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J2ME and Mobile Application Development – An Overview

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J2ME application development basically means providing a consumer wireless device platform. It is a JAVA based Mobile Application Development platform which facilitates the developers in accessing an object oriented programming language. Items like palmtops, pagers and cell phones do suffer from the bottleneck of small screen sizes, limited memory, slow processors and alternative input methods. Sun Microsystems was the first to recognize the ‘limited memory” limitation and eventually it developed Java 2 Platform Micro Edition (J2ME).

Most of the developers who prefer J2ME application development swear by the advantages it offers. Some of these advantages include, great user interface, has a robust security in place, the mammoth built-in network protocols and finally, its ability to extend support for offline and networked applications that can be downloaded with much ease. The presence of widespread support to cater to the needs in various platforms today makes J2ME development as one of the most sought-after development tool. When you have a J2ME application development, you are rest assured to expect few benefits like, easy application navigational functionality, easy user interface, improved security measures and better networking capabilities.

It is considered to be an open source and independent platform. So, you do not have to be apprehensive of hefty annual license fees. Good news for developers as well, because allows them to create reusable codes and create modular programs. Since the application is Java based, it is thought to be platform independent. In other words, it gives you the freedom to run it on any platform. It is also widely seen, Java based business applications have always performed well. For, stable Java standards make it easier for developers to create their own multilevel applications that imbibe a component based approach.

Use of BlackBerry wireless mobile phone has made life easier especially in fast internet browsing, e-mailing and multimedia needs. Its staggering user base of more than 28 million gave birth to the phenomenon of Blackberry application development. It is the fascination to touch screen mobile phones that has seen such an upward swing into the use of Blackberry. Naturally, next few years will definitely see a surge in third party application development.

This article is written by a technical writer, working at SynapseIndia, a Blackberry application development company offering quality software product development services to worldwide clients.

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Guided Meditation – An Overview

The concept of meditation has reached a stage of widespread popularity. Most people around the world know about its benefits, but only vaguely. Even as there are many CDs, books and magazines to provide ample information on the subject, the compatibility of different meditation techniques always varies from individual to individual and can be practiced only when the thing is tested by a professional.

The object of this article is never to turn your views against meditation. It would be foolish to try to do so, since meditation and its effects and the positives it can offer have been proven beyond any doubt. But the opportunity is taken here to let you know how wrong the choice of a meditation technique can be for you unless it really suits you. Possibilities are that without the help and guidance of an appropriate teacher, you might only be able to derive minimal advantages from it. Indeed, the objective instead should be to optimize meditation, to find out what suits you best and get the maximum advantages out of the same.

But there is another and a very serious problem involved. When you place yourself before the vast sea of information about the principles, basic philosophies and practices of meditation, chances are you might simply get bedazzled. After all, meditation, though it grew primarily out of the Pan-Hindu cult in greater parts of India, different sects (e.g. Buddhism) have molded it in different patterns to suit their individual needs. So you are likely to get confused regarding which path you should undertake for yourself.

Unless you are individually guided in this path, it is too tough for anyone to grasp the entire philosophy of the art he or she is practicing.

Some people contemplate joining a group to solve the problem, but really it helps little. The only solution that follows is to get a professional who can guide you individually in this business. During the course of the training be sure to let your instructor know your personal needs from meditation, so that he or she can alter his or her own schedule to optimize the learning for you so that you gain maximum benefits.

The following guidelines may help you somewhat before you prepare yourself for guided meditation:

a. Be very specific and objective about your meditation goals. For this, you first need to know what you really want from the process.

b. Find the suitable program of meditation. Choose the one that suits your lifestyle best.

c. Speak with the teachers of guided meditation and find out a suitable program for yourself.

d. Get to know clearly about the duration of the course, its calculated costs, and the clauses for refunding of initially paid money and the guarantees given by the course authorities.

e. Practice the techniques for a while and get to know if they are really working for you up to the satisfactory level. You are the one who would know best.

Please realize that this is a course offered to you by professionals so that you can improve your lifestyle, your living habits and your management skills. If, in any way, you are not satisfied with your progress, be bold enough to let your teacher know so that your money paid can be refunded back. It is never really just an ordinary set of exercise for you-even after you will have completed the course, the effects must guide you towards further, continuous practice and an improved state of living. So the phrases like “Nobody can teach you to meditate,” and “It’s all up to you,” are simply not to be paid heed to.

Here’s an excellent way to start enjoying the benefits of meditation today. The Deep Zen audio program is easy for anyone wanting to learn how to meditate offering a free demo, and helps advanced meditators achieve deeper levels of meditation too. Try another free demo here: Totally Tranquil

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