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The Stars Twinkle In The Background of This Deeply Sonorous CD — Literally

Oil City, PA (PRWEB) June 20, 2006

You are Star Dust, a newly released CD, lets the stars twinkle in the background of this sonorous CD, literally.

Our physical body is primarily made of carbon, hydrogen, oxygen, and nitrogen. The stars are made of these too. Our bodies and the stars are made out of the same stuff.

A French physicist, Joel Sternheimer, discovered the sounds of the elements in the Periodic Table. Carbon, hydrogen, oxygen and nitrogen give off frequencies, a song if you will. Composer Jill Mattson adds, “The stars vibrate a tune and so do our bodies!”

Sternheimer learned that amino acids in plants produce melodies. We cant hear them, but with his equipment Sternheimer has heard and recorded them. When Joel played each plants amino acids melody to the plant, its growth doubled and the plant increased its resilience to drought and disease. Composer Jill Mattson reports, “This says to me, that if we can bring our frequency back into harmony, we become all that we were meant to be.”

A strong vibration in close proximity with a lessor vibration will cause a lessor vibration to change and mimic the stronger vibration. So when one hears the sounds of the stars, these sounds vibrate that person into harmony with the songs of the heavens.

According to Hans Cousto, one can calculate the pitch of a planet if we know the time it takes a planet to move in its orbit: frequency=1/period. For example, the earth takes 365.24 days for its orbit around the sun, so the earths frequency is 1/365.24 days. By increasing this frequency by octaves, this note can be heard.

Cousto suggests that when you tune into the earths frequency, you tune into a powerful energy force, much like what the Indian and Tibetan monks have done. They are already in harmony die to their regular meditation. Also, an octave of the earth- day frequency is the same frequency of our DNA, so tuning into the earth tone tunes up our DNA, as well.

Cousto says; Meditation music attuned to the sun tone is beyond all imagination and will lead the listener into new dimensions. It is for souls who are full of joy and whose spirits are clear, for those who are prepared to leave everything behind them without regret. Meditation carried out to the sun tone will lead the listener to a state beyond good and bad, shame and guilt, beyond space and time.

Listen to these tones on the You are Stardust CD by Jill Mattson. The planets, earth, moon and sun are played on tuning forks and twinkle in the background. “Tuning you to the tones of the heavens!” adds composer Jill Mattson.

The stars twinkle in the background, but what does the music sound like? Each track evokes swimming and ethereal melodies reminiscent of new age artist, Enya and the haunting vocals of Sarah Brightman reports The Derrick Newspaper.

The following sites provide backup information for this new concept in music; http://www.healingnewagemusic.com







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New Hip Hop Beats Source: Budding Musical Talent Allowed Access to the Same Rap Beats, Pop Instrumentals as the Stars

New York, NY (PRWEB) October 14, 2008

Every year, so many artists seeking to get established in the hip hop, rap, pop and r&b genre mix their demos and try to get the attention of major recording labels. They aspire to get noticed by standing out through talent and major hit sounding hip hop beats, rap beats and pop instrumentals. By now, the ruthless and uncompromising nature of the music industry is well known, and it is a difficult and trying process for anyone, even the best, to get through.

Of course matters are scarcely helped by the simple fact that the beats that form the very core of the sound for such talents are often of a quality that leaves much to be desired. Most of these beats are generally sourced online, and sound very similar to one another which results in the final product that is produced being indistinguishable from the crowd.

For any talent that should be looking to stand out, and get noticed, this is a potential career killer.

As such, the new service that Beatslocker is now providing should be all the more interesting for anyone that wishes to enter the music industry. Instead of the same old rehashed beats, this service provides professionally produced, arranged, and mastered beats of the kind that are used by top artists themselves.

Indeed, their track record is impressive, having worked with such big name stars as Usher, P. Diddy, Outkast, Pink, and Alicia Keys. In line with this, they have developed a network of producers and beat makers that are working for such celebrities, and now bring that same type of quality to the new, talented crowd of artists.

In their own words, “We offer these hundred thousand dollar beats in the hope that it will enable talented new artists to rise above the mediocrity that the ‘dime a dozen’ beats commonly sold online have to offer.”

Everything about the set up at Beatslocker is professional, and all of the beats that they provide go through stringent approval processes by the same A&R Executives who work with major music artists. End of the day, this means that by either purchasing a single beat, or by signing up to their VIP membership, budding talents will be gaining access to a collection of the very best beats to use in their mix.

In short, by totally standing out of the crowd that is offering beats online, Beatslocker is offering the chance for new music talent to similarly stand out too.


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