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Tips For Getting Started With Podcast Marketing

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Podcast marketing offers multiple opportunities to build brand awareness by conveying information via audio files. Podcasts are an affordable option to share marketing messages to the masses while developing consumer confidence in your brand.

Several podcast marketing techniques can be used. Business owners can produce product infomercials; develop a personalized Internet radio show; share interviews with industry experts; or provide sales training seminars. The possibilities are endless.

Every business can benefit from publishing audio podcasts. Those who produce content on a regular basis can develop a loyal following of listeners who eagerly share podcasts with others.

Producing podcasts is a relatively easy process, but those who desire professional quality may find it beneficial to work with a production company. Companies can save time, money, and frustration by working with audio experts. Additionally, companies don’t have to purchase recording equipment or audio editing software.

To obtain the highest rate of exposure, audio podcasts should be uploaded to a variety of podcasting directories. It is important to research directories to determine which are most appropriate for the chosen demographic market. It is pointless to upload audio files to podcast directories that do not attract an audience interested in products and services being promoted.

Podcasts should also be published via company websites and blogs. Business owners often promote newly published podcasts via their home page and create a secondary web page to archive previously recorded podcasts.

A good marketing strategy is to include a download link for each podcast, along with options to share via social media outlets such as Twitter and Facebook. Listeners should be able to easily access audio podcasts via different mediums. Common mediums include iPods, MP3 players, and desktop and laptop computers.

Listeners often subscribe to podcasting services which provide instant notification when new podcasts are published by their favorite podcasters. Some service providers automatically download new podcasts to subscribers’ chosen delivery medium. This is beneficial to business owners because it eliminates the need to contact subscribers each time a new podcast is published.

Podcast marketing offers an affordable and effective venue for developing customer relationships. However, podcasters should be mindful of the wants and needs of listeners. When podcasters fall short of subscribers expectations they will quickly lose potential clients.

Many businesses prefer to enlist help from an online marketing company to help with production and distribution of podcasts. These professionals can write compelling content; edit previously recorded podcasts; provide assistance throughout the project; take charge of entire marketing campaigns; and track results to determine return on investment.

It is strongly recommended to develop a podcast marketing plan prior to producing audio files. This can aid in defining strategies required to achieve desired results. The Internet is a good source for learning how to implement podcasting strategies and conduct market research.

One podcast marketing strategy that can yield quality results is developing a series of podcasts that build upon the last. Another option is to produce a weekly Internet radio show.

The key to success is consistently providing beneficial or entertaining information and avoid being overly sales-pitchy. Instead, focus on developing good customer relations to build credibility and trust through podcast marketing.

Podcast marketing offers companies numerous opportunities to share marketing messages and product information. At Online Marketing DNA, we help companies learn how to capitalize on the power of podcasting. Learn how to implement this marketing strategy by visiting us at www.OnlineMarketingDNA.com.

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