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How to Make Professional Rap Beats in FL Studio in 4 Steps

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 In this article I will touch on the key factors that you will need to master and this is what separates the pros from the amateurs when producing hot rap beats.

Where to Start

Some people have a preference in what instrument they first want to layout when producing beats in FL Studio. Some prefer the melody, some prefer the bass line and some prefer the drums. No answer to this is wrong or right, and it is mostly a matter of opinion, but for starters I will recommend laying out a good drum pattern first.

Before we get started, set your BPM (beats per minute) to something between 85 and 95.

Creating the Drum Pattern

First, search through your sounds for a nice, hard-hitting kick sample. In the example that we’re going to create, you’ll want to try to find a kick sound that hits hard but does not contain a lot of low-end sub bass (this will make it easier to mix with the bass later). Once you have found a good drum kick sound, fill in the steps on the step sequencer of where you would like the kick to be heard. Now, right-click on the sound in the step sequencer and select “Send to piano roll.” This will put your drum kick pattern in the piano roll where you will want to adjust your velocity. Velocity is what gives the sound a human feel and not so robotic. Technically, velocity is to adjust how hard something is hit, or how hard a string is plucked, a piano key is pressed, etc. Play with this a little bit until your drum kick pattern starts to sound more human and natural.

Next, find a hi-hat sound that you like and again, click the steps where you want the hi-hat to be. Generally, every other note on the step sequencer is a good place to start. Now, do the same thing that you did with the kick sound and send the channel to the piano roll and adjust the velocity. This is even more important on the hi-hat than it is with the kick.

Now for the snare drum(s). I usually like to layer a few together to get the sound just right. I usually like a tight and hard-hitting sound, so I might mix a clap sound with a rim shot and then take 2 different traditional snare hits and turn the level down a little bit on those and then pan one to the right and one to the left at about 35%. For starters, you’ll want to put your snare drum on every 4th step in the step sequencer.

Now, you can add more personal touch if you want using the same techniques already mentioned. Feel free to throw in a cowbell, tambourine, cymbal, etc.

Creating the Bass Line

In most hip hop, a low bass sound is used so really all it provides is power and thump and possibly a catchy tune that helps to “glue” the drum sounds together with the rest of the instruments. Choose a low bass sound that will give a good rumble when being bumped, and if there is too much high-end frequency to the sound then you can always cut it out with proper EQ or low-pass filter. I usually like to have the bass frequency set at 50 to 75hz and have the kick set at about 85 to 90 hz. You can also do this in reverse (have the kick lower frequency than the bass). The most important thing is that they don’t both occupy the SAME frequency space. This is where most amateur beat makers struggle. It can take a lot of practice to mix the drum kick and the bass line together so that they don’t sound weird or cause distortion when they’re on top of each other. This will probably be the last thing that you master when learning to make beats because it can take precise EQ and compression to make it sound crisp and professional.

When writing the bass melody, start out simple. Choose a note scale that you want to use and stay within that scale. If you don’t know music theory, start out by researching scales and pick one at random. Next, put a blank sound (use a sampler channel, or just turn the volume all the way down on the sound) in your step sequencer in fruity loops. Right click it and open the piano roll. Fill in all the notes in that scale, in every octave, and drag the edge of them so that they show up for the whole duration of the full pattern. Now, open the piano roll for your bass and click the little piano icon in the top left corner of the window. Select view > Ghost Channels. Now every note in the scale will be highlighted gray and you know to stay in these notes while writing your melody. This is a tip you really don’t want to ignore because it can help you a lot!

Writing the Main Melody

First, choose your instrument. Let’s pick something simple like a piano. Write a melody that goes along with the bass line. Sometimes you can copy your same bass line but then add more notes in between (remember I said to keep your bass line simple). If you have researched some music theory, you should use some chords here and there and use some type of chord progression. Remember to stay in the scale and always view Ghost Channels to make sure you’re in the scale in you’re unsure. If you want to stay simple you can just have the piano playing for the melody, but feel free to select a couple other complimentary instruments and add some accents here and there. Sometimes I like to use something like a violin just to emphasize certain notes or phrases in the melody.

Writing the Hook

The hook is where you can really go wild because it is the most climactic part of the song. You still want to stay in the correct scale of course, but you can add lots of strings and other instruments. You should either elaborate on the normal verse melody and make it more complex or you should write a totally new melody in the same scale. Remember to try to picture it with vocals on top of it and try to add things that will compliment a finished product / song.

Ryan Jobe has been producing rap beats for 10 years and is the owner of ProBangers.com where he offers completely free beats for commercial (profitable) use with no royalty payments required.

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How to Choose Professional Studios for Ballroom Dance Lessons?

