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Young very talented 15 year old singer Zion sings about life experiences with strong leading single ‘Stronger’ that we all can relate to. It will be released at the end of the summer time, an uplifting song that will capture your emotion and mood…

New from Downtown Artists – Young RnB pop singer Zion Preston debut single titled ‘Stronger’ by singer/songwriter Zion Preston, featuring his unique blend of RnB and up tempo pop music with a real soul/urban element. The lead single is titled ‘Stronger’ and the B-side titled ‘Superman’.

15 years old Zion Preston is a young highly ambitious and talented individual who has only recently started song writing. After writing his debut single ‘Stronger’ only a year ago about a life situations and targeting bullying he counts it as an inspirational song. It’s incredibly strong song with a punchy hook and well thought out lyrical content for someone so young, it’s clear that Zion not only is blessed with truly unique vocals but has the ability to go on and become a top songwriter within the music industry. The B-side titled ‘Superman’ is about a relationship in which he observes ones around him, and targets love and how if the male changes he can become a ‘Superman’ for their particular female companion.

Zion is a humble young person with the whole world at his feet, a clear music lover who is truly inspired by all music from pop/rock to urban. He counts Bono from U2 as one of his biggest musical inspirations. Zion comes from a church upbringing and began singing in the church at 11 years old. He is very spiritual and wise for someone so young. His family have been part of the church since a young age, lots of his relatives have gone on to become professional musicians and take part in touring quire’s across the UK. Zion for the past 2 years has been busy studying and excelling his knowledge on music, from teaching himself to play instruments such as the piano/guitar to understanding different genres of music and also teaching himself how to produce. Most of his time away from school is spent in the studio and most recently has been busy collaborating with other artists on co writes and production. There is no denying that Zion is incredibly talented artist and all rounded multi talented individual. Zion has a very bright future ahead of him, for now it’s just the beginning of his long lasting career in music.

Zion has recently signed to Play recording studios on a promotional deal and is now busy working on his debut album in which he is producing himself. He will be gigging at some of London’s top venue with his guitarist in the summer months.

For more information and for Interviews contact Play recording studios

75 Loudoun Road, London NW8 ODQ

8 Berwick Street, London W1F OPH

W: www.downtownartists.co.uk

E : Jemma@downtownartists.co.uk

T : 0203 1376410

jony salama

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How To Build Your Own Home Recording Studio: Top 5 Free

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Technology is so difficult and miserly this days, it’s not with the intention of tough to build your Home Studio and start making particular hits. All you need is a little tad of money to build your at home studio and a sufficient amount know-how to keep details, mix and master your songs. If you are providential you’ll be a star in thumbs down epoch.

This article is not almost at home studio gear, but honorable to be trustworthy we are on the properly track, I will pin sense particular of the at home studio equipment is looked-for used for your at home studio. A blameless condenser mic (AT2020), a blameless audio interface (Audio Kontrol 1 or M-Audio Interface), a laptop, a pop filter and a mic viewpoint, particular cables and headphones. Let’s say you allow all with the intention of. It’s epoch to keep details your stuff. For with the intention of, you need inordinate recording and producing software. If you are on a packed funds, it’s tough to fee $ 300-500 used for a proficient drove. That makes way used for a more facile and without charge alternative: Open Source.

The top 5 sincere source at home recording software starts with Wave Editor. This recording and control without charge software provides a user-friendly upbringing which is inordinate used for beginners as soon as making basic control. Not with the intention of inordinate used for difficult users.

On the 4th place stands Traverso, a more difficult and enhanced without charge audio editor. You will notice with the intention of Traverso brings an eye-catching and clean interface, is at ease to hear, and lets you keep details and edit vocals like a pro.

Onyx Arranger LE comes then. Reading its website, you’ll understand with the intention of Onyx is a powerful arranger/sequencer with the intention of can be used to manufacture your instrumentals using a midi grand piano.

On the moment place in my top stands Kristal Audio Engine, single of the top without charge harmony creation software untaken used for Mac or PC. Although it’s without charge, it comes with many proficient skin texture.: 16 audio tracks, 32 Bit suspended sense audio engine, 44.1 to 192 kHz sample rate, 3-band parametric EQ, 2 VST add slots for every channel, 3 VST master effect slots, ASIO low latency audio driver support. Kristal Audio Engine can be used to manufacture instrumentals or keep details your vocals, mix them and master the song. It’s honorable pardon? You need in your at home studio.

