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Meditation – Some Misconceptions

Definitions of Meditation include the following:
An upliftment of mind and consciousness.
A condition of elevation of the spirit.
A stillness of thought that gives birth to new inner experiences.
Cessation of the chatter of the mind to enjoy total calm.
Expansion of consciousness and understanding of life.
Exploration of the worlds between waking and sleeping and between soul and spirit.
Extraordinary states where the reality comprises exquisite beauty, perfect truth and
limitless love.

There are many who have not experienced the flights of the soul and spirit through meditation who allow ignorance or negative opinion to prejudice their minds and make them timid of practicing this simple technique. In our western culture we have been restricted in adopting meditation as a popular practice until relatively recently. Now it is becoming accepted by many individuals but also by the healing professions, particularly those involved in psychology, psychiatry and stress relief. Most importantly, it is now a natural extension of young people’s interests, confirmed and strengthened by their direct experiences.

Meditation is now generally seen to offer such benefit that we are encouraged to reconsider our thoughts on the subject and review any misconceptions we may have.

For those who are concerned that they may be influenced in a way that weakens self determination, it must be stated clearly that the meditative state is not a trance-like state but a self induced attunement of awareness chosen by each individual. Each of us stays conscious throughout our ‘quiet time’, although often with expanded, elevated or vital new awareness.

The practice of meditation is thought by some critics to be a waste of time.

However, it is meditating that allows our thought to be free to travel as we first direct it and then rewards us with quality feelings and thoughts that uplift us or bring us peace. Benefits are usually lasting and can result in increased vitality, clarity of thought and feeling and a sense of well being. Time well spent and becomes a channel for our personal inspiration.

Meditation is sometimes seen as strange or a potential threat to religious belief. But as meditation is universal this thought has no credence. All religions embrace some form of meditation and prayer. Meditation is to strengthen spiritual values and encourage the practice of sincere religious principles, allowing that the realm of our own thoughts is a very private province.

Meditation helps us develop the ability to mature as a person, to express our talents and potential and to train our minds so that our thoughts are not capable of destroying our peace but of helping our total well being.

It is then that we can be of assistance to others.

Sally Janssen is a writer, health educator and Yoga teacher well known both in Australia and abroad for her skill in demonstration of the Hatha Yoga practices and her wisdom in applying the principles of Raja Yoga – the study of the mind and consciousness. More details at http://www.essence-of-yoga.net.

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Do Yoda Proud: Meditation 101

Meditation refers to a state exactly where your body and mind are consciously calm and centered. Practitioners of this art report elevated consciousness, concentrate, and concentration, in addition to a more constructive outlook in existence.

Meditation is most commonly related with monks, mystics along with other spiritual disciplines. Nevertheless, you do not have to be a monk or mystic to appreciate its advantages. And you don’t even need to be in a special location to practice it. You can even try it inside your personal living room!

Although there are lots of different approaches to meditation, the basic principles remain the same. The most essential amongst these rules is that of getting rid of obstructive, damaging, and wandering thoughts and fantasies, and calming the thoughts with a deep feeling of concentrate. This clears the thoughts of particles and prepares it to get a greater high quality of activity.

The damaging ideas you’ve – those of noisy neighbors, bossy officemates, that parking ticket you obtained, and unwanted spam- are said to contribute to the ‘polluting’ of the mind, and shutting them out is permits for the ‘cleansing’ from the thoughts so that it may focus on deeper, much more meaningful thoughts.

Some practitioners even shut out all sensory input – no sights, no seems, and nothing to touch – and try to detach on their own in the commotion around them. You may now concentrate on a deep, profound thought if this is your goal. It might appear deafening at first, since we’re all too accustomed to continuously listening to and seeing issues, but while you carry on this physical exercise you’ll find your self turning into much more aware of everything about you.

In the event you find the meditating positions you see on tv threatening – these with impossibly arched backs, and painful-looking contortions – you’ll need not worry. The principle right here is to be in a comfy place conducive to concentration. This may be while sitting cross-legged, standing, lying down, and even walking.

In the event the place allows you to relax and focus, then that will be considered a great starting point. While sitting or standing, the back should be straight, but not tense or restricted. In other positions, the one no-no is slouching and falling asleep.

Free, comfy garments help a lot within the process because tight fitting garments tend to choke you up and make you feel tense.

