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DepressionReliefSource new to the Internet – DepressionReliefSource Site Launches, Allowing Easy Access to Information about Depression Relief.

Hudson, NH (PRWEB) November 11, 2005

Recently DepressionReliefSource launched its new website, http://www.DepressionReliefSource.com, featuring various services for researching sources and news pertaining to depression relief via the internet.

http://www.DepressionReliefSource.com is the new resource site for researching depression relief. Depression has become one of the major causes of illness. Is it depression that you are experiencing and what are the various remedies available for depression relief?

http://www.DepressionReliefSource.com will aide in the search for the various types of depression relief. There are a variety of ways to treat depression which encompass exercise, natural remedies, diet and prescription drugs. Every individual is different and choosing the right depression relief remedy is of utmost importance.

Utilize resources to help determine whether or not you are experiencing depression or just having a bad day. Once you have determined that you may indeed be depressed there is information about the various types of depression and the available depression relief remedies and support available to you.

Some of us are embarrassed or just dont seem to think that we could be depressed. Life is good, how can I be depressed? Research resources to help in understanding what depression actually is and how to effectively get relief for it. Research the possibilities before making a depression relief decision with DepressionReliefSource.

http://www.DepressionReliefSource.com offers the most recent news, information and resources about the various types of depression relief.

http://www.DepressionReliefSource.com goal is to offer fast and easy access to the various types of resources available in researching depression relief.

About DepressionReliefSource: DepressionReliefSource promotes fast and easy references and resources for depression relief. DepressionReliefSource can be contacted through its website at http://www.DepressionReliefSource.com


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CardLab, Inc. Launches Prepaid Teen Card Program

Dallas, TX (PRWEB) July 31, 2013

CardLab, Inc., the leading online provider of gift cards and incentive cards through the websites GiftCard.com and IncentiveCardLab.com respectively, today announced the launch of its new teen website, buxx.com. Buxx.com offers a reloadable prepaid card to help teens learn important money management skills and take concrete steps toward financial independence.

Using the same print on demand technology as its other sites, buxx.com allows teens to create a custom card tailored to their interests. Teens can upload a photo or custom artwork, or select one of 95 existing designs including cars, nature, music, animals and fashion. The card can be loaded via direct deposit from the teens employer, parents can set up recurring loads, or an emergency transfer from a bank account or credit card. Parents will no longer have to worry if their student has enough cash for an out- of-town field trip or concert. If selected through the parent account, teens can also use their card at ATMs. They can even be used internationally. Contact a customer service representative for a full list of approved countries.

Parents and teens each have a login with access to the earn smart, spent smartTM budget management system associated with the card. From there, both can view account balances, select which alerts to receive and see where money is being sent. Buxx.com has been optimized for mobile viewing, giving parents and teens access on the go from their computer, smart phone, or tablet.

The program starts with a $ 4.95 enrollment fee and a $ 4.95 monthly maintenance fee, with no inactivity fees, free direct deposit and the same high quality of customer service expected from CardLab. Were invested in helping teens make smart financial decisions. Its inevitable that this generation will have debit cards so weve made it our mission to help them earn smart and spend smart using budgeting tools that will help them prepare so they know how to use plastic responsibly when the time comes, said David Jones, CEO of CardLab, Inc. Both of my sons have a card; the buxx.com dashboard makes it easy to view both account balances and keep track of their spending.

For financial tips to share with your teen, become a fan on Facebook or follow @myvisabuxx on Twitter. To purchase a card for your teen or learn more about the prepaid teen cards, visit buxx.com.

About Buxx.com

A Visa Buxx Card gives teens the independence and convenience of plastic while making it easy for parents to track and manage spending. Buxx.com is an affiliate of CardLab, Inc. The Dallas based company was founded in 2004 and continues to be a leader in the prepaid card industry while also maintaining exceptional customer service. For more information or to sign up for a prepaid teen card, visit buxx.com.

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