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Amadeus Consulting Discusses Designing Impactful Business iPhone Apps

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I was browsing the Design Observer the other day, (as I tend to do daily), and I noticed that they have just released an iPhone™ app, a pretty sharp one at that. This got me thinking about the best practices and design techniques to bring to iPhone apps and other mobile app development. After some extensive searching, I came up with a lot of recommended iPhone and mobile apps for graphic designers, but no articles about what to think about when designing for smartphones.

Our company, unlike the majority of app development companies, does not design for game-based mobile applications. Because our history is so rooted in large-scale business application software, that’s what we live and breathe. We have created over 30 mobile apps across all of the platforms, but they have been primarily business-focused, business-designed. This is why the Design Observer iPhone app struck me; it manages to balance business and leisure. It’s beautiful and intuitive, and even introduces a new way to look at something: Mondrian-Style. So how do business-based iPhone app developers turn text-based material into well-designed and even sexy applications? What lessons can we learn from other successful business-function iPhone apps?

Brand Extension

Because most of these apps tend to come from existing businesses with existing websites, the biggest mistake in creating an iPhone app for your brand is to go off-base. This is an extension of your brand, so it has to reflect the same design principles and considerations that any other company materials might have. Remember your brand colors, typefaces, logo presence, messaging behind your brand and even the interaction paradigm of your website. What is the ultimate goal of your website? Translate that goal to the iPhone app.

App Icons

App icons are something so small, yet very important. When iPhone users are looking to add another app to their roster, they are very much influenced by the icon, because it is the visual representation of the app. Most users will not go to iTunes™ to download the app and sync with their phone. They will download it straight from the app store on their phone, meaning the initial contact they have is with the icon, and not the description of the application. For business iPhone apps, the icon truly depends on brand recognition.

Small Companies/Startups

Because smaller companies and startups do not have the brand recognition that larger entities like Chase Bank® have, it’s critical that the design of the icon strike a balance between brand building and function of the app. For instance, say you are a startup bank, looking to create presence in the app store. Because people won’t know your logo quite yet, you’ll want to incorporate your logo and something that indicates the financial world. It is easier said than done, especially given the real-estate of the icon, but a trusted graphic design partner can help you with that.

Large Companies/Well-Known Brands

Larger companies have longer history and brand recognition, so it’s likely that they can get away with using their logo as the icon for their iPhone app.

Introducing New Views

The thing about mobile apps in general is that people tend to interact with them in a fairly static way. They like knowing what to expect and that their next step will be intuitive. This doesn’t mean that you cannot be creative. Think about elements of the design as a “new view, with a similar interaction.” Like the Design Observer app, that brought the “Mondrian View” to the table, which displays articles based on their photos, in a tile-like display. The user clicks on the picture to read the story. The thing to remember is that these new views should not be the main function of your app, they can add to the value to the app overall.

Graphic Considerations

Because this is not a gaming app, there needs to be a different consideration for graphics. The cost-benefit of good graphics is that often the better the graphics, the slower the application. It simply takes a long time to load quality (isn’t it always the way?). However, when people are using business applications, they are more concerned with the function and ease. Their expectation is greater for the task of accomplishing something than the visual impact. Clean and sharp design is usually the best way to proceed; it keeps things simple but not boring, making sure that the design does not compete with the function.

About Lisa Calkins

Lisa Calkins, Amadeus Consulting’s CEO and Co-Founder, is also the Director of Creative Services. Lisa is dedicated to the infusion of creativity into every aspect of Amadeus Consulting, including our custom software application design.

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iPhone Apps for Cars

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The mobile phone revolution has changed just about everyone’s way of life. Now you can simply download mobile iPhone apps that give the users instant access to a whole host of services, aids and information services at the touch of a button. Whether you are looking for travel information, best used car prices or help finding where you parked your car last night there is an application available to give you a hand.

Here are some of the most useful iPhone apps for the mobile savvy car driver.

Trapster is a free download that is also available for use on the BlackBerry, Android, Windows Mobile and Nokia Palm systems. This useful little social network app uses the phones GPS, at the tap of the screen to inform others of speed traps, hidden cameras and mobile police units. By viewing the map on you phone you can see the traps in your area and keep yourself out of trouble and away from three points.

