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Blue LED up close - from https://cleanlites.com/

Confessions of a Hacker – A Cure Found For LEDHD


A poem I prompted chat GPT to write about my 42 years of hoarding LEDs…

Hi, I’m Geoff, and LEDHD is my plight,
A disorder born from a colorful light.
It began when I was merely three,
With Tungsten’s glow, the spark in me.

First, it was red, a vibrant hue,
Then green emerged, with a vibrant view.
Yellow and orange joined the rainbow’s call,
A symphony of colors, standing tall.

But oh, blue, where were you, my dear?
I waited with longing, year after year.
My wife never knew, my secret desire,
To find that elusive, captivating sapphire.

3 Blue LEDs
3 Blue LEDs – The 2014 Nobel Prize in Physics has been awarded to the inventors of the blue LED, which is the key to modern energy-efficient lighting (Photo: Shutterstock)

Finally, I found you, so precious and rare,
Took you home, hoping you’d glow and share,
But alas, I overvoltaged, oh what a shame,
Green you became, a different name.

Curse you, 9-volt Duracell, for the pain you caused,
My true blue love lost, my heart truly paused.
The light of my life, now forever green,
Dim and subdued, a sight unseen.

But fret not, for it’s just a burnt junction,
A lesson learned, a valuable instruction.
Next time, I’ll remember, only three volts I’ll employ,
To keep the flame alive, to bring back the joy.

LEDHD may haunt me, but I’ll persist,
In this world of circuits, I can’t resist.
Confessions of a hacker, I lay bare,
In the pursuit of light, forever aware.

Produced by Geoff R Williams using AI technology by OpenAI’s GPT-3.5 model .

From <https://chat.openai.com/?model=text-davinci-002-render-sha>

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