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Astral Projection Trance and Binaural Beats

Astral Projection is a process by which our consciousness temporarily leaves the physical body and functions independently. People who say they experience Astral Projection often say that their spirit or astral body has left their physical body and moves in another dimension known as the spirit word or the astral plane. Don’t be trapped in three dimension perception. Remember that we are all having multidimensional experiences and that there no linear time.

The box is our reality, a virtual experience in linear time and emotion. Creation takes place outside of the box. When you think outside the box, your consciousness moves belong linear thinking. We experience in higher frequency of light and see belong the limitations of physical consciousness. Everyone can have this experience, it is not a special gift that only a few people have been blessed with.

Some people can Astral Project naturally, for others it would take some amount of time to practice before they can enter the state of full relaxation. For those who don’t have the luxury of time, modern sound technology has provided us with a rather shortcut. Most people fail because they can not tune their brain waves into the right frequency. The scientific community has been aware that certain frequencies are associated with certain states of mind. And they know how to artificially create these brainwave states.

The sound technology known as Binaural Beats is very effective in getting people into Astral Projection Trance suitable for successful Astral Projection. This technology works by altering sound between both ears and using a variety of frequencies. It was concluded that a specific combination of frequencies consistently caused a shift in consciousness.

Safe and effective binaural-beat process offers a wide variety of applications which include, but are not limited to: relaxation, meditation, enhanced creativity, intuition development, enriched learning, improved sleep, and the exploration of expanded mind-consciousness states.

With the entire world of knowledge just a few mouse-clicks away http://www.squidoo.com/astral-projection-with-binaural-beats, it has never been easier than it is right now to learn something new and unexpected every day.

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What Trance Genre Do You Fancy? 5 Sub Genres To Consider

Trance is an incredibly complex genre of electronic dance music, with several separate sub genres that are both connected and distinct from each other. Let’s take a look around at the many different types of trance here. Just be aware that there is much more involved that we can discuss at a later time.

Progressive Trance

This genre is typically described as a more laid back type of trance with a wide variety of sound, often resulting in no memorable melodic line. Instead there is an emphasis on the gentle evolving sounds layered together to create a strong musical sense of the atmosphere. It is a deeper sound that involves more of a tribal techno sound with breaks.

Melodic/Uplifting Trance

Call this sub genre what you’d like – melodic trance, uplifting trance, Euro trance, commercial trance – this music will just plain old make you feel good. It’s what most people start out listening to when they first get into trance. This type of trance often begins with a percussion and bass lead in followed by a sub and primary melody. Female vocals are often integrated into the music, which may be the reason it has more of a commercial feel than other categories of trance.

Goa or Psychedelic Trance

These are actually two separate sub genres of trance, but because of their close connection with the hippie culture, they can often be interpreted as either or.

The main difference between these types of trance is that Goa infuses more of a cultural and Middle Eastern feel to it while psy trance (as it is often abbreviated) has more of a nostalgic and energetic sound.

Dark and Deep Trance

People don’t normally associate darkness with trance, as it is often an uplifting genre. However, dark and deep trance is a bit sadder with a more melancholy feel to it. Dark trance is laced with heavier, darker pads and strings than traditional trance music (if there is such a thing). You will hear a more melodic, sublime sound that is less busy with deep trance.

Acid Trance

Acid trance is considered an archaic form of trance and is also known as ‘hard trance.’ It was pioneered in London through underground parties, peaking in the 90s and spreading around the world. Acid trance music has a trademark “acid” sound, which is produced by the Roland TB-303 playing a sequenced melody while altering the instrument’s filter cutoff frequency, resonance, envelope modulation, and accent controls.

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Make Trance Music ? Revealed! How You Can Make Trance Music With Ease!

Dub Turbo really comes into its own when you think that it has got pre recorded beats that have been created in a real recording studio and they sound hot!

If you want to get into music production then I do not blame you, we have all been there when you are clubbing and hear a tune that sends a shiver down your spine, and most of us dabble in making our own house beats.

Although what normally happens is when you start to look up what is involved to do this it can be a bit off putting!

You see to make the sort of tunes you hear in the charts you would need quite a lot of musical knowledge, and alot of expensive equipment and then if you do not know about music theory it gets even more difficult!

Well of course there are a few software solutions out there that will let you make your own house music but alot of them are far too difficult to use and same as above you might find them too hard for the beginner!

Well there is now a solution!

Dub Turbo has been released and it is a fully functional online recording studio where you can produce your own music, and also export it is a MP3 and make your own album as well.

Dub Turbo really comes into its own when you think that it has got pre recorded beats that have been created in a real recording studio and they sound hot!

