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Why Not Use Joomla Video Tutorials for Open Source Training

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Joomla Video Tutorials are still a very fresh way to learn Joomla with most people turning to the traditional forums, books and tutorials websites for their training. They are, however, becoming the best way to learn Joomla and all its components.


Why Choose Joomla Video Tutorials?

1. Being a visual medium, if you get a good tutorial video series you can see what is happening, hear the instructions and get a feel for how it all works as you work through the training. This satisfies the Visual, Kinesthetic and Auditory methods of learning that we all fall into.


2. It’s easier to follow a step by step process watching what to do as you do it. This prevents the dizziness often associated with reading, figuring out what is being said with carrying out the instructions.


You will find two kinds of Joomla video tutorials online for training in this open source platform. Free or for a fee.  Free video training is not usually complete and covers the basics from Joomla install to setting up menus. However there is so much more to this web platform, particularly back end functionality of running a newsletter server, database, some of the more advanced features that can all add scalability to your web business.


Full-scale Joomla video tutorials range from $ 157-$ 299. You will get cheaper ones  around $ 24-$ 79 which cover a lot of the free videos you will find if you care to search around YouTube and the internet.


You do need some help to learn Joomla as is not that easy to follow for the beginner and you can waste a lot of time.  Joomla video tutorialsprovide you a way to leverage off of experts experience and knowledge so you can quickly come up to pace with developing your own Joomla website.


Learn Joomla Fast With Easy to Follow Joomla Video Tutorials.





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