Meditation music for Kundalini Yoga

Meditation is an important part of Yoga practices. Meditation or Dhyana is the seventh limb of the Patanjali Yoga Sutra. Meditation helps an individual reach a state of tranquility and the practitioner is rejuvenated with ultimate serenity. Through meditation, one can experience a calm and relaxed state of mind. Highest joy is realized as the practitioner experience the oneness with their own center of consciousness, the Atma.

Kundalini Yoga is a powerful yoga form that focuses on awakening of the Kundalini, the energy of consciousness. Kundalini energy is visualized as a snake coiled up in the first chakra found at the base of the spine (Muladhara chakra). Kundalini energy is one’s potential spiritual energy. As an individual starts Kundalini Yoga, the Kundalini energy rises up the Nadi (Kundalini channels) helping the mortal to surpass the external material pleasure and help him/her achieve a consciousness that brings freedom from illusion (Maya).

Music has always been the best communicator of feelings, thoughts and ideas. In the realm of yoga, music is considered to be the concentrator or an accelerator of the mind. The intimate touch of sound and music has the divine charisma of penetrating the whole being and revitalizing every sense of the listener. Music heals the pain and helps to relax the senses from within. Different music has the ability to create different ambiance and in meditation, the best music is one that brings greater harmony. Meditation is only possible when the ambiance is calm and relaxed. Thus, Meditation Music must contain tranquil and soothing sounds that will incite peace and relaxation. Spirit Voyage also offers multiple yoga accessories like yoga mats, malas and jeweleries, yoga books, yoga tea and many more. The collection of CDs and DVDs that Spirit Voyage offers contain sacred music and chants that will take anyone to a spiritual high. Choose from the  collection of World Sacred Music which includes New Age Christian and Jewish music albums, New Age Celtic Music, Buddhist Chants and many others. Enliven your inner self and let it merge with the supreme as you refresh your body, mind and soul with High Energy Yoga Grooves or Instrumental Yoga Music. Spirit Voyage brings collection of Yoga Music CDs for kids.

With the expansion of the practice of meditation, there are music CDs and DVDs available that help an individual to guide their soul to reach a level of unearthly peace and composure. Spirit Voyage brings you a collection of Yoga DVDs and CDs that will help you attain a healthy mind, body and soul. The different CDs will help an individual learn and pronounce different mantras, chanting which will connect him/her to the boundless peace of life and evoke the feeling of ecstasy within them. With Spirit Voyage’s meditation and yoga music, the duality of the mind vanishes and a state is reached when the individual feels great connection with infinity.

Breathing, Sound and Meditation are inseparable parts of Kundalini Yoga. The yoga music for Kundalini Sadhana will help you to improve your concentration and enhance your ability to meditate by obstructing the distant noises. Spirit Voyage’s collection of meditation music for Kundalini yoga shall create an apt atmosphere to bring all the senses of the practitioner into a line that will help for a great yoga workout. Furthermore, the sacred chants and hymns which will help one connect himself/herself to divinity. The meditation music for Kundalini Yoga shall create a tone that will subtly produce a tender and refreshing mood and take the senses to a mystic height. Kundalini Yoga Music will help to awaken prana or the life force.

The meditation music from Spirit Voyage is not intrusive rather it is very soothing. The collection of Yoga DVDs and Cds offered by the company include the peaceful voice of Deva Premal, Krishna Das, Deuter, Snatam Kaur, Shakta Kaur Khalsa, Guru Shabad Singh Khalsa, Bachan Kaur, Wah and many such artistes. Bow to the subtle divine wisdom and to the totality of the harmony with the meditation music for Kundalini sadhana from Spirit Voyage and let your senses fill up with eternal joy-the joy of feeling of oneness with divinity.

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Objectives of Drug Rehab Centers

Drug addiction is one of the most severe social crimes that can ruin the society. It can be defined as a terrible situation when the people, especially the boys and girls of the young generation, get habituated of taking harmful and intoxicating alcoholic products and narcotic items like cocaine, heroin, and brown sugar. All these products are extremely harmful and they may even cause death if taken in excess quantity. The situation is nearly going out of control and there is an immediate need of doing something worthwhile to improve the situation for the betterment of the people as well as for the entire earth. The present scenario shows that the situation is improving as lots of efforts are put behind this with a serious note.

As complex as a disorder is, the drug abuse is described as an intensive drug usage.  The People who are dependable over drugs are overwhelmed by drug and alcohol usage contributing to negative consequences which is quite unreasonable to acknowledge. Ironically, people continue to indulge in drugs and alcohol despite harmful effects. As discussed by the scientists, the prospective disorder affects the metabolism and the functionality of the brain which is responsible for such an incessant overindulgence in drugs and alcohol which is referred to psychic disorder.

