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Recovery from drug abuse the compassionate way

Drug abuse has become a normal phenomenon these days. It is mainly due to easy access to various drugs and innovative ways to mix and use those drugs. Earlier drug addiction was mostly related to men, youth and kids, but now the women have also joined this brigade. Initially their traditional domestic duties, like raising the kids, looking after household chores and so on. But the roles have been changed for women. They share bread earning duties with their husbands and face equally stressful, rather more stressful life than their partners. In addition to looking after professional life, they also have to take care of their traditional roles. This way nowadays women have become more prone to various addictions. Addiction may not necessarily be in the form of substance abuse, but could be something else like compulsive shopping or cleanliness and discipline obsession. The later types of addictions are less harmful. But the earlier one is very much fatal, as it damages body and creates a craving for psychological substance dependency.

Mental stability and reformed thinking pattern along with strong will power can help overcoming the later problems. But substance addiction needs professional help for cleansing the body and recover from addiction. Drug rehab comes forward to offer help to such souls in distress. Total of approach of a rehab is revolutionized these days. They are a luxurious facility in close connection with Mother Nature well equipped with state-of-art machines and professional staff. What better way to heal being closer to a caring mother? The medical experts and nutritionists guide through getting out of addiction. Many activities are conducted in addition with the treatment programs to regain the self- confidence and boost self- esteem.

There are various approaches followed by the rehabs. They are as follows: disease model and twelve steps program, client- centered approach, psychoanalytic approach. There are also various cognitive models of addiction recovery such as relapse prevention, cognitive therapy of substance abuse, emotion regulation, mindfulness and substance abuse. All these approaches support the addict to overcome their addiction by planning out personalized recovery treatment programs and reforming the behavioral patterns through counseling. These drug rehab centers not only provide support and professional help for recovery but also change the life style by changing the mindset and thinking patterns of an individual. Also their general focus is to enable the patient to cease substance abuse, in order to avoid the psychological, legal, financial, social, and physical consequences that can be caused, especially by extreme abuse.

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What To Look For In A Drug Addiction And Substance Abuse Recovery Center

In our fast-changing and fast-paced world, many individuals acquire different kinds of diseases that stem from their failure to handle with the transitions around them. Sadly, many individuals express their incapacity to deal with stress and the difficulties of everyday life by falling into the lure of addiction.

Many people who suffer from addiction are those which go through unmanageable behavior, which can be often the result of depression and anxiety. By and large, these people don’t realize their addiction until it has entirely taken control of their lives.

You will discover various organizations offering support and the much needed attention for many who are attempting to discover a treatment for their addiction and depression. Addicts can rely on rehab centers such as drug addiction treatment center to provide them a holistic addiction recovery solution that won’t only permit them to address their own painful feelings but additionally teach them the best ways to control their own destructive views and behaviors.

It is crucial for addicts to understand where their damaging thoughts and harmful behavior are originating from. That’s where most drug treatment centers are different. Some rehabilitation centres concentrate mainly on the patients unfavorable behavior and do not provide more attention to exactly what really causes their depression and distorted thinking.

The very best treatment is the one that permits the addicts to confront their agony and voice their feelings. Ecstasy Addiction Center moves a stride further by permitting the addicts to direct their deep feelings toward an even more innovative approach.

By giving recovering addicts the ability to convey themselves creatively, drug addiction treatment center successfully leads them to the most effective road to recovery. This alternative procedure for addiction recovery shows addicts to examine their emotions and manage their hardship by getting more in touch with their own senses.

There are 7 senses that assess data in a person’s surroundings, and these send out equivalent information to the brain. When addicts come to be more aware of their senses (sight, smell, touch, taste, hearing, balance, and internal sensations), they ultimately recognize that they can’t feel their thoughts. They discover that their depression and negative thought processes are nothing but physical sensations.

By paying close attention to what they sense from their surroundings, addicts have the ability to find the source of their stress. They discover that every time they get worried, their own thoughts send alerts to their brain. It is really not the thought that they are feeling but their bodys response to the physical sensations triggered by the thought itself.

This is how it really works. Whenever a person begins to get worried, he or she transmits a thought of which the brain recognizes as a threat. The brain subsequently sends signals to the body to safeguard itself by releasing chemicals like adrenaline and cortisol. The body responds accordingly to the alerts sent by the brain, signals which are often induced by the ideas of a person who began worrying.