And the long awaited winner is Audacity, the a large amount multiuse building without charge recording and control without charge software untaken properly in a jiffy. This amazing without charge audio editor is so in style due to its fat collection of sound sound effects, audio filters, control tools, supported formats and trouble-free but very efficient interface. When it comes to without charge audio control, Audacity is the king. Words are not a sufficient amount to explain this amazing without charge software. You allow to test it in order to give it some thought its rotund power.

Most people nowdays like song play . However free punjabi songs and english movies songs mp3 are very popular too.

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Learn More About What A Professional Recording Studio Can Do For Your Business And Band

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No matter whether you think you are the next Canadian Idol, you have a band that you want to promote, or even an upcoming theater production, you can take advantage of the services of the Recording Studio can offer you. A recording studio provides you with more than just an outlet in which to sing a song or perform a skit. The best recording studios in Vancouver can provide you with state-of-the-art equipment, as well as traditional instrumentation that cannot be beat. This can include a classic 1913 Heintzman transposing piano as well as a state-of-the-art digital recording facility. The best recording studios also have extensive experience in the craft of mastering and recording 5.1 surround sound and stereo. You will be able to choose from an exemplary array of styles and ensembles, to achieve the perfect sound for any project, such as original music for television and radio ads, or music for your short or traditional feature film.

If you would like to get your name out there, your band’s name out there and more, your recording studio needs to be able to offer you extensive experience in producing bands, songwriters and singers. This way, they can help you to achieve all of your artistic goals through the use of digital video production. They can also help you with editing, file conversions, music production and more. Regardless of whether you have a rock ‘n roll band, or a classical orchestra, you can take full advantage of the services that a recording studio can offer. They can also provide you with unique presentations, designs and layouts for corporate executives as well. They can provide you with a script based on the information you provide, and they well bring in the type of musicians that you want, as well as talented voiceover artist to help you market and sell your products and services. Your recording studio Vancouver will also be able to design CD covers for you, as well as labels and inserts for your business project, your band’s album, your individual audition and more.

What’s more, a professional recording studio can provide you with all of the music, sound, lighting and much more that you need for any user production. The best recording studio Vancouver has over 15 years experience working both locally and across Canada, and they provide experienced and professional sound and lighting designers, stage managers, technicians, musical directors and much more. They will also offer you a complete line of dear and instrumentation to choose from, whether it is a specific kind of microphone you want to use, synthesizers, sub woofers, sound effects generation, instruments and more, they will have it. In addition, when you log onto their website, you will be able to find a complete line of samples of their work, see you can ensure that you are choosing the best recording studio available. You will be able to hear and see a variety of samples of their work, including lighting, design and audio. This way, you can make your decision on your recording studio Vancouver with confidence.


Take advantage of the services that a professional Recording Studio can offer you, both in business and personal promotion.

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Home Recording Studio Tips: Learn How to Record Songs at Home

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Almost all aspiring recording artists dream to achieve professional, affordable recording at home without having an engineering degree. You too can record songs easy, cheaply with great sounds as long as you understand the rules of recording professional quality sound at home.

If you wonder if it is possible to make professional sounding recordings at home, the answer is yes to this question. Indeed, you can record professional sound at home without spending a fortune.

Sound, on its journey to recording software, requires a simple pathway to follow which is free of obstructions. In the absence of this pathway, it will be extremely prone to injury which would result in sudden loss of fidelity and quality. Nobody aims to get amateurish, thin and distorted sound before it even arrives to the recording software.

There are 3 simple ingredients for successful home recording:

The use of correct, affordable and simple external input device. Generally it is not recommended to use a built-in computer sound card and give in to the temptation to make your source sound travel through multiple effects units before it reaches to the recording software.
The knowledge of capturing and retaining healthy sound. The primary goal should be to keep the sound clean going on. This is the most important element for getting sound quality.
The use of easy recording software.

Pre-planning of the recording process, or in other words, letting your song take shape in your head before you start to record your song, will be helpful in achieving your home recording goals.

During recording songs, you need to decide on what your home recording really need. What moods are intended and how can we make the instruments to support these moods? With successful pre-planning, the song will be appropriately dressed for the weather outside which is the mood of the song. This step requires some imagining the instrumentation, style of performance and some decisions on the desired mood for the song.

