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Understanding alcohol addiction recovery with energy medicine

Alcohol addiction recovery with energy medicine could be a matter of debate for medical science but the results tell a different story. People with alcohol addiction found this rather new healing process to be most effective than the available alcohol addiction treatments whether it is counseling or joining an alcohol rehab center. Of late the medical community has also recognized the energy medicine as an effective healing technique for binge drinking and other alcohol dependency issues. Persons benefitted by energy healing maintain that they no longer have the desire to take alcohol. And this miracle is done without any counseling, pills or rehabilitation efforts.

Booze is a social abuse and also the root cause of many personal and family issues. It results in strained relations, depression, financial losses and moral degradation. People struggling to abstain from alcohol knock many doors including counselors, alcohol rehabilitation centers and even doctors. Traditional methods no doubt help in alcohol addiction recovery but the effects of conventional medicine don’t last long. Simply put, an alcohol addict abstains from whisky until he is under the influence of the counselor or the medicine prescribed by a medical practitioner. As soon as the patient comes out of the influence, he feels the intense desire of having alcohol. And this time he drinks more than he used to prior to the treatment.

People taking recourse to binge drinking once the treatment is over is the cause of concern for counselors and alcohol rehab centers. The treatment can’t go for the whole life. So what should be the ideal solution for this tricky issue of alcohol addicts returning back to the bar after abstaining alcohol for the treatment period? The answer lies in the killing the desire for having alcohol or resolution by the alcohol addict that he won’t take alcohol anymore. This is where traditional medicine fails and energy medicine wins. ,b>Alcohol addiction recovery with energy healing is forever.

There are many instances when alcohol addicts have reported to benefitted by new Alcohol addiction recovery process. The energy doctor stimulates the desire to abstain from alcohol and also generates the power within the body to kill the temptation for alcohol. The energy doctor interacts with body and mind. People need alcohol to compensate the energy deficit in the body. But when the body has ample energy, there is no desire for any external material whether it is alcohol or tobacco.

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Understanding Drug Addiction And Mental Health Problems

Drug addiction, is not generally considered a mental health disorder, even though some consider it a shortcoming. The facts have shown that drug addiction has both physical and psychological dimensions. The body craves the effects that the drugs have on the brain. Some people with addictions develop later on severe depression or anxiety. On the other hand, some people that are bipolar or have a psychological issue utilize drugs to try to attain an equilibrium. The lines between the two are often blurry.

When a person exhibits symptoms of addiction, there’s probably some type of stress to begin with. However, this can vary in intensity. Although emotional problems differ from person to person, teenage addicts tend to exhibit signs of social anxiety or depression. They also can show signs of performance anxiety and other behavioral problems. Other social problems that can be seen along with addiction are schizophrenia and bipolar disorder. There are also issues of mental health problems with some people who are addicted to nicotine and alcohol. Some people have a very low tolerance for any discomfort and self-medicate using drugs.

Some medical studies are revealing that if certain areas of the brain are damaged, it can cause people to have a higher risk of developing addictions. That is not to say that these drugs and substances don’t have natural addictive properties, but it does explain why certain people are more likely to develop addiction than others.

A number of patients addicted to drugs state that external issues caused them to abuse illicit substances. Several of those mentioned reasons were very similar to triggers that cause mental illness. With the understanding that psychological conditions lead to substance abuse, there is little reason to doubt that people with genetic predisposition towards a mental illness can easily develop addictions.

In many treatment facilities and rehab centers, dual diagnosis is part of the program so that both the substance abuse and mental health issue are addressed properly.

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Understanding Drug and Alcohol Addiction

A drug and/or alcohol addiction is a life-changing illness that can be detrimental not only the addict, but also to their family and close friends.  To better understand addiction as an illness, one must first understand what an addict and/or addiction looks like.  In then seeing an addictive lifestyle in yourself, or a within the life of a loved one, it is possible to seek proper rehabilitation treatment.

So, what exactly is an addiction?  Formally, an addiction to a drug or alcohol can be described as the ongoing abuse of a substance that affects an individual’s life, and the life of those that surround them, negatively.  It is a chemical dependency that, over time, becomes a lifestyle.  An addiction can affect rational decision-making, internal will-power, character and personal strength.

There are several negative consequences that may come with a harmful addiction, beyond that of issues relating to poor health.  Some of these consequences may include, but are not limited to:

*  Financial problems
*  Inability to work
*  Poor hygiene
*  Loss of time with family and/or friends
*  Broken relationships
*  Death due to overdose or inability to make good/healthy decisions

An addiction is not only that of abusing a harmful substance.  An addiction also encompasses all of the behaviors, rituals and feelings that entice an addiction to continue using drug and/or alcohol.  Often times, breaking these bad habits and amending these negative feelings and/or behaviors, are just as difficult as not continuing to use the chemical.

It is often difficult for an addict to quit using drugs or alcohol on their own.  Even if they do make a conscious decision to do so, the support of a drug and alcohol rehabilitation center is highly recommended.  Within these centers, an individual can gain medical assistance, counseling and the support of others in similar situations.  These rehab centers are located throughout the entire United States, each with different methods of treating the illness.

When searching for a drug and alcohol rehabilitation center, there are many decisions in which to make. Asking a friend or family member for assistance may be a good idea. Together an addict and their loved one can choose options such as that of a gender specific center, a spiritually-based program, etc. The choice should feel like a positive step forward, so one should not be afraid to ask questions of center professionals prior to starting the program.

An addiction can affect relationships, finances and health, to the point of overall personal destruction.  Although, one must also realize that individuals overcome addictions each and every day.  There is hope via contacting a rehabilitation center.  It’s never too late to start walking down a path to a healthy and complete recovery.

About the Author: Robert Shryoc is the Director of Development at the Stonegate Center, a Texas treatment center. The Texas drug rehab community serves people entangled in the physical, mental, social and spiritual bonds of chemical dependency. For more information about the residential treatment facility please visit http://www.stonegatecenter.com


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