check out my blog below.

I intend to have articles on all parts of the Twitter functionality soon, hashtags, direct messages etc…I’m also adding Twitter app reviews. I update that blog daily so keep it in mind.


I’d love to discuss ideas with people, find me on Twitter:


Hope you’ve enjoying the read!

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Learning Microsoft Access

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When selecting your business software it is vital that all mechanism fit your business requirements in some technique Microsoft Office is the world’s the majority popular business set and contains at its core Excel, Outlook, word and Access. Word will cater for text word processing requirements. Outlook is primarily used for email, but also has the capability to set reminders, schedules, and tasks. Excel is a spreadsheet & used for manipulate figures &is useful for accounting requirements. Access is a database & is use for storing huge amounts of in order. You can pull information from the database by locale criteria. For example you may desire to know how many stuff you sold in Europe this week. MS Access makes this duty very simple.

Like any piece of technology, erudition Microsoft Access takes era. There are several Microsoft Access tutorials out there, but frequently you are still left fraught. Any good Microsoft Access education program should split you in tenderly. It should talk concerning what a database is & the components of the MS Access edge. There is no point in creating a screen when the fundamentals of how to apply the boundary have not been enclosed.

There are four key apparatus of any microsoft access database. They are forms, queries, tables and reports. Beyond this there are macros & programming code module, but this is amazing that is not crucial to creating a file. As long as you have a considerate of the four key mechanisms I mentioned you will be satisfactory. Database theory should also be enclosed within a Microsoft Access education course as it is vital to be alert of this. Imagine you have a obtain order & cannot link it to any buyer. This is the downside of having not erudite list theory.

Tables are used for storing the information that you enter. You may have a small number of records or even thousands in the bench. You could pierce data directly into the table or make what is known as a variety. This will give you a respectable user interface in which to enter in a row. This is the prefer way of inflowing data into the database. Basic forms can be shaped quickly by using the in built wizards. Creating more superior forms however is a skill that takes time to learn. When crafty an answer there are main sub forms, forms, split forms etc to think.

Author writes for access 2007, microsoft access and access database


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4 Books for Adventurers and Curious Minds

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For those of you who love to read, and those of you who love adventure. For those of you who love travel, and those of you who love to fantasize. Here is a list of some great adventure reads and what Amazon customers had to say about them.

1.Tales from the Torrid Zone: Travels in the Deep Tropics by: Alexander Frater

Review: “I am a keen reader of travel literature and have really enjoyed Frater’s previous books, ‘Beyond the Blue Horizon’ and ‘Chasing the Monsoon’.’Tales from the Torrid Zone’ is his best to date – an evocative account of his life and travels through different tropical regions. Sometimes you can feel the heat and colour of the tropics reaching for you from the page. I would recommend this to anyone with an interest in travel.”

2.Paradise Lost: Smyrna 1922- The Destruction of Islam’s City of Tolerance by: Giles Milton

Review: “Milton paints a compelling picture of the calm before the storm; a rich, opulent city inhabited by a melting pot of different nationalities, religion and social stature including the privileged European Levantines. Juxtaposed against this Milton lays out the gathering storm clouds; an ambitious Greek Prime Minister, A Turkey at war with itself and the disinterest of the war-weary great powers. History has left Milton a cast of heroes, villains and astute observers that a novelist would envy.”

3.The Ten Most Beautiful Experiments by: George Johnson

Review: “The anecdotes Mr. Johnson dishes up range from the charming to the engrossing. The thought of Isaac Newton poking around in his eye sockets with a blunt needle to see what effects this would cause, is, well, rather gross. There’s also plenty of room for details on character and contemporary circumstances of the ten protagonists: Galilei, Harvey, Newton, Lavoisier, Galvini, Faraday, Joule, Pavlov, Michelson and Millikan.”

4.Lost in the Jungle: A Harrowing True Story of Adventure and Survival by: Yossi Ghinsberg

Review: “…Six hours later I put it down. I almost forgot I was reading a biography rather than a novel. Ghinsberg manages to transport you back to the event with such ease and fluidity that you can’t help but continue to read… At every turn for the worst my heart began to race, I kept all my lights on, just in case fire ants happened to be lurking in my living room. I recommend this book to readers of non-fiction and fiction alike. Ghinsberg’s story is truly disturbing and will rival any good thriller.”

Balloon Safaris provides hot air balloon flights all over England. All departure points are easily commutable from London. Find out more about Hot Air Ballooning. Flying with Balloon Safaris an experience you’ll never forget. www.balloonsafaris.co.uk

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iPhone Scanner Software That Scans All Activities Made From Any iPhone

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Do you need a good iPhone Scanner that you can use to scan through and find all of the information on an iPhone.  If you want some spy software / iPhone scanner tools that can help you to “break into” another iPhone then this article is just for you.  Everybody knows that the phones have a lot of information on them, and if you are interested in finding information on one particular phone then this is just what you need.  Let’s get into it below.

How iPhone Scanners Work

Most of the iPhone scanners are spy software that you can put on the phone which will relay all of the information back to you, including a live feed of the GPS location of the phone.  For instance, if you wanted to see what a phone is doing and where it is, you would be able to see that right away.  Once a text comes in you see it, once an email is sent you see it.  Everything that it does is told to you.

Which iPhone Scanner to Use?

There are a lot of options when it comes to using an iPhone scanner.  There are some that are better than others, but I always recommend one tool: SpyBubble.  This is the best technology online that you can get to track the iPhone and see every single thing that’s happening.  If you want to track this phone to the best extent possible, then this is the one for you.  You can see it from anywhere in the world, all you need is an internet connection and the phone and all the data on it is yours.

Why don’t you take a look at this software program? Visit: Spybubble

Check out their download page right here.  You can also look at the little video they have which shows you everything you need to know to get started.  By tonight you can begin tracking the iPhone, so get started soon.  I hope this helps you out!

So, do you want to scan for activities that have been made on any iPhone? Today? Right now? Visit: iPhone Scanner Software

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