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Techno Blast – Is Techno Becoming Mainstream?

Music has definitely spun through its popular genres within the last 10 years, with changes continuing each day. We can look at the different music genres and see how they have progressed over time and take note when we hear something new and different.

It appears that music’s pop genre seems to be changing. There is no telling how hard-core techno fans feel about this, but it appears that pop is morphing into a mainstreamed techno. To confirm this, let us take it to the charts.

According to multiple sources, here are a few songs and artists that have cycled through the Top 20 Pop Music list (please note that these are not in any specific order, but rather a simple list of popular artist that have hit the charts):

– Katy Perry “E.T. Featuring Kanye West”

– Britney Spears “Till the World Ends”

– Swedish House Mafia “One” and “Save the World”

– Ke$ ha “Blow”

– Usher “More”

– Rihanna “S&M”

– Far East Movement “Like a G6”

– Lady Gaga “Judas”

– Taio Cruz featuring Travie McCoy “Higher”

Now, these are only a few songs, but if you listen to them carefully, you can hear the music transitioning into techno, can you not? Yes, it appears that even popular artists cannot deny the greatness of techno.

How does this make you feel as a fan of techno? For some people, techno is like their secret “underground” dance musical love. Don’t worry friends. Remember, we did discuss the many faces and facets of techno music. You will always have trance, dubstep, and chill to groove to. On the other hand, let’s get amped up! Our favorite genre is beginning to infiltrate the popular music section. Here’s a way to think of it, when you’re at work and the boss puts on a pop radio station that drives you crazy, would you rather the typical music that makes your day drag on? Or do you want to hear something that makes you go, “Hmm, this sounds like techno. I like where we’re headed!”

What got this ball rolling you might ask? Many would argue that Lady Gaga’s rise to fame has caused many pop artists to question their musical progression. It has just been released that Lady Gaga now makes more money per capita than Oprah. Wow! That must be talent.

Either way, Lady Gaga fan or not, it appears that techno and pop are fusing in some sort of exciting fashion. So let us celebrate that fact that techno is beginning to capture the hearts of many! Let’s keep an open mind while this progression takes place and we’ll see where we end up. Happy listening and searches friends!

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Brad Parmerter has almost 20 years experience in the music and entertainment industry as a writer, programmer, and merchandiser. He has professionally interviewed and photographed such artists as: Rush, Metallica, Celine Dion, Live, Phil Collins, Trans-Siberian Orchestra, Live, Van Halen, Queensryche, Anna Nalick, Styx, Def Leppard, and many more.

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