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Reason Music Software Review – Ultimate Reason 4.0 Tutorial

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The first thing I want to tell you about the Reason recording software is what its not…

I need to go into this now because a lot of newbie producers get confused and then end up not being happy with Reason.

So here we go…

The Reason recording software is NOT an audio recorder!

So you should not think about trying to record your band with Reason because its just not set up that way…

What you will find in Reason 4.0 is a massive range of Synths and samplers. Its a totally self contained unit meaning that you can produce and master a whole track without needing any other equipment at all.

I would recommend it if youre making dance or hip hop music on a laptop and dont want to set up a whole home studio.

If you do want to add vocal to your final track you could use a program like pro tools and use the Reason recording software as a plugin which works great.

But I just wanted to be clear that you cannot import your audio into Reason itself unless you just use snipets in the sampler.


When you pick up Reason you get a whole bunch of award winning synths to work with and tweak till your hearts content.


* Thor – the multi synth that can transform into a whole bunch of classic synths.
* The RPG-8 Arpeggiator – you will love playing with this as it creates some really nice random sounds.
* ReGroove – lets you work with your drum beats and add a lot of randomness so that your stuff wont get boring.

Final thoughts.

Reason is a great option for people on a budget who might not have the best computer. Its runs really light on CPU power and it has never crashed on me!

But remember the more tracks you add the slower things get…PERIOD.

I really think the Propellersheads boys who make Reason are doing great things with the package and look out for audio recording in the near future.

Such a cool program.

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About Reason 4.0’s Synthesizers

Propellerheads Reason is by far one of the most essential tools for an aspiring music producer. Basically anyone, from novice to expert, can produce sounds for it and create music using it. Reason’s three synthesizers are the electronic musician’s tools to creating new and impressive sounds. An electronic music producer can even couple these synthesizers and combine them with effects to make them even more unique using Reason’s combinator.


Subtractor is the first synthesizer that Reason came with, and produces sounds in mono. However, despite its age, it still continues to be an effective synthesizer used in producing powerful sounds that can be used in today’s music. Subtractor includes 2 oscillators where the sound is initially produced (paired with FM Modulation), a Mod Envelope, a Filter Envelope, two linkable Filters, a Noise controller, two Low Frequency Oscillators (LFOs), an Amp Envelope, and Velocity Control. Subtractor may be old, but it is definitely not obscelete. It still packs a punch with the massive array of features at your disposal.


Malström is another powerful synthesizer of Reason, recognized by its light green color and large array of knobs and switches to play around with. Unlike Subtractor, Malström is a graintable type synthesizer in that it allows you to change where in the sound oscillation begins. Just like the Subtractor, Malström includes 2 oscillators. However, these oscillators each have their own Attack, Decay, Sustain, and Release (ADSR in short) controls, and an index slider which determines where in the sound oscillation will begin. Malström also includes a shaper, two filters, two modulators, a velocity controller, and a filter envelope. With all these features, you can produce an unlimited amount of sounds.


Once you have read about Malström and Subtractor, and you got very excited about getting your hands dirty with these synthesizers, you will be amazed at the possibilities of the Thor Polysonic Synthesizer. It includes a whopping three oscillators with different types of user-definable oscillation, three user-definable filters, two LFOs, an amplifier, an oscillator mixer, a filter envelope, an amplifier envelope, a modulator envelope, a global envelope, a step sequencer built in, a delay controller, a chorus controller, and a digital routing environment. The programmer of Thor’s synthesizer includes very clear routing arrows showing what is going where, and also allows you to program the first two filters serially or parallel.

Reason’s Thor synthesizer is packed with features that will keep you busy for an indefinite period of time with endless possibilities for producing quality sounds. However, that does not mean that you should stop using the other synthesizers. They all have their purpose and you might make your decision on what synthesizer to use depending on how much computer resources you plan people who use your sound sets to have.

Miguel Leiva-Gomez is a freelance writer, freelance computer engineer, programmer, musician, and song writer. His passions are music, computers, technology, and educating people. He has always strived his best to explain things in the simplest possible terms to make people understand what he has to show the world. His voice has been heard in cities like Miami, and even in places like Oradea, Romania.

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