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How To Weight Lift – Getting Started With A New Routine

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When it comes to getting physically fit, you need to make sure that you are taking a few important aspects into consideration. For many people, the answer is to go to a gym, get a trainer and start from there. This can work if you have the money and time, but for many people this is simply not an option. Instead, they might want to consider taking matters into their own hands. The truth is that you do have the power to get into shape. In this article, you will learn about weight lifting. Keep in mind that this is a complex fitness concept, so you will want to take learning how to weight lift one step at a time.

The first thing you have to consider when it comes to learning how to weight lift is what your goals are. The reason that weight lifting is so popular is because it can do so many things. There are different routines and workouts that include weights. You will want to decide, for example, if weight loss is your goal. If this is the case, you will need to do a general weight routine that will evenly increase strength, allowing you to burn more calories. If you are an athlete, you might want to focus on a particular group of muscles. If this is your goal, you will want to learn about dumbbells and other free weight exercises.

Also consider that there are different kinds of muscle training when you are learning how to weight lift. If you want to develop strength in muscle movement, you will want to use isotonic muscle training, which will contract and short your muscles through movement. If you want to develop strength quickly, you will need to experiment with exercise machines that provide you with isokinetic exercise. Finally, if you want to develop static strength in your muscles that does not include movement, you might want to work out with some isometric methods.

Finally, when you are learning how to weight lift, it’s important that you eat well and practice safety. When it comes to eating well, you need to make sure that you are staying away from processed foods and foods that contain many sugars. When it comes to safety, make sure that you are stretching before and after your weight lifting routine. This will stop you from overstraining or pulling your muscles. This is especially important for athletes who are working one group of muscles and cannot afford to be out of the game.

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Holistic Weight Loss is Key to Depression Relief

New York City, NY (Vocus/PRWEB) January 04, 2011

Patients Medical, a leading integrative medical center in New York City, will reveal effective ways to ease depression through natural weight loss in a January 20th webinar at 6:30pm Eastern Time.

The holidays are a very challenging time for those who struggle with depression. The odds are really against you especially if patients are overweight or have other chronic health conditions, explains Dr. Rashmi Gulati, Medical Director of Patients Medical.

Many scientific studies have been published confirming the link between obesity and depression. Scientists noted that people classified as obese (body mass index of 30 or more) have a 50-150% greater chance of depression.

Losing weight is difficult for patients who are depressed. The task seems insurmountable, no matter how badly they say they want to lose weight. Thats why holistic treatment is essential. By balancing hormones, thyroid and brain chemistry for depression relief, along with supplements to support weight loss, a healthy diet and exercise, the whole body is addressed and you see results in all areas. This is inspiring to the patient and makes it easier to succeed in losing weight and keeping it off.

Dr. Gulati and her staff of holistic medical doctors recommend a complete health evaluation, after which a customized treatment plan will be prescribed, possibly including bio-identical hormone replacement therapy and all-natural, stimulant-free weight loss supplements such as MetabTrim. These recommendations and more will be revealed during the free webinar, Cure Your Depression with All-Natural Weight Loss hosted by Dr. Gulati and nutritionist, Judy Penta.

With over a decade of experience, Dr. Rashmi Gulati is a leader in internal and integrative medicine, having appeared as a medical expert on Good Morning America, CNN, FOX 5 and WCBS in addition to a variety of national publications, speaking about depression, thyroid disease, hormonal health, cancer and holistic medicine. Dr. Gulati is also featured as an innovative doctor in Suzanne Somers books Breakthrough and Ageless.

About Patients Medical

Patients Medical (http://www.patientsmedical.com) is a unique integrative medicine center in Manhattan that combines the best of traditional and holistic medicine with modern technology to provide comprehensive care. Established in 1974, the center employs a multi-disciplinary staff including board certified internists, licensed practitioners and nutritionists. The practice specializes in diagnosing the root cause of an ailment, then healing the whole person with personalized protocols that draw upon ancient healing techniques alongside Western Medical perspectives. Patients Medical offers free seminars each month on bio-identical hormones, weight loss, thyroid, chronic fatigue, nutrition and more.


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