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Why Not Use Joomla Video Tutorials for Open Source Training

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Joomla Video Tutorials are still a very fresh way to learn Joomla with most people turning to the traditional forums, books and tutorials websites for their training. They are, however, becoming the best way to learn Joomla and all its components.


Why Choose Joomla Video Tutorials?

1. Being a visual medium, if you get a good tutorial video series you can see what is happening, hear the instructions and get a feel for how it all works as you work through the training. This satisfies the Visual, Kinesthetic and Auditory methods of learning that we all fall into.


2. It’s easier to follow a step by step process watching what to do as you do it. This prevents the dizziness often associated with reading, figuring out what is being said with carrying out the instructions.


You will find two kinds of Joomla video tutorials online for training in this open source platform. Free or for a fee.  Free video training is not usually complete and covers the basics from Joomla install to setting up menus. However there is so much more to this web platform, particularly back end functionality of running a newsletter server, database, some of the more advanced features that can all add scalability to your web business.


Full-scale Joomla video tutorials range from $ 157-$ 299. You will get cheaper ones  around $ 24-$ 79 which cover a lot of the free videos you will find if you care to search around YouTube and the internet.


You do need some help to learn Joomla as is not that easy to follow for the beginner and you can waste a lot of time.  Joomla video tutorialsprovide you a way to leverage off of experts experience and knowledge so you can quickly come up to pace with developing your own Joomla website.


Learn Joomla Fast With Easy to Follow Joomla Video Tutorials.





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How to Buy and Sell Mobile App Source Code

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The mobile computing market is the biggest thing to hit the computer industry and the Internet. Hundreds of thousands of mobile applications have been developed in a very short period of time. As in the first days of the Internet where everyone and their mother wanted a website developed, everyone wants an application.

A new generation of mobile phone users is always looking for something new and exciting every day. App store flooded with new applications for an hour. Developers and contractors must find the application on the market is very lucrative. App can go from obscurity to fame almost instantly in a few days. It is not uncommon to see the download app found, and to go from zero to a few hundreds of thousands of downloads in a few hours!

Even after so much media attention and a lot of success on the part of developers around the world, Mobile, developers are still struggling to achieve financial success. More than 70,000 registered developers and over 250,000 from the App Store, it is increasingly difficult to stay out so flooded the market. Even when you have a great application, but have little chance without a note, effective marketing and business experts to promote the product.

For many developers, marketing is not their forte. They focus on developing high quality code and have little time on the market or not have the business acumen needed to start your application from darkness to integration. To solve this problem, some sites have been created to help mobile application developers obtain a significant gain for their hard work with the sale of its code of mobile applications. In many cases, developers can make more money by selling their code instead of paying to list your application in the App Store.

Buyers have the opportunity to purchase a mobile application developed that can include graphics, coding and all license rights in the future. In a sense, buying a company, brand and presence in the mobile industry of billions. Many may decide to build a portfolio of applications, while others may take the code and reuse it to improve existing applications.

So if you want to buy or sell iphone app source code and android app source code Mobile apps Gallery also offer you Please visit: mobileappsgallery.com

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New Hip Hop Beats Source: Budding Musical Talent Allowed Access to the Same Rap Beats, Pop Instrumentals as the Stars

New York, NY (PRWEB) October 14, 2008

Every year, so many artists seeking to get established in the hip hop, rap, pop and r&b genre mix their demos and try to get the attention of major recording labels. They aspire to get noticed by standing out through talent and major hit sounding hip hop beats, rap beats and pop instrumentals. By now, the ruthless and uncompromising nature of the music industry is well known, and it is a difficult and trying process for anyone, even the best, to get through.

Of course matters are scarcely helped by the simple fact that the beats that form the very core of the sound for such talents are often of a quality that leaves much to be desired. Most of these beats are generally sourced online, and sound very similar to one another which results in the final product that is produced being indistinguishable from the crowd.

For any talent that should be looking to stand out, and get noticed, this is a potential career killer.

As such, the new service that Beatslocker is now providing should be all the more interesting for anyone that wishes to enter the music industry. Instead of the same old rehashed beats, this service provides professionally produced, arranged, and mastered beats of the kind that are used by top artists themselves.

Indeed, their track record is impressive, having worked with such big name stars as Usher, P. Diddy, Outkast, Pink, and Alicia Keys. In line with this, they have developed a network of producers and beat makers that are working for such celebrities, and now bring that same type of quality to the new, talented crowd of artists.

In their own words, “We offer these hundred thousand dollar beats in the hope that it will enable talented new artists to rise above the mediocrity that the ‘dime a dozen’ beats commonly sold online have to offer.”

Everything about the set up at Beatslocker is professional, and all of the beats that they provide go through stringent approval processes by the same A&R Executives who work with major music artists. End of the day, this means that by either purchasing a single beat, or by signing up to their VIP membership, budding talents will be gaining access to a collection of the very best beats to use in their mix.

In short, by totally standing out of the crowd that is offering beats online, Beatslocker is offering the chance for new music talent to similarly stand out too.


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