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Recovery from drug abuse the compassionate way

Drug abuse has become a normal phenomenon these days. It is mainly due to easy access to various drugs and innovative ways to mix and use those drugs. Earlier drug addiction was mostly related to men, youth and kids, but now the women have also joined this brigade. Initially their traditional domestic duties, like raising the kids, looking after household chores and so on. But the roles have been changed for women. They share bread earning duties with their husbands and face equally stressful, rather more stressful life than their partners. In addition to looking after professional life, they also have to take care of their traditional roles. This way nowadays women have become more prone to various addictions. Addiction may not necessarily be in the form of substance abuse, but could be something else like compulsive shopping or cleanliness and discipline obsession. The later types of addictions are less harmful. But the earlier one is very much fatal, as it damages body and creates a craving for psychological substance dependency.

Mental stability and reformed thinking pattern along with strong will power can help overcoming the later problems. But substance addiction needs professional help for cleansing the body and recover from addiction. Drug rehab comes forward to offer help to such souls in distress. Total of approach of a rehab is revolutionized these days. They are a luxurious facility in close connection with Mother Nature well equipped with state-of-art machines and professional staff. What better way to heal being closer to a caring mother? The medical experts and nutritionists guide through getting out of addiction. Many activities are conducted in addition with the treatment programs to regain the self- confidence and boost self- esteem.

There are various approaches followed by the rehabs. They are as follows: disease model and twelve steps program, client- centered approach, psychoanalytic approach. There are also various cognitive models of addiction recovery such as relapse prevention, cognitive therapy of substance abuse, emotion regulation, mindfulness and substance abuse. All these approaches support the addict to overcome their addiction by planning out personalized recovery treatment programs and reforming the behavioral patterns through counseling. These drug rehab centers not only provide support and professional help for recovery but also change the life style by changing the mindset and thinking patterns of an individual. Also their general focus is to enable the patient to cease substance abuse, in order to avoid the psychological, legal, financial, social, and physical consequences that can be caused, especially by extreme abuse.

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