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Getting Started With Infomercial Programming

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Most any product will benefit from being advertised through an infomercial. Of course, infomercials are like other products and some will be more successful than others. That’s just the way it goes with infomercials and as long as you have a product with mass appeal and an excellent infomercial agency managing the campaign then everything should turn out well. Of course, the product should be able to be demonstrated easily and clearly on television so the public can easily see what makes the product worth buying.

Generally, products that do best on infomercials are those that have a real use that many would benefit from, but when packaged in a store doesn’t look like anything worth buying. However, when the product is demonstrated on television consumers can see what makes the product so great and why they will want to buy it. An example is a pair of texturizing scissors. In the store they look like any other pair of scissors. However when demonstrated it is easy to see what makes them so special and that’s the type of product that benefits the most from direct response marketing.

Products that work well on infomercial advertisements are those that can show you how they will improve your life. For example, the Ginsu knives that were popular on infomercials years ago probably would not have been so popular if packaged and sold in a store first. The reason why is that nobody could have seen what made these knives so awesome. However through the infomercial consumers were able to see the chef slicing through metal and then slicing a tomato or other similar feats. These are the products that are outstanding for infomercials.

In general, the products that are the best for an infomercial include electronics, personal care precuts, house wares, exercise equipment, home appliance, and others. Of course, other products can be popular on infomercials and sell well even if they would sell well in a retail situation, too. It’s really expensive and time consuming to get a product into a retail store and advertise it so that consumers know about it. If you can advertise on an infomercial first and get out the word regarding your product then this might open up the retail stores faster so that you can sell even more.

One of the largest media buying agencies for any infomercial and DRTV spot is A. Eicoff & Co. of Chicago

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Getting Started With Japanese Onomatopoeia!

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Learn Japanese easily! You might not be familiar with the word “onomatopoeia,” but it describes a type of word you probably use all the time. Do you say things such as, “bang,” “smack,” or “woof?” If so, you are using onomatopoeia, which is simply a word that sounds like the things or action it’s describing. Onomatopoeia is incredibly common in English, and it also has an incredible number of uses in Japanese. This Japanese article is here to provide an in-depth introduction to the world of Japanese onomatopoeia. You’ll learn about the two types of Japanese onomatopoeia and how they are used. You’ll also find some excellent examples and plenty of information about working onomatopoeia into your Japanese vocabulary.

Vocabulary: In this article, you’ll learn the following words and phrases:

ibiku o kaku – “to snore” (verb 1)

nemuru – “to sleep”

doa – “door”

shimaru – “to close, to be shut” (verb 1)

ashita or asu – “tomorrow”

deeto – “date” (romantic)

kinoo – “yesterday”

kyoo – “today”

akeru – “to open” (verb 2)

okiru – “to wake up, to get up” (verb 2)

Grammar: In this article, you’ll learn the following words and phrases:


What is Onomatopoeia?


According to the dictionary, “onomatopoeia” is the formation of a word from a sound associated with its name. Examples in English include words such as “crash” and “splash.” The sounds of the words imitate the meaning. Also, many animal sounds such as “bow-wow” and “neigh” are examples of onomatopoeia.

——————–——————–——————————–Japanese Onomatopoeia


There are two types of Japanese onomatopoeia:


This is because some Japanese onomatopoeia do not actually mimic sounds, but they do follow the same form.
Giongo are the true onomatopoeia. That is, they mimic sounds just as our English onomatopoeia.
Gitaigo, on the other hand, attempt to use similar sound patterns as giongo, even though they do not mimic actual sounds.

To confuse the matter even more, there are some words that have both Giongo and Gitaigo attributes. For example, there is guuguu.


Giongo: “snoring sound, to snore”Tomu-san wa guuguu to ibiki o kaite iru. “Tom is snoring.”
Gitaigo: “to sleep well, to sleep soundly”Tomu-san wa guuguu nemutte iru. “Tom is sleeping well.”



In the first example, the onomatopoeia guuguu refers to the sound of snoring. In the second example, guuguu expresses the concept of sound sleep, even though sound sleep is usually without any sound.

——————–——————–——————————–Sample Sentences


Giongo:Doa ga batan to shimatta. “The door closed with a bang.”
Gitaigo:Ashita wa deeto da. Ukiuki suru. “I’m going on a date tomorrow. I’m excited.”
——————–——————–——————————–Some Additional Notes



Many Japanese onomatopoeia are repetitive. That is, the syllable, or pair of syllables, is repeated.
We can use Japanese onomatopoeia as adverbs, adjective-like words, parts of adjectival phrases, and as verbs when combined with “and.” In this lesson, you will see how to use each onomatopoeia correctly.
Since most of these words are Japanese in origin, they are not often written in kanji. However, they are often written in katakana and occasionally in hiragana.

