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Young very talented 15 year old singer Zion sings about life experiences with strong leading single ‘Stronger’ that we all can relate to. It will be released at the end of the summer time, an uplifting song that will capture your emotion and mood…

New from Downtown Artists – Young RnB pop singer Zion Preston debut single titled ‘Stronger’ by singer/songwriter Zion Preston, featuring his unique blend of RnB and up tempo pop music with a real soul/urban element. The lead single is titled ‘Stronger’ and the B-side titled ‘Superman’.

15 years old Zion Preston is a young highly ambitious and talented individual who has only recently started song writing. After writing his debut single ‘Stronger’ only a year ago about a life situations and targeting bullying he counts it as an inspirational song. It’s incredibly strong song with a punchy hook and well thought out lyrical content for someone so young, it’s clear that Zion not only is blessed with truly unique vocals but has the ability to go on and become a top songwriter within the music industry. The B-side titled ‘Superman’ is about a relationship in which he observes ones around him, and targets love and how if the male changes he can become a ‘Superman’ for their particular female companion.

Zion is a humble young person with the whole world at his feet, a clear music lover who is truly inspired by all music from pop/rock to urban. He counts Bono from U2 as one of his biggest musical inspirations. Zion comes from a church upbringing and began singing in the church at 11 years old. He is very spiritual and wise for someone so young. His family have been part of the church since a young age, lots of his relatives have gone on to become professional musicians and take part in touring quire’s across the UK. Zion for the past 2 years has been busy studying and excelling his knowledge on music, from teaching himself to play instruments such as the piano/guitar to understanding different genres of music and also teaching himself how to produce. Most of his time away from school is spent in the studio and most recently has been busy collaborating with other artists on co writes and production. There is no denying that Zion is incredibly talented artist and all rounded multi talented individual. Zion has a very bright future ahead of him, for now it’s just the beginning of his long lasting career in music.

Zion has recently signed to Play recording studios on a promotional deal and is now busy working on his debut album in which he is producing himself. He will be gigging at some of London’s top venue with his guitarist in the summer months.

For more information and for Interviews contact Play recording studios

75 Loudoun Road, London NW8 ODQ

8 Berwick Street, London W1F OPH

W: www.downtownartists.co.uk

E : Jemma@downtownartists.co.uk

T : 0203 1376410

jony salama

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Kids play school

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The newest idea among kid playschool is have the educational toys in there school, so that the kids can as well as learn the things


Educational toys for kids should not be treated as ordinary toys. For one thing, toys can be used effectively to reinforce early education. It is now a settled theory that proper toys can help enrich the quality learning for kids while at their play.


The importance of play among kids can be best glimpsed from the fact that humans have the longest childhood among their closest primates. This prolonged childhood stage is very important for the developing the mental faculties among human children.


The human brain, as it is now a generally accepted scientific fact, takes very long to develop. Both the rational and emotional development of kids depends much in their childhood, making quality toy an important factor for kids’ play.


Kids around two or three years of age have natural liking for role-playing and other creative play. Individually or as a group, creative plays among kids can be used as opportunity to induce learning while kids enjoy themselves.


Dressing up, including putting on make-up, are normally learned by girls from grown-up females in an household, while boys and even girls like to transform themselves into characters that the fancy. Kids’ imagination, language facility, general social skill, ang overall emotional behavior can benefit immensely from these types of play.


Educational toys that can strengthen kids’ learning during this creative plays include all types of dolls, costumes for their dressing-up games, and even assortment of materials that can be used for their games.


Kids up to five years of age however, can benefit from educational toys that need construction and designing. Puzzles are good example of the needed type of toy for this age group as these will help their cognitive development, including the problem recognition and decision making skills. After entering school however, this type of toys becomes less attracting to kids, as they learn new games, and consequently toys that go with it, in the school.


Perhaps the most popular of children’s educational toys are those that deal with science. Children that hope to become chemists, geologists and doctors someday can now get themselves toy kits that simulate the experience. Future astronomers can get to practice their “profession” with telescope kits. Future vets are able to learn more about animals and how to care for them with animal kits.


There is a wide range of play sets and devices to tickle a child’s hunger for exploration and discovery, which include the likes of microscopes, dioramas, binoculars, chemisty sets, insect and bug habitats, robotic sets, electronic devices, and others.


Whenever we say the term “educational” and partner it with “toys”, it almost always has this boring ring to it. Without adequate knowledge about the value of educational toys, a lot of us would think that these products are just a waste of money because kids won’t be able to appreciate them, and say it’s for nerds.


This is where we are wrong. Educational toys foster learning AND cater to a child’s creativity. These toys are so well designed and carefully developed that they insert “learning” into the picture without the child realizing that he or she is actually “studying”. This doesn’t mean, though, that educational toys are out to dupe kids into studying. It simply means that toys do not only stimulate kids’ senses and motor skills, but also have the capacity to feed their intellects.