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Today most of the people are well aware of dance. Literally speaking this is an aerobic activity. This is a unique method through which you can move you total body easily. At the same time, this is an easy option to express your emotions in different way. Since it is a mild form of aerobic activity that does not cause excessive strain on the muscles, it is certainly beneficial for health.

Children and adults can learn dancing and there is no age limit to take training lessons. So you need not really take lessons only if you are about to take part in an event or in a competition. There are a number of adults who simply love the idea of dancing and enroll in a professional studio. So if you are willing to learn this dance form, you will certainly need to take some ballroom dance lessons by enrolling in a reputed school that specializes in this art form.

Learning ballroom dance lessons are the best ways to keep the mind active and keep the body fit. Since there are so many muscle groups that are involved while dancing, it is certainly a good way to perform aerobic activity and keep the body in good shape. Dance is also an essential social activity and you can make a lot of friends while you learn dancing.

This type of art form requires a partner and you will find a number of newcomers like yourself you can pair with. If you are in a group, then you can keep switching different partners so you can learn to dance well, irrespective of your partner. However, if you are taking dance training where you require individual attention, then you may be paired up with one partner, or your professional teacher may act as your partner and also guide you through the dancing lessons.

In addition, this dancing form helps in building an intimate personal contact with your dance partner. Having a steady partner helps in more ways than one. It helps in building a strong bond between the two people and this will result in perfect coordination and elegant art form of movements. Social dancing is also beneficial and if you are taking ballroom dance lessons at any professional studio, you have every chance to meet a number of enthusiastic and like-minded people as well.

Learning this art form has been quite a popular hobby for most people and is a part of our culture. Since it is such a huge stress buster, dancing is an activity that is enjoyed by adults and children alike. Children benefit a great deal as they develop social skills and learn to shed their inhibitions as they learn to interact with their ballroom dancers.

Therefore, even the quietest child has a chance to blossom in such an atmosphere. Taking ballroom training also helps children improve their self-esteem and makes them more confident as well. This is true professional training always make you expert in this manner. So try to choose a professional training studio before get admission.

Ballroom of Huntington offers the best ballroom dance lessons in Long Island. Our curriculum provides a solid foundation ball room dancing lessons for beginner students, as well as a challenge for the more advanced dance lessons for wedding. Our highly trained ballroom dancers teach you more than just ballroom dancing lesson. We offer all types of ballroom dancing lessons including salsa, Cha Cha, Fox Trot, Tango, Belly dancing etc.

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Learn More About What A Professional Recording Studio Can Do For Your Business And Band

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No matter whether you think you are the next Canadian Idol, you have a band that you want to promote, or even an upcoming theater production, you can take advantage of the services of the Recording Studio can offer you. A recording studio provides you with more than just an outlet in which to sing a song or perform a skit. The best recording studios in Vancouver can provide you with state-of-the-art equipment, as well as traditional instrumentation that cannot be beat. This can include a classic 1913 Heintzman transposing piano as well as a state-of-the-art digital recording facility. The best recording studios also have extensive experience in the craft of mastering and recording 5.1 surround sound and stereo. You will be able to choose from an exemplary array of styles and ensembles, to achieve the perfect sound for any project, such as original music for television and radio ads, or music for your short or traditional feature film.

If you would like to get your name out there, your band’s name out there and more, your recording studio needs to be able to offer you extensive experience in producing bands, songwriters and singers. This way, they can help you to achieve all of your artistic goals through the use of digital video production. They can also help you with editing, file conversions, music production and more. Regardless of whether you have a rock ‘n roll band, or a classical orchestra, you can take full advantage of the services that a recording studio can offer. They can also provide you with unique presentations, designs and layouts for corporate executives as well. They can provide you with a script based on the information you provide, and they well bring in the type of musicians that you want, as well as talented voiceover artist to help you market and sell your products and services. Your recording studio Vancouver will also be able to design CD covers for you, as well as labels and inserts for your business project, your band’s album, your individual audition and more.

What’s more, a professional recording studio can provide you with all of the music, sound, lighting and much more that you need for any user production. The best recording studio Vancouver has over 15 years experience working both locally and across Canada, and they provide experienced and professional sound and lighting designers, stage managers, technicians, musical directors and much more. They will also offer you a complete line of dear and instrumentation to choose from, whether it is a specific kind of microphone you want to use, synthesizers, sub woofers, sound effects generation, instruments and more, they will have it. In addition, when you log onto their website, you will be able to find a complete line of samples of their work, see you can ensure that you are choosing the best recording studio available. You will be able to hear and see a variety of samples of their work, including lighting, design and audio. This way, you can make your decision on your recording studio Vancouver with confidence.


Take advantage of the services that a professional Recording Studio can offer you, both in business and personal promotion.

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