Take me to my car
Is a free app that has already been downloaded by millions of people. A simple tap of the screen when you park up records your cars position and then when you need to find your vehicle again it will give you directions back to where you parked. A define bonus for travellers to strange cities or assisting you out on the day after the night before.

Parker’s Car Price Checker
If you are thinking about buying a new or used car this app will give you the edge over the sales staff. Parker’s, the most knowledgeable used car people, have produced this application. It gives users up to date access, to a price index for many of most popular cars on the market. Priced at £2,99 you are bound to be able to save more than this with the purchase of your next car by knowing exactly what the market is currently charging.

The Mygas producers have developed a free to download, social networking service program that allows the price conscious driver to track petrol stations and their prices. It means you can find the nearest and cheapest garages at the touch of a button and report those that are not worth the visit or for over charging.

London Jam Cams
This is a really useful device for London commuters or an entertaining diversion for those who want to sample the frustration of London travel. This free app gives you access to 179 traffic cameras and allows you to plan your journey to avoid them or just see how bad the situation is before you set off.

Auto Trader
Auto Trader has long had a web presence but their latest iPhone app gives you mobile access to their site. The service enabling you to check on cars for sale in your area, prices, latest releases and much more quite easily. The system is available in a number of formats to suit different mobiles.

For more information, please contact automotiveblog.co.uk – We also provide news and information on Used Cars particularly Used Audi and Used Volkswagen.

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Hire iPhone Programmers to Build Dream Mobile App for your Business

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Nowadays, the period of innovative and extremely technological mobile business where iPhone – a multimedia enabled mobile phone that has occupied the world because of its incredible design and innovative application features.  iPhone looks different mobile phones specially the smart phones all over the world. iPhone has the dynamic multimedia features with high speed internet and Wi-Fi facility, top class web browser, screen sensor, easy synchronization and etc..


Dynamic features and Benefits of iPhone Application:

• iPhone has ability of multi touch screen, Wi-Fi connectivity and virtual keyboard

• Usability and Contact software applications

• It has Provide multitasking operations and higher resolution better than other mobile phone.

• iPhone has quality and exciting of graphic, it’s  one of the biggest attractions of an iPhone.


Do you know, what is the usage of iPhone in today’s apps development market?

iPhone has been the set up in developing and improving Mobile application development in the world. In today’s market the highly demand for iPhone application development is increasing high day by day because of its massive possible of developing application on different ideas.


iPhone has its widely usage in businesses and organizations, regularly in finance, social networking, shopping cart, games, entertainment, travel, business service applications, Time Tracking application, Manage Projects, Track Your Website, Store your Ideas.


Often, iPhone application requirement changed, as new iPhone applications are raising every day so there is a huge requires for developers and programmers for build applications. The business entrepreneurs are coming up with innovative thoughts about various applications and convert these thoughts into reality. So the entrepreneurs require hiring iPhone apps developers who will be capable and dedicated enough to make applications.


iPhone development has continuing rise now days, so entrepreneurs require hiring iPhone developers and programmers. The iPhone developers create and develop new iPhone applications according to the client’s requirements. They apply creativity thoughts to create & run applications on our phone. These applications help clients to make their workflow easier as they can be modified to individual requirements and designed to suit the correct requirement.


iPhone developers or programmer must have good knowledge to make dynamic applications which will create the device smart. IPhone developer must have the capability in custom application and also awareness of iPhone to make attractive and creative applications


Several mobile application development companies are providing custom iPhone development service which will allow the developers to put client’s ideas interested in phones. They can develop Mobile application for small business for the large organization because they want to give dynamic look to their application. The iPhone apps development is on the rise extremely quick it is very required to hire iPhone developers and designers who have the knowledge and ability to build custom and user friendly business application.


Weblineindia is iPhone App Development Company in India. We offer facility to Hire iPhone App Developers and iPhone SDK programmer for your iPhone Application Development requirements.

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Top 10 iPhone Apps for the Accounting Pro on the Move

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The iPhone is a terrific portable traveling buddy and a marvelous asset for service professionals, including accountants and CPAs.

