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Wedding Goddess: A Divine Guide To Transforming Wedding Stress to Wedding Bliss By Laurie Sue Brockway

(PRWEB) February 20, 2005

Today’s weddings have become so commercially-driven and so stressful to plan that couples sometimes forget about the sacred nature of getting married. In fact, for many modern brides-to-be, planning a wedding is more like going into battle. Rather than experiencing it as “the happiest time” in her life, she feels like she is managing a crisis. Laurie Sue Brockway, top wedding officiant and nationally recognized expert in women’s empowerment, shows brides how to transcend the emotional frenzy of wedding planning stress and take charge of the most sacred time of their lives in her new book, Wedding Goddess: A Divine Guide To Transforming Wedding Stress to Wedding Bliss (Perigee Trade Paperback Original; May 2005; $ 16.95).

In Wedding Goddess, Brockway – who was engaged and married during the writing of the book – guides brides-to-be on an emotionally and spiritually empowering, step-by-step journey to the altar. Her unique approach suggests ways to treat every step of the experience – from engagement and bridal shower, to getting your license and signing it on your wedding day– as its own rite of passage. It shows not just how to be a goddess on the big day, but how to make the entire journey special and sacred.

Who is a Wedding Goddess? She’s a bride who has an awareness of the “realities,” stresses, disappointments and disasters of wedding planning, and yet can hold on to and nurture her vision of how she wants it all to be. She understands that she is bound to hit some bumps along the way, and that the best way to conquer the problems before they begin is to plan for them as a Goddess would. In fact, each of the 21 chapters begins with the wisdom of an ancient Goddess, who offers the bride inspiration for the journey, such as views on self-care and beauty, as inspired by Venus, the Roman Goddess of love and beauty

An inspirational “Wedding Goddess Rule” as well as “Wedding Goddess Vow” appears in each chapter, along with musings from brides who have been there and the expert advice of dozens of today’s top wedding experts. Culling also from the world’s many spiritual traditions, and blending in her own experience in helping hundreds of brides to the altar each year, Brockway offers her unique insights to help brides:

-Visualize, imagine, dream, write and pray your dream wedding into reality.

-Take charge of the experience so that your big day goes your way.

-Stay centered in the face of inevitable wedding drama and family issues and create proper boundaries.

-Bring out and enhance feelings of confidence and self-esteem to feel fabulous, calm, confident, and divine on the days leading up to and on the wedding day – so you walk down the aisle like a Goddess.

-Find inspiration, creativity and self-expression on your personal path to the altar that gives you permission to create a wedding that is a unique celebration of your love.

-Give your marriage the best start with special prayers, blessings and ceremonies.

-Insure there are plenty of loving, feel-good moments with your groom that empower you both to remember why you are getting married.

“From the moment you embark on your wedding journey it is important that you realize you are magical and blessed,” says Brockway. “And it is just as important that you treat yourself not just royally, but divinely, like a Goddess. Adopt a mindset and create a lifestyle that is nurturing, healing and relaxing. Get on the Wedding Goddess track and forge ahead with wedding planning with a sense of joy, fun, inspiration and grace. “

Page after page of Wedding Goddess is rich with insight, advice and many practical and spiritual hints on how to rise to the occasion like a Goddess. Brockway treats the planning of the wedding as a growing experience and incorporates exercises, blessings, rituals, meditation, music, healing techniques, creativity, spirituality and playfulness into the experience.

The book is photo illustrated by Arlene Sandler of, New York’s top wedding photographer specializing in non-traditional, documentary-like photos that capture the moods and moments of the wedding day.

For every bride-to-be who wants to arrive at her wedding day as the Goddess she truly is, Wedding Goddess is required reading.

About the Author:

Laurie Sue Brockway, an interfaith minister and wedding officiant, is a widely recognized expert on women’s self-esteem and spirituality. She has a busy wedding ministry in New York and has helped revolutionize the wedding experience for both brides and grooms. She was named “Best Wedding Ceremony Provider” by The New York Press. She is creator of The Wedding Goddess ™ Workshop. She also manages and co-facilitates The Bridal Survival Club ™ in New York City. She is the author of many books, including A Goddess is a Girl’s Best Friend: A Divine Guide To Finding Love, Success and Happiness. She writes a syndicated column, For The Goddess In You, and has written articles for the NY Daily News, Boston Globe, Washington Post, Ladies Home Journal, Women’s World, and other publications. A newlywed herself, she lives in NewYork with her new husband and her son. Her website is