See for you6rself how awesome it is and make your first tune today: http://sutiknoslamet.net/dubturbo

See for you6rself how awesome it is and make your first tune today: http://sutiknoslamet.net/dubturbo

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Sub-genres of Trance music beats

This article is for those who love being lost in to the divinity of the trance music. Read on to know more about the different sub-genres of trance music beats.

Trance music beats refers to the genre of electronic dance music, which can be described as the most ambiguous and the free-form style of the melodic music which has partially been derived from the house beats. Trance music beats are usually described by a tempo of almost 125 to 150 beats per minute, consisting of repeated melodic synthesizer phrases and building up and breaking down of a musical form throughout the track.

Trance music beats are often broken into large number of sub-genres including Acid trance, Euro trance, Goa trance, Progressive trance, Hard trance and Uplifting trance.

Euro Trance

Euro trance is an amalgamation of various other trance music including progressive trance, hard trance, dream trance. It can be described as the neutral transform which probably is the most simplest to understand. Euro trance music beats is generally around 140-145 bpm with fair number of big rifts. The vocals of the trance music beats are often pitched very high for most parts. However, they can be heard in the normal pitch range, but very rarely. This is the reason why they are often confused with the vocal trance music beats.

Goa trance

This form of electronic music originated in Goa, which is an Indian state. This can be described as a complex melodic form of trance music beats which originated in the early nineties. Musician from all over the world have developed Goa trance music beats, which often Ragas.

Goa trance music beats are very energetic with 4/4 beats, often going into the 16th or 32nd notes. Goa trance music beats generally have quite a noticeable and a stronger bass line as compared to the other trance music beats.

Progressive trance

Progressive trance generally have this laid-back feel to it. In comparison with the other regular trance, it is characterized by more breakdowns with minimal acid-like sound and changes in the bass-chord. Progressive trance music beats are usually slower with 130-140 bpm with huge variety of sounds. In comparison with the Euro trance, the rifts in the progressive trance music beats are much subtle and they are not as uplifting as the Goa or Euro trance.

Hard trance

Hard trance music beats originated in Frankfurt and can be characterized as being very aggressive and a slow trance. The influence of hard core is clearly visible in hard trance music beats. It is an amalgamation of conventional trance sounds and structure with harder elements. This genre started somewhere in 1993 and gained popularity in the late nineties.

Acid trance

Acid trance are often known as the “first-wave” trance, which was prevalent in the early nineties. This style incorporates Roland TB-303 bass machine as the lead synthesizer.

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Producing Trance Music With Beats Software

It’s time for you to become familiar with what can be done using beats software!

Music is a beautiful thing for a lot of us. I am sure you will agree that it offers you many different emotional charges. Music can make you angry, sad, excited, playful, etc. One of the most powerful attributes of music is its ability to relinquish stress. As too many of us are, I am sure you too are overstressed. Trance music can offer you that calming stress relief that I am sure you need!

The problem is that trance music is usually very personal, the sounds that please and relax you probably arent the same sounds that you hear in mass production trance music, which is why you need to start recording your own unique trance music using music maker software.

Music maker software is available to everyone and you can download it from the internet instantly. What it is a program with thousands and thousands of different sounds already loaded into it and you can use those sounds however you want to create your own personal music.

I am sure by now this is sounding very exciting but maybe a little overwhelming.

Dont worry, any good music maker software is designed for the complete beginner. You do not need any prior knowledge or experience to use these at all, in fact most come with complete training and instruction.

You can make your own personal trance music in the comfort of your home and you can produce as many songs as you want whenever you want without having to pay some sort of subscription fee or having to buy albums and songs.

Its so easy that even with no prior experience you could download a quality music maker software that produces broadcast quality beats and record your first trance melody in under twenty minutes!

Heres the best part, most of this kind of software costs less than it would cost to go out to dinner these days! There is virtually no financial investment and you will have the ability to make professional music for the rest of your life!

Start recording your own unique trance music today with beats software!

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Trance – Free Flowing Electronica That Moves Through Your Body

Have you ever been dancing in a club when you found yourself completely immersed in melody and feeling as though the music was flowing through you, moving your body the way the music desires it to go? This is an experience that has happened to me on numerous occasions when having a carefree night at the local techno club. I’ve often wondered what type of techno it was that created this memorable experience and have discovered that it is the electronic music style of trance.

Trance is a complex electronic dance music genre that has more sub genres than any other. It follows few rules, meaning that it is an incredibly free flowing style of music. Trance songs are often melodic, repetitive (in a good, hypnotic way) and are partially derived from house music. Songs are generally either energetic and have the ability to amp up the crowd or are incredibly chill, lulling the listener into a trance-like state.

Trance music is often a combination of various forms of electronic music, such as industrial, house, and techno. It is made up of combinations of beats that generally fall between 130 to 160 beats per minute. Of course, this number fluctuates whether the song is more of an anthem or a chill out melody.

