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J2ME- The Star of Mobile Application Development Industry

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With the immensely growing popularity of smart phones, PDAs and cell phones, mobile application developers have crossed the threshold of a golden age soon after the emergence of Java 2 Platform, Micro Edition, which is commonly referred to as J2ME. J2ME application development provides an elastic, full-bodied environment for developing applications that can be run on different consumer devices like PDAs and internet-ready Smartphones.

Java’s new outreach delivers the benefits as well as power of Java technology, which can be effectively used by the consumers and their embedded devices as well. J2ME applications development not only include an enormous networked support but also offers integrated applications that are extremely compatible with a large number of desktop applications.

The best part about J2ME applications is that they are extremely capable of taking into account the entire characteristics and specifications of the devices that are inhabited by them. These applications ensure that each device is being utilized to its maximum potential. In fact J2ME has become a set standard in terms of Blackberry application development. Today J2ME has become top choice of marketers, programmers, consumers and vendors. You can find a large number of companies and firms that are offering great and highly affordable J2ME development packages.

When made to work in conjunction with any one of the most prevailing operating systems, J2ME begins to achieve its maximum potential. There are many powerful players that are using J2ME for the development of mobile applications. Actually mobile application development is based upon two things- an appropriate programming language and a proper environment for the manifestation of that language. There are many development firms that focus on both the parameters to provide their customers with the best outcomes.

Expert J2ME developers make use of features like augmented phone functionality, code efficiency, rich multimedia, usability standards, communications server, telephony, device and base driver development, solid infrastructure, communications and networking, narrow band protocols, messaging, connectivity, security as well as multimedia for mobile applications development.

You can also hire an experienced J2ME developer who can offer you with highly professional services while keeping into consideration your target market. Only after building a good understanding of your target market, he will be able to provide you with customized mobile applications.

This article is written by a writer working at SynapseIndia – a mobile application development company offering Blackberry application development and J2ME application development services to worldwide clients.

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Mobile Application Development Services- A Must For Every Industry

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Everyone in today’s world knows the increasing popularity of the mobile application development market. This industry has caught the eye of every mobile and technology savvy persons and so its demand in the market has grown at a rapid rate. Every business and organizations are now taking keen interest in this mobile sector due to its vast and fast reach.

Companies need to hire industry professionals and software engineers for their research and development of software and marketing. The co-ordination between every department with the research and development wing of the company needs to be at the highest level for any development of the company. As more and more smartphone applications are coming in the market, the co-ordination work between the departments are now more smooth and streamlined. As such, the demand for mobile applications are also increasing.

These applications have given the support to the companies to make an implementation on their creative ideas to come into existence. Various mobile operating systems platforms are available in the industry and so the competition between the service providers and development companies are increasing. The mobile application development companies are providing expert level mobile solutions to the ‘world’ clients.

Several platforms for mobile application development:




Windows mobile

J2ME mobile



The demand for expert mobile app developers are ever increasing with the increase in demand for mobile app solutions. But before you give you app project to any company or individual, make sure you make a thorough study of their past works and client testimonials to see that your time and money will not get wasted. Application developers are keen in creating apps for different mobile devices and tablet PCs.

Offshore mobile app development companies are also providing expert level development services. If one has an idea and wants to create apps on that basis, then these offshore companies can provide you with dedicated app developer service to the clients. Today, these companies are not confiding to only games, business, news and weather apps only but if you require any customization of your existing apps, these development companies can assist you in that field too. Also, these companies are not only working on iPhone, iPad and Android, but also providing services in Windows mobile application development.


Michael Torner is an IT professional and is currently involved in iPhone application development.

Windows Mobile App Developer

Windows Mobile Application Developer


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Sandstorm: Darude’s Greatest Contribution to the Techno Music Industry

Few songs can make people feel energized, excited, anxious, powerful, breathless, and edgy all at the same time. Such an explosive musical masterpiece as Darude’s 1999 song, “Sandstorm,” only comes around every few years. Perfect for clubs and discos around the world, “Sandstorm” has been a hit for years. And with that kind of techno-inspired genius, it’s no wonder this song has become so successful.

From its roots in Finland clubs by DJ Darude – eventually produced professionally by 16 Inch Records and released in November of 1999 – “Sandstorm” took the country by storm (no pun intended). Due to its raving national success, the recording company took “Sandstorm” global, releasing it to a broader European audience in 2000. It also gained popularity there, almost instantaneously becoming a worldwide hit in the first year of the new millennium.

With the entrancing first minute of the song, listeners are slowly introduced to a techno-venture, as the sound of cymbals clashing grows closer and more menacing with each passing beat. Rhythmatic techno beats begin softly in the distance and grow louder and more powerful until an explosion of techno beats take over the initial sensitive sequence of the song.

It is a masterfully-woven, yet heart-racing collection of beats that go from high speed trance to stuttering, cautious ticks of a beat, and right back to the unending assimilation of techno choruses that keep the song flowing faster than a raging hurricane.

The middle of the extended version (the radio edit is approximately 3:30, the longer version is over seven minutes) contains a brief pause in the flow of the beats, with just the occasional ominous cymbal once again clattering far off in the distance. The entire feel of the song gives the listener the feeling of the music coming from some far away location, not in the close proximity of their ears.

Furthermore, this song was so popular all over the world that it managed to land in some prestigious dancing-based games, such as DDRMAX Dance Dance Revolution. Despite it’s declining popularity since its first release over a decade ago, it has received top awards from countries such as Germany, Australia and the US. It is still often played today during various sporting events to encourage excitement amongst the crowds for the home team.

For more information or questions regarding buying or selling used techno CDs from Darude’s “Sandstorm” to Daft Punk’s “Discovery”, visit www.used-techno.com. If you have any questions, please email us at customerservice@secondspin.com.

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