Right out of the box your iPhone is a powerful tool, but to really get the most of it there are a number of apps designed to help you run your practice on the move. Here are some of my favorites.

Best of all, they’re all free.

1. Trip Tracker – A fully automated application that keeps track of your travel itineraries with minimal set-up. All you have to do is register your frequent flier and hotel rewards numbers on the site and your complete itinerary will automatically be displayed in the program. Status and changes are updated via push notifications.

2. GateMaps – This is a brand new app, but once it’s fully developed it’s going to be really amazing. The application currently supports only five major hubs: Atlanta (ATL), Chicago O’Hare (ORD), John F. Kennedy (JFK), Los Angeles (LAX), and Miami International (MIA). As the app is developed more airports will be added.

3. Skype – You probably already use Skype on your PC or laptop, but they also have a great mobile app. If you’re an international traveler who likes to pinch pennies this is a great app for you. Call Skype-to-Skype for no charge over Wi-Fi, or use the built-in instant messaging feature. Unfortunately skype has recently started charging for using skype over cellular connections.

4. Yelp – Yelp is very handy when you’re out of town. It provides user reviews for restaurants, bars, and shops making it a whole lot easier to find a good, nearby place to eat.

5. Unit Conversion – This nifty little app lets you convert currencies on the fly.

6. Taxi Magic – This is my personal favorite. You push a button and a cab magically appears. All you need to do is enter your pick-up location and the app does the rest. You don’t even need to make a phone call. Taxi Magic coordinates with the local taxi dispatch services to find the closest to your location. You can even monitor the cab’s progress via GPS. This application is available in most major cities in the United States.

7. Bump – This is a very interesting little app. All you need to do is hold two phones next to one another and it swaps their contact information. Think of it as an iPhone business card, only better. Your card is a lot less likely to wind up in the laundry if it’s on someone’s smart phone.

8. Expensify – Eliminate the burden of lugging all your receipts from your trip around with you with Expensify. It compiles your expenses as you go and packages them up into a report that’s IRS-friendly. One of this app’s major selling points is the ease of uploading information: all you have to do is take a picture of the receipt with your phone’s camera!

9. HopStop – This app turns your iPhone into a public-transportation-sensitive GPS of sorts. By inputting your start and end location, your route will be calculated, taking into account buses, trains, transfers, and turns, and always getting you there as quickly as possible.

10. World Customs and Cultures – Did you know that in Japan it’s considered rude to turn down a drink, even if your glass is full? Down that sucker and hold your glass out for a refill or run the risk of seriously pissing off your host! The World Customs and Cultures app will help you bridge cultural gaps and avoid the many pitfalls of international business negotiations.

These apps make hitting the road for your CPA practice a lot less arduous – and possibly even fun!

Brian O’Connell is the President and founder of CPA Site Solutions, one of the country’s most successful web design firms oriented solely to CPA sites. His company currently provides websites for more than 4000 CPA, accounting, and tax preparation firms.

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How to do your own iPhone Repair

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As a result of the savings in money and time, it is becoming very popular for people to do their own iPhone repair. In the past, iPhone repair was rarely considered as a result of the amount of time and money that was involved. However, the Internet has provided people with the repair parts and the knowledge to do their own iPhone repair.

In order to make sure that you receive the two primary benefits of saving time and money when you repair your iPhone yourself, you need to be sure that you use the services of a specialized, dedicated website to make sure that you get professional service and quality parts for a reasonably price along with all of the necessary guarantees which means that you can buy the parts for your iPhone repair with some peace of mind.

Choosing the right website will not only save you money but it will also help you to save time as well. A high quality website will offer same day shipping which means that you will get your repair part quickly and have your iPhone repair completed and working again sooner than if you had sent it off for repairs. Make sure you do some research to make sure that you are dealing with a quality website. Some checks on the Internet for testimonials and reviews should help you with this.

It is easy for you to repair your iPhone yourself since all the resources and knowledge that you will need for a successful iPhone repair are on the Internet for you. There are numerous step by step guide, hints, and tips there for the specific iPhone repair that you need to do. You don’t have to be an expert, you just need to have the desire to save yourself some money and time and be willing to research properly upfront. However, you don’t have to do so much research that it costs you precious time. You only need a reference and a guide, than these are available on the Internet and can be printed out and worked through during the repair.

Therefore, there really is a way that you can save money and time without having to put up with a third party for your iPhone repair. With all the resources that the Internet has to offer it is easy for you to repair your iPhone yourself.

Click here for more information about iPhone repairs and iPad screen replacement


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What Are Top iPhone & iPad Apps in the Year?

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With more than 300,000 applications for iOS devices, Apple’s iTunes App Store is a marketplace of enormous proportion. Apple has released its annual iTunes Rewind feature and named its apps of the year, which makes this the perfect time to reflect on the apps that have managed to best the competition and rise to the top of the charts this year. The new styles of Apple accessories include chargers, a stand, Bluetooth keyboard and stylus with integrated ballpoint pen to suit the needs of every iPad user.

That’s great, but what are the final top 9 apps really like? Below they are:

The first is Doodle Jump. If you used to play simple games, then this is for you. All you’ve got to do in Doodle jump is keeping jumping your little alien thing-me-bob further up the screen. The higher you go the better score you get. There is little to this game to be honest, however like Canabalt and all those flash games that you’ve lost an afternoon in the office too, this can become incredibly addictive. Apple no doubt loved the fact that to control the movement of your little critter you’ve got to tilt the iPhone from side to side. Tilt too far and you’ll miss that all important ledge.

The second one is Financial Times. Before you get too excited about this app being free, it is only currently free until 31 July 2010. However that said the FT shows us what a newspaper app can and will be like when it comes to consuming news on the go. Complete with its trademark pink paper, stories are displayed in traditional newspaper column format with you working your way left to right to read more. Of course its not all about words, there is video and photos too, although some of the FT journo’s are clearly scared by the idea that having been able to hide behind their typewriters now they are having to read off autocue.

For the Brushes for iPhone, you can get both an iPhone and iPad version of this app, and annoyingly unlike some dual apps you’ll have to buy this one twice. What you do get though is an app that lets you paint to your hearts content on your Apple device with a variety of brushes, layers, blend modes, and then the chance to undo or redo if you make a mistake.

While the TabToolkit is a guitar tablature and music notation viewer that lets you see how tracks are played out so you can learn the moves to your favorite’s songs. Off the bat you’ll get a handful of tracks to listen and watch, and although they are pretty basic – Star Bangled Banner anyone? – They do give you an idea of how it all works before you go about importing your own sheet music.

Articles are available for both iPhone and iPad, Articles is basically a way to look at Wikipedia pages from your Apple device rather than head over to the site itself.

Jamie’s 20 Minute Meals is in fact a digital cook book.

Star Walk for iPad for the people who is interested in the stars, but aren’t really sure where Orion is or how many stars make up Cassiopeia. Hoping to give you a helping hand is Star Walk, an iPad and iPhone app that will let you see where the stars are in the sky.

Real Racing is one app that Apple has been touting for ages. And as a popular app so it’s no real surprise that it made it in to their top list for winners of the awards.

Pinball HD, it’s the classic pinball machine re-jigged for the iPad. You’ll get three pinball tables to begin with – Wild West, The Deep, and The Jungle, with the option to buy more tables from the app store when and if you want.

All the above apps, have all been downloaded by us from the App Store, and had a play, in order to give you our hands-on opinion, rather than just regurgitating what the blurb says.

David is a widely respected marketing expert. Now, he works for PICKEGG wholesale electronics


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Generate Profits Off Your Iphone How You Can Make Free Apps

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Did you realize that there is certainly an iPhone app that anyone can order for a couple dollars which they can truly use while taking a dump at the lavatory to talk to other users of identical app who are making the similar thing? And guess what? The person who created it wasn’t a genius.

And he’s raking in stacks of hard cash every day. All he required to know was how to created iPhone programs and he was well on his way to a cushy retirement. That is what How to Make Totally free Apps is all about.

You don’t have to know how to use and even own an iPhone (although it could be great so that you could really like your very own development). All you need to do is acquire a little guide, generally known as the How to Make Free Apps, and you’ll understand all about the best way to make an app of your own. You then send it to Apple, who tests it, and if its good and if it is entertaining, they are going to include it in their list of apps that people can buy. Each time any person purchase an app, which is a few $ $ $ in your pocket it is really as easy as that.

It will get better. Since you know the way to make an application, you’ll be able to now go forward and make an upgrade version of your app. And of course you already know that buyers pay for upgrades all the time. You can be producing income two methods now. you will end up selling the original application, plus the upgrade. See why I talk of a cushy retirement?

Just how much will this tiny guidebook set you back? An amazing $ 97. That is all. It includes a great deal of bonus material, valued at in excess of $ $ 3K, and you are having a whole lot of value in there. How do you guard your idea away from getting stolen by anyone else? For per guidebook you purchase, you get a Non-Disclosure Agreement that protects your genius from being copied. If a person ever did, that you can sue them for large numbers of dollars, yet another way to rake in some cash?

Go forward and order How to Make Free Apps straight away, and make that concept that is been in your head a reality.

If you want to know more about How To Make Free Apps, go to http://UltimateAppsCreation.com Now.

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iPhone Spy Apps – How iPhone Spy Apps Can Catch A Cheating Spouse

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There are many tell tales signs that a spouse may be cheating but confirming it can be difficult. The good news is that if your spouse has an iPhone, you can get your hands on an iPhone spy app which could help confirm or dispel your suspicions.

There is no doubt the Apple iPhone is the most popular cellphone, and chances are your trendy, up to the minute spouse is carrying one with them at all times. However, if your partner is not being totally faithful to their relationship that iPhone could be their weak link. Coupling the iPhone with and one of the many iPhone spy apps, can give you a valuable look at where your partner is in real-time and also has other features that can be useful when suspecting cheating.

iPhone spy apps enable you to secretly track your spouse by using the GPS locations of the phone to pinpoint where the cellphone is in real time. The locations are sent to a remote server which is accessed by the user through a web based interface. The website uses popular mapping software (Google Maps) to locate the iPhone on a map and provides time and date stamps too. This type of iPhone tracking application allows the user to know where the iPhone is at all times. So if your spouse is working late (again) or has changed their behavioral patterns recently, knowing where their iPhone is located might just be a good thing.

Spy apps for iPhone also allow the user to track calls, SMS messages and other key data on the selected iPhone. This information can all help build a picture of your partners behavior and can confirm your worst fears or allay your suspicions. One of the best advantages of using an iPhone spy apps is that it runs in total stealth mode, this means the iPhone user isn’t even aware the spy and tracking application is running and that the iPhone’s location is being logged.

In most relationships there will be times when we suspect our partner may be seeing someone else, that is normal, and an unfortunate feature of modern living. If our suspicions become too real we can become obsessed with the “possibility” of cheating, an iPhone spy applications can help us overcome that obsession by providing some evidence or cheating or not.

If your iPhone spy & tracking application is showing your spouse at the local bar, when he/she is supposed to be at work then it is time to confront the issue. If the application also provides evidence of SMS texts to the same cellphone number, particularly, at unsocial hours, then the evidence of cheating is becoming too much to ignore. However, a word of caution if the iPhone spy software is showing the same location every night and it is the local florist or jeweler shop then maybe you should relax a little and wait for the surprise that is undoubtedly coming your way soon. If that surprise doesn’t arrive then its time to suspect again and iPhone spy apps are probably one of the most cost effective and efficient ways to end the uncertainty.


If you’re looking for an absolutely fool-proof way to discover if your spouse is cheating check out the #1 iPhone spy software & iPhone spy gadget review site. Here, you’ll get access to all the latest tools to see if your partner is being faithful.

Visit: www.iphonespyphone.com

For more information on iPhone spy apps, check out the following resources:

IPHONE SPY APPS -> www.iphonespyphone.com

IPHONE TRACKING APPS -> www.iphonetrackingapp.com

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Make iPhone Apps ? A Brief Synopsis!

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Making free iPhone apps is getting viral these days. Why’s that? Why a lot of people are taking keen interest in making free iPhone apps even if they are unaware of programming language and developing techniques? If these are your questions then feel free to read the whole article because this is going to be a great source of information for you guys.