The repeated drug usage affects the brain which causes long-lasting changes on traditional brain functions. These changes interfere with the patient’s ability to think clearly, exercise good judgment, control behavior, and feel normal without drugs. These changes are also responsible in large part for the drug cravings and compulsion to use that make addiction so unprecedented.

The establishments of drug rehabilitation are positive meant for improving the situation as these organizations are working relentlessly in the service of the drug addicts. The objective of these drug rehab centers, especially like the Christian drug rehab centers and the Christian drug and alcohol rehab center is to make the people get free from the claws of the drugs and narcotics. The Christian alcohol treatment rehabilitation facility is highly efficient as it is specially derived to make the drug addicts get freedom from the bondage of drug and alcoholic drinks. The Christian drug treatment comes along with a religious sentiment that really works as appositive factor to help the people to think about their weaknesses towards drugs and they start thinking seriously about leaving alcoholism and drugs.

This objective is seriously supported by the ideas of providing rehabilitation to the drug addicts as they need some help after leaving drugs. This situation, when they are free from the drug abuses, they feel a certain type of weakness and at that particular time, the drug addicts look for some support from around themselves. The Christian drug treatment programs help these people to stand on their feet and face the world according to their understandings. The Christian drug recovery programs are very successful in handling these rehabilitation issues as they maintain a high success rate in this job. The Christian alcohol rehab centers design personalized treatment procedures for the drug addicts and the way of treatment continues to a stipulated period.

This period is also determined by the attending doctors. The determination of the medication, treatment and period is done and administered strictly by the authorities. Generally, the drug addicts are given admission to the treatment centers or are released from the Out Patients Departments (OPDs). This is also determined by the attending doctors in the OPDs. Certainly, the objective is to provide more attention to those patients who need more care and attention in the treatment centers.

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Learn How to Make Your Own Techno Music Using the Best Techno Music Software

Wouldn’t it be fantastic to make music like you hear DJs in clubs all around the world create? Imagine the feeling of having hundreds, if not thousands of people, going crazy to your beats and music. Well, it is possible, and in fact very easy these days with modern software. In this article you are going to learn how to make your own techno music quickly, easily and without the expense of having a band or lots of equipment. With techno music software creating fantastic music is only moments away.

You can make your own techno music using beat making software which will allow you to lay down the basics of any good track. When you listen to music, especially techno, the most critical aspect is the beat that drives the song along. Therefore techno music and beat making software is absolutely critical.

In order to make a song you select parameters such as the tempo (speed of the song) add synth pads or keys, use the sequencer to line up different sounds, then once you are happy with the result you export it and can either listen to it as is, or do further post-editing using more complex software.

By experimenting with different sound mixes, beat styles, tempos etc you will start to develop your own style and grow your skills. It’s not that hard to make your own techno music, but the road to becoming the next superstar of electronic music won’t be easy so you need to start right away!

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Drug Detoxification in Rehab Center

Deciding to enter in to drug rehab centre for the overwhelming process is a most important thing for the individual struggling with the drug addiction and his or her loved ones. It is one of the difficult phases in terms of reaching for help because there are plenty of drug treatment center available and the detoxification facilities in Massachusetts. This immense growth  in the number of drug treatment center seems to picking the right one is next to be impossible but  it doesn’t have to be. Generally, people seeking help in getting rid of addiction are confused in selecting an appropriate one and the treatment provided by these centers. Here are some descriptions about the treatment center which should be considered while selecting a treatment center that will help you getting a right one for your near and dear ones.

Most of the drug treatment center uses holistic addiction treatment program because it focuses on entire body. The treatment center which offers holistic treatment believes that a person’s mind, body and spirit should be treated in terms of getting successful recovery.  During holistic treatment they offer various meditation and therapies like message therapy, talk therapy and many more in order to provide a successful recovery.  And the thing you have to consider is service provided by the drug rehab center.  Not entire drug rehab center Massachusetts offers the same service for all the addicts.  So, it is important to identify the treatment provided by these centers before enrolling in to them because selection of treatment program is always helpful in getting successful recovery. Always choose the rehab center which offers medically supervised detoxification. Detoxification is the first step of treatment given to the patient at the time of being admitted. In this process, toxics materials are removed from the body addicts and prepare for other rehabilitation program. After detoxification, then these centers provide lots of other services like educational seminar, relaxation therapies with the help family members.

