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Brooking Parks Music Therapy Program Enriches Lives of Older Adults

Chesterfield, MO (PRWEB) February 07, 2012

Brooking Park resident Patrick Elder, 83, sings songs not just for fun, but because its good for his health. For older adults, music therapy enhances their quality of life, helping them maintain key functioning skills and stimulating their mind, according to Amy Roberts, Brooking Parks Music Therapist.

For Elder, music therapy lifted his spirits after losing his wife last year. When Amy does musical matching games and asks questions, thats fun, said Elder, who even meets with Roberts one-on-one to chat about Big Band music, his favorite genre. When I first came to Brooking Park I was depressed. If it wasnt for the people in the Activities Department, I would be in depression again.

Roberts uses well-known classics such as Blue Moon and What a Wonderful World to bring smiles to more than 180 residents who call Brooking Park home. Roberts looks for facial expressions, physical reactions if theyre joining in, engaging or clapping, learning the rhythm and singing along. Other cues, such as an improvement in alertness and mood, also showcase the benefits.

We just have a lot of fun. Some things challenge our minds a bit, which is great, said Dolores Scholl, 73, a resident for the past 3 years. We do things as a group and I am very seldom in my apartment.

Roberts has a bachelors of science in Music Therapy from Maryville. Music therapy at Brooking Park also includes activities that enhance memory, alleviate pain, and create an outlet for elders to express their feelings.

Music Therapy is so crucial to our activity program. Music sparks such happy and sometimes bittersweet memories in a persons life and takes them back to important events in their lives, said Donna Mattingly, Director of Activities at Brooking Park. Our current Music Therapy program led by our wonderfully talented Music Therapist is creative, interactive and educational and is so much more than just listening to music.

There are many recent studies and facts on the benefits of music therapy for seniors, according to the American

Music Therapy Association website, MusicTherapy.org:

Music therapy reduces depression among older adults.
Music experiences can be structured to enhance social/emotional skills, to assist in recall and language skills and to decrease problem behaviors.
Individuals in the late stages of dementia respond to and interact with music.

Join us for our music therapy events and find out more on this growing trend for older adults by calling 314-576-5545.

View photos of a recent Brooking Park music therapy session by clicking here.
Watch a video of a recent music therapy session by clicking here. Amy explains music therapy here.


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Drug Addiction a threat to innocent lives

thereby completely ruining one’s life. It also provokes him to commit various crimes as it becomes easier for criminals to blackmail them on the basis of drugs. So it has become a necessity in the society to introduce different programs to eradicate it completely in order to save their dark future and also to stop the vicious activities.

Drug Rehab Treatments

Drug rehab facilities introduce certain programs which aim at enabling the patient to get rid of abuse. In such programs alcohol addicted patients are helped by counseling them psychologically or by drug free programs. Public and private treatments are applied to the victims so that they could be freed from various addiction types. Expert medical teams are available. Each patient is treated with extreme care and attention. Initially patients are properly analyzed by authorized doctors who design them their treatments.

Proper Atmosphere

Drug rehab facilities also provide a healthy environment like mental support, natural playgrounds, medical facilities, comfortable accommodation etc for their better mental growths. They have spacious and open green gardens with trees, blossoming flowers and swimming pools with natural beauty and peaceful atmosphere for recovery process. Today’s prospering youth who are our future, rehab centers provide them with boarding facilities which is a great help to them.

Rehab Centers: easy affordable by all classes

Drug rehab facilities are now available all over the world to the alcoholic patients. If you are in the search of these you can avail any of the drug rehab centers across the world. Services offered by the Christian rehab centers can be easily affordable. Beside there are many drug rehab facilities which are funded by the state providing numerous financial options to the victims (especially teens).But there are also people who cannot afford any of such facilities. In their case the centers provide special attentions and recommends remedies in order to solve their addiction problems. Alcoholic Rehabilitation Centers provide people with awareness about the ill effects of drug and alcohols. The centers are equipped with advanced technologies and better methods of treatment with experienced doctors and specialized doctors who help the victims to increase their willpower and slowly give up their addiction.

The prime objective of these centers is to reduce the dependency of patients towards drug thereby offering them a secure future and turn their path to better prospects of life. They also aim at making the world a beautiful and worthy place to leave at. If any of your family member or friend has fallen a prey to such an intoxicating malady them such rehab centers are definitely helpful bring them here. Within a week you will find improvements through better organized treatments and scientific methods. The rehab centers might not assure complete recovery but certainly they can turn the patient to the path of recovery.

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