To instantly access complete 10-15 minute audio lessons (a native Japanese teacher and additional hosts explain the lesson dialogue, vocabulary, phrases, and grammar explanation in detail) and PDF lesson notes (detailed explanation of dialogue, vocabulary, phrases, and grammar), and to interact with other Japanese language learners visit the link below: http://www.japanesepod101.com/index.php?p=1287&src=ezine

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Getting Started With Radio Controlled Cars

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If you have suddenly found yourself looking for a new hobby then you might want to look into Radio Controlled Cars. RC cars are a great way to get yourself involved with something that is not only fun and entertaining but also something that is a great way to meet new people also interested in similar hobbies. You could always mess around with all the gadgets and parts on your own, but must people tend to want to join groups or RC Cars organizations where they can meet people who share the same interests. There are probably a lot more people interested in this hobby then you would imagine. And RC Cars are not just something for the guys as a lot of women are finding themselves interested in this fun and exciting hobby.

When getting started you will need to determine whether you want to work with nitro RC Cars or electric RC Cars. The electric version is powered by electric motors while the nitro styled cars are powered by nitro fuel. If you are extremely new to this hobby of RC Cars then you may want to consider working with the electric models first,as they are known to be much easier on the novice.

You will also need to determine whether you want to do more on-road or off-road adventures. The on-road RC Car is meant strictly for smooth paved surfaces. The off-road electric RC Cars come in a variety of models and have great suspensions for all kinds of terrain. You will want to be careful though when looking into the different kinds of car and truck models. There are cars and trucks that are considered toy versions and there are the hobby versions. The Radio Controlled Cars that are toy versions are much cheaper in price but also in quality. These do not have the ability to move very fast either. The hobby style RC Cars are probably the best bet for those really into it, but they are going to come with a bigger price tag. Some hobby style cars can easily cost a few thousand dollars.

Since the Radio Controlled Cars are such a big-ticket purchase, if this is going to be a gift for someone else, it is probably a good idea to let them pick out the model that they are most interested in. This way, the RC Cars will really be enjoyed and there will be no money wasted. You may be wondering what people do besides get together and play with their Radio Controlled Cars. Many people find enjoyment in simply showing off their new found hobby while others find the need to race their RC Cars. Yes, there are actually racing tournaments for these cars and trucks. What can be won or achieved from the Radio Controlled Cars races will vary depending where you are located and what you entered. The main idea is that the RC Cars are fun and a great way to stay out of trouble. Meeting others with the same interest in RC Cars is also a great way to make some new friends.

For more information about RC Cars and Trucks, please visit Radio Controlled Cars Direct.

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Getting Started With Freelance Writing

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Freelance writing is one of the many ways to make money on the Internet and is perhaps the easiest and fast is to get into. I started making a considerable amount of money out of it after just a couple of months which compared to many other genuine online business ventures, is certainly quick and easy money.

I use freelance writing to fund my travels nowadays and I greatly regret not getting into it several years ago as I would never have had to come home on a frequent basis to start working again and saving up for my next jaunt around Europe. Freelance writing is not so well suited to people who like to travel quickly but if you’re on the road for a long time, and you tend to travel slowly, then freelance writing is an amazingly effective way to keep on your travels. Of course, it is good for just about anyone who wants to be able to work from home and be at liberty to work when and where they want.

It is very easy to find freelance writing jobs and there are quite a lot of sites and directories to choose from where people regularly post all sorts of jobs from web design to content writing. Finding these jobs can literary happen overnight but it will take a little bit longer if you want to find a decent and well paid jobs. Making sure you uploaded decent profile is a great bonus as is being a native English speaker.

To get started, you will typically need to send some samples to prospective employers and yes, you do need to be able to write well. However, it is not the same as writing for newspapers and a lot of the work is indeed rewriting for search engine optimisation. The cheaper projects tend to supply all the research material you need so you can get the job done super quickly.

The amount of money you earn is not only dependent on how much the employer pays you, but even more importantly, how fast you can actually produce an article. If you are writing articles based on research that you have been supplied by the employer, you could probably turnover 5 to 6 articles an hour of four and to five hundred words each. Any respectable employer will pay you at least $ 2.50 for a 400 word article so that’s already up to $ 15.00 an hour. However, if you are fairly good at what you do, you can probably earn almost twice that.