Wedding Goddess: A Divine Guide to Transforming Wedding Stress to Wedding Bliss

By Laurie Sue Brockway

Perigee Trade Paperback Original; May 2005; $ 16.95

ISBN: 0-399-53099-1


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Consult Your Inner Psychic: How to Use Intuitive Guidance to Make Your Life Work Better, by Carole Lynne

Boston, MA (PRWEB) August 21, 2005

In Consult Your Inner Psychic (Weiser Books, September 2005), Carole Lynne provides a toolkit for tapping into that inner wisdom and soaring to a far better life – right now. Learn to unlock your own psychic powers with Lynne’s trademark Psychic Intuitive Guidance Process, which includes the compelling Twelve Energies, Four States of Being, and 48 Messages.

This remarkable book with companion CD offers two unique paths for learning the process: the Quick Start Approach, which will get you accessing your intuitive powers right away, and the Slow and Steady Approach, which helps you develop a deep wisdom that leads you to the ultimate goal of becoming your own psychic.

“How often have you said, ‘You know, I saw that coming’? Hindsight can be devastating. Especially when you look back at a situation and wish you had handled it in a different way. Mysteriously, a part of your consciousness knew exactly what you needed to do, and yet you did something else. And as you look back you say, ‘You know, I saw that coming, but I did not listen. I had a gut feeling and I did not follow it. I had a hunch and decided my feelings were silly. If only I had paid attention to my gut reaction.’ This is your story, and this is my story. If we can learn to listen to our psychic intuitive guidance, our lives can be totally transformed.” ~ Carole Lynne

Regardless of which path you choose, Lynne’s message is powerful – through her easy-to-learn, easy-to-understand, enjoyable process you will discover that you are your own best psychic.

For more title information, visit:

Carole Lynne is a psychic medium, author, musician, and motivational speaker. She is the author of Heart and Sound and How to Get a Good Reading from a Psychic Medium and the founder of Singing for the Soul, a spiritual approach to singing, and Quality Performance Coaching for performers and public speakers.

# # #

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Sleep & Meditation Mp3s – Binaural Beats, Monaural Beats

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Christian Drug Recovery For $1000 Per Month

Addictions usually come in pairs. This dual addiction story is about Robert Perry and his ability to overcome the stronghold these addictions had on him. He lost every material possession but gained it back through the help of a love. Love from a daughter, a mother and most importantly Jesus Christ.

Robert Perry, in his own words: I have been here at DAP for the past 15 months. I came here as a result of using ‘crystal meth’ and a severe gambling problem. My life was a wreck and I was very unhappy after losing my home, car, career as a Social Worker, and self-respect. As a single parent, I had been on the verge of losing custody of my 16 year-old daughter and damaging her life forever.”

“What a blessing it is to discover that God had other plans for me. He provided good Seventh-day Adventist friends who recommended me to DAP and a place for my daughter to stay during my time here. I have had a wealth of life-changing experiences. I now understand that Jesus is my Lord and Savior.My mother and daughter attended my baptism at Campus Hill Church. It was a day of my rebirth that I shall never forget. I am getting healthy both physically and spiritually. Ive developed a good work ethic and I so look forward to walking with Christ for the rest of my life. I am a happy man knowing that I have Christ in my life. I have hope for a bright future. Upon graduation, my plans include reuniting with my daughter, re-engaging my Social Work career, and becoming very active in my church. I also look forward to working with DAP and you to help make this a better world.”
DAP is The Drug Alternative Program.

DAP has been helping men break free from drug addiction and other life controlling problems. The Drug Alternative Program founded in 1987 by Cliff and Freddie Harris is a well-rounded, Christian based drug rehabilitation program. The twelve to eighteen month long in patient program is safe, structured and drug-free environment for men eighteen to sixty-four years of age.

Clients begin their program in one of two recovery homes operated by DAP in Grand Terrace California. DAP also operates a transition home for graduates of the program who need help redefining their place as a productive member of society. Life in the homes is structured in a manner that promotes responsibility, good work ethic, teamwork and daily devotion to Jesus Christ. The DAP day starts at five-thirty AM with healthy meals prepared by the men.