Knowing what you want will help you serve your song well and effectively. Because you can start recording fast when you manage to remove thousands of unnecessary possibilities from the table. The remaining of the procedure right after you cleared the road ahead will be a fun and very simple to do recording session. This is the time when you can hear the song in your head.

In home recording studio, the source sound can be altered in many unexpected ways because most probably the recording takes place in a room which was not specifically designed for audio recording. At this point it is vital to take control of the things which we can; such as setting the volume input properly.

For more information about the best resource on home recording studio, visit my site to download the best product to record songs online instantly.

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How to Set Up a Home Recording Studio – 4 Great Techniques For Your Home Studio

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How to set up a home recording studio can depend on the location, the walls, even what’s under and above the room. These are 4 tips I personally utilize in my own home studio, as well as my studio away from home. You’ve came to the perfect place to find more helpful information for your home recording studio whether you’re a rookie or a rookie veteran.

1. Save Your Money!

Do not spend your rent money on studio equipment like many people do. This is a very common problem because people feel the need to go after their dreams by risking all of their expenses. They do this with the hopes of getting all their money back in a short period of time. Very seldom does this situation turn out the way people want it to. Start small and finish big.

2. Where to Begin?

Keep it simple when you’re just beginning. Purchase a good computer if you don’t already have one. You need good music production software, a condenser microphone, and a mixer. This is all I needed to get started. More information on this below.

3. Food

A great way to attract people to your studio is a refrigerator. Yes, a mini or large refrigerator will keep your musicians and artists coming back to pay you. People will choose your studio over many others because of this great product that keeps people alive, food. Moreover, you don’t want to have everyone walking around your house, going into the kitchen, and waking people up in the middle of the night to get bottled water. Keep your refrigerator conveniently right next to your sitting area.

4. Water

Many public speakers drink room temperature water before they get up to speak. This same method can be used for your artists. To prevent the redundant throat clearing and overly excessive recording of tracks, drinking warm water is essential.

Bonus Tip

A bonus tip on how to set up a home recording studio is installing carpet in the room. This helps with eating up the sound waves so they don’t bounce all around the room back into your microphone.

For additional tips and techniques on how to set up a home recording studio visit my blog by clicking here

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Make Beats For Free, Music Maker Software, Multitrack Recording Software

Hip Hop has existed on the radio for many years now. It is defined by the numerous styles it makes use of, such as rapping, sampling, scratching and beat boxing. Given that it got going in the 70s, every year it is much more powerful. This article will offer ideas regarding how to create a hip hop beat.

Hip hop beat is categorized in to two components: the Beat and also the Vocals. The beat in the most basic form stands out as the instrumental which is used through the entire duration. The elements contained in Hip Hop construction are audio drum loops / MIDI drum patterns, bassline, orchestration (possibly synth pads, horns and also strings) and dubs and snips.

Audio drum loops/ MIDI drum patterns would be the primary as well as fundamental foundation of your entire track. You need to be extremely careful whatever you decide to put here. Audio drum loops will be the easiest method to modify the track because you are able to transform it entirely. While MIDI drum patterns tend to be more complex compared to Audio loops, they offer the greatest results.

Basslines on the contrary are hardly ever complicated in hip hop beats, they’re essentially heavy and low and often use a sub-bass component that is brought out through filtering and over compression of sound. Any time you’re having fun with basslines, keep it simplistic whenever possible.

Finding elements or instruments that will go nicely with each other harmoniously is known as an orchestration. The experimentation rule is applicable here, therefore keep trying till you obtain the perfect symphony that you’d like. The various components that provide highlight and character are called the dubs and snips.

The second component of a hip hop beat will be the vocal which is made up of a main vocal, that’s the one which performs the rap. The second vocal is really a guest vocal which could have a verse as well as the background vocals to help you bring all the things together. An overdubbed vocal is the primary vocal which might be doubled, tripled and even quadrupled when there’s a desire for emphasis.

In summary, whenever you create a hip hop beat, you need to:

1.Create the beat using drums (4-8 measures long)

2.Include your baseline – the most effective and the most widely used formatting of sound is actually MIDI

3.Create the orchestration

4.Insert the samples

5.Add the effects – Putting in the effects will give character to your beat where you could venture into various styles. Understand that this is your beat- That you can do anything to it! Become your own artist.