Other thing you have to consider while selecting a rehab center for your near and dear one is location, retention factor or success rate and length of treatment program. Some people wish to get treatment while staying closer to your home and family members while some other prefer to choose treatment center which is far away from his or her living place in order to have more distance between themselves and the environment where they can get rid of addiction easily. And the next thing is retention factor or success rate.  Retention factor can be defined as the number of people enrolled in to the rehab center for the treatment to the number of people completed it.  If the retention factor is more than fifty percent you can choose that center.  And the last thing is the duration of treatment program. Most of the Rehab Center Massachusetts offers treatment programs for 28 to 30days. This is a standard length of treatment programs but it can stretch further for two to three months depending upon the condition of the patients.

Hence, always keep the above mentioned thing in mind while choosing detoxification facilities in Massachusetts.

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About Reason 4.0’s Synthesizers

Propellerheads Reason is by far one of the most essential tools for an aspiring music producer. Basically anyone, from novice to expert, can produce sounds for it and create music using it. Reason’s three synthesizers are the electronic musician’s tools to creating new and impressive sounds. An electronic music producer can even couple these synthesizers and combine them with effects to make them even more unique using Reason’s combinator.


Subtractor is the first synthesizer that Reason came with, and produces sounds in mono. However, despite its age, it still continues to be an effective synthesizer used in producing powerful sounds that can be used in today’s music. Subtractor includes 2 oscillators where the sound is initially produced (paired with FM Modulation), a Mod Envelope, a Filter Envelope, two linkable Filters, a Noise controller, two Low Frequency Oscillators (LFOs), an Amp Envelope, and Velocity Control. Subtractor may be old, but it is definitely not obscelete. It still packs a punch with the massive array of features at your disposal.


Malström is another powerful synthesizer of Reason, recognized by its light green color and large array of knobs and switches to play around with. Unlike Subtractor, Malström is a graintable type synthesizer in that it allows you to change where in the sound oscillation begins. Just like the Subtractor, Malström includes 2 oscillators. However, these oscillators each have their own Attack, Decay, Sustain, and Release (ADSR in short) controls, and an index slider which determines where in the sound oscillation will begin. Malström also includes a shaper, two filters, two modulators, a velocity controller, and a filter envelope. With all these features, you can produce an unlimited amount of sounds.


Once you have read about Malström and Subtractor, and you got very excited about getting your hands dirty with these synthesizers, you will be amazed at the possibilities of the Thor Polysonic Synthesizer. It includes a whopping three oscillators with different types of user-definable oscillation, three user-definable filters, two LFOs, an amplifier, an oscillator mixer, a filter envelope, an amplifier envelope, a modulator envelope, a global envelope, a step sequencer built in, a delay controller, a chorus controller, and a digital routing environment. The programmer of Thor’s synthesizer includes very clear routing arrows showing what is going where, and also allows you to program the first two filters serially or parallel.

Reason’s Thor synthesizer is packed with features that will keep you busy for an indefinite period of time with endless possibilities for producing quality sounds. However, that does not mean that you should stop using the other synthesizers. They all have their purpose and you might make your decision on what synthesizer to use depending on how much computer resources you plan people who use your sound sets to have.

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Finding Affordable Drug Rehab Care

It could prove to be a challenge trying to find an Affordable Drug Rehab center. The following information will show you what to consider when you are looking for drug treatment programs for you or a friend or family member.

There are many different options when it comes to the type of treatment available. When you are conducting your research, ask the facility how they approach addiction treatment. Do they do a complete assessment as to why there was an addiction to begin with or do they simply start a treatment regimen straight away? Ask if they are a one size fits all or if they tailor their program to each specific individual’s needs. Is there a program that will heal the patient both psychologically and physically? Will the family of the patient be included in the treatment?

What type of treatment will be offered, such as inpatient or outpatient, and what is the difference? In the outpatient program, the patient does not have to stay at the facility, whereas with an inpatient program, the patient will be given a room in the facility and will obtain all of his or her treatment at the facility. Inpatient is for more serious cases of addiction where to be left on the outside could trigger a relapse. Depending on the addict’s situation, you will choose the program most appropriate. Another reason that you may want to choose an inpatient program is if you or the individual lives too far from the facility; then you can save on traveling costs.

By now you understand that a drug addiction is a very serious problem. It is not a given that after treatment the patient will not revert to using some type of drugs again; this is why it is important that the affordable drug rehab clinic that you choose has an after-care aspect to the treatment.

As you well know, drug treatment programs are not inexpensive. You should research programs that offer affordable drug rehab. The location should also be conducive to a recovery. There must also be staff that is sympathetic to the patient’s plight.

