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HTML Tutorial Simplified For Beginners

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HTML (Hyper Text Markup Language) is essential if you would like to create and maintain your own web site. Nowadays a lot of people choose to outsource their HTML work to outsourcing websites when they can just perform the simple tasks by themselves. This helps to save time and money, additionally in some ways, a security risk is averted, by allowing freelancers to access your websites to make the necessary updates, FTP information, passwords have to be provided.

In all honesty learning HTML is a breeze provided that you have the necessary tools at your disposal. The Internet is abundant with HTML tutorials, the problem is with a massive amount of information at your disposal, how do you choose the correct one to follow ? HTML is everchanging and some of the information available on the Internet is outdated, e.g. tags have been deprecated, etc.

The HTML Video Tutorial for Beginners is an excellent solution for learning HTML quickly and correctly. This downloadable set of 12 videos provides a step by step visual guide to learning HTML. Listed below are the 12 topics that this product covers:

1 – An Introduction To HTML (Time: 5 min 38 sec)
2 – The Basics (Time: 16 min 24 sec)
3 – HTML Meta Tags (Time : 7 min 39 sec)
4 – The Web Site Background (Time : 12 min 53 sec (Part 1) 12 min 3 sec(Part 2) 6 min 44 sec(Part 3)
5 – The Tables (Time : 16 min 32 sec)
6 – The Text (Time : 10 min 33 sec)
7 – The Colors (Time : 6 min 25 sec)
8 – The Graphics (Time : 21 min 20 sec)
9 – Web Design (Time : 17 min 32 sec)
10 – CSS and SSI (Time : 21 min 26 sec)
11 – Preparing To Go Live (Time : 10 min 23 sec)
12 – Show Me The Money (Time : 7 min 27 sec)

There is a lot of information covered in these videos, it would be a good idea to watch the videos again if any section seems confusing. Everything is divided into sections, so that you can learn HTML in your own time, you could watch the entire set in one day, or watch a video a day.

To summarize, the HTML Video Tutorial for Beginners provide

An affordable training system that provides you with results that truly work
Visual learning that is highly targeted and provides you loads of relevant information
An interesting and time saving option – you get the information you need without having to read lengthy, boring books which can take weeks or months to get through

HTML Tutorial for Beginners can be found at http://www.html-video-tutorial.com

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How to Create a Web Page Shadow Using Photoshop Slice Tool and HTML Coding

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For an easy-to-implement web page effect, add a Web Page Shadow all the way around your webpages using the Photoshop Slice Tool and HTML coding. Doing so not only adds visual interest but also gives your website a professional look. Read these step by step instructions or watch a video tutorial and follow along with a PDF supplement.

High Level Process:

Create 2 blank documents in Photoshop, one smaller than the other
On the smaller one, add a Photoshop drop shadow all the way around image
Drag the smaller document on top of the larger one to create one flattened image
Use the Photoshop Slice Tool to slice the image into 3 smaller images and upload as 3 separate gif’s
Create a table in your HTML document within the body to hold gifs and content

Step By Step:

Create the larger of two documents in Photoshop (or another image editor). Width is the same as your website template (ex. 950 pixels). Height does not matter but should be big enough to easily use Photoshop Slice Tool (ex. 250 pixels). Color should be the same as your website body.
Create the smaller of two documents in Photoshop. Width should be smaller than the larger document (ex. 800 pixels). Height should be smaller than the larger document (ex. 100 pixels). Color should be the same as your content area.
Add a Photoshop Drop Shadow to the smaller document.
In the Layers Palette, double click on the word “Background” and change it to any other name. This will free up functionality and allow you to easily add a drop shadow.
Open the Layers Style dialog box, click on “Drop Shadow” and set the variables as follows:
Opacity 75%
Angle -90 degrees
Distance 0 px
Spread 35%
Size 35 px
Color #7B7979 (gray shadow)

Drag the smaller document on top of the larger document to create one image. Using the examples above, this image will be 950 pixels wide by 250 pixels high with the smaller, shadowed image embedded on top of it.
Slice the document into 3 smaller images horizontally.
Grab the Photoshop Slice Tool from the Tool Palette. In the top toolbar, set the Style to “Fixed Size” to ensure exact proportions. Using the 950px X 250px example, input width and height as follows:
Top slice equals 950px X 100px
Middle slice equals 950px X 50px
Bottom slice equals 950px X 100px

Now you have one document sliced horizontally into 3 smaller images. The next step is to “Save For Web” and upload each image as a separate gif. In the “Save For Web” dialog box, save each slice separately by clicking on the slice and naming it.
Upload the 3 gif images as usual.
Create a table in the body section of your HTML document to hold the shadow gif images and your content. The first row in your table contains the top shadow gif, the middle row contains your middle shadow gif and content and the last row in your table contains the bottom shadow gif.

Creating a web page shadow using the Photoshop Slice Tool and HTML coding ensures that you do not end up with a jagged, unprofessional looking shadow. If you use this process, you will undoubtedly achieve the results you are looking for.

Visit Free-Website-Tutorials.com where you can watch a Video Tutorial showing step by step instructions on How To Create a Web Page Shadow.

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Convertin Psd To Html Coding

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Your business means a lot to you and you would make every possible effort to make your website look different from others.There has been a increasing trend in the online industry from last few years and to cope up with the growing cut-throat competition the entrepreneurs are trying their level best to make their business stand out from others. This article will give you an insight about the various important steps which should be considered while coding PSD to HTML.
So here we go…

The first important thing to do is to create a style.css file structure which includes all the styling codes that will make everything look nice.

Then set up Reset.CSS file because different browsers tend to have inconsistencies in the way they display different HTML elements. Using a reset style sheet enables you to reduce the impact of these inconsistencies.

The next step should be to add the basic HTML Markup and then you need to start referencing your style sheets which tells index.HTML page where to find your main style sheet.

The basic HTML/CSS template structure to avoid any kind og future complications. Most of the developers are using this template and you will also find it easy to familiarize with this structure.

Then comes the coding of the basic page section but make sure that you have to be very careful while doing the coding part because a small mistake made by you can put you into great trouble afterwards.

Then comes the task of creating the background and selecting the logo. Here also you should be careful while selecting the colors for your background. Make sure that it suits your designing needs and doesn’t looks too flashy. Providing your site with a dark background may hinder your users to read the content written on your site.

Do not forget to provide a client testimonial section for your website.

Once you are done with these processes you will get an idea of how well you are going to make your website work for you. However, there are still several things to noticed while coding but all you need to do is to be careful in whatever you are doing while coding.

Markupbox.com provides best psd to html services, where you get conversion services for psd to xhtml, psd to joomla, psd to drupal, psd to wordpress etc.

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