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Christian Drug Recovery For $1000 Per Month

Addictions usually come in pairs. This dual addiction story is about Robert Perry and his ability to overcome the stronghold these addictions had on him. He lost every material possession but gained it back through the help of a love. Love from a daughter, a mother and most importantly Jesus Christ.

Robert Perry, in his own words: I have been here at DAP for the past 15 months. I came here as a result of using ‘crystal meth’ and a severe gambling problem. My life was a wreck and I was very unhappy after losing my home, car, career as a Social Worker, and self-respect. As a single parent, I had been on the verge of losing custody of my 16 year-old daughter and damaging her life forever.”

“What a blessing it is to discover that God had other plans for me. He provided good Seventh-day Adventist friends who recommended me to DAP and a place for my daughter to stay during my time here. I have had a wealth of life-changing experiences. I now understand that Jesus is my Lord and Savior.My mother and daughter attended my baptism at Campus Hill Church. It was a day of my rebirth that I shall never forget. I am getting healthy both physically and spiritually. Ive developed a good work ethic and I so look forward to walking with Christ for the rest of my life. I am a happy man knowing that I have Christ in my life. I have hope for a bright future. Upon graduation, my plans include reuniting with my daughter, re-engaging my Social Work career, and becoming very active in my church. I also look forward to working with DAP and you to help make this a better world.”
DAP is The Drug Alternative Program.

DAP has been helping men break free from drug addiction and other life controlling problems. The Drug Alternative Program founded in 1987 by Cliff and Freddie Harris is a well-rounded, Christian based drug rehabilitation program. The twelve to eighteen month long in patient program is safe, structured and drug-free environment for men eighteen to sixty-four years of age.

Clients begin their program in one of two recovery homes operated by DAP in Grand Terrace California. DAP also operates a transition home for graduates of the program who need help redefining their place as a productive member of society. Life in the homes is structured in a manner that promotes responsibility, good work ethic, teamwork and daily devotion to Jesus Christ. The DAP day starts at five-thirty AM with healthy meals prepared by the men.

Upkeep is a responsibility that is shared by all the men who live in each of the three homes. Following their daily duties, the men share a morning devotional led by co-founder Freddie Harris. Daily Devotion is a key component of the road to recovery for those enrolled in the DAP program. Many have been amazed by the high rate of success of DAP. Faith based treatment programs like DAP have a sixty to eighty percent success rate. Compared to only about a ten percent success rate for traditional rehabilitation programs.

While most drug rehabilitation programs depend fully on outside financial resources to operate, DAP looks to innovative self-reliance. DAP operates a professional lawn and landscaping service that serves the local and surrounding communities.

The lawn business pays for half of the recovery expenses for these guys. So theyre helping to pay for their recovery which, you know, the families appreciate says Freddie Harris, Co-Founder of the Drug Alternative Program

The program helps to instill a good work ethic among the men and help them back to a life of daily responsibility, pride and leadership.

As addicts we cannot have any idle time and thats why the program has to be structured so that at the end of the day, theyre ready to go to bed says Cliff Harris, Co-Founder of The Drug Alternative Program.

When clients have completed the twelve to eighteen month program, they graduate into a spiritually renewed drug-free life. This physical and spiritual re-birth is indeed a cause for celebration. Today, DAP is adding an outreach ministry to their recovery program. With 21 years of practical experience, DAP wants to serve as a resource for pastors, key church and community leaders, educators, professionals, high school and college students, and families who feel the impact of substance abuse.

Freddie Harris is an expert in identifying successful faith-based drug and alcohol rehabiliation programs. She is co-founder of the Drug Alternative Program

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