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Some Tactics to Get Free Tweet Apps

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The first time I have used Twitter, I was overpowered because of the quantity of apps available, and whereas sometimes I still feel this way, it make me less headaches when I recognized that the main activity of Twitter can be solved with two users. One to handle auto-tweets, auto-DMs, all the automatic operations to raise an account quickly, for this I use Twitter Adder (reviewed on my blog). Another main client of Twitter is used to solve the personal interactions with the community, the answers, the retweets, the non-automated DMs. If you don’t use the free software Tweet Deck for this, may be you are missing the chance to throw out many headaches. In this article, I will give you the explaination about Tweet Decks features refering to the previous customer I used instead, and discussing a couple of strategies I’ve been using efficiently to achieve targeted followers for my E-marketing campaigns.

Tweet Deck vs. my previous client Twirl


I used Twirl before I found Tweet Deck, both are free, both have similar fundamental features, but right from the get-go it was clear that Tweet Deck was a lot better.


Firstly, look at how much better the appearance of Tweet Deck is. You can view multiple columns at once, not just showing the basics, your DMs and mentions, but for the time-line of hashtags, or lists you’ve created.


The biggest weakness of Twirl by comparison is that you can’t select your categories. Two such categories show the time-line for your friends or followers, but this is pretty redundant for most marketers because of how many followers and friends get added. Most of us aren’t going to randomly browse through thousands upon thousands of tweets. This is where Tweet Deck shines, because you can view the time-line of your lists.

‘Worldcup where buy merchandise -www -com -http -https’


Another useful tactic that works for Tweet Deck and not Twirl is loading hashtag groups, and this opens up a whole new level of utility for clients like this. One use of this is to scan trending groups for a particular field relevant to your marketing. So for example, people affiliate marketing #Worldcup merchandise were using this tactic recently to tap into large quantities of potential buyers. The real genius of the client is that you can select combinations of hashtag groups and words. So that marketer could have had a column for ‘#Worldcup where buy merchandise -www -com -http -https’. By removing the posts with links in, a vast proportion of the competition is removed, and that marketer can then @ people individually to suggest where to buy products.


This can be quite time consuming, and I’m told of products like Tweetomatic profiteer that will automate the process of @mentions to potential buyers. I’m also told of a lot of problems with this software.


Following back


Whether or not to follow back is a bit of a grey area, a personal preference. If you do this, you can add ‘I followback’ to your bio, encouraging people to follow you, and adding to the number of searches in Twitter directories such as Twello that find your profile.


If you follow back, you can use Tweet Deck to add groups such as #followback and #ifollowback to. People that follow back offer a great way to build your numbers fast.


Some marketers will frown on this because the users aren’t targeted to a particular niche, and I accept this, which is why wether or not you try this should depend on the type of accounts you use. If the information has general appeal to social media users, you might find some customers this way.


If you’re not happy with Tweet Deck, it’s a lot more configurable than Twirl, special mention has to go to the specific set up options for using your Twitter API. Remember that the more columns you use, the more API you use up, so if like me, you like to leave 7 or 8 columns open, reduce these quantities here at the cost of slightly slower updates.




It really is amazing what you can get for free, Tweet Deck can do everything that Twirl can do and a lot more. The most important feature of all is the ability to combine hashtag group and individual word searches, and if you can harness this properly, you’ll be laughing all the way to the bank.


If you want to read more about Twitter strategies, check out my blog below.

I intend to have articles on all parts of the Twitter functionality soon, hashtags, direct messages etc…I’m also adding Twitter app reviews. I update that blog daily so keep it in mind.


I’d love to discuss ideas with people, find me on Twitter:


Hope you’ve enjoying the read!

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Meditation – Some Misconceptions

Definitions of Meditation include the following:
An upliftment of mind and consciousness.
A condition of elevation of the spirit.
A stillness of thought that gives birth to new inner experiences.
Cessation of the chatter of the mind to enjoy total calm.
Expansion of consciousness and understanding of life.
Exploration of the worlds between waking and sleeping and between soul and spirit.
Extraordinary states where the reality comprises exquisite beauty, perfect truth and
limitless love.

