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What you should know about creating an iPhone App

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Discovering how to create and make money from iphone applications is one of the biggest money making topics in the world today. The business opportunity can enable you to start earning a passive income if you are able to creatively develop a great application and implement effective marketing stratagems. A lot of people get discourage thinking that it is extremely difficult to learn how to create an iphone app, but I assure you that it is easier than you think.

The development process extremely simple but it isn’t easy. The reason why it’s not easy is because you have to be about it and not just talk about it. A lot of people say what they want to do but never take action and time just passes them by. That mindset is understandable but you cannot tolerate it.

To a certain extent, you do have to actually learn some coding and programming but once you become hands on in the process, it will seem as if you have been doing it for eons. Apple has made the development process user-friendly and is constantly upgrading their Software Development Kit to make it even better.

The most difficult part about developing an app is marketing, and if you got a great product, the app will begin to market itself once the word gets out. With that being said, here are a few marketing tips:
Take Advantage of Blogs

The primary reason blogs are great for marketing a new iphone application is because they are usually niche specific, search engines love blogs, and these blogs are very informative. Blogs can lead you to a substantial amount of potential buyers.

Youtube Marketing with a Demo of Your App

Creating a youtube video allows you to walk people through your app and making sure that they fully understand your product. You do want to make the app user friendly but people really appreciate this extra info. This also puts your product in front of a few more potential buyers.
This demo can also become an indirect sales pitch for your app. You can also show people how and exactly where to find your apps when browsing the app store.

Youtube videos are also known for going viral and if it does you will be reaching thousands of customers. You also get a chance to embed links on your youtube videos pointing those who are watching in any direction you please.

Social Networks

The social network sites such as facebook, myspace, or twitter are great places to get people buzzing about what you have to offer. All kinds of
businesses are getting involved in this social networking frenzy because of the sheer number of people who are on these sites. All of these users can turn into big paydays if you leverage these sites.

A neat feature about these social networking sites is the ability to sync. You can post an update on twitter, which will then update myspace, linkedin,facebook, etc. so all of your sites will be up-to-date with your latest news.

Other Ways to Market Online

You can also do some article marketing or a press release to create more hype about your product. Just be sure to not take the marketing aspect too lightly.

You want to learn how to create an app or game to be submitted into the app store but your afraid that you don’t know how. Well, at http://mobilefranklins.com you will learn everything you need to know from soup to nuts about creating your first app. It doesn’t matter if you don’t have a Mac because we also show you how to create an iPhone app on windows. You will also learn how much does it cost to create an iphone app.

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How to Make Money Creating iPad Apps

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1. Make a Great App: Apps can be funny, serious, or anything in-between. They can give information, be helpful, make people laugh, or be entertaining. Once you have a concept that you feel people will buy, then you need to make a professional and well thought out app. You will need first class sounds and graphics, and you will need to make sure that the app is user friendly and flows logically.

2. Get Your App Approved by Apple: Once the first step is completed, the second step falls into place. Your app needs to make a good first impression and be fairly simple to understand, because Apple reviews thousands every week. The people who review apps want to see apps that are flawless, have visual appeal, have terrific sounds, and follow their rules. If your app is rejected, you can fix the problems and re-submit it.

3. Have Appeal: Just because your app is accepted by Apple does not mean instant success. Your app needs a catchy title that is interesting and easy to remember. Along those same lines, your app needs to appeal to the desires and needs of the customer.

4. Monetize: Some developers will put a low price on their app and hope no one else is lower. Others will monetize their app to have additional streams of income. One way to monetize your app is to advertise. You can run ads for related products or services. If you have more than one app, you can run ads on each one for the others. You might also offer a basic version of your app for free then give customers the option to upgrade or purchase products that are advertised.

5. Get in Early: Early is definitely better when dealing with technology related products. Many people want the latest and best that is out there, and who knows what wonderful gadgets are around the bend. You have to make the most out of this hot market while it lasts. You need to create and sell iPad apps as quickly as possible. You need to also know that the price of apps will go down over time, so time is of the essence.

There are many ways to make money with iPad apps. You have to ha

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