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Fun Family Traditions Site Releases New Stress Relief Digital Manual in Dinner Talk Style

Logan, Utah (PRWEB) September 22, 2008

The “Dinner Talk People” at Epicworld Web site have released a new digital stress relief manual in honor of Family Day. With illustrated epic stories in easy dinner talk style, the digital manual, Escape to Epic World, by C.A. Davidson, offers a 5 step process or journey of discovery. Daily family meals are the first step in stress relief for parents and in preparing their children for successful adulthood.

According to this manual, stress management is not a single activity– it is a process, a way of life. In Escape to Epic World, this process is organized into five steps.

Step 1. “Family Gathering.” Family meals are the first step toward the “happy ending” all parents want for their families. For many, the back-to-school season is a convenient time to gather the family and loved ones as a support group, and begin enjoying daily dinner talk together.

Studies by The Center for Addictions and Substance Abuse show that children who have daily family meals 1)abuse drugs less 2) eat more nutritious meals 3) do better in school. Those with the family meal habit are discovering an additional benefit of stress relief.

Step 2. “Prepare Every Needful Thing.” Stress for children often comes from the unknown and unexpected. Preparing ahead of time for potential stressors and difficult circumstances empowers them to cope more effectively and find peace of mind.

Step 3. “Landmarks.” For parents who would like their children to read good books, this section provides discussion topics from classic literature. In his epic masterpiece, The Lord of the Rings, J.R.R. Tolkien speaks of having “eyes that know what to look for.” This step gives young people increased understanding of epic literature and their own character development.

Step 4. “Epic Quest.” Managing the day-to-day routine with a measured pace, prioritizing the important activities, and simplifying “busy-ness” can reduce stress. Finding an expanded perspective reduces stress for children and helps parents avoid burn-out.

Step 5. “Return Home Triumphant.” In this section, parents find ways to help their children “discover the epic hero within.” William James said, “The greatest use of our life is to spend it on something that outlasts it.” Children with a sense of purpose do not merely survive the teenage years– they thrive.

Epicworld has also established a new web page with stress relief tips. The site and book are not clinical or professional in nature. The site offers time and stress management tips and other resources. The book is a collection of epic stories which provide a “retreat” from the stresses of life, giving strength and encouragement at the same time.

The book points out that since we cannot totally remove stress from our lives, what we need is a place of privacy or safety, a refuge, or a retreat. A retreat does not mean defeat, but rather a temporary oasis, where one can be refreshed and strengthened. The author calls this retreat “Epic World”, or the world of epic stories– a realm of beautiful nature and music, epic heroes, inspiration, learning, and adventure.

Webster’s 1828 Dictionary defines “epic” as “otherwise called heroic. . . which narrates a story. . . in an elevated style. . . usually the achievements of some distinguished hero, and intended to form the morals and affect the mind with the love of virtue. The end [ purpose] is to improve morals, and inspire a love of virtue, bravery and illustrious actions.”

Examples of epic stories include J.R.R. Tolkien’s The Lord of the Rings, John Milton’s epic poem, Paradise Lost, and C.S. Lewis’ Chronicles of Narnia. Excellent examples of epic literature are also found in the scriptures.

“Epic literature can give us a reservoir of strength to draw on when needed, ” Davidson writes. “Then in times of challenge, we discover increased capacity to manage the stress in our lives.”

DepressionReliefSource new to the Internet – DepressionReliefSource Site Launches, Allowing Easy Access to Information about Depression Relief.

Hudson, NH (PRWEB) November 11, 2005

Recently DepressionReliefSource launched its new website, http://www.DepressionReliefSource.com, featuring various services for researching sources and news pertaining to depression relief via the internet.

http://www.DepressionReliefSource.com is the new resource site for researching depression relief. Depression has become one of the major causes of illness. Is it depression that you are experiencing and what are the various remedies available for depression relief?

http://www.DepressionReliefSource.com will aide in the search for the various types of depression relief. There are a variety of ways to treat depression which encompass exercise, natural remedies, diet and prescription drugs. Every individual is different and choosing the right depression relief remedy is of utmost importance.

Utilize resources to help determine whether or not you are experiencing depression or just having a bad day. Once you have determined that you may indeed be depressed there is information about the various types of depression and the available depression relief remedies and support available to you.

Some of us are embarrassed or just dont seem to think that we could be depressed. Life is good, how can I be depressed? Research resources to help in understanding what depression actually is and how to effectively get relief for it. Research the possibilities before making a depression relief decision with DepressionReliefSource.

http://www.DepressionReliefSource.com offers the most recent news, information and resources about the various types of depression relief.

http://www.DepressionReliefSource.com goal is to offer fast and easy access to the various types of resources available in researching depression relief.