There are many who have not experienced the flights of the soul and spirit through meditation who allow ignorance or negative opinion to prejudice their minds and make them timid of practicing this simple technique. In our western culture we have been restricted in adopting meditation as a popular practice until relatively recently. Now it is becoming accepted by many individuals but also by the healing professions, particularly those involved in psychology, psychiatry and stress relief. Most importantly, it is now a natural extension of young people’s interests, confirmed and strengthened by their direct experiences.

Meditation is now generally seen to offer such benefit that we are encouraged to reconsider our thoughts on the subject and review any misconceptions we may have.

For those who are concerned that they may be influenced in a way that weakens self determination, it must be stated clearly that the meditative state is not a trance-like state but a self induced attunement of awareness chosen by each individual. Each of us stays conscious throughout our ‘quiet time’, although often with expanded, elevated or vital new awareness.

The practice of meditation is thought by some critics to be a waste of time.

However, it is meditating that allows our thought to be free to travel as we first direct it and then rewards us with quality feelings and thoughts that uplift us or bring us peace. Benefits are usually lasting and can result in increased vitality, clarity of thought and feeling and a sense of well being. Time well spent and becomes a channel for our personal inspiration.

Meditation is sometimes seen as strange or a potential threat to religious belief. But as meditation is universal this thought has no credence. All religions embrace some form of meditation and prayer. Meditation is to strengthen spiritual values and encourage the practice of sincere religious principles, allowing that the realm of our own thoughts is a very private province.

Meditation helps us develop the ability to mature as a person, to express our talents and potential and to train our minds so that our thoughts are not capable of destroying our peace but of helping our total well being.

It is then that we can be of assistance to others.

Sally Janssen is a writer, health educator and Yoga teacher well known both in Australia and abroad for her skill in demonstration of the Hatha Yoga practices and her wisdom in applying the principles of Raja Yoga – the study of the mind and consciousness. More details at http://www.essence-of-yoga.net.

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Some of the Most Popular Meditation Techniques

Meditation is not just limited to one technique. Listed below are a variety of ways for you to practice this procedure. You can do one, two or a combination to achieve the desired results. One technique may be different from the others per se but ultimately leads to the same end result. Review each one and find out which best suits you.

1.) Breathing meditation

This is probably the simplest form of meditation. Here’s what you need to do: First, find a comfortable, soothing place to do your meditation. Make sure you cannot be disturbed. Take deep breaths that what you normally take. By that, I mean a long, slow, and deep breath. Slowly release it after holding it for a few seconds.  Repeat as much as you can. This is the simplest and quickest way to achieve a relaxed mid and body state.

2.) Walking meditation

This is still an easy technique, the difference however, with the first technique is that you work with the environment, obviously, as you need to walk (precisely why it is called as such) to maintain your mind and body balance. Make sure you stay is a secluded area, like a local park, instead of going somewhere with too much noise where you can’t possibly get some mind concentration around. With the walking meditation technique, you need to pay attention to your feelings and your surroundings. Give yourself at least 20 minutes to do this technique. Take a gentle walk in the area, feeling the sound and warmth of the area around you as you walk.

3.) Binaural beats meditation

This is a rather modern method of meditation.

This technique is unique in that you play a CD or MP# layer for a good 3o minutes to an hour to get some mind concentration. Here you listen to background noise like rainfall or other soothing music alongside with binaural beats that typically play two different tones one into each ear. Your brain does the work by resolving the small difference between the two binaural beats, leading you  to a meditative state effortlessly.

4.) Cosmic meditation

As the name implies, this technique is linked to cosmic ordering. This technique enables one to feel relaxed and allows one to send your goals and thoughts to the cosmos.

You may of course, try all the techniques and see which one best suits you. Meditation, when done regularly, maintains a great mental balance that will guide you towards better physical health as one’s mind is trained towards maintaining its best possible functioning.

To know more about meditation and its amazing benefits, or if you want to learn how to meditate – you can visit www.meditate.com.au

The author is a health care specialist that deals studies on the subject of alternative medicine.

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