However, the most important factor is that the patient feels comfortable with the facility, cost, and location. If the patient is not comfortable, there may be no recovery, as he or she may choose to leave the program before he or she is completely recovered. Comfort is the number one reason why patients decide to stay and see their recovery through to the end.

The best way to find the best affordable drug rehab program is through extensive research. The internet is one of your best options for this type of research. If you know other successful recovering addicts, you can also ask them for recommendations.

Drug addiction severely impacts not only the individual suffering, but all of his or her friends and family, as well. In that respect, it is imperative to seek treatment before it’s too late. A treatment facility can help the individual to overcome his or her addictions and lead a positive lifestyle.

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Do Affordable Drug Rehabs Exist?

Recently, I took the time from my rather busy life to sit for a while and just come in tune with all that is happening around me. As everything began to unwind in slow motion, my eyes caught the headline of a prominent TV show, which read: ”Drug Rehabs Fit For a King”. I am not much of the TV type, but this did get my attention and for the next 30 minutes I was glued to my chair utterly appalled about where drug rehabilitation has reached in the United States of America.

The presenter tried to hide his disgust at the whole matter, but like most civil, hard-working individuals, he tried really hard to show indifference to the matter. To be frank, he did not have a choice. For $ 33,000 to $ 49,000 a month you can dwell is the most comfortable ‘resort’, with an all inclusive facility to tennis courts, swimming pools and basically just about anything one considers ‘fit for a king’. What really held my attention was not so much the cost, but rather the 30 minutes of rambling about the exotic and enchanting facilities that they have to offer. Throughout their advertisement campaign, one crucial being was forgotten and watered down to a child looking for new toys-they forgot the drug addict.

One will agree that not many people can afford this luxurious rehabilitation. The fact is not many of us have been lucky enough to come from wealthy homes to have spouses and parents that will happily invest $ 18,000 per week without blinking twice. This then leaves a great majority rejected and entrusted to time to heal their addiction problem and wounds.

The exorbitant fees from most drug and alcohol facilities have resulted in a great decline in drug abusers trying to seek help. From one masquerade to the next, drug addicts have lost trust in thousands of well intended rehab facilities and what we see in our present world are thousands tossed by the street sides given to drugs, prostitution and decadence.

Where then will we find the solution that is afflicting not just America, but thousands worldwide? Will an intervention from our government both locally and internationally help to curtail and put reigns on this madness?

Anyone who has had the experience to come face to face with a crack user will know that there has to be more than just monthly maintenance rehab fees, there has to be heart. This one ingredient defines the character and essence of human existence and it is through its absence why we can sadly see headlines like ”Drug Rehabs Fit For a King”.

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Book Online For Your Electronic Dance Music Events

Would you love to watch Gareth Emery live? Would you love to dance to the tune with people around you loving and dancing as well? Then going to an electronic dance music event is just the answer for your quest. All you need to do is book for tickets online. These types of events can easily be booked online, thanks to the modern technology. Just visit an online booking site and start looking for the right DJ events you would want to watch and book.

Popular DJ names like Gareth Emery, Tiesto, Paul Van Dyk and so much more can be seen live on stage – as they tinker with their DJ consuls – with these electronic dance music events. The fun and excitement is endless when you do join these types of events as people are dancing and having fun until the last DJ song. Indeed, trance parties are exceptional and extraordinary.

Dance music is gaining popularity among younger crowds as this type of music can most definitely generate the much-needed vibe and tempo enough for anyone to dance along. And for those who want to dance along to the groove with live mixing, a DJ can play the tune on stage with these types of events. That is why; electronic dance music events are very popular today as more and more people eager to buy tickets for these affairs.

For you to keep track on the latest events on music, just visit an events site online. You can also buy your event tickets there for the added convenience and benefit for you. Surely, when you visit these event sites online you will never miss another electronic dance music affair. Having these tickets are indeed as easy as going online shopping. So what are you waiting for? Keep updated with these types of events by just going online.

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The Science of Motivation

Most managers feel that a major part of their job is to motivate people who work for them. The problem that many have is distinguishing the difference between motivation and manipulation. Managers who attempt to motivate through manipulation will actually get worse results than those managers who simply stay out of the way and let people do what comes naturally to them.

Let’s start with a definition of motivation:

Motivation is the internal psychological force that causes an person to move towards a achieving a goal.

Read this definition several times to get the full meaning of it.

Note that motivation is internally driven. People must motivate themselves. Managers don’t motivate people. Rather managers create conditions and an environment where people are self motivated.

Secondly, without a goal, motivation doesn’t exist.
In order for people to be motivated, there must be a sense of purpose and reason for expending the mental and physical energy required. The goal must have meaning to the person.

