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What do I need to consider when relocating?


Relocating to a new city or town can mean a big upheaval in lifestyle. Here are 10 things to consider if you’re committed to making the move.

1. You may be leaving friends and family behind, so it’s important that you show willingness to make new friends and establish a social life.

2. If your relocation is not because of a job, then one of your first priorities will be to find employment in your new city.

3. The most important thing to consider when relocating is where you’re going to live. If you already know people in the city, then they could help make the switch easier. Otherwise, you’ll need to go on a scouting mission to find the right part of the area to move to. Temporary accommodation could help buy you more time to find the right place.

4. You’ll need to get to know the area quite quickly, especially if you plan on commuting into work or to and from clients. Getting a feel for the local road layout, train times, and the location of towns you may need to visit could all be invaluable.

5. You will need to change your council tax details, so let your local Council Tax office know when you leave your old home and when you move into the new one.

6. You will need to ensure all your utility providers are notified at least 48 hours in advance of the move, so bills can be redirected and amended.

7. You may also need to redirect your post to your new home. This can be done by downloading a form from the Post Office website.

8. If you have a driving licence, it’s important that you have the documents changed, so make sure you inform the DVLA of your new address.

9. You will need to register with a new doctor’s surgery, so you have a local GP to visit whenever you need medical attention.

10. Likewise, another vital thing to find once you’ve relocated is a new dentist. As with a doctor’s surgery, you’ll want a dental practice that is well-equipped to provide any work or treatments you may need, has lots of experience and can put you at ease when you visit.

For instance, if you’ve moved to Merseyside, you may need to find a dentist in Liverpool or a highly-regarded dental implant clinic.

Chris Mercier Dentists in Liverpool could be perfect if you live in or around the city. They are Liverpool dentists with several years of experience and offer wide range of dental services. So whether you’re looking for a practice for check-ups, a Liverpool Emergency Dentist, or a dental implant clinic, why not visit ChrisMercierDentalPractice.co.uk today?


Why Do I Need Software to Do Telemarketing?

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Businesses that practice remote sales need to use telemarketing software in order to be productive. Telemarketing is now used by many retail businesses, and these remote call centers should be organized, efficient, customer service oriented, and above all-profitable. Telemarketing software has been developed to help the growing number of businesses reach these goals. The use of telemarketing software provides a competitive edge in this market by allowing companies to get more done.

The telephone dialer is a type of telemarketing software. Dialers call through a list of leads or contacts. In between calls the sales representative stays logged into the dialer system and the dialer continues to calls leads for him. This allows the dialer to immediately route new calls to the sales person. Over the course of a typical work day each sales agent is able to make more calls and spend more of their day selling. Compared to dialing manually sales agents are able to make as many as four times the amount of sales calls when using a dialer.

Contacts can be uploaded directly from a CRM and many dialers have the ability to integrate with the top CRMs. CRMs (customer relationship managers) also track all of the processes associated with remote sales. From the information screens within the CRM calls can be made instantly to contacts and clients. With this click-to-call technology a single mouse click will connect a sales agent to the specified contact.

Email messaging is an important feature available with telemarketing software. Remote sales professionals spend up to a third of their day following up on the calls they made that day. This involves sending emails with additional information on products or promotions. Email messaging technology cuts this time drastically by automating the process. Email templates are designed before the sales calls even take place and can be tested to see what email best achieves the desired action. When an email needs to be sent, it can be done during the actual phone call from within the CRM. By cutting out the time it takes to follow-up, sales agents can spend more time on the phone making calls and closing sales.

The investment in these software programs is worth it to any organization that expects to compete in the remote sales market.

David Harlow is an SEO consultant for InsideSales.com As a firm believer that people should know the facts, Harlow’s blog Inside Sales Adventures seeks to inform new comers to the industry about important terminology in insides sales, as well as to give tips on what to look for when shopping for industry software.

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What Is Antivirus Software And Why Do I Need It?

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Before I talk about antivirus software I need to mention why it exists : computer viruses.

A computer virus is similar in many ways to a human virus in so much that it spreads infection from one point of contact to another. With a computer this means that it multiplies through infecting additional machines. A computer virus can spread through many means, the most common of which are infected emails, USB and flash drives, exploited web sites and other forms of removable media.

Computer viruses are not only viruses though – the term ‘virus’ has come to mean many other distinct forms of threat that should otherwise be known collectively as malware and singularly as viruses, Trojans, adware, spyware, rootkits and keyloggers, to name just a few.

What is antivirus software then?

An antivirus program is a piece of software designed to protect your computer from the type of threats I mentioned above. It can either be a standalone program, such as KAV, or part of a bigger internet security suite, such as KIS.

An antivirus program typically uses one, two or three of the following methods to analyse your computer’s memory, hard drive and external drives to determine whether any code found in those locations poses a threat –

1. Virus signature definitions

Virus signatures are used to compare code discovered on your system against a database of known threats. This provides a good level of protection as long as the malware being checked for is already known about.

2. Heuristics

In this case common behavious of viruses are compared with the code on your computer in order to detect new threats that are not already in the virus signatures database.

3. Cloud protection

Cloud protection is an add-on to the above which allows other users of an antivirus program to share new threats found in the wild with the rest of the community, thereby allowing an even quicker response and countermeasure to be developed.

Why do you need antivirus software?

In the early days of the internet hackers and other bad guys used to create viruses in order to claim bragging rights, have a bit of fun or to just gnerally be a nuisance. In more recent times, however, the bedroom nerd has given way to the professional hacker who creates new types of malware with the sole intention of making money.

If you don’t protect your computer with antivirus software then you are at far greater risk of being infected with a Trojan or keylogger, for instance, which could be used to acquire your online banking details or credit card information.

And you wouldn’t want that kind of information in the wrong hands. Would you?

Lee Ives writes on a large range of internet and computer security topics. If you want to know more about getting a good level of protection then read his 2012 internet security reviews.

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