Now that you know of the fundamental principles of how you can make a hip hop beat, all you need to do is acquire software to create the actual hip hop beat which matches your style. There’s a lot of software programs out there; all you need to do is to look. For example there’s Fruity loop and Audacity. Now begin to make that funky cool fresh new beat!

If you’ve always wanted to make it big making your own Hip-Hop and Rap Beats . Take a look at this incredible sofeware that will take you from dreaming to living the life of a Hip-Hop and Rap Producer.

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Free Recording Studio Software

To be totally honest, the hype around DUB Turbo actually kept me from buying the damn thing. In fact, the reason I actually ended up buying it was totally by accident, here’s a quick story about why I decided to buy DubTurbo (as well as where I found some discounted pricing):

OK, Storytime…

I was struggling to get some beats together, I had a vocal studio session looming in the future and I was running behind… Way behind.

Panic started to set in. You see, I actually HAVE access to a few expensive drum machines, keyboards, computer programs etc. My problem was that I couldn’t get all of my “pro” gear to sync up with my computer and (worst of all) some of the stuff that I thought was “done” sounded horrible.

Normally I consider myself a pretty calm individual but this was causing me panic attacks. I couldn’t sleep, which made matters worse… I ended up getting bronchitis and couldn’t work at all for a few days. The studio session was a mere 2 days away and I had virtually NOTHING.

I knew I needed help. My friend (who wishes to remain anonymous) has been making great beats for a few years now, a few papers and a national magazine had recently picked up on him and he is now making a good name for himself in the industry (not to mention some good $ $ and a very cute girlfriend, funny how that works eh?). Anyway, I was sure he could help. 

When I called him he had just finished a big project and was chillin, he also said wanted to show me his new “super secret” toy.

I walk into his studio (filled with basically all of the gear you have EVER heard of) and there he is, punching out a beat ON HIS COMPUTER KEYBOARD!!! When he was done, he spun around and I could see what his new “Super secret” was… None other than DubTurbo.

We both sat down and quickly got to work. I really couldn’t believe how easy this thing was to work. In the time it would have taken setup a session on other expensive software we were already done with one song and on our way to the other. Dub Turbo was becoming my new best friend, not to mention lowering my blood pressure quite a bit.

Soon DUBTurbo began to feel really really natural. He had told me that he was hanging out with his girlfriend that afternoon so he left me alone to keep on working. The first song I did by myself own only took 34 minutes from start to finish. I tested how it sounded compared to some of my favorite tunes… It sounded great! Later my friend explained it was because DUBTurbo has very hi quality output (44.1K to be precise).

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Motown Vocal Recording Techniques

Motown vocal recording techniques (Motown is the greatest black music record companies, we know Michael Jackson, Stevie Wonder, Marvin Gaye, Diana Ross … … and many other black singers are from here to success. From 60 since, Motown the sound engineer to create a number of innovative and effective recording method .- LOBO Note)

 If you dug out Frank Sinatra’s recording to hear that, you will find when the sound engineer used to voices beyond the volume above the band “release” in front of the sound field, sound accompaniment of the sound poor crowded After the position is. For the Motown rhythm that is full of vibrant and the music, this recording method simply can not arouse the audience’s emotions, let alone young people with dance.

 Motown recording engineer began to experiment with new techniques: put more reverb in the accompanying music, while the reverb sounds of the historic adjustment to the degree of reverberation is less than accompaniment, this way music is highlighted, but the people gentle voice sang the part of music is often inundated, how do?

 Yes, just as we thought it would, compression devices and balanced regulator comes in handy, through compression and high boost, the human voice is really clear and could be heard from beginning to end, and yet it does not sound natural, lack of energy and dynamic changes.

 Sound engineer Lawrence Horn came up with a brilliant idea. He voices the same signal into two-way, all the way do not do compression direct access console, and then another road through the compressor into the mixer, so he will have two-way signals. That way the non-compressed signal, Lawrence a little bit to enhance high frequency, and put reverb.

 That the way to the compressed signal, not only with very severe compression, high-frequency have a significant upgrade with the equalizer. Then when in the mix, Lawrence to uncompressed signals that play full volume, while the volume of compressed slowly raise it all the way until the sound man sound can add enough clarity and on-site flu.

 After such treatment, the effect of the human voice come out great, both natural and bright, will not cover up the sounds of music, you could hear every word sung by singers!

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