About DepressionReliefSource: DepressionReliefSource promotes fast and easy references and resources for depression relief. DepressionReliefSource can be contacted through its website at http://www.DepressionReliefSource.com


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Holistic Weight Loss is Key to Depression Relief

New York City, NY (Vocus/PRWEB) January 04, 2011

Patients Medical, a leading integrative medical center in New York City, will reveal effective ways to ease depression through natural weight loss in a January 20th webinar at 6:30pm Eastern Time.

The holidays are a very challenging time for those who struggle with depression. The odds are really against you especially if patients are overweight or have other chronic health conditions, explains Dr. Rashmi Gulati, Medical Director of Patients Medical.

Many scientific studies have been published confirming the link between obesity and depression. Scientists noted that people classified as obese (body mass index of 30 or more) have a 50-150% greater chance of depression.

Losing weight is difficult for patients who are depressed. The task seems insurmountable, no matter how badly they say they want to lose weight. Thats why holistic treatment is essential. By balancing hormones, thyroid and brain chemistry for depression relief, along with supplements to support weight loss, a healthy diet and exercise, the whole body is addressed and you see results in all areas. This is inspiring to the patient and makes it easier to succeed in losing weight and keeping it off.

Dr. Gulati and her staff of holistic medical doctors recommend a complete health evaluation, after which a customized treatment plan will be prescribed, possibly including bio-identical hormone replacement therapy and all-natural, stimulant-free weight loss supplements such as MetabTrim. These recommendations and more will be revealed during the free webinar, Cure Your Depression with All-Natural Weight Loss hosted by Dr. Gulati and nutritionist, Judy Penta.

With over a decade of experience, Dr. Rashmi Gulati is a leader in internal and integrative medicine, having appeared as a medical expert on Good Morning America, CNN, FOX 5 and WCBS in addition to a variety of national publications, speaking about depression, thyroid disease, hormonal health, cancer and holistic medicine. Dr. Gulati is also featured as an innovative doctor in Suzanne Somers books Breakthrough and Ageless.

About Patients Medical

Patients Medical (http://www.patientsmedical.com) is a unique integrative medicine center in Manhattan that combines the best of traditional and holistic medicine with modern technology to provide comprehensive care. Established in 1974, the center employs a multi-disciplinary staff including board certified internists, licensed practitioners and nutritionists. The practice specializes in diagnosing the root cause of an ailment, then healing the whole person with personalized protocols that draw upon ancient healing techniques alongside Western Medical perspectives. Patients Medical offers free seminars each month on bio-identical hormones, weight loss, thyroid, chronic fatigue, nutrition and more.


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Relief For Drug Addicts

The sole purpose of any good rehab program is to free an individual from the asphyxiating bonds of drug and alcohol abuse. These programs help enable an individual to live life to its fullest and enjoy its many joys without the influence of either drugs or liquor. You must know that addiction is a disease and it is curablevarious successful drug and alcohol rehab and dual diagnosis programs stand testimony to the fact. In this article you will find some useful information about these programs.

If you have either drug abuse problems or alcoholism or both you must consult a specialist for the best dual diagnosis or rehab program suited for your condition. In view of this consultation, your case is studied by physicians and addiction specialists and they will subsequently perform tests to pin-point the right program for you. Since each addict is unique (as the origin of the addiction is unique) every person has his/her own tailor made rehab program. For example, mens drug rehab program differs greatly from womens drug rehab. Men require more treatment as their cases are more frequent in number. Several programs and processes are employedresidential treatment, detoxification, counseling, diet, meditation, exercise, physical activity etc.

Depending on the history and severity of the case, specialists might advise what processes need to be included in your rehab program. For example, a recent history of addiction requires outpatient treatment whereas a prolonged one requires rigorous inpatient therapy.

If you have had just a recent case of drug abuse with no past history and wish to emancipate yourself from it then outpatient treatment is the best. Patients receive guidance and counseling which works better than any forms of medicine. This form of treatment is only suitable when the addiction is in its primary stages. These are for those individuals whose personal and work lives have not been affected by drug abuse and they show a strong determination to quit. Drug rehab California treatment centers have expert and experienced outpatient departments.

But if you have been in the clutches of drug addiction for too long and it is starting to affect your job, social, marital or love life then it is time to stop and get yourself into an inpatient treatment center. The inpatient treatment consists of detox and many other procedures. It is an extremely effective method which is usually followed by counseling and guidance on how to avoid temptations in the future.