Upkeep is a responsibility that is shared by all the men who live in each of the three homes. Following their daily duties, the men share a morning devotional led by co-founder Freddie Harris. Daily Devotion is a key component of the road to recovery for those enrolled in the DAP program. Many have been amazed by the high rate of success of DAP. Faith based treatment programs like DAP have a sixty to eighty percent success rate. Compared to only about a ten percent success rate for traditional rehabilitation programs.

While most drug rehabilitation programs depend fully on outside financial resources to operate, DAP looks to innovative self-reliance. DAP operates a professional lawn and landscaping service that serves the local and surrounding communities.

The lawn business pays for half of the recovery expenses for these guys. So theyre helping to pay for their recovery which, you know, the families appreciate says Freddie Harris, Co-Founder of the Drug Alternative Program

The program helps to instill a good work ethic among the men and help them back to a life of daily responsibility, pride and leadership.

As addicts we cannot have any idle time and thats why the program has to be structured so that at the end of the day, theyre ready to go to bed says Cliff Harris, Co-Founder of The Drug Alternative Program.

When clients have completed the twelve to eighteen month program, they graduate into a spiritually renewed drug-free life. This physical and spiritual re-birth is indeed a cause for celebration. Today, DAP is adding an outreach ministry to their recovery program. With 21 years of practical experience, DAP wants to serve as a resource for pastors, key church and community leaders, educators, professionals, high school and college students, and families who feel the impact of substance abuse.

Freddie Harris is an expert in identifying successful faith-based drug and alcohol rehabiliation programs. She is co-founder of the Drug Alternative Program

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Recovery At Alcohol Drug Treatment Centers

The ultimate goal of the best alcohol drug treatment centers is to help people of all backgrounds and all life experiences establish a life they are satisfied with without addictive drugs or alcohol. The very best programs are made up of the three traditional phases of alcohol addiction treatment, which are detoxification, rehabilitation and continuing, long term care. In order to give a patient the best chance of success with their recovery, treatment plans must always be personalized to be as unique as the patient himself is. No two individuals are going to respond to a treatment plan the same way, so it is vital that every person is given the tools to recovery that are most effective for him or her.

When a person goes through outpatient detoxification from alcohol and/or drugs, it should be accomplished safely and comfortably with the help of medical personnel. Although not every outpatient program will allow it, the best alcohol drug treatment centers will allow patients to remain at the facility and be monitored for several hours a day. They will also be able to quickly arrange hospitalization if it becomes necessary.
There are many different parts of the rehabilitation phase, but the best programs will have patients attending five times a week. Patients should be taking part in group therapy and education during rehabilitation. The frequency of these sessions is gradually reduced as they make progress over a period of several weeks. By the time the rehabilitation phase is complete, they will have attended 20 to 30 sessions.

The last phase of the traditional treatment programs, the continuing care phase, consists of a group therapy session once weekly. Specialized groups in these sessions are able to focus on particular issues. Structured intensive outpatient drug and alcohol treatment programs at the best alcohol treatment centers in Maryland are just as effective as hospital rehabilitation is, and they are also more effective than non intensive outpatient programs. Families are included in treatment, and there are some group sessions every week for relatives and even close friends to attend along with the patient. Everyone learns about dependence, and they have an opportunity to discuss experiences about the illness as well as the process of recovery.

Every patient comes with a different story, a different history and different personal goals. The best centers are those that are able to customize and personalize treatment according to each individual patient. There are many factors that work together to determine the rate of success that patients achieve. Each completes different levels of recovery at different stages and at different paces; allowing this variety in pace and rate of recovery is what makes outpatient drug and alcohol treatment such a success.

To learn more about Alcohol Drug Treatment Centers, please visit our website.

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How Addiction Recovery Can Save Your Life

Substance addiction is no laughing matter. It can destroy your plans, gnaw through your relationships, and create long term and sometimes even irreparable damages to your loved ones’ lives as well. Most of the time, those who are addicted to substances (alcohol, drugs, tobacco or otherwise) deny that they need help. Some people who have experienced one form of addiction or another have tried to overcome it on their own, and failed.

This is because addiction is triggered by uncontrollable emotions, and when you try to snap out of it without support, you may fall back into the pit at the slightest provocation. This is where addiction recovery can save your life. Good addiction rehab programs can provide support for you so that you can keep up the will power you’ll need to snap out of your substance addiction. Addiction recovery will also encourage your family and friends to be involved, to help them understand what you’re going through and tell them what they need to do to help you out of your situation.