Psychologists have studied human motivation for years. Unfortunately, there is a disconnect between what science knows about human motivation and behavior, and what the business world does.

For example, science tells us that extrinsic motivators, fear and reward, are temporary and don’t change underlying attitudes which influence behavior. Yet, many organizations rely mainly or exclusively on extrinsic motivation to stimulate higher levels of performance.

In a study done by MIT, and then replicated several times since, researchers studied the impact of rewards on performance. The results in every case showed that if the task involved even a small amount of cognitive ability (thinking, creating, reasoning, problem solving, etc.), the higher the reward the worse the performance.

The only time the size of the reward related to performance was for physical tasks where the amount of physical effort expended correlated directly to performance.

That is not to say that people are not motivated by money. If people feel that they are not compensated fairly, it will have an impact on their performance. Money is what Frederick Herzberg calls a hygiene factor. According to Herzberg, hygiene factors are sources of demotivation if not addressed, but in themselves do not provide motivation.

The science of motivation says that higher performance will only come when people are intrinsically motivated. According to research by Dan Pink, three factors correlated with high levels of intrinsic motivation.

The first is autonomy. Autonomy is having the freedom to control and direct one’s own work. Managers who want to have employees with high levels of intrinsic motivation need to let their people do the job. I have used quote by Bill Oncken many times because I think it is such a good piece of advice for any manager—”Practice hands off management as much as possible, and hands on management only as necessary.” People learn responsibility only when they are given responsibility.

With today’s technology that enables a manager to stay in touch and be available 24/7, I worry that we are creating a generation of workers who won’t make a decision because they can easily find the boss and get him or her to make the decision.

The second factor that Pink finds correlates with intrinsic motivation is mastery. Mastery is the natural human urge to grow, learn, and get better. We are all naturally competitive with ourselves and with others. People are more apt to be intrinsically motivated if there is challenge in the job. Measurement and goal setting facilitate mastery. I’ve observed many times that all a manager has to do is give people some way to keep score on the job, and then let the people go.

The third factor is purpose. Purpose is the feeling of being able to make a contribution. The more that people find meaning and significance in their work, the more that they will be intrinsically motivated.

In one plant that I managed, we had a standard practice of having the management staff take customers and other important visitors on plant tours. Over time we began to let the front line workers do the tours. We found it was a lot more impressive to our customers to have the workers talk about what they did, than a group of us upper level people. The ownership and commitment of the front line workforce increased significantly and they were able to associate what they did on a daily basis with our customers. This increased their intrinsic motivation without costing the company anything.

Ryan Scholz works with leaders whose success is dependent on getting commitment and high performance from others. He is author of Turning Potential into Action: Eight Principles for Creating a Highly Engaged Work Place. For more information, visit his web site at | Relaxaxtion Music

Rehabs play vital role in quitting addiction

Once it is decided to quit the addiction, one needs professional support and guidance. The rehabs offer their services based on two types one of which is the outpatient program and the other one is residential program. The outpatient deals with those clients who cannot leave their busy schedules and find out time to stay over in the rehab for the duration of the recovery treatment. This kind of treatment has good effect but it is a bit slow and the life, in which one starts the addiction, is faced daily. There is no discontinuation from that life. This is useful in disconnecting from the existing life, take a small pause, get de-addicted, and embrace the life with new approach. But by opting for outpatient treatment, this is not possible. The disconnection from the factors and elements which might have led the clients to addiction will be consistently present, and there are more chances of not being able to quit the addiction. If the client quits it, the percentage is more to get back to the old addiction or relapse of the addiction. Due to this factor the medical experts suggest a residential rehab for fighting the addiction out of the system.

A residential rehab is a facility equipped with state of art instruments, thorough professional experts and great ambience. All these factors cumulatively help in re-inventing oneself as well as living life once again with complete new outlook. outpatient drug rehab, drug rehabs are found under one roof. They are very effective in quitting the life threatening addiction. Most of these rehabs are laced in the lap of nature. It is believed that Mother Nature has a cure for each and every problem or disease. The healing retreats have good natural environment, which help in carrying out activities which are physically challenging as well as have spiritual values like yoga or meditation etc.

Orange County rehab is one of the most successful rehabs. There are several such rehabs which help their clients quit the addiction if a very effective and non-relapsing way. The rehabs have come a long way in fighting the addiction, they believe in a holistic approach. They treat the mental, physical and social factors affecting the physical and mental health of their client. They also include their families for a long term effect of the treatment. An all rounded approach in healing the client is achieved through these aspects.

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