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Understanding Drug Addiction And Mental Health Problems

Drug addiction, is not generally considered a mental health disorder, even though some consider it a shortcoming. The facts have shown that drug addiction has both physical and psychological dimensions. The body craves the effects that the drugs have on the brain. Some people with addictions develop later on severe depression or anxiety. On the other hand, some people that are bipolar or have a psychological issue utilize drugs to try to attain an equilibrium. The lines between the two are often blurry.

When a person exhibits symptoms of addiction, there’s probably some type of stress to begin with. However, this can vary in intensity. Although emotional problems differ from person to person, teenage addicts tend to exhibit signs of social anxiety or depression. They also can show signs of performance anxiety and other behavioral problems. Other social problems that can be seen along with addiction are schizophrenia and bipolar disorder. There are also issues of mental health problems with some people who are addicted to nicotine and alcohol. Some people have a very low tolerance for any discomfort and self-medicate using drugs.

Some medical studies are revealing that if certain areas of the brain are damaged, it can cause people to have a higher risk of developing addictions. That is not to say that these drugs and substances don’t have natural addictive properties, but it does explain why certain people are more likely to develop addiction than others.

A number of patients addicted to drugs state that external issues caused them to abuse illicit substances. Several of those mentioned reasons were very similar to triggers that cause mental illness. With the understanding that psychological conditions lead to substance abuse, there is little reason to doubt that people with genetic predisposition towards a mental illness can easily develop addictions.

In many treatment facilities and rehab centers, dual diagnosis is part of the program so that both the substance abuse and mental health issue are addressed properly.

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