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Trance – Free Flowing Electronica That Moves Through Your Body

Have you ever been dancing in a club when you found yourself completely immersed in melody and feeling as though the music was flowing through you, moving your body the way the music desires it to go? This is an experience that has happened to me on numerous occasions when having a carefree night at the local techno club. I’ve often wondered what type of techno it was that created this memorable experience and have discovered that it is the electronic music style of trance.

Trance is a complex electronic dance music genre that has more sub genres than any other. It follows few rules, meaning that it is an incredibly free flowing style of music. Trance songs are often melodic, repetitive (in a good, hypnotic way) and are partially derived from house music. Songs are generally either energetic and have the ability to amp up the crowd or are incredibly chill, lulling the listener into a trance-like state.

Trance music is often a combination of various forms of electronic music, such as industrial, house, and techno. It is made up of combinations of beats that generally fall between 130 to 160 beats per minute. Of course, this number fluctuates whether the song is more of an anthem or a chill out melody.

This genre of electronic dance music is said to have developed in Germany in the 90s, though it is disputable with other thoughts. Some say trance was first in the making when synthesizers came into the picture in the 70’s to 80’s.

Others believe that its roots are religiously connected with the state of reminiscent of shamanism and elements of Buddhism. Whatever the beginnings of trance are, one can’t really argue with the fact that the 90’s was the decade when trance spread its influence and grew widely in popularity.

Music that could be described as ancient trance was first created with objects that people could find, such as rattles, drums, and other such percussion instruments. Since trance was first created to imitate the heartbeat, it is believed to have been used in ancient shamanic rituals to reach the trance state.

Trance has surely come a long way from the physicality of its creation. A variety of synthesizers, sequencers and electronic effects are used to create trance music as we know it today. Roland TR 808, TR 909, and TB 303 instruments are the backbone of creating trance. Though these are about a 20 year old technology, it is still common for newer bass synths and drum machines to emulate these original sounds.

I can describe how trance is creating and sounds, but it doesn’t quite compare to taking a listen for yourself. So now that you’ve gotten a small bit of information about the massive world of trance, I’d recommend picking up a more commercial album to begin your journey (perhaps some ATB or Paul Oakenfold).

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Jay Electronica: Next Big Hip Hop Star

Busting onto the worldwide music scene in 2007 with the viral power of the internet behind him, Jay Electronica is often referred to in popular music media as the next big thing in hip hop. A somewhat mysterious figure in the music world, Jay Electronica downloads are the primary way of obtaining this young artists work.

Still having not released a full album, Jay Electronica music primarily consists of singles and mixtapes made available online via Twitter, MySpace and linked fan pages. Though Jay Electronicas methods of releasing his work may be unconventional, his popularity continues to grow regardless.

The most widely discussed of the singles include Jay Electronica Exhibit A. This particular single was released in 2008 via the internet. The internet release of Jay Electronica singles is the standard, beginning with his now widely known first release, Act I: Eternal Sunshine (The Pledge), which was made available on the MySpace page of the artist in 2007.

Jay Electronica Exhibit C, released in 2009, was an instant hit with fans and also garnered the artist a great deal of popularity in the hip hop world. The track was awarded Instant Classic status by MTV2 in the 2009 Sucker Free Summit, and generated quite the buzz in the media, resulting in numerous magazine articles and other interviews with the young American rapper.

With this entire buzz surrounding him, where exactly did Jay Electronica come from? The fact is that the Jay Electronica biography is a bit of a mystery, and likely it will stay that way. It is the mysterious rise of this artist that makes him so very interesting to so many fans, with the periodic new track popping up online, driving renewed interest in the emcee and making diehard fans feel as though they are part of something truly special.

Many of Jay Electronica mixtapes and singles have featured well-known hip hop artists and have been produced by some of the biggest names in the industry. How is it that such a mysterious figure as Jay Electronica has managed to gain so many powerful contacts within the music world?

The rapper was born in New Orleans in 1976s but has called a number of cities home over the years, including Washington D.C., Denver, and Detroit. It was in Detroit that his contacts within the industry boomed, beginning with acclaimed producer Mike Chav Chavarria, and growing to include Mr. Porter, J Dilla, Tone, Mos Def, and most notably, P Diddy and Jay-Z.

In fact, Jay Electronica is now an official member of Jay-Zs Roc Nation. He is on the verge of releasing a major production in 2011, and tracks began making their way across the internet in 2010. The first of these to appear was A Million in the Morning.

As more and more individual songs and videos of appear online, the buzz surrounding this young artist continues to grow. Jay Electronica lyrics and downloads are among the most common of hip hop related internet searches and for good reason, as Jay Electronica is bound to be the next big hip hop star, given his continued success and powerful foothold in the industry.

Jay Electronica website features the latest news, music, photos and pictures, lyrics, music videos, and tour dates.

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