Recovering from addiction is not easy. Relapses can always happen, and when you’re not committed to recovering from any form of addiction, it’s always easier to slide back. What our addiction recovery programs do is to let you know that it’s always your choice. If you want to get better, you will. Detoxifying your body from harmful chemicals is one thing. It’s quite another to detoxify your mind and your soul.

Addiction Recovery programs will remind you of what you were living for before the addiction began. It will remind you that there are bigger and more important things in life you should face, and that the addiction is pulling you back from doing so many good things.

If you’re not an addict yourself, and you suspect that someone you love has succumbed to substance addiction because they’re going through a difficult time, addiction recovery can also help you understand him or her better. Many family members give up on someone who’s addicted because they become frustrated with relapses. Some are just emotionally and physically tired, and they think that no form of therapy will work.

With addiction recovery, you’ll know that it is still possible for your friend, mother, father, sibling, spouse or child to get back on his or her feet. Addiction recovery will let you see what went wrong with the first attempts, and how you can work on the treatments and the therapies again.

Addictions hurt not just the individuals who are suffering from it, but the people who are around him or her as well. If you give up on therapies and treatments because you didn’t receive instant results, you’ll regress and these regressions can be extremely painful both for the family and the one suffering from the addiction.

Quality addiction recovery programs aim to guide you through treatment, step-by-step. If you’re in the early stages of your recovery, professional addiction treatment will help you strengthen your will power so you’ll have less chances of regressing. If you’re currently in the regression stages, there are programs that can help you get back on the road to recovery so you can reclaim your sober life.

Mik Pam writes for . The noble goal of is to save lives by helping people recover from addiction. Recovery Now TV provides the latest recovery news and qualifies the best addiction treatment programs and rehab treatment centers to match the best treatment option for the particular addiction.

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Meditation Retreats – A Viable Alternative Of Love, Peace And Happiness

For the unprepared, life will always deal you a bad card. That is just life. Even so, what we see as “bad cards” are nothing but makings of our own mindsets. What some see as hopeless situations, others will see as an opportunity for growth. If you are of the former, you can begin to change your perspective by involving yourself with the programs at meditation retreats. Meditation retreats are set up by experienced and established meditation teachers. The purpose of meditation retreats is to impart knowledge and skills in the art and practice of meditation to willing and sincere students. Z Meditation is a meditation center who offers meditation retreats several times a year in India, and elsewhere.

The most desirable state of man is to live in love, peace and happiness. This state of being encourages the clear thinking necessary for tackling the issues of life. In addition, a calm mind will also be a catalyst for good physical health and as a resisting factor to common and serious ailments. When you examine yourself, and most others around you, however, you will find people living in a state of extreme restlessness and agitations. These are as a cause of predetermined conditionings, which determine how we react to situations and events. Society, family and friends have given us a script to act out. When the acting does not yield the desired effects, restlessness and agitation occur. Meditation retreats go to the core of these wrong beliefs, seeking to help us free our minds from self-made bondage.

Z Meditation offers meditation retreats where the craft of Deep Deconditioning Inquiry is taught. This inquiry helps us to dig up and root out these societal and other conditionings, leaving a clear mind that is non-expectant and non-demanding. This new state of awareness does not mean you will be living as one in a cave. Rather, the clarity with which you can think, and not dream, will enable you to find solutions quickly and efficiently to the challenges you face.

Meditation retreats are nothing of the obscure. Meditation has been practiced for centuries in most parts of the world, rooted in religious practice. In India, the practice of meditation is mostly related to the ancient Buddhist practices. The meditation retreats organized by Z Meditation, however, have no religious connotation whatsoever, being open to people from any base of faith.

Meditation retreats may also be seen as a form of holiday destination, albeit one with practical advantages. Moreover, meditation retreats as a vacation alternative will cost you a fraction of what you may have to part with at other regular holiday retreats.

For those who wish to return to their center, love, peace, and happiness – meditation retreats provide a viable alternative. The process of learning is simple and merely requires a sincerity and commitment. Remarkable progress has been observed in students within just a few days of the practice.

The peace and joy of the heart open the door for everything else.