Simply by knowing this, addicts realize the importance of paying closer attention to what they sense from their environment. They learn to manage their thoughts much better in order to avoid the possible body responses that may trigger their anxiety and depression. It is this type of addiction recovery approach that sets drug addiction treatment center apart from the rest since it is where addicts learn to be better connected with their own humanity.

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Parents Nurturing Themselves, Helps Prevent Burnout and Child Abuse; April is Child Abuse Prevention Month

Los Angeles, CA (PRWEB) March 25, 2006

Approximately 15 million children, ages 9 to 17 in the United States have a serious mental or addictive disorder, but their parents are largely forsaken by the nations mental health system. One woman is determined to help those stressed-out parents find inner peace.


We took our adopted son to 22 different mental health care professionals over 11 years before he was finally diagnosed and treated for Reactive Attachment Disorder, which was tearing our family apart, says Janet Alston Jackson, who is now teaching parents how to manage their anger and frustrations. Jackson says her work is solely about supporting the parent, and not how to raise their children which she leaves to child experts.


Jackson and her husband Walter, are like many parents of children with special needs, who have traveled for miles to get help, and waited years searching for the right doctor, before they ultimately found help in Texas. Many dont find help especially in rural communities. Millions of parents struggle with their childs behavioral and health problems feeling isolated and hopeless.


Good parents are burned out and have to nurture themselves as they travel this discouraging and scary mental health maze, says Jackson author of A Cry for Light: A Journey into Love, whose memoir spotlights a growing problem. Child Psychiatry doctors is one of the most severe labor shortages among all medical specialties. Every child psychiatrist in the country has a waiting list, and the widening gap between the number of doctors and the needs of patients has become the priority of the American Academy of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry.


Parents have to find ways to nurture themselves and find that inner peace while trying to deal with their children because it can be years before they find help, says Jackson, a former court appointed child advocate for the Los Angeles Childrens Superior Court. Jackson says she saw too many good parents lose custody of their children over stress related incidents. Jackson found ways to keep herself balanced and calm even though her son was becoming violent and she feared for her other two childrens safety.


The mother of three who is a behavioral consultant, owns Self Awareness Trainings with her husband. The couple who have been giving workshops since 1993 to teachers, parents, prison management and entertainment executives, teach their clients to live in the moment, the non-religious technique of living mindfully to reduce stress.


Our new workshops are for parents who have tried everything for their children, and still have not found the help or results, says Jackson. They are not for people looking for an excuse to skirt their responsibilities as parents, and are selfishly satisfying their own needs while neglecting their child. They are for parents who are exhausted from trying everything to help their child, and are on the edge of a breakdown because they dont see a light at the end of the tunnel. When these parents learn how to stay calm and balanced by living in the moment, they can tap into their inner wisdom and strength to direct them to help their child. They will become better, more patient parents.


The Jacksons upcoming book, Nurturing Myself: The Inner Peace Survival Guide for Parents and Child Professionals, will be published in the fall of 2006.




By: Janet Alston Jackson


1. Deep Listening, without judgment or analyzing helps focus and calm the mind. When feeling out of control, listen deeply to the sounds around you. If you are in your car, listen to the motor and to other passing cars. Deep listening takes you out of the worry and the fear, and immediately calms the mind. Use the every day sounds around you to keep balanced such as the washing machine, the dishwasher, or simply the running water in the sink.


2. Walking meditation to reduce anger . Count your steps walking around your home, doing errands to calm yourself. Count one through twenty, then start over. Or count how many steps to each breath.


3. Get up half an hour before the child, and sit and focus on your breathing to prepare you to deal with your upcoming tasks and the children. Count your breaths to stay focused: Breathing in One, Breathing Out One. Breathing in Two, breathing out two. When you get to ten, start over again.


4. At Work: Take advantage of lunchtime as alone time. Sit in your car and listen to self help tapes, or relaxing music instead of commiserating with gripping co-workers about the job. Or walk during the lunch hour to release stress and keep fit. Take your iPod.


5. Burn incense, and keep relaxing music on around the house to set a relaxing tone for the family.


6. Exercise. Steal any time you can from your busy schedule to exercise to reduce stress.


7. Read self-help and spiritual books that inspire you. Carry the book everywhere to lift you.


8. The car can be a time to communicate with a child, but also a hotbed for sibling arguments. Train your child to have car quiet time to decompress from rushing to get somewhere. Tell them its quiet time until we get to the store. (Dont use this for the entire outingjust for a ten minute destination, or less depending on the childs age. Talk on the way home.) Children tell parents about their day when they first see them after school. Dont use this as quiet time.


