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Meadow Argus – Dancing Through A Slow Apocalypse

New EP: Meadow Argus – Dancing Through A Slow Apocalypse

Jevan Cole’s new EP is here and it’s impressive. Singing, Guitars, A real band, real instruments, drums, plus synths, sampling, effects, modular synths, a plethora of post-apocalyptic sonic celebrations and emotions. If you are still able to enjoy music don’t miss this.

I love this EP and all of their albums. Have a listen with headphones on! The perfect fusion of Rock/band music and electronic/techno/dance/psychedelic.

I loved their last album Silverling, it was staggering. There are not too many artists in the music industry that can make a better follow-up album. But they did it. It makes me think that they may have the rare ability to keep this up for years. I’m hoping so. I’m inspired to do a new album myself now. Thanks, Jevan. Your music has always affected me deeply.

If you are starting to develop an allergy to autotune, this is the treatment your ears have been longing for. The singing on this album sounds so refreshing, nice and human.

Such great songs and soundscapes, so well performed and recorded. Listen very closely to it.

Read this great review about it from findnoenemy.com. An excerpt…

“You almost feel like you’re being transported into some other dimension, a whole other world to sink yourself in and immerse your existence within.”

That’s what I think too. I’m in a beautiful state after listening to it.

Listen to it here…

Meadow Argus – Dancing Through A Slow Apocalypse
Meadow Argus – Dancing Through A Slow Apocalypse

Meadow Argus – Dancing Through A Slow Apocalypse 

TIP: Make sure to click this button and make sure it looks like this for the best listening experience 😉 …

Spotify Album Repeat Button

It helps you to hear the EP a few times without being interrupted by other albums. If you click it again you’ll see a number 1 in the center, that will loop one song. Click it until it lights up green and the 1 is not in the center, that will repeat the EP when the last track completes.

Meadow Argus Dancing Through A Slow Apocalypse Meadow Argus
Jevan Cole from Meadow Argus Playing Accoustic Guitar.

If you love this EP as I do please help them by Liking, Reacting, Loving and Sharing it on Spotify and your social media apps. Sharing is caring 🙂

You could call your local radio station and ask them to play this song ‘House Husband’ which I think so many people in the world would love to hear, coming out of this challenging time…


Please let me know if you do.

An actual work of love and healing. Well done, Jeven and Meadow Argus!

The lyrics for House Husband…

— House Husband by Meadow Argus —

Could’ve been a fire fighter
Or even an aeroplane pilot
Could’ve been a lab technician
Once I was a rock musician
I was a conspiracy theorist
Then an aspirational careerist
Could’ve been a psychic healer
Cos I was a blackjack dealer
But I’m living here with you
And it’s all I want to do
I’m your
House husband
House husband
House husband
House husband
Wash the dishes, feed the cat
Clean the windows, shake the mat
Make the lunches, sweep the floor
There’s the bus, get out the door!
I’m your
House husband
Could’ve been a field ecologist
Even a leading urologist
Could’ve been an archaeologist
Maybe a celebrity proctologist
Could’ve been an adult entertainer
You’d’ve had me on a retainer
Could’ve been an astrophysicist

Your personal la lalalala lyricist

You can get all the lyrics for free and you can also buy the digital download at…


Worth every cent of the $7!

All About Synthesizer Headphones

A synthesizer can be described as a revolutionary invention in the world of musical instruments. You can view extra details here http://musiclistening.net. distinct acoustic instruments it is an electronic instrument that does not design sounds straight, but food electronic signals that are transformed into sound. However save a synthesizer is close to loudspeakers or headphones, it will not be able to food any sound as such. In truth the synthesizer headphones are responsible for spiraling the exciting signals into sounds.

There are many types of headphones presented for with using a synthesizer. because a earphone is a key dynamic in transforming the exciting signals formed by a synthesizer into sound waves thus enabling creature beings to perceive the sounds fashioned, it is important to have a earphone that gives the performance.

Several companies manufacture high-performance synthesizer compatible headphones for the clients. In this advanced era itinerant walkman headphones are very lowbrow using musicians as these headphones make it promising for them to travel regarding inside the span excluding compromising on the sound attribute.

A synthesizer is an exceptionally multipurpose section of electronic apparatus. It can be made to duplicate the sound formed by any other instrument right from drums to pianos. But the most necessary right of the synthesizer is its likelihood to create completely new, hitherto useless sounds – even if not all of these sounds are caring for musical purposes.

Synthesizer headphones can be very caring for musicians.

You can like tune at your own musical will excluding bothering someone around. It also helps you to concentrate on the tune you are creating as it blocks almost every other sound emerging from your surroundings. This will definitely add to your efficiency and make it easier as well as closer to achieve the foolproof preferred harmony.

The walkman headphones presented in all the primary tune food and online tune shopping sites have interesting skin to draw the synth players. Such headphones win over the loudspeakers in the perceive that using a loudspeaker you get an around the span sound while headphones give you exact to ear sound attribute.

The comfort dynamic is also full charge of by the manufacturers. Wireless headphones deal the liberty to move at relieve excluding any sonic disturbance. They are illumine in ballast and cushy to abrasion on the crown. The headphones are provided using restful padding and self-adjusting crown that adjusts to the nature of your beginning for optimal comfort.

The looks have also become cool and trendy to make them an minute hit. shake bands that operate live fancy with such headphones as they verify a super cool combination of mobility and adapt. Some of them are equipped using exclusive skin like usual scanning and AGC technology enabling the headphones to tool up and perfect in on all incoming signals smoothly.

Apart from delicate use, synthesizer headphones are also in high plead in the cassette studios. And seeing weight are high the tune pushiness is impending up using lot of innovations and technological improvements leading the headphones. Brands like the AKG K 930, Sony, Sennheiser, Samson, Furman, and etc. have become somewhat lowbrow as the pushiness is pushy to deal the best produce marrying sound accuracy and comfort together.

Bevin Perry contributes articles for Music Listening. You can discover further details here http://www.musiclistening.net.

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