This genre of electronic dance music is said to have developed in Germany in the 90s, though it is disputable with other thoughts. Some say trance was first in the making when synthesizers came into the picture in the 70’s to 80’s.

Others believe that its roots are religiously connected with the state of reminiscent of shamanism and elements of Buddhism. Whatever the beginnings of trance are, one can’t really argue with the fact that the 90’s was the decade when trance spread its influence and grew widely in popularity.

Music that could be described as ancient trance was first created with objects that people could find, such as rattles, drums, and other such percussion instruments. Since trance was first created to imitate the heartbeat, it is believed to have been used in ancient shamanic rituals to reach the trance state.

Trance has surely come a long way from the physicality of its creation. A variety of synthesizers, sequencers and electronic effects are used to create trance music as we know it today. Roland TR 808, TR 909, and TB 303 instruments are the backbone of creating trance. Though these are about a 20 year old technology, it is still common for newer bass synths and drum machines to emulate these original sounds.

I can describe how trance is creating and sounds, but it doesn’t quite compare to taking a listen for yourself. So now that you’ve gotten a small bit of information about the massive world of trance, I’d recommend picking up a more commercial album to begin your journey (perhaps some ATB or Paul Oakenfold).

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Brad Parmerter has almost 20 years experience in the music and entertainment industry as a writer, programmer, and merchandiser. He has professionally interviewed and photographed such artists as: Rush, Metallica, Celine Dion, Live, Phil Collins, Trans-Siberian Orchestra, Live, Van Halen, Queensryche, Anna Nalick, Styx, Def Leppard, and many more.

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A Brief History Of Trance Music

Music production by-in-large has always been a coupling of arrangement and mixing of tracks once the arrangement was complete. With the emergence of synthesizers; or “synthes”, throughout the 1970’s and 80’s sounds once thought unattainable using physical instruments became possible. Despite this innovation, early producers used synthes to manipulate pre-recorded tracks rather than basing their music on the sounds they could produce on their own. In the late 1970’s French composer Jean Michel Jarre changed this practice when he used tracks for his album Oxygene created solely by a synth and thus the “electronica” sound was born. The new sound which had garnered great praise from the European musicians would gain U.S. popularity and yet another incarnation with the “new wave” movement of the 1980’s. Artist like Gary Numan, and Devo brought their own styles the genre.

While the sound had evolved steadily over two decades there was still a co-dependency between man and machine made music. This would transition in the early 90’s when “trance” music explode onto the world stage via the Germany club scene. A hybrid of house and techno, trance provided bands like The Disco Biscuits an audience for their music thought to be a fad. However, the success of the genre, now vastly instrumental, limited production to a heavily equip studio. The new millennium would see this problem expelled, as music once again met technology. The innovations of the home computer; and music creation software, took production out of the studio.

With all of the software available the pioneer has to be Ableton. Started in 1999; based in Trance birthplace Germany, Ableton released their first version Ableton Live in 2001. The software is unique as it works for traditional studio production but has Ableton live templates the can be utilized during a live show as well. Ableton live templates create the flexibility for DJ’s and artist to adjust their playlist to the venue and the minimal equipment needed favours mobility. Now on version 8, the company continues to flourish.

From the synthesizer to the Ableton live templates it appears trance music is here to stay!

Mark is a avid DJ who loves to remix and make tracks with various music loop Sample Packs and ableton live templates. Mark works for DMS in the UK who sell various Acapella MIDI Files and audio samples. Click for more information and free DJ samples on the DMS site.

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Using Music Studio Software To Produce Trance Music

If you aren’t using music studio software to record trance music now is the time to start!

While trance music is great and is very calming and relieving it can tend to be very expensive. Unfortunately, expenses have a way of ruining that calming sensation. Something very special has been released for those of you who love trance music as much as I do, but do not love the cost and inconvenience of buying it.

It used to be that you would need very expensive pieces of software or recording studio equipment to produce your own music of any kind. However, like the rest of the world, the music industry is changing. There have been huge advances in technology that now allow anyone to make broadcast quality music at home on their computers!

The best part about it, is it costs you practically nothing. In fact, it will even save you money because you will no longer have the need to purchase expensive trance music.

While all that sounds good I am sure you are thinking the same thing I was thinking before I downloaded my own music production softwareI have no idea how to use music software! Dont worry, I know how you feel, I felt the same way. Here is what I found, music production software is extremely easy to use!

The companies that produce the software produce it to be totally user-friendly. Most software even comes with complete instruction and training.

All you need to do is download the software and you will see how easy it is to start making amazing trance music.

If you are still searching for a way to get into making your own trance music then this is it! It is very inexpensive, very easy to use, and it allows you to completely customize your music for you!

Check it out today and see for yourself how easy it is to make your own trance music with music studio software

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