The location you carry out meditation should have a soothing atmosphere. It may be inside your living room, or bedroom, or any place that you feel comfortable in. You might want an exercise mat if you plan to take around the more challenging positions (if you feel much more centered doing so, and if the contortionist in you is screaming for launch). You may want to possess the location organized to ensure that it’s soothing for your senses.

Silence assists most people loosen up and meditate, which means you may desire a peaceful, isolated region far from the ringing from the telephone or the humming from the washer. Satisfying scents also assist in that regard, so stocking up on aromatic candles is not this kind of a bad concept both.

The monks you see on tv making those monotonous sounds are actually executing their mantra. This, in easy terms, is really a short creed, a simple sound which, for these practitioners, holds a mystic value.

You do not have to perform such; nevertheless, it would pay to note that focusing on repeated steps such as breathing, and humming assist the practitioner enter a greater state of consciousness.

The principle right here is focus. You could also try concentrating on the certain object or thought, or even, whilst retaining your eyes open, focus on a single sight.

One sample program could be to – whilst in a meditative state – silently name each and every a part of you body and concentrating your consciousness on that part. While performing this you ought to be aware of any tension on any part of the body. Mentally visualize releasing this stress. It works wonders.

In all, meditation is a fairly risk-free practice and its benefits are well worth the work (or non-effort – remember we’re calming).

Studies have shown that meditation does deliver about beneficial physiologic effects to the physique. And there continues to be a developing consensus within the medical community to further study the results of this kind of. So within the close to future, who understands, that mystical, esoteric factor we call meditation might become a science by itself!

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The Art Of Tantric Meditation

Tantra is a methodology to bring both mind and body into harmony, and meditation is a useful tool to use in order to make that happen in an organic way. Once you realise that there is no set story pre-written for you–that is, your life is not some sort of fixed existence, but a free-form existence controlled by you alone–only then can you reach your true potential. To fully understand the art of Tantric meditation, the Tantric idea of self-emptiness must be completed first. This is a Buddhist concept that means one has neither ego nor a self. Your potential can be reached, but it must be constantly worked at.

In order to empty yourself through Tantric meditation, you must mentally detach yourself from everything that gives you a false sense of selfhood. These bonds can be physical, emotional, or psychological, but they all must go. Any habits, instincts, or predetermined notions you may have must be relinquished. This includes memories or any traumatic experiences you may have suffered in the past. Everything that you feel defines you in some way or another must be forgotten. This is very important, because if you cannot do this, you cannot self-empty.

Once self-emptiness has been achieved through Tantric meditation, you have to envision yourself as an enlightened being; this doesn’t mean believe yourself to be a deity, but to acknowledge that you’ve achieved enlightenment. This means that you have realised the steps you’ve taken in order to achieve this goal. Through self-emptying, you have detached yourself from the bonds that keep you in a pre-defined role and marching toward a pre-determined goal. You don’t have to live like that; you do have a choice. Meditation helps you visualise your enlightened self and realise this goal.

Tantra involves the delicate balance of both male and female energies in the body. When these are in balance, both the mind and body are in harmony and in sync. Through Tantric meditation, we can discover the things in our lives that prevent us from reaching that equilibrium and channel out those things from our minds through self-emptying. In your enlightened state, you can realise what had been keeping you from achieving your balance. In the end, you’ll end up feeling like a complete individual. Although you probably see it all the time in romantic comedy movies, you absolutely do not need anyone to “complete” you; you can complete yourself!

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A Guide to Meditation

Meditation is about learning to become present in the moment. Being present in your life and having a calm mind are essential to optimal health. A quiet mind however is not something all of us can make happen automatically. If you’ve never taken the time to meditate or perhaps you are struggling with meditation here are some ways to improve upon this in your life.

The very first and most important thing is to listen and tap into your breathing. Breathe however you feel most comfortable but make sure you are taking deep and full breaths. This will help you to stay in the moment and clear your mind of distractions. A lot of people believe that meditation is about leaving your body, but in actuality it’s about getting into your body and the space between your thoughts and your body. Everything is connected to everything else.

There’s a lot of question as to how much and how long to meditate for. It’s better to set yourself up in the habit to meditate rather than to overdo it some days and not enough on others. If you set yourself up to meditate when you wake up in the morning or whenever works best for you, try and set out to do it every day. When you set up a time to meditate choose a length of time that works for you such as 10 or 15 minutes and gradually work up to an hour or even an hour and a half. The more of a habit this becomes the easier your mind will be able to shut down.