With the birth of educational toys, learning has transformed into an activity that is fun, and not just confined to the four corners of a classroom. Schools have started to incorporate educational toys to their teaching methods, especially to preschoolers, because of this.


It should be noted that both the intellectual and emotional development of kids are at stake while they are playing, or while they are playing with their favorite toys. The reason for this simple: both the emotional and rational sphere are both housed in the brain. Educational toys should therefore, serve the need to develop these two aspects of kids’ brain.


As the kids grow, the need for games and toys evolves, but the need itself remains. This can take the form sports, or other endeavor and hobby other than work.

For more infromation on Kids play school you can visit http://www.kkblr.com/

Hi, This is Manish Sing from http://www.indian-seo.com , KKBLR is a play school based on many country .You can visit KKBLR here : http://kkblr.com

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How Learn To Play Guitar Video Tutorials Could Improve Your Guitar Playing

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I recently came across one of the many learn to play guitar video tutorials now available online, and it had the extraordinary effect of converting the heap of wood and string which has been gathering dust for a rather long time into something I am actually enjoying learning to play, and which is already starting to sound less like a cat being strangled by a snake in a bucket of ball bearings, and almost like something resembling music.

Like many people I decided to buy a guitar because there are now so many available at very affordable prices, it’s not hard to find one and get started. In fact I know someone recently who bought a really nice quality guitar for just five pounds from the local market, and my new guitar only cost a shade over thirty pounds. I understand that with more money comes better quality, but when you’re just getting started learning how to play guitar all you need is something you can hold, twang and strum whilst attempting to make a sound that won’t get you arrested for cruelty to animals.

The problem is that having seen other people with guitars playing a range of tunes in a way that makes it all seem so easy, I thought it really was easy. I mean, a tightrope walker might make it look easy, and a Formula 1 racing driver might make it look easy, but in my heart of hearts I know I probably couldn’t do it. But somehow when you see someone strumming away on the street corner, or ripping out a great tune on a small stage at your local pub, or entertaining crowds of people at a large show, I can’t help but see myself there, in their place, performing with equal ease.

I knew this dream was somewhat farfetched when I first picked up the guitar. My first impression was that I’d bought an extra large size by mistake as it seemed almost impossible to hold the guitar comfortably and naturally whilst twisting my left hand almost ninety degrees around the fret board to try to hold down the right notes for the first chord.

I had a small booklet which I got at the same time as the guitar, but compared to watching a learn to play guitar video online, a diagram, no matter how carefully drawn, just doesn’t have the same quality. Watching how someone who knows how to play a guitar holds the instrument, holds their hands, and creates the right sound makes a huge difference. I had struggled so much with trying to play the first couple of chords, and sliding between them without making a sound that was mildly less appealing that nails on a blackboard that I gave up.

But after realising just how many online videos there are for everything you could possibly imagine wanting to try, it occurred to me that there must be some decent online guitar video tutorials I could use to help get me started. It was after just watching one learn to play guitar video that I realised how much simpler it can be compared to trying to be entirely self taught. I don’t know anyone else personally who plays guitar, and I’m loath to spend twenty pounds a week every week on music lessons, as it’s really just a casual pastime.

So my advice to you is this. If you have bought a guitar, or are thinking of buying a guitar, or have one you dust carefully each week before ignoring, why not pop online and do what I did. By watching an experienced guitarist demonstrate how to hold the guitar, play a few chords and move easily from one chord to the next in an easy to follow learn to play guitar video tutorial you could be one step closer to fulfilling your dream, or at least, a step further away from frightening the local wildlife.

For a wide selection of learn to play guitar video tutorials visit Allaxess.com where you can learn to play lead guitar, from beginner tips to advanced tutorials and demonstrations.

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Kids play tent

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It’s not unknown that children are very demanding when it comes to playing, and that we adults sometimes don’t have necessary time and energy to follow their needs. Kids need their toys to enter the world of fun. The best way to provide that to them is getting a kids play tent. It maybe doesn’t seem like the best solution, but by the end of this text you will think different.

It really shouldn’t be hard to find a play tent that will make your child happy and excited because there are so many designs. You can get cowboy tents, monster tents, the ones that are shaped like a castle so your little ones can be kings or queens. Or maybe your child wants to be an astronaut, no problem, just let them travel the universe, and all that from your living room while you are watching them with pleasure. I say ˝with pleasure˝ because at the same time they are happy and developing some very important skills.

Here are 3 reasons why to poses kids play tent

1.  Improving motor skills and coordination
In this area the best tents you can buy are play tunnel tents because children love to develop body awareness and motor planning skills and the best way to do that is crawling through these play tunnels. From a play tunnel you can make their own sensory room by filling them with different materials to explore variety of lights and sounds and challenge their balance and motor skills by shaking them up while they are crawling.

2.  Improving creative play in your kids
Kids at the very young age show how great is their possibility of imagining things and most of the time parents are amazed by is´ proportions. But you as a parent can be satisfied because you make it possible for your kids to develop and sharpen their mind by getting them a play tent. Now they can be whatever they want to be.