Make iPhone Apps Easily:
It is very easy to make iPhone apps because programmers have developed enough software and tools that a 14 years kid can easily make his own app. So, what are you waiting? Read more to know about techniques to create iPhone apps.

If you are planning to make iPhone apps, first of all make sure that there is as such no reason to get afraid or panic because you can develop them easily without having any extra skills of programming.

Why Free iPhone Apps Are Very Popular?
The trend of developing apps and making money from them is getting very famous. Even young teenage kids are also making their iPhone applications to grab the attention of people all around the world. Dear readers, the stereotype of using mobile phones only for the sake of calling or texting is changing very quickly after the launching of iPhones. Thanks to Steve Jobs (R.I.P) who gave more dimensions and opened new horizons for people to think and develop. After the launch of iPhones, people took great interest in these phones to make iPhone apps and started hiring programmers. At first, due to unawareness and lack of knowledge, people were unable to understand the value of an iPhone app and its development.

After passage of time, common people came to know that it is very easy to create iPhone apps. All you need is to find a good tutorial or a website that provides you the whole platform to create free iPhone apps.

Moreover, if you are a businessman and unable to manage time then I will recommend you guys to for outsourcing. Outsourcing your IT services is very popular these days and offshore freelancers and programmers are very reliable and expert in their work. So, feel free to make iphone apps or hire a freelancer through reliable outsource agents that can help you create iphone apps without any trouble or charging extra amount.


Freetheapps.com is a great way to create iphone apps. Now it is very easy to create free iphone apps. Visit freetheapps.com to learn how to make iphone apps?

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What you should know about creating an iPhone App

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Discovering how to create and make money from iphone applications is one of the biggest money making topics in the world today. The business opportunity can enable you to start earning a passive income if you are able to creatively develop a great application and implement effective marketing stratagems. A lot of people get discourage thinking that it is extremely difficult to learn how to create an iphone app, but I assure you that it is easier than you think.

The development process extremely simple but it isn’t easy. The reason why it’s not easy is because you have to be about it and not just talk about it. A lot of people say what they want to do but never take action and time just passes them by. That mindset is understandable but you cannot tolerate it.

To a certain extent, you do have to actually learn some coding and programming but once you become hands on in the process, it will seem as if you have been doing it for eons. Apple has made the development process user-friendly and is constantly upgrading their Software Development Kit to make it even better.

The most difficult part about developing an app is marketing, and if you got a great product, the app will begin to market itself once the word gets out. With that being said, here are a few marketing tips:
Take Advantage of Blogs

The primary reason blogs are great for marketing a new iphone application is because they are usually niche specific, search engines love blogs, and these blogs are very informative. Blogs can lead you to a substantial amount of potential buyers.

Youtube Marketing with a Demo of Your App

Creating a youtube video allows you to walk people through your app and making sure that they fully understand your product. You do want to make the app user friendly but people really appreciate this extra info. This also puts your product in front of a few more potential buyers.
This demo can also become an indirect sales pitch for your app. You can also show people how and exactly where to find your apps when browsing the app store.

Youtube videos are also known for going viral and if it does you will be reaching thousands of customers. You also get a chance to embed links on your youtube videos pointing those who are watching in any direction you please.

Social Networks

The social network sites such as facebook, myspace, or twitter are great places to get people buzzing about what you have to offer. All kinds of
businesses are getting involved in this social networking frenzy because of the sheer number of people who are on these sites. All of these users can turn into big paydays if you leverage these sites.

A neat feature about these social networking sites is the ability to sync. You can post an update on twitter, which will then update myspace, linkedin,facebook, etc. so all of your sites will be up-to-date with your latest news.

Other Ways to Market Online

You can also do some article marketing or a press release to create more hype about your product. Just be sure to not take the marketing aspect too lightly.

You want to learn how to create an app or game to be submitted into the app store but your afraid that you don’t know how. Well, at http://mobilefranklins.com you will learn everything you need to know from soup to nuts about creating your first app. It doesn’t matter if you don’t have a Mac because we also show you how to create an iPhone app on windows. You will also learn how much does it cost to create an iphone app.

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