Lily Candice is regular article writer for Meditation Retreats at Z Meditation in India

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Recovery from drug abuse the compassionate way

Drug abuse has become a normal phenomenon these days. It is mainly due to easy access to various drugs and innovative ways to mix and use those drugs. Earlier drug addiction was mostly related to men, youth and kids, but now the women have also joined this brigade. Initially their traditional domestic duties, like raising the kids, looking after household chores and so on. But the roles have been changed for women. They share bread earning duties with their husbands and face equally stressful, rather more stressful life than their partners. In addition to looking after professional life, they also have to take care of their traditional roles. This way nowadays women have become more prone to various addictions. Addiction may not necessarily be in the form of substance abuse, but could be something else like compulsive shopping or cleanliness and discipline obsession. The later types of addictions are less harmful. But the earlier one is very much fatal, as it damages body and creates a craving for psychological substance dependency.

Mental stability and reformed thinking pattern along with strong will power can help overcoming the later problems. But substance addiction needs professional help for cleansing the body and recover from addiction. Drug rehab comes forward to offer help to such souls in distress. Total of approach of a rehab is revolutionized these days. They are a luxurious facility in close connection with Mother Nature well equipped with state-of-art machines and professional staff. What better way to heal being closer to a caring mother? The medical experts and nutritionists guide through getting out of addiction. Many activities are conducted in addition with the treatment programs to regain the self- confidence and boost self- esteem.

There are various approaches followed by the rehabs. They are as follows: disease model and twelve steps program, client- centered approach, psychoanalytic approach. There are also various cognitive models of addiction recovery such as relapse prevention, cognitive therapy of substance abuse, emotion regulation, mindfulness and substance abuse. All these approaches support the addict to overcome their addiction by planning out personalized recovery treatment programs and reforming the behavioral patterns through counseling. These drug rehab centers not only provide support and professional help for recovery but also change the life style by changing the mindset and thinking patterns of an individual. Also their general focus is to enable the patient to cease substance abuse, in order to avoid the psychological, legal, financial, social, and physical consequences that can be caused, especially by extreme abuse.

For more information please visit:

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Addiction Treatment Centers Florida

A lot of people have questions about programs at alcoholism and addiction treatment centers. Florida has facilities that can answer these questions.

The majority of these programs are based upon the fundamentals of Alcoholics Anonymous (AA).

These fundamentals–the 12 Steps of AA–provide a firm foundation for recovery.

Behind the 12 Steps of AA are their principles:








8.Brotherly Love



11.Spiritual Awareness


Honesty may be the first virtue to vanish in alcoholism. In being honest, by fully and truly accepting their alcoholism, the alcoholic begins the journey on the road to recovery.

To have hope can be difficult. However, completing Step Two delivers sometimes immediate relief.

The application of hope is faith; a willingness to believe in a power with the strength to lift the heavy physical, mental, and spiritual burdens of alcoholism.

Courage can be exhibited in seeking and accepting care at an addiction treatment center. Florida drug rehab centers try to get alcoholic clients to use this already present courage in addressing the havoc they’ve created.

To deal with the many problems of the alcoholic entering recovery, personal integrity is required. Some integrity becomes present when the effects of alcohol dissipate. That is, when the drunk starts to dry out, a bit of integrity becomes apparent.

When the alcoholics accept their past transgressions and express a desire to have their character flaws to be removed, they achieve willingness.

Humility is the alcoholic becoming aware that they are NOT the center of the universe, that their predicament is largely one of their own making.

In being disciplined, the alcoholic begins to make amends–unless doing would cause harm to another. Alcoholics learn to avoid situations where future amends might become necessary.

Perseverance is the continued efforts of the alcoholic to be aware of their actions–as well as the thoughts behind them–and how they will affect those around them.

Becoming spiritually aware is normally an experience rather than an event. This experience is hastened through prayer and meditation and is an attempt to obtain guidance in doing the next right thing.

Service is helping those in need. This is a theme at addiction treatment centers. Florida drug rehab centers are generally no exception. Clients are often required to help with community chores and asked to assist others in their rehabilitation milieu.

To further simplify an already simple program, members of AA provide instructions as to how to live the AA program.


Alcoholics in search of complete recovery are told to be Honest, Open-minded, and Willing.

Honest in all that they do; Open-minded to the promises of sobriety; and Willing to do whatever is necessary to earn, keep, and share the gift of sobriety.

Alcoholics Anonymous has a proven track record both in and out of addiction treatment centers. Florida drug rehab centers strive for similar successes.

For more information on AA or where to get help please contact Fl alcohol rehab or Drug rehab florida or call (877) 772-5505.

About the Author:

This article is written by Peter Rhett .

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