3.  Learning to interact with others
Everything is so much better to do when you can share happiness with your friends, and children are not exception. Imagine having a sleepover. Pop up the tent in the living room, throw in some pillows and books for bedtime stories, and you have got some very happy children.

Here are some tips that will help you chose the right one

1.  Interests of your child
You as a parent know the wishes and interest of your child, so getting a tent and decorate it with their favorite characters shouldn’t be a problem.

2.  Your available space for the tent
Make sure that you look at the size of the room you intend to assemble the play tent. It is also important if that tent is going to be a permanent fixture in the room or simply a toy to bring out now and then.

3.  Where will your kids play tent be?
The two biggest differences between play tents are that some are waterproof or at least water-resistant and some aren’t. So depends on your needs what kind of a tent you will buy.

4.  Quality is important
This depends on many things like is your kid going to use his or her tent only inside and how much will the tent be used. Is your kid careful with his or her toys, and you should also consider friends that will probably use the tent as a playground.

Imagination is a great learning tool for kids and by giving your children a kid’s play tent you are providing countless hours of fun and adventure.

Danny Reed is a writer who specializes in outdoor activies. You can check out his latest website at
2 Person Tent, where he provides great advice for buying small tents,
including the 1 Person Tent and Kids Play Tent.

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Rehabs play vital role in quitting addiction

Once it is decided to quit the addiction, one needs professional support and guidance. The rehabs offer their services based on two types one of which is the outpatient program and the other one is residential program. The outpatient deals with those clients who cannot leave their busy schedules and find out time to stay over in the rehab for the duration of the recovery treatment. This kind of treatment has good effect but it is a bit slow and the life, in which one starts the addiction, is faced daily. There is no discontinuation from that life. This is useful in disconnecting from the existing life, take a small pause, get de-addicted, and embrace the life with new approach. But by opting for outpatient treatment, this is not possible. The disconnection from the factors and elements which might have led the clients to addiction will be consistently present, and there are more chances of not being able to quit the addiction. If the client quits it, the percentage is more to get back to the old addiction or relapse of the addiction. Due to this factor the medical experts suggest a residential rehab for fighting the addiction out of the system.

A residential rehab is a facility equipped with state of art instruments, thorough professional experts and great ambience. All these factors cumulatively help in re-inventing oneself as well as living life once again with complete new outlook. outpatient drug rehab, drug rehabs are found under one roof. They are very effective in quitting the life threatening addiction. Most of these rehabs are laced in the lap of nature. It is believed that Mother Nature has a cure for each and every problem or disease. The healing retreats have good natural environment, which help in carrying out activities which are physically challenging as well as have spiritual values like yoga or meditation etc.

Orange County rehab is one of the most successful rehabs. There are several such rehabs which help their clients quit the addiction if a very effective and non-relapsing way. The rehabs have come a long way in fighting the addiction, they believe in a holistic approach. They treat the mental, physical and social factors affecting the physical and mental health of their client. They also include their families for a long term effect of the treatment. An all rounded approach in healing the client is achieved through these aspects.

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How To Read Piano Music And Play A Musical Composition

For anyone who intends to learn how to play the piano, the first step towards achieving this is to know very well how to read piano music. If you have already seen a musical piece or composition, you at least have an idea of what a piano piece looks like. This is what you have to learn to read in order to play the music right on the piano.

Learning how to read piano music takes a lot of practice and familiarization. Once you are familiar with the notes and their positions, you will be able to play music. The very first step is to learn the different notes. As long as you know the English alphabet, you will find this part of the lesson very easy because the musical notes only go from A to G. So that is A, B, C, D, E, F and G.

These are referred to as the natural notes and they correspond to the white keys of the piano. The black keys of the piano are referred to as the sharps and flats. There are only a total of 12 notes if you combine the natural notes and the sharps and flats. These actually repeat over and over on the piano which is referred to as octaves.

In a musical composition, you will see the treble staff and the bass staff. Most piano compositions are written on the staffs which consist of five lines and four spaces. The treble staff is being played by the right hand and the bass staff, by the left hand. In the piano, the treble staff and the bass staff are joined together. You will find the notes that you have to play on the piano along the lines and spaces of each staff.

Each line and space actually corresponds to a piano key. In the treble staff, the lines corresponds these notes E, G, B, D and E; the spaces correspond to the following notes F, A, C and E. In the bass staff, the lines corresponds to these notes G, B, D, F and A; while the spaces corresponds to A, C, E and G. In order to learn how to read piano music, you must familiarize yourself with these notes and their respective positions on the treble staff and bass staff.

Learning the basics is the start of the entire learning process. It takes a lot of practice and some personal technique. As long as you know the notes and how to read piano music, you can position your hands on the piano keyboard and start playing a simple tune. Do not overwhelm yourself with the technicalities; you will discover these as you go along and as you become more and more comfortable with playing the piano.

To learn more about how to play the piano please visit

=> http://EasyPianoLessons-101.com

where you can read more great articles and watch videos on learning how to play the piano.

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