Clear your mind. Take a few minutes before beginning your mediation to think about everything you have going on in your head. Write it down in a journal or electronically, but take five to ten minutes to let yourself work out everything that is distracting you. Let your stream of consciousness flow out. You’ll be much more effective when you let your mind deal with everything that is going on. When you have thoughts of the past and future crowding your mind, you lose the power of intention and your goal of awareness.

A final note, you do not need to bend like a pretzel or be a yoga master in order to position yourself for meditation. The best position is to sit in a chair comfortably. Place your feel on the ground and do not cross your arms or legs, just place your hands open on top of your legs. Sit upright and make sure that you have support for your back. Do not sit or lie down in a place where you may typically relax or sleep as you may drift off to sleep during this exercise.

With these steps you should find it fairly easy to glide into your daily meditation. There are so many good reasons to be meditating. Meditation can assist with blood flow and oxygen consumption, chronic diseases like allergies, reduce pre-menstrual syndrome, help to build your self-confidence and most of all lead to a deeper level of relaxation improving your overall condition. Take a moment, breathe and allow yourself the time to be conscious in your present self.

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Easy Meditation Techniques

Now, there is a new approach to meditation, the energy based meditation. Meditation is much easier and simpler if You received a Divine Energy initiation from a competent master. What the master would do is actually align your energy centers or Chakras to the Divine Energy frequency.

When starting a meditation regimen, there are some basic things you need to know. First, you must allot the time to do so. This can be any time of day, but it is most effective first thing in the morning and last thing at night. Just 5 minutes twice a day will get you started and you will begin to realize the benefits very quickly.

Meditation is not impossible! There are some easy meditation techniques that anyone can learn. To understand these techniques you should have a basic awareness of what meditation is. Meditation is the process whereby we still the mind in order to find our true self, and this results in relief from stress and a more peaceful existence.

Sit down, close your eyes, and breathe in through your nose silently counting to three. And exhale again through your nose, silently counting to six. Repeat. You are breathing out twice the length that you are breathing in. That means you are breathing a lot of air in for 3 and slowly drawing that breath out counting to 6.

The first is to ensure nobody and no thing can disturb you. Make sure all possible forms of distraction are miles away. There is nothing worse than reaching a deeply calm state only to have your cellular phone go off and startle you back into tension and anxiety. Or even worse, being half-way through a guided meditation when a cat jumps through the window and promptly jumps on your face.

Not cool at all.

Use guided meditation CDs or mp3s. There is nothing wrong with a little help. Some of these are very good. There are ones that actually emit sounds that can instantly put you in a meditative state.

Go ahead right now even as you continue to read this article bring your attention to your breath feel the sensations of the inhaling breath and then maintaining that connection notice all of the sensations that can be felt on the exhaling breath as well.

The hardest part of silent meditation is to quiet the chatterbox of the mind, what some call the “monkey mind,” always moving and making noise. In silence, thoughts will still come, but the practitioner tries simply to observe the thought, and not interact with it.

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3 Benefits of Chakra Meditation

Meditation is an old tradition of patience guided by proper technique once used exclusively by priests and men of religious service to attain spiritual enlightenment.  Nowadays, anyone is welcome to use the art in order to strengthen their mind-body connection.  Chakra meditation is one of the many forms of meditation that anyone can learn and practice, and the rewards for doing so are many for both the body and the spirit.

Chakra meditation is a process of activating the seven chakras present in the body.  These chakras are spiritual centers containing the soul’s energy, which you can open to release the energy when you meditate.  It can be performed whether you’re lying or sitting down even without crossing your legs, depending on where you’re most comfortable with. 
A benefit of chakra meditation is that it helps the body achieve balance and control over your body’s energy flow.  This meditation uses thought and reflection processes focusing on the seven chakras, stimulating them to release energy that will circulate the centers to ensure that they all receive enough power to function optimally. 
This leads to the second benefit of this meditation, which is achieving physical and spiritual wellbeing.  Poor energy flow in a certain chakra centers can lead to both physical and emotional manifestations, like sluggishness, depression and body pains.  Chakra meditation can ensure not only adequate energy flow to your chakras, but also help get rid of spiritual “toxins” that could cause the sluggish flow in the system.  Eliminating these blockades will result in renewed vigor and an easy, lighthearted feeling, free from stress and anxiety.
And finally, chakra meditation, as well as other forms of the art, is a good way of helping you adopt a more positive outlook in life!  The whole process of meditation, including the breathing techniques, posture and even the right kind of music, is all about making your body feel relaxed.  Continuous practice of meditation will eventually help you learn to deal with anxiety better, keep you stress free and make you feel emotionally and spiritually positive.  You’ll soon feel like you can face anything!

