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A History of Techno Music

Irrespective what end of the spectrum of techno music, whether you love it or hate it, chances are you don’t know a thing about its history and even less about what has made it one of the most popular forms of electronic music today.

Whilst techno is without doubt most popular in Europe today, techno music in fact originated from a Detroit Michigan during the 1980’s. Although Detroit is far more famous for exporting cars rather than music, the vast array of techno music genres we listen to today are variants on the original style of “Detroit Techno.” (Ironically Eminem, one of the 2000’s biggest names in rap music who openly hates techno music also comes from the same city)
The pioneers of techno music are without question the Belleville 3, given that label by adoring fans because they all attended Belleville High School, who’s first 3 albums popularised the fledgling genre of music.

However the main reason for the growth in techno music during this period was the fact that synthesizers and sequencers required to produce techno music became increasingly affordable. As a result, experimentation with techno music became increasingly popular within Detroit, in particular by those not wishing to follow the mainstream music of the time.
It wasn’t long before the techno music genre started to make inroads into Europe, with Germany and England becoming early adopters of this new style. When the Berlin wall fell in 1989, techno music exploded in German bars, nightclubs and underground venues, the most famous of which was UFO, hosted by DJ Westbaume and DJ Maute. This underground venue would be the first steps to founding the most epic festival of techno music being The Love Parade.

With the growth in techno music in bars and nightclubs, various genres started to make a name for themselves and create their own following. He various genres of Trance music (hard trance, progressive trance, acid trance, uplifting trance) all have their origins in Detroit techno. Mainstream music also became heavily influence by techno, in particular with “techno remixes” of pop, hip hop, RnB and rap music.

Today techno music is without question the most popular genre of electronic music, so much so that it is often mistaken by newbie’s as the name for electronic music itself with DJs and groups such as the Aphex Twins, Basshunter, Daft Punk and DJ Rush pushing techno music into the mainstream.


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What is computational music?

What is computational music?

I’m sure, those who love music will not normally love mathematics equally and a mathematician might

love music to only level of entertainment.

From the day I come to this world I have wondered “How the people write such beautiful and

meaningful lyrics and the most amazing what makes them compose refreshing tunes?”

To my understanding, music is series of some patterns to please human listening abilities; therefore one

can write some mathematical equations to really understand its dimensions. In fact, I’m talking about

computational music.

So now, if I talk about computational music: there must be theory of computation based on Indian,

Western, Eastern music. Let me talk here about the Indian Music computational theory or the so called

Computer generated Indian Music.

Any software which might generate Indian music must be capable of encoding generic rules of Indian

classical music and it must be able to generate appropriate alaaps, taans and swara-vistar based on it.

Other features it must include should be as follows to make it truly successful based on Indian Music

computational Theory.

If input is provided as Aroha (ascending order of notes) and Avaroha (descending order of notes) along

with Vadi (a dominant) and Samvadi (a sub-dominant) notes of the Raga to the software and it must

generates a Bandish (a complete set of musical notes having meaning and base in Indian Music) at the

click. It should also generate a text file giving the details of the composition so that can document the

textual description of the rendering for future reference and analysis. Such tools will be really learning

tool to learn music and understand these rules with the help of a simple text file generated based on


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Music Composition – How to Produce Music

I was thinking back just the other day to when I did not know too much about mixing techniques and I also thought that there must be many other people out there in the same position not knowing how to produce music. So I have decided to come up with a list of a few points that all beginners to music production should consider.

Take some time to find bands/artists that have started from basics, not necessary in the genre you are writing in – I would advise anyone to do this and in doing so, create your own personal music production school. If you listen to a lot of bands/artists today there is so much going on in tracks it can be quite hard to focus. If you go and find so bands/artists that are in a different genre you will instantly hear the difference and hear/see that genres rely on specific traits, which is how their genre gets defined. This could very well be the ticket to your own university of music, there is a lot to be learnt and you can learn it by broadening your horizons. Make sure you listen to some older artists too as the song writing and mixing is different 10, 20, 30 and so on years ago. There is a lot to be learned.

Spend time really listening to tracks, isolating specific instruments and focus on them and follow them through a track – Doing this can really help you have an understanding of rhythm and it can also give you great ideas for writing/mixing in a different ways. You will pick up some excellent music mixing tips and music production tips; it will also educate you on what elements can make up a good song. Many times bad songs can be good songs. Normally it is bad lyrics over a great piece of music.

Do not use bad quality recordings – When you are writing or mixing a track you really have to watch the quality. You need the quality to be as good as you can get it and it all needs to be the same quality too. When I say quality, I do not many anything other than how it sounds without any kind of effect added. There is no way and never has been or ever will be a way to fix the quality of audio in the mix, therefore if you try this, you will only be wasting your time and heading for headache city.

There are many other music mixing tips to consider if you are interested in helping yourself understand how to produce music. I believe that if anyone ever wants to improve their music mixing techniques they should take a look at THIS website. It could be the case that you are stuck and do not know what to do next or it could be you are wanting to learn more skills and ‘tricks of the trade’, either way you should take a look.

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