The only things you need are a computer and Internet access and if you have a laptop, you can pretty much work anywhere in the world so long as there is an Internet supply. If you want the freedom of being able to work at home or on the go, then freelance writing is possibly the best way to start since it requires absolutely no investment, not much time to get into are not necessarily great deal of specialist knowledge.

About the Author

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Getting Started With Writing Your Book

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I hear this question almost every time I tell someone I am a writing coach:

“I would like to write a book some day. How do I get started?”

Even in my Protege Program we work a lot on the basic problem of beginning to write, finding time to write, getting in the mood to write or  just plain getting around to thinking about it.

Most people I talk to think that if they could just sit down and start, they would write great prose. And the sad thing is, it might be true for some. However, for most people, your first writing will not be good.

That’s not because you aren’t a good writer, it’s because most people are not trained and experienced writers. Sure, we write emails and letters, occasional papers, blog posts, profiles and so forth. We do it based on high school and college English training and think that is good enough.

The truth is, writing is a profession. To write well, you not only have to write often, you have to learn from professionals. Most people skip this step.

The result is that they write a few sentences, think it’s bad, and give up. Or they never start, always finding an excuse to put off writing to another day, when they will feel more “inspired” to write.

What’s the solution?

In this article, I will discuss getting over that first obstacle: putting your words on paper and leaving them there.

Step number one, the most crucial step of all, is the decision to make writing your book or article the most important priority in your business.  You might argue that this takes time away from your marketing, from your clients, and from other aspects of your business that seem more important.

You must realize that building your writing skills, which include writing your book, your marketing materials, your bios, your articles and your internal memos and policies, is the single most important step you can take to make your business grow.

One of my clients, a high level executive coach, finally wrote his book last year and after giving away a few hundred, he got a phone call. The man wanted to meet for lunch. As they sat down, the prospect took my client’s book out of his briefcase and set it on the table.

“I read your book,” he said. “I loved it and I want you to be my coach.”

The job was worth $ 15,000 to my client.

Just remember, writing is the quickest way to communicate your expertise to your market and begin attracting clients.

To learn more about how to write interesting books and articles, get a free copy of my e-book 57 Steps to Better Writing and a free subscription to my Vibrant Communication Tips newsletter at http://www.freewritingbook.com

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Getting Started With Bodybuilding For Women

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Women can be bodybuilders just as men can but the important thing to note is that since a woman’s body is different, she will have many different needs when it comes to bodybuilding. She may do different exercises and routines and will have to adjust her diet differently from that of a male bodybuilder or a female who does not engage in bodybuilding activities.

With female bodybuilding becoming more and more mainstream, a lot of women are learning about their unique needs and how best to shape their body and encourage muscle growth for bodybuilding. If women want to cut and enhance their muscles, they must learn as much as possible about their bodies and how they work.

Women are designed by nature to be different from men in various aspects so the techniques which work for a male bodybuilder will not produce the same results in a female. One of the best ways for a female bodybuilder to build her muscles is through weight training. Cardiovascular workouts are also going to be very important to be sure that you burn extra calories and keep the heart healthy. This will increase your stamina as well.

What are the steps to getting started with women’s bodybuilding? Here are some ideas:

As a woman, you must first start with fat loss. Women generally have more fat than men and this fat covers the muscles and makes it difficult to see them even if they are well cut and built up. Women average about 18-24% body fat and men usually fall in the 14-18% range.

Track your progress. Keep a journal to write down where you are, when you begin and how much progress you make on a weekly basis. Be sure to keep a daily track of what exercises you do, weight training and much more. This will help you know when you need to increase your workout as well.

Remember the importance of your diet. Your body tends to process food a whole lot differently than that of a man.

Watch your weight loss. It’s natural for people to want to lose fat but if you lose body fat too quickly, you might end up losing muscle as well. If you don’t want to lose any muscle mass, the ideal amount of weight that you should lose on a weekly basis should be between 1-2 pounds

Workout 3-4 times a week using both weight training and aerobic exercise. This allows you to tone, build muscle mass and gain strength.

Eat a high protein diet and avoid complex carbohydrates as much as possible. You may try protein shakes, poultry, fish, cheese and eggs.

Be sure to always drink lots of water to hydrate the body and cleanse it of toxins.

Don’t take in more daily calories than you burn. This will cause you to gain weight from fat instead of muscle.

These bits of advice will help you get started easily when it comes to female bodybuilding; one more great idea is to locate a personal trainer that has a record of working with female bodybuilders and helping them achieve results. This way you get the advice of an expert in the field and you know when you are veering off your desired path and goals.

Guy Starbuck is a Super Geek and Health Phreak who writes for StrongRod.com, and StrongRod.com

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