Chakra meditation is a good way to improve your physical, spiritual and emotional health.  It is a practice worth putting some effort into, as you will soon see for a therapeutic art that has no side effects, it sure has plenty of benefits!




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Meditation Courses in India

At the root of all human suffering are our desires and expectations. This wanting causes us to act and react in an almost predictable manner to situations and events. If we can detach from these mental formations, we experience peace. It is the goal of meditation courses in India to teach us how we may begin to free our minds from this state of mind, which does not allow for proper functioning, and consequently, existence. Meditation courses in India are programs in which the art and practice of meditation is taught to willing and sincere seekers of true freedom.

One of the groups which offer meditation courses in India is known as the Z Meditation Center. Z Meditation is based in Dharamsala, in India, and they have a profound and unique type of meditation courses in India available to the seeker. One of the programs which they run is known as Deep Deconditioning Inquiry, a systematic process of getting to the very root of our subconscious programming. It has been observed at their meditation courses in India, that in just a few days of practicing Deep Deconditioning Inquiry, students have shown a remarkable improvement and positive difference.

The source of our mental programming is not far-fetched. When we look at many of our cultural and religious beliefs, we may easily see. These beliefs are further reinforced and amended by family, peer group and other social groupings.

We accept these beliefs without question, so much so that they form a part of our very beings. We sometimes cannot accept that some things can be done in a different and even better way. Many of us are marching on through life like robots.

Meditation courses in India are a mutation of the ancient Buddhist religious practice. Meditation is also found to be a part of virtually all traditional religions all over the world. However, established and dedicated teachers have spent the better part of their lives developing this most profound practice into a form that may be embraced from anyone, from anywhere. This is the case with Z Meditations’ meditation courses in India, created and developed by Ajay Kapoor, the Founder, and Teacher of Z Meditation.

The most effective way to go about meditation courses in India are via the on-campus location programs. These are held several times a year, in India, as well as in other places where there will be a class and facilities. Otherwise, you may take on-line meditation courses in India which are available over the internet. These online meditation courses in India require just as much, if not more, disciplined practice, as the student will have to regulate herself. There are also meditation books, which provide another alternative to meditation courses in India. These are similar to the online meditation courses in India, but you need not use an internet connection as the material is available in print.

Whatever option of meditation courses in India you choose, or are suitable for you, you can be assured of an affordable expense. An expense which bears no relation whatsoever to the benefits you will derive from partaking in meditation courses in India.

Lily Candice is regular article writer for Meditation Courses in India at Z Meditation in India

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Theta meditation – an explanation

The brain is an extremely complicated system, working in a fascinating way and everyday making you go through different tasks. You are being programmed subconsciously by the brain to enable you to adapt to your ever changing environment and this eventually forms a cycle of routine for you. All these happen without your conscious knowledge or efforts. But if you want to re programme your brain and store your beliefs or philosophies, you can only do so with the help of theta medication. The theta waves used in theta medication permits you to enter your subconscious and get in touch with it to programme it.

You must be wondering what this theta medication is and how it works? Well, first you must understand what theta is, theta is a brainwave that has a frequency that is second slowest and a cycle rate at range of 4 – 7 Hz. When you are in a state of peaceful relaxation having good dreams that is when the theta wave is actually working. The electroencephalogram of a person, when she/he is under the influence of the theta wave, shows that this is the time when a person has the utmost capability to handle stress, has increased emotional balance and is strongly intuitive. The technique uses the theta waves to access the subconscious. Coming to how the theta meditation technique works, the theta waves helps increase the levels of serotonin and melatonin, the hormonal chemicals that plays an important part in curing insomnia and depression, thus improving these conditions effectively.

All of us mostly spend each day with our brain working on the beta range of frequencies, from 12 – 30 Hz. This is active state of mind which is very effective for problem solving and production.

When you relax, your brain usually relaxes as much to reach the alpha range of frequency, from 8 – 12 Hz. It is extremely difficult for an average human to reach the theta range of frequency, normally, without the aid of theta meditation. Very few can manage to reach this harmonious and peaceful depth of the subconscious on a regular basis, on their own.

The benefits of these techniques are numerous. A few of them are given below for your reference:
Stress release – everyone know that relaxation is the only medicine for stress and the process helps you to relax like nothing else.
Increased energy – theta meditation enables you to relax like you have had a nice, deep sleep, thus helping in keeping you energized.
Improved memory – as already mentioned, theta waves helps you to communicate with your subconscious, eventually helping you to retrieve long term memories which are otherwise lost.
meditation technique if you are on medication for some reason and do not go off your medicines during the process.

Justin Woods is a Doctor who recommends meditation techniques for a stressful life or for a good physical and mental health. He also writes articles on theta meditation & meditation technique. For more information he always recommends to visit http://themeditationmind.com/

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The Enigma of Meditation

One of the most common ailments of a stressful modern life is anxiety and depression that comes as an aftereffect of the former. The symptoms of anxiety are one of the fastest growing problems of the urban life. It is however seen that not always are there a definite reason that leads to anxiety and depression. It is at times a development that comes from reasons within an individual.

Here are some of the possible reasons that lead to anxiety and depression.

Genetic History – Psychologists have found from research that at times when there is a case of depression in the family history of a person there is a chance of the same developing in another person of the same family later on. it may continue with its symptoms on a genetic basis.
Brain Conditions – The level of neurotransmitters in the brain of individuals are the force behind transmission of information. A misbalance in this can lead to different levels of signal leading to anxiety.
Other Conditions – There are additional and surrounding factors to which a person is subjected to or a sudden shock can lead to anxiety and depression. In these cases they are direct results of stress and strain.

There are various symptoms that a person may demonstrate as a result of anxiety and depression. Common among these is a state of sleeplessness and headache or even loss of short term memory. But the most common symptom is the lack of concentration that a person experiences during this phase of time. This could lead to a downward trend in one’s ability and performances in work and could cause further anxiety leading to greater depression. However there are certain ways like meditation to treat this problem and improve concentration and even cure sleep problems without much complication.


The exercise of meditation is an integral and key part of the Yoga exercises that was part of ancient Indian culture. The ancient history of India will give you large number of examples of sages and hermits who practiced meditation to earn different and higher levels of knowledge. Meditation has been known as a cure for several ailments like sleep problems and improve concentration as well.

Medical practitioners use meditation as part of anxiety and depression treatment.

You have to sit in a yogic posture which is sitting down on a flat surface with legs folded and crossed.
You will place your hands in the middle where your legs are crossing and close your eyes.
Your back and spine should be straight and at no point slouch.
Now concentrate and allow the mind to meditate.

During this process you may take the help of meditation music to enhance your ability to concentrate. There is a variety of meditation music available for the purpose. You will be able to get a variety of meditation music CDs or even download free meditation music from internet music sources. Music is always known to act as a healer and will effectively help you in the process of meditation as it works to soothe the nerves and relieve you from all kinds of stress and strain.

For more information on anxiety and depression, check out the info available online; these will help you learn to find the free meditation music!

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New online meditation course quickly reaches the world

(PRWEB) April 14, 2004

What gave the wisdom to Einstein, the creativity to Edison and the passion to Mel Gibson? Believe it or not, meditation!

“For over six thousand years humanity has relied on meditation to enlighten thinkers, enthuse the creative and inspire its spiritual seekers,” say Sunirmalya Symons, a practising meditator of over 24 years.

He believes we are uniquely placed in the 21st century living in the most stressful of all societies. But we also have matchless access to a multitude of simple and powerful meditation techniques right at the click of a mouse.

“The FREE online meditation course offered by the Meditation Society of Australia (http://www.meditation.org.au) is brilliant because it features an extremely easy to follow class structure with free guided meditation exercises and meditation music to download.”

Sunirmalya says that hundreds of people all over the globe have taken the course and the results have been outstanding. The classes feature a mixture of meditation methods from a range of spiritual teachings, including mantra, visualization, music, breath and scene-based guided meditation.

Meditation is universally lauded for the obvious physical benefits of relaxation, stress reduction, better sleep and improved health, but Sunirmalya says that most that learn to meditate speak of the real strengths of meditation in the areas that Einstein, Edison and Mel Gibson utilized it. The greater self awareness, wisdom, creativity and enthusiasm for life we develop.

“It’s just common sense that people should meditate. While our world is constantly filling our minds with millions of thoughts, meditation is the perfect method to empty those we do not need while opening a window to the deeper intuitions of the soul”

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