9. Tune into your thoughts and feelings without judgment. Just be aware of the sensations in your body, and the thoughts you are telling yourself without analyzing. Accept them all.


10. Connect with nature as often as possible to reenergize yourself. Garden, or take a walk in the park.


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Teenage Drug Abuse Help For Addiction Problems

As the parent, friend, or loved one of a teenager who has a drug abuse problem, it is important to get the right kind of help so they will be able to get on the road to recovery. There are multiple ways to go about helping someone overcome an addiction to drugs, including rehabilitation facilities which are located all over the country. Choosing the right facility is important, because it will make all the difference when it comes to what kind of help they get and the progress they make while they are there. Treating adolescents who have problems with drugs is a unique problem which requires powerful resources.

Rehabilitation facilities like ECHO in Malibu, California and Twelve Oaks in Florida are able to help youth who are struggling with drug-related problems. These are premier facilities that have the staff and resources to reach out to those who are in need of a helping hand. When trying to understand how to provide the best kind of support and treatment to someone who is in this situation, it is necessary to study the situation. If it is use that is not regular, they can benefit from an outpatient program and attending a local group. However, for a problem of addiction that goes beyond peer approval, often an inpatient setting is bet.

Drug treatment is all about getting down to the root cause of the problem instead of throwing out accusations and punishments. In order to help someone who is young overcome this kind of problem, it is necessary to talk with them and keep communication open with them all the time. When a teenager has someone to talk to about what they are going through on a regular basis, they will be less likely to act out and experiment with drugs. Along with drug abuse usually comes multiple emotional and social problems which need to be dealt with accordingly, which is why therapy is a good option in many cases.

The more you know about your adolescent child and what they are doing/feeling, the better of a position you will be in to help them. Young adults often feel ostracized from society and feel the need to turn to self-destructive patterns and behaviors which can lead to drug use which can easily morph into a serious addiction. Communication with your child is important. They may be hurting from a relationship that ended. We can think they are young and this shouldn’t be a concern at this point in their life. However, it can be be a great source of unhappiness and may lead to the need to numb oneself. Although the type of treatment should depend on the individual as well as the drugs they have taken, it is still very important to offer emotional support to make the transition of going into a treatment plan easier on them as a whole. Finding the right treatment program which will help guide them through this process of healing is critical.

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New Treatment Techniques at Substance Abuse Houston Earn High Praise

Houston, TX (PRWEB) August 30, 2013

Houston is currently the most populated city in Texas and ranks fourth in the nation with more than two-million people. However as a result, it also has the highest cases of clinical drug and alcohol abuse in the state. According to the Texas Department of State Health Services, more than 12,000 in the citys metropolitan area have sought treatment for their chemical dependency in 2012. But one rehabilitation center is earning national respect in the field. Substance Abuse Houston was recently recognized by the Governors Office for its exemplary work in treating addictions.

Governor Rick Perry recently praised Substance Abuse Houston during a speech in front of the State Legislature as one of the leaders in helping to combat one of the nations biggest problems. The Governor toured the facility along with Houston Mayor Annise Parker during his visit to the city last week.

It was an honor to meet the mayor and governor, said Substance Abuse Director Steve Shipley. Its encouraging to see the state is committed to tackling the issue of drug and alcohol abuse and recognizes our hard work.

In its seven years of operation, Substance Abuse Houston has successfully treated more than 1,000 patients. The facility is known for its use of Dual Diagnosis as its main method for treating patients. The program provides rehabilitation by focusing on each patients mental health.

A good portion of our patients suffer from some kind of mental disorder, Shipley said. They include depression, schizophrenia, bipolar disorder or anxiety. If those mental illnesses arent treated, we cant realistically rehabilitate the patient.

Every member of Substance Abuse Houstons staff has been specifically trained to deal with patients who suffer from mental illness. Peer and counseling support groups are also a major part of the facilitys curriculum.

Successful rehabilitation is a team effort, Shipley said. Nobody should have to go through this alone.

Substance Abuse Houston also offers flexible hours to cater to patients with busy lifestyles. The center provides group sessions which start after 6 pm. Each patient is given a support team to help guide them through the process.

In addition to mental therapy, Substance Abuse Houston also has a wide variety of activities to stimulate each patient physically. Among its recovery methods include: